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Realistic or Modern All things dark and twisted **looking for long term partners!**


hello friend
Hi my loves. I'm back from the dead basically 💀. It’s been so long since I’ve posted on here. I’ve been overwhelmed and have felt the need to write again. This means I want to get back into writing and meeting new people. If you are a partner I've had in the past and want to rejuvenate older threads, ideas, etc., feel free to shoot me a message and let's rekindle our love for our characters, please!

A few general things
  • 25 year-old female, est time zone.
  • My ideas are always super dark and twisted. Lots of angst, lots of twists. However, I love romance, slice of life, and slow burn as much as the next person. Just let me know what you want!
  • I mostly play male characters, but I am comfortable playing male or female.
  • I am almost always writing from my phone. That being said, it’s hard for me to always decipher lengths and spelling errors. I will usually throw my reply into word to catch the big spelling issues. I will forever use too many commas and dashes, though. All that to say, if I can understand you, then we are good to go!
  • I match post length, but I prefer at least one decent-sized paragraph per response. Quality over quantity, always. I know some days we wanna write more and sometimes there isn’t too much to write about so I get it!
  • I have a full time government job and a very long commute but am ready to dedicate myself to writing again. I will try to do a post a day but it may be sprinkled throughout. I’m fully willing to accept casual responses and just vibing! Communication is key!
  • OOC is definitely welcome but not required. As previously mentioned, I write from my phone. I will always have this in a browser tab and will usually refresh several times… so basically I’ll always be there to chat or shitpost if that’s your vibe lol.
  • When I'm super into a roleplay I love and get excited when coming up with ideas, elements, and twists. Please contribute to the writing process and let's build some awesome stories and characters.
I’m super easygoing and love to have fun. Let me know if any of these sound interesting to you so we can brainstorm and talk. I do mainly M/F but if any of these ideas speak to you - I am willing to discuss different pairing options.

Some of these are song/lyric-based ideas. Below my ideas are pairings I am craving and have plot ideas for.

**ALSO - any ideas that deal with younger girl x older guy or more 'high school' stuff, all characters will be 18+ :) this should go w/o saying, but you never know lol.

The ideas…

He was the new punk rock sensation that rose to fame over night. He went from playing in his guitar in his bedroom to playing guitar in front of thousands of people in sold out venues. He has it all: the money, the fame, top shelf alcohol, and everything in between. Once he got famous overnight, he forgot everything and anything about his old life, including his best friend. Thrown head first into the fame - the young punk rock sensation quickly spiraled into alcohol and drug addiction. Using his drugs to keep his energetic stage presence - no one suspects a thing. He is getting worse as the day goes on and uses his dark lyrics, masquerading as love songs, to talk about his struggles and drug addiction. It isn't until he is back in his home town for a show that he gets an interview with his once best friend - now a successful and well respected journalist. Will his ex best friend be able to see right through his mask? If they do, will they use his story for the next headline?
—He— had been on the run from his old life and a mistake that was made a decade previous. In the years of being away from his all too small town, he had grown into a life for himself. Sure, he merely works as a sobered up bar tender in a not so good area of town, but it has become his slice of life. He finally has escaped his hometown with the all knowing eye of judgement and has made a content living in a place where people tell him their life stories and he is never expected to do the same.

Everything was business as usual at the bar until one day a —new face— shows up on the other side of his bar. She too has made a mistake and has left a life once known far behind her, and is attempting to find her place in the world again. Maybe these two strangers aren’t all that different, after all.

Boy has had enough of living his life. With everything turning to shit and everything taking a greater turn for the worst, he decides that he is going to run away to London for his last night.

There's a time crunch baby I don't want to believe
This is my last night on earth
My f---ing hell

In his last night in London, he plans to do all of his favorite things where he will drink himself into obliteration, party, and sleep with women. He makes a plan to kill himself in the early hours in the morning after his last night. The catch is that a close friend catches onto his plan and enters into the race against time to save him.
***While this is a very serious idea and RP, I think it would be a interesting one that could open up to a lot of different characters that they can meet throughout their last night

She's so, so ready
We've been going steady
She wants to take it to the next step
Red lips, champagne, white dress
We live with no regrets

They had met whenever she was still in high school and she had snuck out in an act of rebellion against her parents. Instead of spending her night partying, she took a fake ID and headed to some shitty and cheap bar on the other side of town for an escape. That was where she met him, an older man, and one with a record at that. She had no intentions on spending the night away from home, but she winds up going home with him and falling head over heels in love with this stranger, one that her parents would never allow into the house.

I want a shotgun wedding on a Friday night
Slow dancing with your girl dressed up in white
Say yes, say yes, baby wear that dress
Say yes, say yes, let's get married in Vegas

When an unexpected pregnancy takes place, and knowing her parents would never approve, they begin to panic. Very quickly, everything was pushed aside and a shotgun wedding is thrown together.

-Boy- and -girl-’s parents were best friends which automatically made them best friends. Boy and girl had spent every life milestone together from sharing birthday parties, clothes, family vacations, and everything in between. Wherever one was, the other was by their side. There was always the running assumption that they would someday wind up together, but the stars had never aligned in their favor.

Now they are both grown, but working together with the family business. Knowing the ins and outs of one another’s life, there is a very quick change of pace when she starts seeing an older man. What started off as a few drinks quickly shaped itself into a titled relationship. While it was cute at the start, all too quickly boy starts to notice the bruising along her skin. He also starts to note the way in which she is becoming more and more ostracized from her friends and family and he can do nothing but sit and watch. Will he do what is necessary to save her from her abusive relationship?

10 years ago, a string of murders had taken place in their all too small town. What —character A— didn’t realize was the fact that they had been sleeping with the person responsible for the lives taken. At that time, in a long term relationship and with a child on the way, their world came crumbling down when their fiance was taken out of the home in handcuffs. Every part of their lives had been analyzed, but life moved on. —character A— moved to a new town and had their baby and completely started a new life.

—Character B— was only a rookie cop at the time who had just started his career. He quickly moved through the ranks in his 10 years of employment, working for federal agencies and winding up working with witness protection. It was then that the word started to spread about a potential copycat murderer picking up where character A’s boyfriend had left off. With this news, the plan is to move character A to protect her location, identity, and child. This is where Character A and B meet and Character B is tasked with protecting them from any and all harm.
Nothing at the moment.
***Sorry but I have no interest in fandoms. I’d rather write OCs as it’s what I’m comfortable with!!***

-Bad boy X bad girl
- gang member X bartender
- Bad girl X Good guy
- Special agent X rookie cop
- Ballet student X stalker
- enemies turned lovers
- tinder date catfish X tinder date
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Hello! I really like your story concepts! I like "Loser Alive" it sounds like it could be a cool off-beat comedy
Hi! I am super interested in your concepts! Especially Finally Famous or an apocalypse style setting! I am pretty flexible with whatever in terms of characters and pairings!

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