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hazbin hotel roleplay between myself and fairyfawn!

It all happened so fast. One minute he was preparing for tonight’s broadcast and the next he found himself on the streets of Pentagram city with a cracked screen, rumpled suit, and a heavily bruised ego. Vox straightens his bowtie as sinners stare curiously at the VoxTek CEO, or ex-CEO now, but they didn’t need to know that just yet. He tries to keep his shoulders square and his attention forward as he plods down the sidewalk, giving any passerby who looks at him for a millisecond too long a menacing glare.

As he marches further and further away from the tower, the television demon’s screen becomes clouded, a flurry of thoughts swirling in his mind. Sure the relationship with Val was never meant to last or turn into anything more than casual sex between business partners. But Vox did not see any of this coming, and in hindsight he really should have. Valentino’s legendary temper had not shown any sign of letting up and if anything had gotten worse over the years, the fact that he tore up one of Velvette’s best models over Angel moving out should have set off the alarm bells in his head. A part of him was clinging onto the hope that Val would see reason and take him back. Maybe if he could just talk to Velvette, she’d get him to consider meeting with Vox.

Looking up he realizes that he had been so lost in thought that he actually wound up further from the city than he would have anticipated and is now standing at the bottom of the hill to the Hazbin Hotel. His screen glitches and he runs a hand down the crack in his screen which came as a result of Val shoving him against the wall. It’s starting to interfere with his vision too, everything is a bit fuzzy. He looks longingly over his shoulder, back at V-Tower–despite how far away the hotel is, the neon sign can be seen twinkling in the distance.

Pulling a face, he trudges up the hill. Now standing directly in front of the hotel, he realizes how gaudy it looks up close. Like a Vegas casino hotel. He moves towards the front door and stares at the stained glass windows. Vox hesitates, his raised fist precariously hovering an inch above the wooden door frame. Was he really about to stoop so low that he was going to his rival?

Long buried memories of Alastor start to resurface, as well as the burning hatred he had been harboring towards the radio demon flares in his chest. His screen chooses that moment to glitch again, extinguishing his anger towards the smiling freak (temporarily). He grits his teeth and relents with a weary sigh. Vox raises his hand again before rapping three times on the door. What did he have to lose at this point, really?
It was a slow day at the hotel and has been for a while now. Even though the hotel had been rebuilt, it seemed like no new sinners were showing up at their doorstep alongside with no phone calls to book rooms. Maybe another commercial is in order now… one that won’t get interrupted with an unexpected news broadcast this time. Charlie and Vaggie were currently curled up on the couch watching some Disney movie to pass the time, and the others were going about their usual routines.

The wendigo was leaning up against the jukebox, listening to the pleasant sounds of electro swing that was being played whilst sipping on hot, bitter coffee. Coffee and tea were his go-to drinks but of course the wendigo would occasionally indulge in some whiskey. When Alastor had first arrived at the hotel, there was a jukebox, but it had been absolutely busted beyond repair and it just sat there gathering dust. It’s nice to have a working jukebox to play electro swing and jazz music, you know? A lovely way to pass the time and to just relax!

There was a knocking at the door. Specifically, three knocks. Alastor’s ears dipped before perking back up in response. A visitor!

The princess quickly leaped up from the couch in response to the knocking. Here we go. It’s an understandable response since the Hazbin Hotel hasn’t received any more guests as of late so hearing someone knocking on the door is a most hopeful and pleasant sound. Maybe the hotel is going to work after all. “Oh, my goodness, it might be a new guest!” Charlie squealed in delight; eyes lit up like a decorated Christmas tree. She was ecstatic to hear the knocking on the door, thinking that some poor sinner was desperate and willing enough to give the idea of redemption a try.

As far as everyone is aware, it’s a mystery on whether or not redemption is truly possible. Alastor is only here because he has to be and for entertainment of course. Redemption is such a silly thing, isn’t it? Nonetheless, Alastor would love to watch as pathetic, silly sinners try to claw their way up to redemption, and ultimately Heaven, for his own entertainment. It’ll be a fun thing to watch while Alastor causally sips on his beverage. It’s the only reason why the wendigo is agreeable on helping with commercials. Even if he makes the hotel sound like a joke.

Charlie rushed over to the door with a big grin stretching on her face from how excited and giddy she was. A new guest staying at the hotel — this is going to be amazing, and it’ll call for a celebration! Knowing how she could be, every new guest that shows up is going to get a celebration to welcome them to the brand-new hotel. She still didn’t understand why Alastor changed the name from Happy to Hazbin, though. She swung open the door with the expectations of being greeted with a sinner who is here for redemption.


Her smile dropped at the sight before her. Indeed, it is a sinner but is someone that the princess sure was not expecting. Not to mention the raggedy appearance. Charlie’s lips quivered as she managed to put on another smile, “Ah, welcome to the Hazbin Hotel!” She spoke cheerily to the media overlord. After all, she wants her guests to feel welcome here! Maybe it's her little bleeding-heart nature and wanting to see the good in everyone, but Charlie was going to invite him in. "Come in, come in!" The princess urged Vox.

The radio demon was able to get a good look at who their unexpected visitor was. And even though it'll be the understatement of the whole century, he is not happy with who's at the door. A clenched smile graced the wendigo's lips... he may always be smiling but someone can always tell how he's feeling just by looking at his eyes. Yep.

What is Vox doing here? The wendigo’s neck fell to the side with the audible sound of bones cracking. There was a lull of static around the radio demon at the sight of his rival standing at the hotel doorstep. Alastor went to materialize his microphone when he realized that it was still broken, laying half-forgotten in his rebuilt radio tower. The wendigo hadn’t had the spare energy to try and focus to fix it. He settled for just strolling over to join Charlie at the front door, his hands behind his back and his teeth gritted.

“Charlie, why is this thing at our doorstep?” Alastor inquired as radio static began to buzz around him. Now that the radio demon is next to Charlie at the door, that’s when he started to take in Vox’s disheveled appearance - a cracked screen and messy clothes. Who dares to mess with Alastor's rival? The usual smile on his lips, but his smile seemed tightened and strained. “Vox,” Alastor finally acknowledged the television demon, “it’s always such a pleasure to see you.” Not really. If anything, Vox is an absolute nuisance to the wendigo.

“What brings you to our lovely, humble hotel?” The wendigo finally inquired.
It was almost too much for Vox when the Princess of Hell greeted him at the door. She really oozed puppy dogs and rainbows, he wouldn’t be surprised if he found out that she vomited glitter too. Her upbeat tone made him want to gag and he had half a mind to turn on his heel and run back to V-Tower with his tail between his legs back to Val, not unlike the way Alastor escaped the fight with Adam. Vox gave his head a slight shake as he dismissed the thought, even though it really was tempting, and steeled himself to the task at hand. He looked Charlie up and down, taking in her appearance - she’s almost his height to his surprise, much taller than she seemed based on her interview with the news anchor Katie Killjoy some months back. Which is ever so slightly intimidating for him, but no matter.

“Your majesty,” he bowed his head in reverence to her before raising his head again and fixating a sharp grin on her, “I don’t believe we have been properly introduced. My name is Vox.” That was all he said before she already began to beckon him in and who was he to decline the invitation. Vox followed her past the threshold of the front door. This was actually the first time he had stepped foot in the building, well the newly rebuilt version of it anyways. It is not nearly as hi-tech as his VoxTek building, but it was most likely due to that radio bastard’s influence.

He turned his attention back to Little Miss Bleeding Heart and continued, “Right, so I hear the hotel is still looking for recruits and what better way to sell your hotel than to have another Overlord’s endorsement?” The media mogul maintained his grin as he spoke, but faltered when he felt an uncomfortable increase in air pressure around him to signal–

Aaaand speak of the devil, although not literally because Lucifer was probably off doing more important things than hanging out at this ratty hotel. Vox flinched momentarily as Alastor’s gaze pierced through him, before he straightened his back and raised his head to glare back at him. Don’t let him get to you. With a measured exhale, he unclenched his fist, which he hadn’t realized had already been balled up... as if he would actually hit Alastor at a time like this. He cleared his throat and responded to the radio demon’s question (which sounded more like a threat than a question if he’s being honest) with as much strength as he could muster. “Alastor,” Vox curtly acknowledged his rival, “I’m just here as a professional courtesy.”

Vox shifted his weight as his last statement hung in the air between the three of them. Why did he lie? Don’t they take anyone here? After all, they accepted Pentious without batting an eye. With his cracked screen and disheveled appearance, it wasn’t like he even looked like the all-powerful media Overlord image he was used to exuding. But he just can’t bring himself to tell the truth, especially with Alastor hovering around. It was bad enough that he showed up on the hotel doorstep. At this point, he doubted his ego could take anymore of a beating today. He hoped that at least Princess Morningstar would take the bait and not ask any follow-up questions.
“Please, just call me Charlie.” The princess insisted with that same warm smile gracing her lips. She was never one for royal titles or being called by her royal title in the first place. Was she worried about the fact that Vox has a broken television screen? Yeah, yeah she is. Wasn’t that just typical of her, though? With her bleeding heart nature and all. That screen will have to get fixed up! Should she worry about Vox’s screen later? Probably. Nonetheless, the television demon shouldn’t go walking around with a broken screen — there are plenty of demons in Hell who would take the opportunity to finish the job.

“It’s so nice to meet you, Vox!” Charlie squeaked out as she began to reach for his hand for a proper handshake. She needed to make sure that Vox is comfortable and welcomed here! Any new guest who shows up at the hotel will be met with a small celebration! That could probably wait in this case, though.

And then Alastor showed up to join Charlie and Vox.

Just looking at Vox’s flat picture box head made Alastor agitated. But he would be lying if he said he didn’t want to know who cracked Vox’s screen. Alastor would like to know who did this to his biggest rival in all of Hell. Though he wasn’t one to directly ask about who did it, or what happened. He wanted Vox to say it for himself. See? Alastor can be very polite when he wants to be! He’ll just give Vox a little nudge, that’s all!

“Are you here to help out the hotel or are you just here for protection because someone broke that picture box screen of yours?” The wendigo inquired with a grin that stretched from ear to ear. It was unsettling how far Alastor’s grin of his could stretch and if it were humanely possible for him, he would be grinning even more. But of course Alastor would say something like that. Vox’s reactions are always quite entertaining to watch! Watching the television demon glitch out in frustration was usually a highlight of Alastor’s day whenever he gets to see it.

The hotel is doing quite fine with Alastor as the hotelier. He hasn’t even destroyed a single television! See? Polite! “It is odd though that you would decide to come here of all places.” Vox has a place of his own, doesn’t he? So why come here when Alastor is here?

Charlie looked between Vox and Alastor, seeming to notice the slight tension in the air that was coming from Alastor. “Do you two… know each other?” The princess asked with a strained smile. Of course they do but it doesn’t hurt to ask, you know? Yeah! Besides, if Vox is going to be staying at the hotel then there shouldn’t be any tension or fighting! “Yes, Vox and I know each other quite well,” Alastor began to speak, “and he cannot seem to accept that radios and candlestick phones are better than television and rectangle boxes.” His ears dipped. Alastor has a hard time letting go of the past even though it’s been… what? Ninety years since his arrival down here? Alastor was a radio host in life, and the job followed him down here even in death.

He doesn’t get all the fuss about the modern technology that’s being advertised. He’s content with his radio show and using candlestick phones. It’s what he’s used to and it’ll stay that way. He doesn’t like being filmed or photographed unless it’s with a Kodak camera and those things are rare to come across these days.


The princess was quick to clear her throat, “I would absolutely love for you to stay here! You’re always welcome here!” That classic, relaxed and beaming smile of hers was quick to return. Who was she to turn away Vox? Especially when he doesn’t look so good? The hotel needs all of the help that it can get right now of its going to work and get off the ground. Was she going to question the Overlord? Of course not. Little Miss Bleeding Heart wanted lots of help for this and here Vox is standing in the hotel lobby! “You’re going to help out with the hotel? Oh this is exciting! Now we’re going to get some business going around here!” Oh, she wanted to just crush Vox in a giant hug but seeing at how disheveled he is, she better not do that.

Can Alastor even live peacefully in the same building with Vox? Not really but it’s for Charlie’s sake. He’ll just have to make sure Vox doesn’t go around dumping his radios in the trash and trying to make the hotel look more modern with up to date phones and all.

“I’m sure Vox can handle any commercials about the hotel then.” Alastor let out a static hum. His fellow hotel residents didn’t like it when Alastor tried his hand at making a commercial because he loves making it look like an absolute joke. Now if it was a radio commercial, Alastor would have no problem!

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