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Fantasy A World Renewed CS


The Flake
Name: Lorwen


The Master Smith; The Mother of Rings; The Foolish Traveler; The Eternal Widow


Smithing; Crafting; Marriage; Hearth



Adventurous, hands on and carrying a spark of curiosity, Lorwen travels around the mortal world, enamored with what those given small pittances of time on the planet can do in their short lives. The goddess directly involves herself with mortals, showing them generosity and warmth regardless of their background, moral standing or treatment towards her, though Lorwen prefers to interact with individuals who are smiths or craftsmen so that she can learn how to make their creations. This direct involvement with the mortals has led the goddess to take a few as her spouses throughout the centuries. While married, Lorwen temporarily halts her travels across the mortal world to settle down with her spouse. Then, when Lorwen's spouse parts from her, either by choice or death, the goddess will lock herself away from the world to mourn the end of her union for a decade.

Other Gods may frown on Lorwen's interactions with mortals, but the goddess does not care. There are few Gods that Lorwen deigns to interact with, not because of her dislike of the other Gods, rather it is due to the very short life span of mortals. Lorwen is afraid to turn her attention away from the mortal world, for every decade she turns her gaze from the mortals, they have crafted another marvelous invention or her very few children have grown up. Still, Lorwen does not tend to enjoy the company of other Gods, who she generally treats with monotonous politeness instead of her usual warmth.


- Discovering new creations
- Mortals
- Learning new mortal cultures
- Raising a family


- Other Gods
- Rain
- Watching her spouse or family members die


- Being alone
- Genoicide of all mortals
- Small places

Signature Powers:

- The ability to create incredibly durable ingots of previously undiscovered metals and alloys from scraps.
- Turning any singular item into another item of the same size.
- Can detect when and where a wedding or other marriage related event is occurring.
- Can immediately determine whether or not an individual is married and the number of partners that individual has, but not who those individuals are.
- Can warm up any room to a lukewarm temperature and imbue any furniture within the room comfortable seats.


Holy Symbol:


Soviet Panda

Red Panda Commanda.
Name: Zythis

Aliases/Titles: (What do other Gods call them or what do followers or even common mortals call them)

Domains: The Wilds/Wilderness

The wilderness can be beautiful, and it is reflected in this form. However, Zythis is an often angry god, and mortals are not given the chance to even glimpse this form.

Personality: A hateful being, Zythis is one whose Domain is constantly under assault by the creations of many of the other Gods, or so he believes. He is quick to lash out, and trusts no one unless what they say will explicitly benefit himself or they bind themselves to him until the agreement or deal is seen through. Being a minor god, Zythis is a much more focused and direct God, more willing to meddle in specific mortal's affairs, though unlike a minor god, he is also willing to attempt to corrupt the works of the other gods.

Likes: The untamed wilderness, untainted by the filth of organization and stench of civilization. He looks towards Vitis Gurthu as a physical representation that all civilizations will, eventually, return to the wilderness that it once came from.

Dislikes: Every last city, wall, and well manicured garden.

Fears: The total destruction of all wild places, with nothing left but mocking echos under the watchful eyes of those that feel guilty for destroying it in the first place.

Signature Powers: Zythis' realm hangs like a parasite from the mortal plane of existence, and he can quite easily and accurately open portals to wherever he wishes. Something he has already done with great effect upon his birth.

Other: (Anything else you might want to add to the CS, maybe you have a theme, maybe a symbol? Whatever you want can go here.)


Socially Anxious
Name: Minerva "Minnie"

Title: Minor Goddess of Crafts

Domain: Crafts

Appearance: Capture+_2021-11-25-13-42-20~2.png

Personality: Minerva, or Minnie as she prefers to be called, is an overall bright and energetic person. She likes to show off her skills and is very resourceful. Minnie can make just about anything from almost anything. She likes to see the brighter side of things and is very eager to help others whether it is mortals, other gods or goddesses, demigods, you name it she is willing to assist to the best of her abilities. If she is unable to be of use, instead of getting upset or angry, Minnie will direct the individual to another who would be better suited for the task.

Likes: Making Crafts, Spending time with her mother, Fluffy and soft things, Running her quaint little store, Sweet treats

Dislikes: Being told she isn't allowed to do something, Anyone attempting plagiarizing her craft, When her mother takes over her crafts, when her fox is circling her feet making it impossible to walk

Fears: Someone, not her mother, taking away her crafts or somehow doing a better job of making crafts.

Signature Powers:
  • Minnie is able to create crafts out of thin air but only if she has made them by hand before.
  • Minnie is able to turn any craft into another craft so long as it is the same size.

  • Minnie has a fox acting as her security system for her shop that will scream at robbers. He will follow her around and doesn't like it when she is gone for too long. Her fox is practically her shadow.
  • Whenever she can, Minnie will try to have tea parties with her mother, though most of the time she will be having tea with her fox.
  • Minnie isn't able to panic properly, and when she feels panicked her fox will express her panic for her by shrieking.
Her fox: Capture+_2021-11-25-13-53-18~2.png
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