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Name: James T. Stryker
Age: 86yrs
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Position: Trainer/mission coordinator of the Aces
Personality: James is a remarkably patient and kind old man, he is humble and wise as any elderly man should be. Yet this feeble appearance is all a clever ruse, this man is cunning and deadly, always calculating, and preparing and nothing seems to escape his notice.
History: Stryker is a name that used to be spoken in the higher levels of the governments in hushed whispers. He was irish born, raised in the US and has seen warfeonts that are still under deep government secret. He was a one man army, and a symbol of fear. Yet that was decades ago, now he owns amd opperates a self defense training school. But again that is just a front. A hidden tunnel under the dojo leads to an underground lair made of abandoned subway tunnels.
Weapons: None...or so it seems, his cane is actually a single shot, breack action 12 gauge. He keeps a .38 snub nose in his pocket, and a .22 deringer in his hidden underwear holster.
Skills: Basically anything pertaining to war, combat, and the human mind.
Specialty: Teaching and organizing.
Extra: His stares seem to hold a strange effect, its as if you see death when you look into his eyes​


"Honey!!! Wheres my Supersuit?"
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Name: Alvin Crenshaw
Age: 24yrs
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Position: Criminal
Personality: Alvin is disturbingly friendly and respectful, even when the bullets start flying. He knows to keep his head down when dealing with things above his level of expertise and he rarely if ever takes a job he isnt comfortable with. When he does work however he is methodical, making sure all his bases are covered and there are no loose ends.
History: Alvin was raised in this city, his dad was an arms dealer for the irish Cartel his mom a corrupt lawyer who took his fathers cases, he was always a little hoodlem though, since he was nine years old he's been involved with gangs, guns, and drugs. Its a miricle he survived at all. Yet more than that he thrives, he has his fingers on the pulse of the city and almost nothing goes down without his being aware, wether or not he is involved is a different situation
Weapons: Springfield 1911 9mm semi automatic.
Skills: Street knowledge, Common sense, silver tounge.
Specialty: Weapon/Drug trafficing.
Extra: Hes an informant for the aces, who often sells information. Usualky trying to get something out of it. Nonetheless he works on a pretty strick personel code, never sell to kids, and dont get in too deep.
His chest tattoo which reads "Connecticut" in this story reads "Manhattan"​
Faceclaim: (can be realistic, or anime, or a written description)
Tall, skinny, black hair, grey eyes, a bit of a stubble, usually a hoodie with a mask and jeans with boots.
Name: Jack Woodard
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Position: Ace of Spades
Personality: He is a very witty and sarcastic guy, almost always cracking jokes about the various crime bosses. He likes his teammates, and sees them all as family.
History: Born in the slums of New York, Jack was thankfully adopted Stryker at a young age being trained by him since he was just six years old. He's now the Ade of Spades, and a dedicated crusader against crime.
Weapons: Dual modified Colt M1911s, silenced Walther PPK, combat knife, tazer, Kriss Vector .45 SMG with a holographic sight and built in grip, AK47 Assault Rifle
Skills: Skilled in combat, infiltration, and assassination.
Specialty: Assassination and Recon
Extra: He's afraid of bees, and tries to kill any of them he sees.


“Just promise me one thing...”

Name: Augustus Legion Carter


Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual


Personality: August lacks any and all concern and does not care for anyone who’s name is not Augustus Legion. His smug and unforgiving nature well suits his ability to end life with joy. Nonetheless he does not take nonsense lightly, as being a crimelord a mistake is his life. And although he has mastered the act of friendliness and apparent concern, all he seeks is for who ever stands in his path be buried beneath he earth of which he stands upon.

History: August was born a troubled child, his dad having killed his mother in front of him and attempting to kill him as well. He survived the gun shot wound to chest, amazingly, but the anger and pain still lingered in his soul. As he matured he strayed from the crowd, as his schoolmates sensed wrong within him. At the age of 18 he took his first life, his grandmother’s. He laughed at her last breaths, her wrinkly brown hand clinged to his blood stained jacket. From that moment in August turned to crime. He enjoyed killing. He enjoyed he power it gave him, the fear it berthed. Other criminals sensed his power. He fed them tells of riches and women to last a million days and they rallied behind him. Now he seeks what he has always sought for. The thing he saw the first time he witnessed it, in that musty house on Grave Avenue. Death.

Weapons: August uses his mind and influence as his biggest weapons. His ability to convince and deceive others has served him better than his gun has. Although he still can shoot a standard Glock 17 Automatic Pistol with accuracy. He as well can fight, proving admirable with a blade and conventional broken beer bottle.

Skills: Stated above

Specialty: Leading, killing, and wreaking havoc.



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name...Samantha Lincoln
nickname....Sam, Sammy, Red
position....Ace of Hearts
speciality....Espionage, a Provocatrice, Intelligence

weapons; 3 Chinese Ring Daggers - she keeps at least one concealed on her person/close to her at all times
Crossbow - its brand is Jandau and the model is the Chase Wind 90Lbs. it is black and has a red dot sight. the model is also smaller than a normal crossbow and versatile
9mm semi-automatic pistol - sig sauer SP2022 in black
she trains well with all of her weapons, and is only getting better. her crossbow is her least mastered weapon
skills; sam, much like her brothers is highly skilled in combat and the use of complicated weaponry. she is indifferent to them with the exception of their own special talents/specialities, and her specialities/greater ability in gymnastics/agility. This is mostly due to her being a woman, her many years of gymnastics as a child/pre teen, and her general fit body [as much as she hates to admit it]
likes; thunderstorms, most animals - her dog Finn especially,
dislikes; perverts, scrubs, racists, sexists, smoking, drugs, alcohol - she still drinks it, but never again in the copeous amounts she did as a teenager,
+ anytime she catches Jack attempting to harm an insect, she attempts her own defense of the poor creature. it annoys the hell out of her. "he's just as pissed as you are!"

d e p t h;
history; Born in Ireland to a psychologist and a physiotherapist, her upbringing was relatively easy, however, still strict. She lived in Ireland, on a lovely farm with her parents till the age of 7, when they whisked themselves up to move to their place of meeting; New York. Her parents, Shaemus and Maria were both studying in New York when they met eachother, so saw the opportunity to give their daughter the same education, even if they were a bit late. At this time, New York City was still a place where dreams were made of....innocent. She attended an "esteemed school" on the outskirts of New York for the next full 11 years of her schooling. She excelled in the sciences, and worked well with computers and intel especially. She was a boisterous, happy go lucky, trustful and honest young lady, smiled upon by most, not all, and always said to do great things. And then....disaster struck. By this time, the city was beginning to rot, and the poison reached Samantha.....
Hours following her senior prom, while her and three of her friends spent some time drinking in a park, like the stupid reckless teenagers they were, the group was approached by a gang of both older and younger men, all armed. At first, the intoxicated teenagers thought it was all a joke, that is until the first body hit the damp grass.
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That was four years ago, and it has only been about a year since she was released from hell on earth. A correction centre in Washington, a corrupt one at that, housed Samantha for three years before they deemed her head "fit as a fiddle." The failed irish accent from her supervisor had Samantha resisting the urge to kill. But that would have only gotten her more time in hell. Upon leaving the centre, Samantha's first order of business was to confront her parents, who, despite trying hard to keep their daughter from being prosecuted for something she didn't do, didn't try hard enough. She could never get angry enough to hurt or threaten her own parents, never. But she did get angry enough for them to offer her funds in exchange for forgiveness, and another chance. As a child, Samantha was a joyous young lady, but as she grew, and as she suffered, she changed. She was no longer honest, she was caniving, careful, analytical and untrusting. So, she put on a fake facade, and with a smile and a nod, was back into her parents life. She didn't stay with them long however, they were infuriating. She found they too had changed; grown their own facade in the absence of their daughter. She thought perhaps they hoped she would never be back. She wouldn't be surprised. The events of prom night tarnished her parents reputation aswell. But Samantha could care less. At least she thought she did... Her parents were still filthy rich and living just fine without her~

It wasn't a struggle to move out, in fact it was easier than Samantha expected. The apartment she purchased was plenty away from her parents house in the suburbs, and kept her close to her part time job. She needed to keep herself busy somehow.
[still going w/ this :)]

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Faceclaim: Alexander Calvert, 5'5'' 115lbs, Dirty Blond Hair, Brown Eyes
Name: Ashley Samuel Beckett
Age: 20
Gender: Cisgender Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Position: Criminal
Ashley is a sweet kid really. He always smiles and treats people nicely as he wished to be treated in this world. Unfortunately life wasn't like that. He was treated like trash for no reason other than people expect him to still be a criminal so why be anything else? Behind that cute face is a thieving hacker. He takes what he wants and leaves no trace as any sly kid would
Ashley was brought up in a troubled home with an alcoholic mother and a missing father as well as three big brothers, one who was in and out of jail his whole life, one who worked as hard as he could to try and keep the family afloat and the other abused him to a point where he actually broke and murdered another child at school. Ashley's brother knew a lawyer who could keep him out of juvie but they didn't manage to do it. He got a long sentence (12 years) and he was released when he was 18 after psychoanalysts declared him sane. He tried to return to a normal life but two of his three brothers were dead (one from cancer, the other suicide) and the last was in prison. His mother was nowhere to be found and since getting a job was going to be impossible for Ashley, he got into crime. It was just stealing to begin with: it was just simple petty thefts to get by but he was dragged into a bank heist. It was heavily planned but nefore they could carry it out, Ashley got into a fight on the streets and was pushed into the road before being hit by a truck. He was rushed off to hospital and suffered major amnesia, not remembering anything at all. He had to start all over again but of course he still couldn't get a job, people thinking he was stupid as well as evil, and so he got into crime. He did lots of things, he went back to theft and started hacking bank accounts and stealing small amounts money from rich people, enough so they wouldn't notice, to pay off his hospital bills. He couldn't do this all the time so he picked up a guitar and started playing music out on the street. He enjoyed his life.
Weapons: Switch Blade, Glock 19
Skills: Computer Engineering, Music, Theft
Specialty: Pick-Pocketing and Hacking

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