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**REALISTIC pictures preferred!**

Age: [18-30]
Face Claim:
Apartment Floor/Letter:
[example: floor 1, 2, or 3; and apartment letter A, B, C, or D]

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Body Type:
Distinguishing Marks:

Likes: [3+]
Dislikes: [3+]

Personality: [1-2 paragraphs]

Bio: [1-2 paragraphs]

Relationships: N/A [until accepted]

WRITING SAMPLE: **Please put in a spoiler tab underneath CS**


you are gold baby. solid gold.

"Go away."

Face Claim: Stephen James
Height: 6'4
Weight: 220lbs
Eye: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Orientation: Heterosexual
Tattoos, etc: Tattoos all over his body; certain ear piercings and a nose piercing.
Likes: getting/giving tattoos; dogs; italian food
Dislikes: reality tv; cats; tea

Caleb isn't what you could call the 'friendly' type. If a woman has resting bitch face, he's got resting-don't-talk-to-me-face. Most of the time he wears a scowl or a frown, even when tattooing. Although he can easily get lost in drawing art on someone's skin, since it's like an escape for him, he isn't very talkative or interested in people's stories. Most of them are the same, he feels, and if he doesn't open up to others, he doesn't expect them to do the same to him. He is, however, a caregiver considering he's been taking care of his sister for most of their life, and if you do manage to get past his walls, he'll do anything he can for you or to protect you.

Caleb grew up in a world where it wasn't okay to be different. But he always was, no matter what. Instead of wanting to do sports like his father, or be brainy like his mother, he was an artsy kid. And according to his parents, that just wasn't an okay thing to be. He loved drama and music, but those things weren't allowed in his house. As a kid he was pretty scrawny, so football and other contact sports just weren't for him. His father made him try out anyway, and he got absolutely destroyed. His father showed his first sign of abuse that night, when he came down hard on his son for failing.

Caleb loathed his parents. He hated his father for being the way he was, and he hated his mother for never standing up for him. He was five years old when his baby sister came along, and he vowed to protect her. Everything was great when she first came home: his parents were loving and affectionate, something they'd never really been before. But all good things must come to an end, and it wasn't long before his father was back to his old habits. Caleb hid little Arianna in his room more than once, taking the brunt of their father's anger.

When Caleb was seventeen, and Arianna was twelve, their father kicked Caleb out of the house. With nowhere to go, and no way to save his baby sister, he was forced to live away from her, on the streets. A local gang took him in, and he started doing whatever he had to to survive. He kept in touch with Ari as best he could, but it wasn't until she was seventeen herself that she called him, crying, because their father was on a rampage. Caleb sped to the house that night and took her away, to his apartment. As soon as she was eighteen and graduated, they moved away, and they've been living in these apartments ever since.

"Hi! I'm Ari."

Face Claim: Ashley Benson
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120lbs
Eye: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Orientation: Heterosexual
Tattoos, etc.: these and this and this
Likes: reality tv; animals; singing
Dislikes: watching sports; popcorn; her father

Arianna is a much, much friendlier person than Caleb. She loves meeting new people and getting to know them, and it's only because of her that he does so at all. She drags him to social events and has a ball, while he sulks in the corner. She's a natural social butterfly. She, like Caleb, is stubborn as a mule and is one of the few to not back down despite whatever look or glare he may give her. She's not afraid of him, or anyone, and wants to be able to make the world a better place. She is still quite emotional, though Caleb has been her rock through everything and she doesn't know what she'd do without him.

Arianna grew up afraid. Afraid of her father, and afraid for her brother. He always protected her, though, from their father's rages. She hated hearing the yelling and breaking of things, but she would hide until Caleb told her it was safe to come out. They spent years like that, until she was twelve and found out that Caleb had been kicked out. That was the first time she spoke out-- well, yelled-- at her father. It was a terrible, terrible argument that her mother ignored, like usual. She went into her computer room and shut the door while the other two fought.

The fights only got worse from there, but Arianna was determined to make it until she was eighteen so she could move out. She refused to let her father's ways influence her. She joined every club she could so that she would rarely be home, and since she made friends easily, she had a pretty decent life outside of home. She and Caleb kept in touch as much as they could, but with her parents going through her cell records it was hard. Until one night, the fighting got so bad that she thought her father was going to kill her. She did the only thing she could think of: called Caleb. He came and took her away, and they've been together ever since.

She has suffered some emotional damage; they both have. But Arianna still loves making friends and being friendly, whereas Caleb doesn't. They balance each other out.

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the florist.


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cis. female.

― 4/17/18
full name - Nora Rose Williams
nicknames - tba
age - Twenty-two
gender - Cis. Gender
apartment - 2B
occupation - floral shop and a babysitter

face claim - Charlotte McKee
height - 5'7"
weight - 120 lbs - 115 lbs
body - She's got an athletic figure from running a lot

tattoos - xo
piercings - Multiple ear piercings, navel piercing, nose stud (rarely wears it)
distinguishing marks - She has a birthmark on her right thigh, and a few freckles on her shoulders

likes - Cooking/Baking, animals, helping others, DIYs, tattoo designs, flower shops, Instagram, light aesthetics, traveling, fun people, parties, morning coffee, rainy mornings
dislikes - Large bugs, sour foods, large storms, burnt food, pointless things, getting lost, wasp stings, crappy bosses, drama
hobbies - Cooking and baking, gardening, DIYs, art (ink + watercolor), sketching

relationships - N/A

personality - Nora is the type of girl who seems to always have a smile on her face. She's pretty reserved and is often up bright and early and talking to any tenants she runs into. The smells of spices and sweets cling to her skin and clothes, along with the faint scent of flowers. Her apartment is warm and a home-like atmosphere for many who enter it. It is practically the definition of Nora. She's the girl that provides warmth and love to a lot of people, which has caused her to attract a lot of friends who often hangout at her apartment with her.

When someone first meets Nora, they are often met with a slightly flustered person as she is normally running late for something. She tends to forget the time and gets distracted by whatever she's doing. She is a bit of an airhead or space cadet if you will. This adds to her charm as it seems like she's always seems like she doesn't have a plan and does whatever comes to mind. It's how she lives and it's a fun way to live, even if it's sometimes difficult for her. Nora is a fun person and very creative. She sees things rather colorfully and she just wants to live in a way that makes her the happiest.

With her friends, she's a very fun and outgoing person, often going to parties and other gathering to just let loose and have some fun. While she isn't a big drinker, she's still really fun to have around. Always the designated driver, she takes care of her friends when they are drunk and hungover as she doesn't want them to get sick. She's kind of like the mom friend of the group, but a really fun one. It's not unheard of for her to plan a spontaneous hike up a mountain to a beautiful lake or even go to another state and head up to a ski resort. Exploring is something she loves doing, especially with her friends.

In terms of romance, while she hasn't dated a lot, she has had a few long term relationships. She has an easy time clicking with people and tends to find the good in someone that they or others may have not noticed. She likes to make people happy and see the positive sides of their personality so that they feel better and happier. In her experience, she's had partners that weren't always the best for her and too advantage of her almost naive personality and how she was so loving and caring. Because of this, it made her feel upset and used for awhile and it took a year and a half before she felt comfortable with considering to date someone again.

background - Nora was born in France to her loving parents. Her father, a painter, and her mother was an aspiring cellist who wished to travel the world. Their daughter was someone they adored more than anything else and it was no surprised that Nora ended up a bit spoiled growing up. However the family of three didn't stay in France. Due to her mother's career being put on hold due to a second pregnancy she had, they moved to America so that her father could pursue his own career and establish himself as a painter. Everything was fine, perfect even. Nora was seven years old when her little brother was brought into the world and she found herself taking on the role of an older sister rather easily.

Growing up, she didn't have too much of an eventful life. She did practically whatever she wanted. It was a free lifestyle which turned into her current one. Without a plan, Nora decided to take the world head on. The most interesting thing that happened to her was that she was proposed to when she was 19 years old by a man that she had met one day at her father's art exhibit. They had dated for a year before the man pulled a ring out of his pocket in public and declared his undying love for the woman. It was difficult but she declined him. It prompted her to find a new apartment afterwards.

― 4/17/18
Sometimes there are times when I don't even know if this is the life I should be living. I stop and wonder if I should make a plan, have a goal, but then I remember that there's no fun in always knowing what will happen. Having a sense of adventure, knowing that you could end up in another country next week or falling in love for the first time tomorrow is what's really fun. That's what I think is really important. Being able to experience the unknown, do whatever makes your heart flutter in your chest.

It took her awhile, but soon Claire forced herself to calm down, pulling her phone out of her pocket and checked her reflection in the mirror. Wiping away the smudged eyeliner and mascara, a heavy sigh. "I should really find Beck and Juno. I need to make sure they are okay. They probably are so upset" She mumbled to as she pulled herself up on her feet and dusted her overall shorts off and sighed. However the silence was short lived when the door was like thrown open and almost hit the Korean in the face.

Claire brushed her bangs out of her eyes before standing in front of the taller Asian. And God was she pissed."Listen here you asshat, you really think I would know what the fuck is going on? You think I would know who caused my friends pain like that? If I did, I wouldn't be alone in a damn classroom. I would be literally kicking that person's ass. I don't get joy in ruining peoples' lives. It's not my thing. Sure, you cause problems with me, I'm not going to let you do something like that so I'll stand up for myself. But why the fuck would I allow someone to do something like that?"

She asked, clearly disgusted with the accusation that she knew what the hell was going on. "I get it, you're mortified right? Yeah will so is everyone else. Get over it. We all obviously are going through the same problem and if you want to keep that blue hair on your fucking head, don't mess with me or my friends. I'm warning you. Just because we are in choir together, doesn't mean you know anything about me. So next time, don't assume I would know who the fuck would do something as twisted as this. Go and ask a damn teacher or something" Eyes narrowed dangerously, bag slung over her shoulder, Claire pushed past the taller, walking away immediately. She sent a quick text to both Juno and Beck, wondering where they were. Once she got into the crowded hallways, she pushed past the students, ignoring what they were saying.

You see, once someone points out a visual flaw, that's all they can see. They saw every prominent bone on Claire's body as she walked. They could see that she was losing a lot of weight compared to the previous years. Her ribs were oh so noticeable under the black croptop she wore, and her legs had a larger thigh gap than most girls would really try and achieve. But she kept her head held high. Or as high as she could without making direct eye contact with anyone. The walk to the pool was longer than usual, or at least she felt that way. Claire just wanted to avoid talking to teachers and students. Even the girls from her dance crew tried to talk to her but she told them not to worry and that she was fine. 'I'm fine'. It was the constant phrase that Claire was drilling into her head once she reached the pool. However before she could open the door, there was a large hand on her bicep, gently pulling her away from the entrance of the room.

"Claire... are you okay?" A soft voice distracted her from worrying about Beck as she looked at the tall and slender man in front of her. Emilio Costa. He was young, tall, handsome, and had such gentle features that it would make anyone weak at the knees. "I just came into school, I had to run and do something, I heard about what happened. Do you want to talk about it?" The grip on her arm dropped to her hand, the man holding it delicately, as if she would break.

"I-I'm okay. I was just worried about Beck beca-"

"He's going to be fine. He's blowing off steam so don't worry. This will be the last thing on his mind. Come on, let's go somewhere and talk. I'm sure you have a lot on your chest" Pulling her hand, Claire followed Emilio blindly, only sparing a last look behind her. She knew that she needed to talk to Beck, but she also knew that if he was swimming, she shouldn't interrupt him. He needed to do what he thought was best to get over it. And swimming was the best thing for him. "People giving you trouble? I can talk to the teachers about cancelling your classes if you want" The pair ended up in the track bleachers, them being the only ones there. And Emilio, his large hand easily held Claire's small and delicate one.

"I mean yeah. Who wouldn't. Everyone learned that I have an eating disorder, so of course they were looking at me like I was some freak. But I can't ditch school. If I left my friends alone they wouldn't have anyone to really take care of them. You know how I'm like a mom to them all" A heavy sigh left Claire's lithe body as she ran her free hand back through her long hair. "And I know that Beck is probably blaming himself for not noticing but I mean it wasn't like I expected him to pay that close of attention to me. And he's blaming himself for the car crash too. And Juno, she's probably so upset right now oh God. I just, I don't know where to begin" The Italian wasn't surprised at all at what she was saying, for he was the only one who knew about her disorder when it started. Of course he tried to help her, but Claire was stubborn and refused to listen. But she did opt for eating healthy foods when she did eat a little here and there.

"Beckett is going through a rough patch but don't force yourself to be strong for him. He didn't even know that your were struggling for so long this summer. I mean it's tough. But you should focus on yourself and not him. Doesn't he have other friends? Like Savannah and Nero? I'm sure they will comfort him just fine. And your other friends can live without you for awhile. Right now, don't worry about them. " Hearing those words come from someone other than Claire's subconscious made her clench her jaw for a moment before looking at the gentle featured man. "Also you know that Savannah will be the first person to be by Beck's side. It's unavoidable. I mean you yourself said she probably still has feelings for him. I think you should let them be for today. Maybe I should drive you home"

Claire felt even worse. But she couldn't leave. Not when she was pulled into a warm hug, his hands gently rubbing small circles on her back. "I can't ditch school. My mom would be so upset. I'll make it through today. Somehow. Or at least I hope so. I just wish this didn't happen. I mean why would some do something like this?" She asked, her accented voice cracking slightly as she tried not to cry. Emilio's strong cologne soon left as he pulled away, only to place a chaste kiss on her forehead, cheek, nose, and finally on her lips. "Stop it. We can't do this here" Claire said immediately as she pushed his chest slightly to create space between them. "I should go to homeroom and see if Juno is there" hastily shoving her things in her bag, she got up from the bleachers. "See you later Mr. Costa"

Claire quickly made her way down the stairs of the bleachers, not looking back once. Warm tears blurred her vision slightly but she quickly blinked them away by the time she reached the school building again. All she wanted was to check up on her friends and go home. She honestly didn't care if she ditched or not. She just didn't want Emilio doing her anymore favors.
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yes, we're twins.. thanks again.
Ruben Xavier Alvarez, aka Ruby, aka Ryder's twin



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happy new years!
code by @diaphanous

For someone like Riley, the summer break that he had from Double I was.. literally his regular life. For most people, the traveling that he did, going around Spain, it was his every day life. Well, at least as of a year ago. You know, before he was accepted into Double I for being a Potent. He had powers like many others that led him to be at this lovely, secretive little institute. But you already know all about that.. right? Well, anyways, Riley spent his summer break jumping into his parent’s arms before throwing the two bags he brought back from school into the RV and making their way off. Most of their time was spent in Ceuta, a city on the northern coast of Africa. Details aren’t important, though. Riley enjoyed his vacation - it was time well spent with his family. His two parents consisting of that family, anyways. A family away from the family that he’d grown close to before summer break.

The friends that Riley made at Invectus Institute were special to him. Just as he’d been told in his acceptance video, he was told that he’d make a new family. A promise that was kept quite well. Fun fact, as Riley always wants people to know this because it tends to freak them out a little bit. Or maybe it’s his eagerness and flood of energy that freaks them out a little bit. Or maybe his strange bright green eyes.. okay, well, he has psionic abilities. As he’d like to put it. Sorta like a psychic. It’s his vis, his powers - probability zone creation. He’ll actually brag about it but then if you really think about it, he might be cheating a little bit if you play against him in a sport. He could literally jinx your play if he wanted to. But you’d have no proof if you called him out on making you lose a game. Riley’d just go on to say you suck. ‘Cause in his opinion, he’s always the number one champ. Trust these words, though, if you take it to far he’ll get extremely angry.

An angry Riley is not a good Riley.

Riley’s family was spot on time to the airport to catch his flight. Considering they’d been in Ceuta, this time around he caught the plane in Africa. Usually he’d go with the trip in Europe but nobody’s complaining. He probably wouldn’t talk much anyways. He waved eagerly to his parents as far as he could have seen them until they were out of sight, boarding the plane and slipping his bag beneath his seat. He sat there, waiting. Unsure of what exactly to do. But he did definitely get some first dips on the seats on the plane. The comfiest seats he’d ever put his butt in. “Time to go to Double I.. sexy little power school.” He hummed to himself, hoping that nobody else had really heard him. All of his energy was depleting a bit and he instead leaned his head against the window to his right to look outside.

Eventually, Riley’s peaceful trip was cut short. It was time to get to the location of the actual school’s campus. That was gonna take a sharp turn. Riley glanced around, seeing a few familiar faces from the Pathifer house but most were unrecognizable whether they were Freshman or simply people he hadn’t interacted with. “Get your seatbelts on, Potents. Don’t try too hard to kick back and relax for the rest of the ride.” He said under his breath, folding his arms over his face and leaning back to feel as safe as he possibly could. “Why isn’t there a warning on this plane for everyone’s sake!” Despite his words coming out more as a question, Riley had let out a loud yell as the plane had done its little dive to the campus. Literally nobody was warned of this part of their trip. Everything felt like a normal luxurious plane ride to school until the dive came. An unexpected, stupid dive. It always left Riley with a headache.

When the plane flew into the docking station, Riley pumped his fist into the air, letting out a few coughs of reluctance when the seatbelts unbuckled to allow him to stand up. “Good job, guys, I knew you could do it.” Riley said with a wavering smile, eyes crossed and head swimming as he reached below his seat to grab his bag and stand up. “I’m not sure if I love this place more than it annoys me sometimes..” He sighed, rubbing at his face as he trudged off of the plane in search of someone that he could talk to. A friend, at least.
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could you tell we're twins?guilty one here!
Ryder Jesus Alvarez, aka Ry, aka Ruben's twin



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still more talented than my brother #photography #follow #rain

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gay and still pulling more girls than my brother.

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first interview of the year!!
code by @diaphanous
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Ticci Toby Rogers

Twitchy Little Pyromaniac

"Typically, ye know when ye've hit rock bottom, and can physically go no lower. I reached rock bottom a long time ago, but then I brought out a fuckin' pickaxe and started diggin' my arse in deeper."

Eren McKinley


Responds to male pronouns, but is also very in touch with his feminine side, and enjoys cross-dressing, and makeup.


Apartment Floor/Letter:

Eye Color:

Hair Color:
(are you sensing a pattern?)

5'4" at 100 lb
BMI: 17.2

Body Type:
Thin and whispy

Left hip

Belly Button:
One more in a more *cough* personal location... If you catch my drift...

Distinguishing Marks:
"I have a strawberry shaped birthmark on my arse. If yer nice I might let ya see it."

*Drinking ("Fuck yer stereotypes, and yer age laws. I like my beer!")
*Hard rock music
*Lether and lace (interpret that how you will)
*Horror movies
*Being a bit... Kinky~

*Country music ("Kill it! Kill it with fire!")
*The colour pink
*The quiet
*"Nosy people who don' know how to mind their own Goddamed business."

Eren is typically a very a very angry and confused boy. He has a fiery temper, and a tendency to pick fights with anyone and everyone, despite his small size. He's willful and stubborn, often defending his beliefs, ideas, and actions beyond the point of logical defeat. His emotions dictate most of his actions, rather than any form of logic or reasoning. Eren fancies himself an adult but is really still a child with an appetite for freedom, and experimentation.

Eren tends to be very empathetic, despite his attempts to seem uncaring. He knows when his friends are hurting, and is more than willing to come to their aid and defence. He often tells his friends in relationships, "If they break yer heart, I'll break their face." He lives by that sentiment, always willing to defend the people he cares about. As much of a defiant, angry punk as he can be, once you've befriended him, he'll be a loyal and true friend, so long as you are.

Eren was born in Dubland, Ireland to a decently wealthy family. He was often neglected by his parents, as is the case with most wealthy children, and became a wild child in attempts to get the attention he so craved, only to fail in his endeavours. When he was 13 Eren ran away from home for the first time. He didn't get very far and was soon returned to his parents. Over the next three years, Eren ran away 12 times and was returned to his parents 12 times. When Eren was 16 he stole a large sum of money from his parents and ran away for the last time, this time making his way to New York City.

After arriving in the states Eren made a series of bad decisions over the next two years which involved:
Joining a band
Going on tour
Hitting the drummer with a guitar
Sleeping with the drummer
Sleeping with a groupie
Sleeping with a guy for money
Sleeping on the roof of the tour bus
Being introduced to American Whisky
Being arrested for stealing a case of Jack Danials Whisky
Being arrested for underage drinking
Almost being deported
Becoming a US citizen
Getting married to the owner of a kinky strip club in Vagas
Getting divorced, and losing a lot of money to his ex-husband
Leaving the band
Living on the streets for a bit

Not necessarily in that order...
After a while, Eren finally decided to try and get his life on track and rented an apartment in Virginia. He got a job as a bartender at a nightclub in the city and tries his best to make ends meet.

Relationships: N/A

By the next day, Toby was set to go on a mission with Masky and Hoodie. They had a building to bring down, and though Toby needed no help with the pyrotechnics, he would need back up for the security. It wasn't often that Toby set fire to a building without killing the people inside first, or just all out burning an empty one. This one was a horrible corporation and was therefore targeted for destruction.

The three had been doing well until the fire was started and the proxies were separated from each other. Toby races through the blaze knowing he had to find Masky and Hoodie, quick, before the smoke killed them. Their masks couldn't keep them safe for long.

Hoodie was quickly found and rushed out of the building, but Masky was a bit more difficult. Toby could feel the building about to collapse, as he raced to find the head proxy, only to freeze in his tracks when he did.

Masky was being held a gunpoint by two guards, and Toby could tell they were going to bring Masky down with them and the building.

Toby charged the men, and the opened fire, hitting him twice, but Toby couldn't feel it and it didn't slow him down. He quickly had a hatchet in one guy's head and had thrown the other one into the flames. Masky didn't look so hot. He'd been knocked unconscious, and Toby was forced to carry the older boy out of the building himself, but he did so with no fuss.

Hoodie started to tend to their wounds as soon as they were safely in the woods, causing Masky to come to rather quickly. Masky looked at Toby and said after a while, "I owe you my life..."

Toby smiled at him and said, "I-I'll never ask for t-that much... B-But I might c-call upon a f-favor from you..."

Masky's nod set it in stone. Toby had the head proxy in the palm of his hand, whether he realized it or not.

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All I need is to be struck by your electric love.

Andy Dallas
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Face Claim: Austin Butler
Apartment Floor: 4A

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blond
Height/Weight: 6"1'/ 154lbs
Body Type: Slightly muscular and tall.
Tattoos: Has several on his arms.
Piercings: None.
Distinguishing Marks: A scar along his right calf from rock climbing.

Likes: Rock Climbing, Smell of paint, Getting dirty, tattoos.
Dislikes: Being disturbed while painting, making mistakes, overly clean places.

Personality: Andy is an energetic guy. Every few weekends he goes out with friends to rock climb. He loves the adventure and thrill. Sometimes he even does free climbing, which is how he got the scar along his calf.

His passion, other than risk taking, is painting. His deals in many mediums but his favorite is acrylic. Every once in awhile he can be bothered to draw a landscape but he focuses on people mostly. A lot of people, mostly females, come and go from his apartment.

Bio: Andy Dallas, painter extraordinaire, was raised single handedly by his mother, Sasha Dallas. Never knew his father. Sasha worked more than one job at time, usually waitressing jobs, just to give him the essentials. They moved quite frequently because Sasha didn't have the funds to cover housing. When Andy was fourteen they finally settled in an apartment. It wasn't the best but it was a roof over his head and they didn't have to pack up at the end of the month.

It was abundantly clear that Sasha was banging the landlord for a place to stay. Andy picked up a job to help his mother pay the bills but she made him quit. In art class he found that he was kinda good at art. Good enough to sell sketches to his classmates for fifteen dollars a pop. He'd then slip most of the money into his mom's wallet or jacket and let her accidently find it.

In school, Andy was featured in a few art shows. He finally decided to buckle down and study techniques by watching various youtube videos at the library. Whatever leftover money he got from selling sketches he used for art supplies. He discovered DeviantArt and used a neighbors scanner to scan his work onto the site. He made quite a bit of money from selling those, enough to get his own computer and scanner.

When he graduated high school, Sasha had envisioned her art prodigy going to college but that shit was for the birds. Andy's friends invited him on a hiking/climbing adventure. He went so he could practice landscapes. Turns out he loves heights, climbing, and jumping into lakes from an insane distance.

Having enough money to move out of the disgusting apartment he'd called home for years was the end goal. He'd even offered Sasha to come live with him but she declined because of Frank. In the new apartment he's on the top floor. The apartment is spacious and he uses it for his studio as well.

Coded by @taliaangeni

Cora Jones
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Face Claim: Emily Browning
Apartment Floor: 2A

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Burnette
Height/Weight: 5"5'/ 122lbs
Body Type: Slender
Tattoos: ☪: Between shoulder blades. ☪: On her wrist.
Piercings: None.
Distinguishing Marks: Light green eyes.

Likes: Candles, rocks, classical music, cats, snakes, hexing people.
Dislikes: Sleeping, television, sports.

Personality: Lots of people consider Cora eccentric but she's really just true to herself. She has broken into apartments and left items before leaving. She considers herself efficient in wicca and even hosts gatherings in her apartment for the monthly sister meet. She collects different rocks, candles and crystals. While Cora is friendly she can also be callous.

Bio: Cora was raised normally enough. In high school she fell in with a few girls who were the known "Witches" of the school. They did the whole dancing naked under the moon thing. Cora found spells online and in old textbooks from the library and started making potions. Her mother walked in on her dabbling in her craft and sent they ended up paying a visit to the local church. Even though her mother tried to straighten her out and rinse the devil from her, those were her mother's words, she still held onto her wiccan ways. Cora graduated school a year early and went to court to emancipate herself.

She had odd jobs in bookstores, vape shops, as a cashier, but it wasn't until Spells of Power opened that she finally found a permanent job. Power is owned by one of her friends from high school. It's a wiccan and occult shop. The store does fairly well especially with the love potions and candles.
Coded by @taliaangeni
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Name: Vincent Azevedo
Age: 26
Gender: Cisgender male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Face Claim: Malcolm Evans
Apartment Floor/Letter: 1B



Living Room:

Bedroom A:

Bedroom B (Yerema):
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown, with a tendency to black
Height/Weight: 6'4", 199pound
Body Type: Athletic and muscular
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Has two snakebite piercings
Distinguishing Marks: His dreadlocks

Likes: His peace, the smell of pinetrees, travelling, he also likes souvenirs, piercings and going shopping.
Dislikes: Bugs, the cold, coffee. Also hates romance movies, slow internet, cold food and racism/homophobia/etc.
Personality: Always being a more secluded one, it is hard to say what Vincents true personality is, as he always seems to hide it behind a shy and "Go away I don't wanna see you!"-persona. Vinny hates to communicate, he hates it like the plague. If he wcould choose between talking to a stranger and jumping into a lava pit, he'd choose the lava pit. If there is a chance to avoid to talk, he'll choose it. No matter what. Besides his more shy and socially anxious side, Vinny is also someone, who - surprises - is an introvert and always alert of his surroundings. He watches everything, and some have even compared him to an old grandpa who watches every single one of your moves, while he is staring out of his window and silently juding you. A grandpa with a sense of humor who doesn't fear to say his opinion.
It takes a lot to know Vinnys true persona, as it...well, isn't too different from his facade one. He is still shy and avoids long discussions, but at least his entire persona isn't as cold as a freaking freezer. Thats...a start? Like most brazilians, he turns out to be very vivacious around his friends and witty. From time to time, he still dissociates, and it feels like he's unabitious. Potentially even very calculating, as he plans out almost everything he wants to do.

Vincent was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to Caio and Maria Azevedo, on a typically warm brazilian summer day. His life was fairly normal, seeing as his parents moved to America when he turned five years old. why they moved away? No clue, Vincent never asked them, as he didn't really care about it. Though he does recall that his grandparents lived in the states.
His childhood, and life in general, were fairly normal. Had a lot of friends in school, never really struggled with anything, had loving and caring parents. He was happy with his life, Whenever he had problems, he was able to ask his parents for advise. Always. And was. When Vinny was just 15, he was staying at his grandparents over the course of summer, while his parents were on a trip to Brazil. They never returned. No one knows what happened to them, and every message they sent was left unanswered. And as they haven't returned from their trip, he and his grandparents feared that they died. from that day on forward, Vinny was living with his grandparents. While is grandmother was at least acceptable, his grandfather was a living nightmare. He didn't help at all, yelled at Vinny for everything he did, neglecting him, and soon became addicted to alcohol. Over the course of the whole ordeal while he was with his grandparents, Vinny started hearing voices and seeing hallucinations, and soon visited a psychiatrist. After long tests, Vinny got diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Time has passed, and now he is 26. His mental problems have decreased, especially after he left his grandparents household. As he wanted to live on his own, he rented an apartment in town and started working as a land surveyor. And, from time to time, his younger sister visits to stay with him.
Relationships: N/A

"God, I have never expected our journey to be this long." Khampengs voice was fairly quiet, ut she was a very quiet one, which Alamea also recalls from her early childhood. Right now, both Alamea and Kahmpeng - and, of course, her dog Marshmallow - were leaving Los Angeles International Airport. As of now, most people ignored her. Well, besides some weird looks both received. I mean, to be fair, Alamea had a lot of things she carried with her. Dog, luggage, surfboard and a sail. Before leaving her old rehab, she begged them to already sent it to Ventura, but they said they can't do that. Too much money. Damn it. "Too much money, my ass." Alamea mumbled infront of her, quiet enough for Khampeng to not hear it.
When they approached the parking lot - Khampeng had ordered two Ubers -, her sister came to a sudden stop. "Well, sister. Here is where our ways depart. I have a meeting in Los Angeles. I do not want to be late, so..." She had a faint smile on her face, befre Khampeng suddenly hugged her. "Good luck, big sister." Alamea had a fairly emotionless face when her sister hugged her. She followed her sister a bit until she saw both of the Uber-drivers. In a fast pace, her sister disappeared in her car before it took off. So, naturally, she went to the other car. She knocked on the window before he plled down the window. "Um, hello? Are you Scott by any chance? my sister ordered an Uber for me, to Ventura." The driver looked at her like he already knew what was in Ventura. He sighed before saying "Yeah, i'm Scott." He left the car and helped Alamea with her luggage. Bag in the trunk, board and sail on the roof. Alamea decided to sit behind her driver, next to her dog. As soon as the closed the door, the driver took off.

Her journey was pretty...well, boring. The driver and her bareley talked. He didn't even ask her name. alamea didn't care. Shortly before arriving at the Rehab center, Alamea glared at the beach and had to contain a loud screech. Oh my god the sea is so beautiful! Like a small child that just spotted candy, she stared out of the window. Until the car came to a full stop. "Already paid by your sister. Hurry up, I have an appointment in an hour!" Wow. Rude. No reason to be so impatient. Quickly, she and her dog left the car, grabbed her luggage and equipment and just milliseconds after getting her stuff, the car took off with screeching tires and drove off. Her eyes were fixated on the car, before she rolled her eyes and turned around to Ventura. "It's an eerie feeling being here again, aye Marshmallow?"A bit hesistating she was, she doesn't want to be in rehab again. But she knew it was the best for her, so she started moving into the Rehab center.
The doors were already open, so she entered the building and already spotted a few other people. Out of the corner of the eye, she spotted the words "Beach Visit". Or something along those lines. she placed her luggage on the wall before going to the reception. "Good morning. My name's Alamea Sayasone. Got transferred over from Remoor Rehab." The receptionist looked fairly bored, before checking the list and saying "U-uh.". So, is she registered now? She guessed so. She turned around to her luggage, grabbed it and went to one of the free seats, where she placed it down again and sat down. While waiting, she patted her dog. Sometimes, she is patting Marshmallow for longer periods of time. Weird.


Name: Yerema Azevedo
Age: 14
Gender: Agender (Born a female, pronouns she/her. Out of the closet to friends and family, still closeted in school)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Face Claim: Kelela Mizanekristos
Apartment Floor/Letter: 1B, lives with his older brother Vincent

Eye Color: Her left eye is brown, her right eye is blue (Heterochromia)
Hair Color: Her natural hair color is brown-black, but she dyed her hair pink, like this (Links to Pinterest)
Height/Weight: 5'11", and 159 pounds
Body Type: Slim and slender
Tattoos: Well...she has two, one she gotten when she lost a bet, and the other one she has gotten when she moved together with Vinny. (Correct me, but according to google you are allowed to get them when a parent/guardian is with them?)
Her hip

Lower hip
Has two earlobe piercings (On each side one), wants to get a septum piercing, a Bridge and two Industrial Piercings soon
Distinguishing Marks: Her hair and haircolor

Likes: Shorts, rollerblades, watching movies, eating fast food, the beach, Linkin Park, Cyber Goth
Dislikes: Racism, her class (most of her classmates are homo- and transphobic, soo), jeans jackets, being late, sour things, Lolita, bubble tea
Personality: Yerema is in a complete contrast to her older brother, Vinny. Unlike him, she is incredibly extroverted and easily finds friends. Noticing that she is in the middle of her puberty phase isn't hard - she is very rebellious and defiant, it has become a literal personality trait, and Vinny hopes it ends when she's out of puberty. At least, to unknown people she's very defiant, when she's at home she does what she is supposed to do. So, a decent rebel? Who knows? Well, definitely not she and her family. Like Vinny, she's very vivacious and often feels compelled to accept a dare or to do rebellious things. She seems to often get in fights with older people over the smallest of things, too.

Bio: Unlike her brother Vincent, Yerema has never seen Brazil. She was born in Great Bridge, Virginia, the place she still lives in, her birthday is also the day her parents were meant to come back. When shw was 3, her parents were on a trip to Brazil, without her and Vinny, as money was tight. As already mentioned in Vinnys bio, they never returned. While Vinny got fostered by their grandparents, Yerema was given into foster care, where she resided for about four years before being adopted by a faily consisting of three peple. she got well cared for, her family was loving. Well, was. Around the age of 13, Yerema started to question her sexuality and gender. Soon, she started to identify as Agender and, without hesistating, came out of the closet to her foster family. It didn't went well. Her foster parents were furious and sad and threatened to throw her out, despite her being only thirteen years old. From that point on, living was a nightmare. She was supposed to apologize to her foster parents and had to do way more chores than her foster-sibling, despite being the same age. Supposed to. She did the chores for a week before deciding that it's an asshole move to give their foster sibling way more work than their real child, despite not hurting anyone. She started to rebel, ignoring whatever her foster parents told her to do. During the whole ordeal, she also remembered that she had an older brother, and over her old foster home, she managed to contact him. And once she found out her brother lives in the same town, she packed her belongings and in the middle of the night, fled by foot. Her foster parents never contacted the police despite her fleeing from home.

Relationships: N/A

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Mother of Tiny Lions

Name: Elizabeth Withers / Liza
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Apartment: 1A
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Pale Blonde
Height/Weight: 5'3, 139
Body Type: Curvy
Tattoos: N/A
Piercings: Just regular ear
Distinguishing Marks: Large birth mark on her left shoulder blade
coded by cychotic​


Likes: Flowers, Makeup (artistically, not to please others), Bugs
Dislikes: Overly masculine people, "Girly" girls, Dark liqour

[warning - mild talk about body dysmorphia & self harm]
Liza is a sweet little twist of a country girl. While she has the accent and kindness that resonates in the south, she never quite fit in with all the others. She was always a bit more eccentric than her friends. She could get down and party with the best of them, but when it came down to it she felt like part of her belonged in the city. She is most of the time willing to help others as long as it doesn't hurt herself or anyone else, but she will turn into a firecracker if forced to do something she doesn't want to, or if one of her friends is hurt.

Liza has been diagnosed with body dysmorphia. Most people don't notice it, as she doesn't make a big deal out of it. To her, it doesn't seem like a big deal. Lots of people are insecure with their bodies, right? Because of this, it can make Liza go from binge eating to eating practically nothing, but she usually doesn't draw attention to it or lies. She has had times in her life where she has self harmed, but never anything too major. At least, not yet.

Liza was born in the middle of nowhere Kentucky on a huge cattle farm. They had other things, a couple horses, a chicken coup, but their main source of income was the cattle. The smell of manure was something she never thought she'd get away from, and while she loved her family, friends, and her little town, she always wanted more. She wanted to move to a big city where she could really let her creativity flow and wouldn't be stuck forever mucking stalls and feeding cows. She applied to colleges across the country, all of them being in big cities. She got in to more than she could believe, never thinking she would actually be able to get out of their little town.

She took the first chance she could to get away, telling her parents she loved them and that she would be back to visit for every holiday and birthday. Of course, she couldn't really do that every time, but it helped soothed their worries. She moved to Great Bridge, VA. It was one of the few places that she could get her parents to agree to help pay for. It was no New York, but it was a city and it was safer. She lived on campus for a few years, doing really well in her classes. She excelled in fine arts and fashion, wanting to eventually make her own quirky clothing line. Eventually, she was able to graduate and get her own little apartment, where she has been for the last few years. She is working on getting her masters, but she's taking it slower than most so that she can work more on what she really wants to do.

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In the End, Death gets us all
Character Completion


  • Name: Robert Wright Jr
    Apartment Floor/Letter:

"You know what i love the most about you, well apart from being well hung and very...very...very..." she looks deep into Robert's eyes before she realized she had digressed. "..well where was i..oh yea. You know what i love about you apart from this really good apartment and all. You saw something in me, something i had not seen in myself for a very long time. Beauty. I have been seeing myself as a very ugly woman for a long time but you have saved me..literally from this depression. I would be stupid enough to leave you for anyone else.Also that dick though..." Carol said as she planted a passionate kiss on his lips.

Robert instinctively grabbed her waist to roll on her back and he fell off the bed with a loud thud.

"Well fuck." He said as he groaned himself till he sat upright and leaned on the side of the bed. The dream has been repetitive for a couple of months now and no matter what he did, he could not shake it off his head. He looked at the hologram alarm clock on his side dresser. 7:34am. He groaned as he tried to stand up but gravity was not playing nice. So he slumped down to the depths of his side of the bed for another 10 minutes. After gravity has had his share of games, he stood up and headed to the shower. He turned the faucet and a torrent of water splashed on his body. He stood there for a few moments as the warm water hugged him intimately. He felt hands slowly massaging his arms but when he looked up, he saw nothing but steam. This was turning to be a nightmare.

After a long and weird shower, he wore his usual casual clothing. A white V-necked muscle shirt with a pair of baggy blue jeans and some really expensive Jordan's. he managed to save at least 4 pairs which were in pristine condition thanks to modern technology and the laziness to wear them on a daily basis. He looked at his reflection on the mirror and after psyching himself out, he grabbed the keys from the counter and walked out the door.

His first destination was his favorite cafe, "The Early Bird" where he would grab a cup of coffee with a side of 3 pancakes all socked with delicious honey and cream. Diabetes was calling unto him day by day but as usual, he ignored the calls. He took the express elevator to the ground floor and after a few pleasantries with the receptionist, he walked out the building and onto the usual busy street.

He was instantly received by the noise of traffic above. Even if we are in the future, i guess traffic will always follow us, maybe even to the depth of hell.Who knows. He turned left and walked towards the cafe which was 2 blocks away. As he walked on the pavement, the usuals were there. A loud obnoxious guy who kept yelling, "War. War never changes." whilst holding a hologram showing blasts in a repetitive manner. The sweet smell of freshly baked pastries from a shop owned by his neighbor, Margaret Smith. She is undoubtedly the best pastry maker in the Sentinel. Small shop but always full of customers.

Next to it was a restaurant well known for it's killer Lobster. Literally. Not their fault though. The guy was allergic and had no idea. Foolish mortal. After a thorough investigation, the shop was opened and business was booming again. However, at the entrance they do an "Allergy Panel Test." Customized menu. he made a metal note to have dinner next week.

The other shops were quiet. Clothes shop, book shops for those who love actual books. The musty smell of books printed from a press is a scent that never gets old. Just saying. Finally he reached the cafe. The baby blue color of the entrance with the logo written in red LED is a soothing sight. Clearly he has reached home.He smiled and looked at the restaurant again. It has this nostalgic feeling. A feeling he cannot yet describe it on words. He stepped in and was greeted by the sound of the bell on the door and the scent of fried bacon and eggs. Already his stomach was salivating hard. He sat down at his usual booth and his favorite waitress, Carol Danvers came to serve him.

"You have a spark in you today Robert. Wanna reel me in? I may add another pancake on your order today." Carol said as she poured a cup of coffee for him.

"Just this repetitive dream i have had for ages. It becoming more and more frequent" Robert said as he moved the cup near him.

"Well the solution is simple, act on it." She said ash she wrote his order on the order book.

"I wish it was simple. The girl in my dream is becoming more distant everyday. I have no idea what to do." Robert took a sip of his coffee letting the rich aroma and taste wake his senses up.

"Robert. You are one hell of a guy. i mean the far i have known you, you are simply the best. So in my opinion, the girl would be lucky to have you. So ask her out before you regret not doing so.I'll get your order ready."

He was about to say something but the chance was gone. She had already turned her back and walking towards the counter. He watched the queen majestically walking towards the counter, he golden hair swaying gracefully and her hips walking like she owned the land. She was the girl in his dreams and if he is not fast, she might be gone.


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Name: Jason Myers
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Face Claim: Alexander Arnold
Apartment Floor/Letter: 1C
Height: 5'11
Weight: 120 lbs
Body Type: Slender
Tattoos: None
Body Piercings: None
Distinguishing Marks: His long, wavy hair & his leather jacket
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Likes: Music, Guitar, Reading, Video Games, Vinyl Records & Cassettes, Horror Movies, Marijuana, Comedians like George Carlin & Bill Hicks.
Dislikes: Spiders, Judgemental People, Extremism, Narrow-Minded people.
Personality: Jason comes off as Cold & Cynical to most people, But once you get to know him, He's an Intelligent, Compassionate & Loyal Person. Jason is an Introvert & Shy, He enjoys being alone but always welcomes company. Jason has some issues with Trust (Mainly due to him being hurt by his home life & School Life) Jason smokes Marijuana, Jason is very responsible when it comes to his pot use. He never smokes when little kids are around & If people aren't comfortable with him smoking around them, He'll go to a secluded place to smoke. Jason has always had an Interest in Music, Despite what he usually wears. Metal is not the only Genre of music he likes. His Musical tastes are very eclectic. From Classical & Old Blues music to Shoegaze & Vaporwave. He's often been labeled a "Hipster" because of them, Even though He enjoys mainstream artists also. Jason has a snarky & sometimes dark sense of humor.
Bio: Jason was born into a very Conservative & strict Catholic home in Queens, New York, The Youngest of 3 children, Jason was seen as "The Devil's Spawn" Because he liked bands like Black Sabbath & Metallica. Jason's Mother Julia is a Catholic school teacher & His Dad John is a Mechanic. His older siblings Jennifer & Michelle always picked on him for being in their words "A weirdo". At school. He was bullied & Called names like Freak, Loser, etc. He was seen as an Outcast. He had a girlfriend for a while, named Jane, But later found out she was Cheating on Him. After an intense fight with his parents & the pressures of school. He soon dropped out & His family disowned him. He started working jobs in retail, And now works at a record store and occasionally plays Rhythm guitar & sometimes lead guitar. But mainly sings for a Political Melodic Hardcore Punk Band Red Alert. His vocal style is a Baritenor & he has a rasp to his vocals & he uses a Technique known as Belting (or Vocal Belting) He earns money from his retail job & through his Band's Bandcamp page & playing shows.
Relationships: None

"Sure." Evan responded gladly to Ernst's offer. "Don't forget the endless amount of pills they force us to consume. Man, You would think if they wanted us to enjoy this place. they would atleast offer better food." Evan said with Disgust while staring at the TV. The food that the hospital provided was very bland, no variety in the flavor. He hated being forced to eat it. But he had to do it, Otherwise, his stomach would make him regret it. He took the locket out of his pocket & opened it. He stared at the two pictures of his mom & girlfriend and sighed sadly as those familiar feelings of sadness & pain surfaced again as did the memories. The locket & the photo of him and his mom belonged to her, She wore it every day when she was overseas. And she passed it down to him as a reminder of her and as a comfort item for whenever he was depressed or in a tough situation. He glanced at Ernst & began to speak quietly "Don't tell anyone that i have this Locket. If the staff finds out, They'll Confiscate it." Evan begged Ernst.
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~Up with the sun, gone with the wind~

"Mama of the Tasmanian Twins"

Eva Parker




Apartment Floor/Letter:

Eye Color:
Golden Brown

Hair Color:
Dark Brown

5’8 & 150lbs

Body Type:


Earlobe piercings

Distinguishing Marks:
coded by y o u n g j a e

Her babies || Relaxtion time || Neo-soul || Animals || Getting things done || Late night reading || Fireplaces || Success || Tulips

Messes || Bigots || Rude behavior || Slacking || Vermin || Mornings || Lizards

Upon first meeting her Eva is a polite woman with a kind smile. She's an open book who carries her heart on her sleeve. Eva is almost too kind at times. She doesn't mind helping others and doesn't like seeing people in bad situations. If she figures that she can help she'll do it. Eva isn't someone who is quick to judge. She doesn't listen to rumors for the most part. Eve would rather judge someone based on her own knowledge rather than what was heard somewhere else.

She doesn't believe in lying or sugar coating to some extent. Eva doesn't completely tell the truth one hundred percent of the time but she doesn't make lying a habit. To her fun is lying curled up in front of a fire with a glass of wine and a good book. She isn't really a fan of going to clubs or crowded places. She's not a complete shut in though. Eva takes her job serious to the point where she tends to overwork herself. She's a perfectionist and stern when it comes to her work.

Despite being a kind person to a fault almost, Eva can be quite fierce when she needs to be. People tend to take her kindness for a weakness and she ends up putting her foot down. She's not one to let others walk all over her. Eva is protective of her friends and family like any person is. She's always looking out for them. Someone would describe her as a mama bear. She finds comfort in nurturing and caring for those who are important to her.

Eva is a stern and understanding parent. She allows her children to express themselves properly but she knows when it’s time to lay down the law. She’s always puts her children before anything else, they mean the world to her. While she loves her children Eva cherishes the time she gets to herself. She has the typical motherly vibe about her. She has mastered the evil eye, a look that many mothers direct towards their kids. Eva is confident in herself. She not afraid to make tough decisions when the time calls for it.

Eva was born in Portland, Maine. Shortly after her birth she was given up for adoption and placed in foster care. She lived there until she was adopted by a nice couple at the age of three. Her life was relatively normal. She attended school like any other child and made friends. Her grades were decent, managing to keep a B+ average throughout her schooling. Eva went to college to become a owner of her own beauty salon. Her college life was nothing special. She had times where she struggled like any other student but she pushed through. Things changed when she managed to get a boyfriend. The two of them were inseparable in the beginning. They were in the honeymoon stage for the longest time. Before they knew it Eva began pregnant and things went downhill from there. Her boyfriend became distance and she had yet to tell her parents. Eventually she told them and to her surprise they weren’t angry. Eva’s parents helped out as much as they could. Her boyfriend broke up with her but she was fine. Eva continued to go to school. After having the twins she would have her parents watch them while she continued her schooling. Eva graduated from college and became a proud beauty salon owner.


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Ollie Declan

Mycan Overlord

Name: Milo Julian Riaz
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Face Claim: ? (Found him on a stock photo website)
Apartment Floor/Letter: 3D

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Red
Height/Weight: 180cm, 70kg
Body Type: Muscular
Tattoos: See below
Piercings: A small lip ring
Distinguishing Marks: His large amount of freckles on his face and the rest of his body

  • Cooking
  • Listening to music
  • Working out
  • Parties
  • Video games
  • Action movies

  • Rom coms
  • Nosey/Loud neighbours
  • People who disagree with his relationship
Personality: Milo is an outgoing young man who has recently joined the police force. He is confident in himself. He is a social person and loves to party, dragging his friends to the club every other week. While he’s never done anything illegal, he was the life of the party in highschool. Once you get to know him, really get to know him, he is a genuinely caring and affectionate person, and would do anything to keep you safe.

Bio: When he was a young boy, all he wanted to do was be an astronaut. As he got older however, his attention shifted to being a police officer. He was abandoned at age three, and adopted at age five into a Mexican family, taking their last name. He lived with them from age five to just a few months ago, when he moved into the apartment block. Now, he leaves for work at 5am and gets back at 5:30pm on the dot, every week day, without fail.


Name: Harri Lowe
Age: 20
Gender: Nonbinary
Sexuality: Bisexual
Face Claim: @criedwolves on Instagram
Apartment Floor/Letter: 3D

Eye Colour: Grey
Hair Colour: Blond
Height/Weight: 153cm, 48kg
Body Type: Thin
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Distinguishing Marks: A large birthmark on their right hand

  • Orchestral music
  • Quiet
  • Plants
  • Their partners
  • Photography
  • Space
  • Bigots
  • Small spaces
  • Spicy food

Personality: Harri is a very shy reserved person who does not like confrontation at all, preferring to be on their own. This means that the whole time they’ve lived in the apartment complex, barely anyone has seen or heard them, except when they come and leave from work.

Bio: They grew up in Portree in Isle of Skye, which is a very small town. They have 2 siblings who are both in various places across the world. They moved into the apartment complex to study nearby nearly a year ago, and has only spoken a few words with the other occupants in that time. The most active and noisy they have been was when their partner moved in, but since Milo has completely settled in, apartment 3D has returned to its silent norm.

“I get the bed.”


The cabin they found themselves in was small, with a few reinforced windows on each long side. The cabin had an old light dangling from the roof too, and Lucy slowly tugged at the cord. It flickered before it let off a stable, yellow glow. From his bag, the Avian pulled out a few items of clothing, and grabbed a thick blanket. With that, he constructed a messy nest and dove into it. Lucy looked at him with a confused glance.

“Oh, yeah,” said Ria, “this is my nest for tonight, it’s got a few of my mate’s clothes to give it a nice smell rather than like, musty dead rats.”

“Musty dead rats hey?” Lucy smirked. “Tell me about Farle, I heard it’s a beautiful place.”

And so Ria did. He talked about Adrenaline Cliffs and the royal mansion and that little coffee shop near his house where he met his mate. For once in the war, both the Human and Avian laughed and smiled. And as they looked out of the rickety window and watched the sunset, the war and the death was merely an afterthought, as the lights of North Cambi slowly came into view on the amber horizon.



Collector of OCs
Grandma and Grandpa (Played by everyone)


Name: Susan Green
Age: 74
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Face Claim: N/A
Apartment Floor/Letter: Lives in the apartment facing B and D

Eye Color: Dark blue
Hair Color: White
Height/Weight: 5'5", 130 pounds
Body Type: Average, not really athletic.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Distinguishing Marks: Has a hearable smokers voice. Also almost always smells like she smoked a cig. Smokes like half a pack a day.

Likes: Her dog (a Chihuahua called Donald), Trump, cigarettes, smoking, pick up trucks, watching the people from the complex through her binoculars
Dislikes: Anyone who dislikes Trump, teenager, non-smokers, cute things, technology, the media
Personality: Her entire personality is kind of unexpected for a grandma.. She seems so...rude, cold and filled of hatred. She hates everything and everyone, especially people who are different from her (only good people are white, aryan, christian Americans). She never seems to show any emotions, and often gossips about the people from the complex. Also often throws her cigarette butts on the pavement, trying to hit the apartment. Actually owns a slingshot she sometimes uses to fling the butts onto nearby windows.

Bio: There's not really much known about Susan. It isn't known who her parents are, if she has offspring, or when she was even born. She has been living in the other apartment for about 50 years now. Started smoking during her late 30s, when she deemed it cool. Even after all the health risks were exposed, Susan just claimed that it's the "bad media" trying to "scare people", so, out of protest, she started smoking more.

Relationships: N/A



Name: Nikolai Volkov
Age: 76
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Face Claim: N/A
Apartment Floor/Letter: Lives in the apartment facing A and C

Eye Color: Dark brown, almost black
Hair Color: Grey
Height/Weight: 6'0", about 184 pounds
Body Type: Average, tendency to slim
Tattoos: -
Piercings: -
Distinguishing Marks: Has a very thick russian accent. Also seems to be high 24/7. Probably is high 24/7. Also talks very slowly.

Likes: Weed, speaking russian, juding you silently, hating the "young generation", telling stories
Dislikes: Young people, being old, summer, doctors, not being able to bother anyone
Personality: His personality is kind of shrouded in mystery. No one really talks to him, like Susan, so the only things known about his personality is that he seems to love telling stories and dwell in memories. No one can really say if he's nice or not, but seeing as he flings his blunt butts onto nearby windows (like susan, by using a slingshot) and often calls passerbys names in russian, he doesn't seem to be nicest.

Bio: Like Susan, not much is known about Nikolai. It's rumored that he was born in St. Petersburg, although his parents moved away soon. He seemed to have popped up out of nowhere.Only thing that is known that he was in multiple wars, as he loves telling war stories.

Relationships: N/A [until accepted]
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Lucien "Lucifer" Blackheart

Lucien "Lucifer" Blackheart

Floor: 4B



Likes both, wants neither

Eye color:
Blue-grey with sapphire flecks

Skin tone:
Vampire pale


☆Music (alternative, hard rock, metalcore, acoustic)
☆Perfoming and being on stage
☆Being sarcastic
☆Namedropping his band

★Radio music
★Being called a nobody/garage band
★Judgemental people
★Anyone that doesn't get sarcasm
★Romance movies
★Emo jokes/stereotyping

"I'm just as devious and irresistible as the nickname suggests, but you already knew that."

If you were to ask a middle-school misfit what they wanted to be when they grew up, Lucien Wynters might come to mind... at least superficially. A teenage rebel who's long since mastered the art of sarcastic one-liners and casual indifference, one could be forgiven for thinking he was nothing more than a shallow fantasy.

Frontman of a relatively unknown band, Lucien is used to being fawned over and knows how to please his fans with his carefree attitude and sarcastic quips. He comes off as flirty sometimes without meaning to, and can be a touch reckless at times... not that he doesn't regret it later. Despite this, he isn't really the party type and has no desire to get wasted or wake up passed out on a floor somewhere. He does, however, take great pride in his ability to tease and torment those who do.

Mysterious in nature and extremely introverted, those who manage to fully break through Lucien's carefully-crafted bad boy persona may end up being quite disappointed. He's truly a pessimistic individual, something he disguises with witty banter and a knack for morbid jokes, yet fails to hide completely.

Though years of depression have left both literal and figurative scars, the sadness hasn't been able to dim Lucien's passion for music and the creepy, obscure things in life. He has an odd talent for finding the strange and unusual, something he's more than happy to share with friends and enemies alike.

Even without his bold persona, he's far from being truly antisocial. Lucien values friendship, and while anything but extroverted, he'll open up a lot more around people he trusts and may even drop the apathetic act entirely.

Born during a cheesy Halloween party, Lucien's parents really should've seen it coming. No amount of tutoring or private school could make him 'normal', and they eventually surrendered and allowed him to attend public school. Of course, he never really stopped stirring up trouble. The black sheep of a conservative family, Lucien moved out only a few days after his 16th birthday with his younger brother in tow. Having led a fairly sheltered life, they struggled for a while before Lucien finally secured a reasonably nice apartment, the older boy learning street smarts the hard way through trial-and-error.

Now a know-it-all who seems cynical beyond his years, Lucifer, as his fans and friends call him, has developed his natural charisma and makes a decent living selling the albums of musicians with far less artistic integrity than himself in a record store. His real enjoyment stems from writing and recording acoustic music with his brother, though he's most well known for his work as the frontman of an indie hardcore band and hopes to lead them to a real recording deal.

When not working or performing, he teaches kids the basics of guitar and lyric writing for minimal payment. Lucien considers music one of the most important things in life, and feels that everyone deserves a chance to enjoy and create it.
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unironically edgy emo

Angel Ashford

Angel Ashford

Floor: 4B



Panromantic asexual

Eye color:
Soft baby blue

Skin tone:
Vampire pale



✰Music (rock, hard rock, acoustic, indie)
✰Playing the guitar & singing
✰Candy and sweets
✰Animals (especially cats)
✰The Sims games (he owns and plays all of them!)

✰Radio music
✰Anyone that hates cats
✰Violence and gore (movies, games, irl)
✰Spicy or bitter food
✰Anyone making fun/making light of depression or suicide

While Angel is definitely sweet and affectionate, he doesn't quite live up to his name... not that anyone could. He's usually one of the nicer people you'll meet, though his pessimistic outlook and emotional nature are difficult to handle sometimes. When annoyed he can turn quite sarcastic and snarky like his older brother, though unlike Lucien, he'll usually feel terrible about it afterwards and is slow to actually get angry.

Also like his brother, Angel suffers from depression, though he tries not to let this affect others and often retreats into music when he's feeling particularly bad.

Despite this, he's innocent and sometimes a bit naive, having never attended a party or even tasted alcohol. He's a talented songwriter and has been singing and playing the guitar since he was 9, often writing lyrics on his hands and wrists when away from his notebook so he won't forget them. Having a naturally soft and whispery voice along with his somwhat shy personality, Angel is often asked to speak up, though he strongly dislikes being the center of attention. He tends to cry easily, a fact that he finds quite embarrassing and tries to hide. Cats are his favorite animal, and he'll fawn over one for hours if given the chance. Aside from felines and music, his other love is sugar... especially candy. Pair with an energy drink and you'll have one happy Angel.

Considered the Ashford family's 'golden child' when he was younger, Angel grew up spoiled but never took it for granted, and in fact, felt extremely guilty for the differences in treatment he and Lucien received.

He was born with a serious heart defect and spent much of his early life in and out of hospital, which earned him attention and compassion from nearly all who met him. While polite, Angel still resented the pity and attention, something he and Lucien bonded over.

His middle school and high school years were rough, but he did always have an older brother to look out for him and managed to maintain his innocence despite the upheaval of being disowned by his once doting parents for siding with Lucien and moving out so young.

Now, he works part-time at a pet store to help support their lifestyle, and is also a part of both Lucien's band and his own acoustic project. One day, Angel will make the world a better place for all living things, but for now he's happy just sharing his creativity.​

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