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Fantasy A World Renewed CS


F o u r
God CS

Name: (What does your God call themselves)

Aliases/Titles: (What do other Gods call them or what do followers or even common mortals call them)

Domains: (what are you yhe God of? water? Fire? War? Max of four)

Appearance:(What does your God look like? You may use Images or written description)

Personality: (How do they act around mortals, how do they act around other Gods, how do they act when alone or with their creations)

Likes: (What do they like?)

Dislikes: (What do they dislike?)

Fears: (What do they fear if anything?)

Signature Powers: (The Gods are capable of almost anything, but what powers is your god known for? Shifting the ocean? Causing earthquakes or perhaps fiddling with reality by making an unfortunate fellow drop their basket of eggs?)

Other: (Anything else you might want to add to the CS, maybe you have a theme, maybe a symbol? Whatever you want can go here.)
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apathy's a tragedy, boredom is a crime
Name: L'Oria

Aliases/Titles: The Wind's Warmth, The Keeper of Chance, Lady Dragon, Sky Mommy, Chaos Birb

Domains: Luck, Chaos, Skies/wind, Warmth/Fire


L'Oria is a very smooth and charming god. They don't bother putting on a noble façade, and her free, careless nature is quite contagious. Don't let that fool you, though. Those who are foolish enough to indulge in her offers and deals are often misled to their deaths or their eternal captivity. He's known to be the one who eases tension in tricky situations, though not always through the best ways, and while some may see her as uncalculating and ignorant, L'Oria's awareness and cunning is nearly unmatched. Mortals often portray them as merciful and comforting, especially lowly gamblers who rely on her for success, and those who build their lives through blacksmithing and other tasks involving fire. Some gods may see L'Oria for his light-hearted, warm presence, and others may whittle them down to nothing but a procurer of dirty tricks. It simply depends on the individual perceiving her.


- Flying
- Spicy food
- Cheap Pranks
- Casinos
- Leading mortals into soul-stealing deals

- Cold temperatures
- Tight spaces
- Lawyers
- Being overshadowed
- Being outsmarted

- Losing her freedom
- When mortals no longer have a need for fire

Signature Powers:
- Creating gusts of wind, flight, etc.
- Shifting chance in her favour/the favour of others, or to curse individuals with terrible luck
- Fire manipulation/creation
- Her presence often tempts mortals into becoming unhinged and careless

L'Oria uses all pronouns, and they're pretty short. While he's generally in a good mood, angry L'Oria is quite a sight to see. It's said that she keeps the souls of the mortals she tricks and damns in the baubles around their neck. When close enough, faint cries and eerie images can be heard and seen.

L'Oria radiates a messy, joyful aura that seems to almost distort the space around her. It shifts along with their mood, and it casts them in a faint, glowing light that is easily missed.
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Spring Thief
Name: Vitis Gurthu

Domains: Harvest, Rebirth [of new life after death], Alcohol (primarily wine), Revelry

Aliases/Titles: They Who Harvests, They Who Sows, Wine-blood, Awakener, Spring Herald

Appearance: "Upon original birth, the great god Vitis Gurthu appeared in the form of a towering stag..." [the rest of the stone mural is horribly worn from time and stained with a red substance.]

Personality: Vitis Gurthu sees mortals as their whole, rather than concerning themselves with individual beings. However, they cannot help but find amusement and curiosity in these small creatures. Upon further reflection, they realized how fragile these motes of life are to the whims of gods and fate and ponder a way to maintain the cycle of life so that it may not be squashed so easily, or rely solely on the wills of gods to rejuvenate itself. The answer to this question is what they seek in their most early days. They believe in something they call 'firstborn vice' and seek to find a way to cure it within themself.

+song and music
+fruits and flowers
+running through the wind
+harsh snows and rain
+wilted roses and new leaves

-'firstborn vice'

-A break in the great cycle of life and death. They are ever worried with protecting the balance, ensuring neither excess nor deprivation will ever overpower the other.
-succumbing to what they call 'firstborn vice'

Signature Powers:
-Making plants wither and flourish by touch/presence.
-blessing the harvest of farmers, fishers, hunters, etc.
-cursing the harvest of farmers, fishers, hunters, etc.
-potent blood. Causes death or healing to those who drink it. Can bring back the dead
-can cause mortals to go into a mad stupor or a state of passive bliss.
-life exchange. Can heal and strengthen life by consuming another. Can both take and give life.

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F o u r
Name: Unry

Aliases/Titles: The Abyss, The All Knowing, Father of the Void, King of Nothing

Domains: Void and Knowledge


Personality: Unry is a patient God withholding his emotions and displaying sometimes not emotions at all. Unry is not one to force mortals into believers but instead offers his blessings upon those who accept his offer and even when the followers leave no longer in need of his blessings, Unry does not hold grudges or disdain, but is glad that he has served his purpose one way or another in serving knowledge. There are little things Unry truly seems to care about, one very important one his the book he seemingly carries around everywhere, always closed, always within his grasp, tightly held and never seen open. Unry becomes different when asked about the book, usually trying to change the subject and should anyone attempt to take or damage the book, Unry might show more than repressed emotions.

- His Book
- The pursuit of knowledge
- His creations
- Mortals in general
- Friendly Gods
- Carpets
- Trees

- Aggressive Gods
- Harm coming to his followers from unfair circumstances
- Gods who have attempted anything on his book
- His ability to destroy things into nothing

- Anything serious happening to his book
- His own "death" leaving his book vulnerable
- Destruction of his creations

Signature Powers:
- To destroy creations absolutely (personally dislikes it)
- Spatial distortions
- Grant Knowledge to things
- To detect lies and truths
- Add or remove knowledge from things (removing the knowledge of someone knowing how to walk or making the person know how to be a ninja)

Other: Unry always holds his book with at least one hand normally facing away from whoever he is talking to.
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Prim, not proper.


OST: A World Renewed


  • Name: Krajowa.

    Aliases/Titles: Lady Blue, The Azure Abyss, A Marine's Mom, Flat Horizon.

    Domains: Ruler of the Sea & Ocean, Patron of Sailors, Master of Navigation.

    Krajowa is an average-height goddess whose form emulated that of a young adult. She bears a pale complexion, as her drowsy turquoise eyes radiate a certain melancholy and thoughtful aura. Her absurdly long aqua hair is often let down and unkempt, with some occasions being fashioned into various styles, albeit with less care attended to. She is often depicted wearing a metallic crown, coined "The Vertex" by her followers. Throughout history, accounts of Krajowa's appearance often varied, but they all share the same description of her loose camisole and obsidian greaves.

"Silent waters and tranquil stars, drunken praises for fair Krajowa.
Heroes forlorn and saints turned meek, on whose authority shall we seek?"

Sai Sorski, poet.

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Deus Vult

Name: Mawlock

Aliases/Titles: Law, Judge, The Keeper, He Who Lasts, O Great One, Father

Domains: Order, Judgement, Balance, Life

Personality: Mawlock is methodical in all he does and rarely fusses as other gods may even in the direst of situations. He is more similar to Unry than anyone else because of how little Mawlock shows emotionally in his day-to-day affairs, seeming like a workaholic compared to his associates. When interacting with other gods, Mawlock remains just as neutral but is willing to put in more emotion for the sake of the others. He can be rather arrogant, viewing himself as more important than most other gods, but respects the place everyone has in the balance of things, including death. When dealing with his creation or even the creation of others, Mawlock shows a much more loving and tender side, specifically towards those who worship him. Very few outside of his creation see the softer side of Mawlock, including the other gods, but he will always help when called upon.

- Order
- Balance
- Life
- Justice
- Working

- Imbalance
- Disrespect

Fears: Mawlock only fears the balance of everything falling apart

Signature Powers:
- Blessing Mortals
- Cursing Mortals
- Resurrecting the dead
- Smiting mortals
- Creating beings of Order to do his bidding


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Perfection, Cupid, White Swan

Beauty, Love, Fertility



Syrion is a flirtatious deity full of love for all things entertaining and prides himself on being the most beautiful god. Enjoys playing tricks on mortals, especially seeing how they react when items suddenly keep vanishing from their possession. Even with his playful personality, he understands the importance of the domains he rules over and would never dare mess with the strings of love for amusement, toying with a mortal's love life isn't humorous to him. Get's pretty lazy at times often sleeping for millennia at times.

Watching mortals
Cultivated flowers

Ugly things

Becoming ugly. Having an unsightly appearance is one of his biggest fears
Mortals overthrowing the gods. An unlikely possibility but still plausible

Signature Powers
Fiddling with the strings of love
Enhancing mortal's beauty in exchange for something precious of theirs
Blessing women with the fruit of fertility
Cursing someone to never have children
Influencing the mind of mortals

Takes on different forms, most commonly a white swan.


New Member
Name: Caradhim

Aliases/Titles: Worldshaper, Patron of Smiths, Paver of the Path

Domains: Smithing, Alchemy, Metallurgy, Earth

Appearance: Caradhim takes the form of a young mortal girl, completely mundane save for the glassy texture of her eyes. She prefers to dress in clothing made by mortal hands, as opposed to her own craft.

Personality: Caradhim is an eccentric god with a particular fondness for the creations of mortals. She finds them charming and believes their imperfection only means they have room to improve. But that’s about as far as her love for mortals goes. When she bestows gifts and knowledge, she does so not out of kindness, but simple boredom. Seeing what the shortlived creatures accomplish with her creations serves as a form of entertainment for her. Rarely, she will interact with them directly, should an individual interest her enough. When dealing with her kin, Caradhim is generally cordial, and perfectly happy to make whatever is asked of her. Having work to do staves off the boredom, if only for a moment. Should one doubt or insult her skills, however, one can easily earn her enmity.

- Mortal creations
- War and conflict
- Novelty and innovation
- Shiny things
- Working

- Bastardization of her works
- Willfull ignorance
- Peace
- Inactivity
- Boredom

- Solitude
- Stagnation

Signature Powers:
- Peerless alchemist and smith. Capable of working bizarre or impossible materials, such as forging bolts of lightning into arrows, and creating alchemical miracles like philosophers’ stones.

- Granting of unique properties to her creations, including blades which never rust or lose their edge.

- Transmutation of objects into other elements, and alteration of a material’s properties.

- Control over the soil, earth, metals, etc.

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Lazy Waste of Oxygen

Aliases/Titles: The Keeper of the Realm of the Dead, the Great Mathematician, the Shaper

Domains: Death, the Dead, Math and Geometry, Healing

Appearance: Ninuzid's form is an abstract one, a deity composed of nigh-infinite geometric shapes and polygons.

Personality: Ninuzid, despite their strange, abstract appearance, is a benevolent, friendly deity, who often likes to explore the limits of divine power. Ninuzid thusly can come off as strange to even other gods, for they do not grow bored tired, or often angry at all. Ninuzid is benevolent to mortals, and despite being the god of the afterlife, doesn't punish them for their crimes in life. After all, mortals were just made that way.

  • Shapes and math
  • Mortals to help others
  • Acts of compassion
  • The number five
  • The perfect order of math

  • Suffering
  • Illogical things
  • Chaos

Fears: The unraveling of the natural organization of existence, math

Signature Powers:
  • Healing - Although many gods can heal wounds, Ninuzid's healing is greater, for Ninuzid is able to repair the Sacred Geometry in all things. In the mind, in the body, even in the soul.
  • Sacred Geometry - According to Ninuzid, the shape is the most powerful thing of all, and Ninuzid is able to create shapes made of their divine power.
  • Death's Organizer - Ninuzid wields the power of death, and the realm of the afterlife.

Other: Ninuzid's symbol is a rectangular-based pyramid.
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local they/them

name: dreams end

aliases/titles: the unknown, omen, ruin,

domains: war, death, famine, and diseases

appearance: a mass of black that flows like sludge accompanied by white eyes on various parts of its body. After noticing other gods it shifted into a stature similar to them though they sag and can't stand up very straight. Though this isn't their only appearance due to the lack of a host, though this is their true form. They closed their eyes so that the only visible one is those on the face so that they look similar to a god or mortal.

personality: the clawing of hands begging for freedom. Screams of pain and screams of battle. Blood coats their hands and all they can see is the flashing of destruction amoung the peace around them. An urge to take everything created in the world and bring it to shreds with their claws, laughing as they watch the suffering of all. But they don't want to be that. Their ears ring with devilish desires and yet they do their best to not give in. While everything they touch may almost always end up dead soon after, they strive to be what they can not, something not of destruction but creation. To mortals they make attempts to be friendly however they are widely feared and known to be a bad omen and once seen brings hardships and destruction. They do their best but they are often brought down my the constant destruction that follows them. With godly duties they are fairly oblivious to them and don't understand their exact role in this world.


  • the pain an suffering of others
  • conflict
  • bloodshed
  • destruction
  • death
  • learning
  • life
  • growth
  • mortal ways
  • life
  • peace
  • order
  • hurting others
  • their domain
  • blood

fears: losing the fight to himself, becoming the monster he is meant to be

signature Powers:
(idk if these work I'm struggling ;w; maybe more to be added)
diseases and rot~ things that come in contact with their sludge(or essentially the original material of their body) will get diseases and illnesses galore, many being ones that have not existed before. Plants rot and shrivel and quickly infect those around them. The mysterious illnesses produced by them often are extremely contagious and lethal to mortals.

the thrill of a fight~ the ability to create weapons and such to use out of their sludge. These weapons are extremely crude and often don't even look much more than a single jagged blade, however, they are extremely sharp and leaves those wounded by it infected with wounds that rot and an immune system that tears itself apart, leaving them with no nutrients and starving if the wounds don't kill them first. Gods experience a similar weakening however the extent is far more minor and is not fatal, more of a temporary debuff.

let their screams fuel me~
conflict or negative emotions result in an increase of their strength. Their mere presence also inflicts negative emotions onto others and makes conflict much more common and almost encouraged by an invisible force. these emotions and feelings are often led to sudden outbursts that result in conflicts.

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  • The Sleeping Deity Name: Sigh (the first deep sigh when one falls asleep)

    Aliases/Titles: The One Who Sleeps, Lady of Rest, The Sleeping Deity, Sigh, Sleep

    Domain: Sleep

    Personality: She is a representation of sleep. The pure manifestation of the concept of rest and immobility. Sleep is the purest bliss, where one can forget everything else going on in the world. A bliss like so should be shared. So mortals should sleep, gods should sleep, everyone should sleep...

    Well, if she isn't too busy sleeping already. So everyone... can wait a while. She also wants sleep.

    Likes: Sleep, bedding, pillow

    Dislikes: Awake, loudness, threats

    Fears: Insomnia

    Signature Power: Slumber
    Everything... sleeps. Even gods, if they touch her bedding, will sleep.

    Other: Zzzz

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Giantson of Ephias


(IPA: ˈsɪnɪˈdɑː )

  • Name: Sinidarr

    Aliases: Stormcrown, The Tempest, Spreader of Seeds

    Domains: Storms, rain, thunder and lightning, men

    Appearance: Sinidarr appears as a stormcloud crackling with electric energy. However, he takes other forms when it suits him, including the following:

    Mortal Form

    Beast Form

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The lord of randomness and the warp
Name: zexzad

the changed of ways, "GOD DMAN IT", that asshole, seriously him again

Domains: change, contradiction & schemings

Appearance: 1628067498188.png
His current vibe
Personality: zexad‘s easily considered unstable strange and probably dangerous… is that about all that can solidly said about Zexzad as it’s personality is a warping and changing thing for stagnation is antithetical to its existence but in the end sometimes his schemes are actually helpful or not who knows? He’s the god of contradictions afterall.

Likes: change, trolling, messing with stuff, contradictions, creating stuff, games of

Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth-Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker

Dislikes: stagnation, boredom, entropy, cats

Fears: nothing but himself

Signature Powers:
bestowing “gifts”
casual reality warping
editing of stuff
”induce agnosticism“

Other: (Anything else you might want to add to the CS, maybe you have a theme, maybe a symbol? Whatever you want can go here.)

Soviet Panda

Red Panda Commanda.
Name: Buras


Sun, Moon, Emotions, and Kings (Rulers)


Personality: Buras is a god of two personalities, one for his solar aspect and the other his lunar.

His Solar Aspect is a fiery individual, quick to anger, the pain of his birth brought to the forefront.
Solari Buras has visible contempt for the gods most responsible for igniting him and making him the God of the Sun. He does not take demands and negotiations of any sort should be postponed until his eventual transformation into Lunari Buras.

Lunari Buras is a Somber individual, often found looking into the great oceans at his reflection, specifically his one, milky white eye that the mortals know him by best. He is much more rational in this state, and understands that it was all an accident, the way he came to be. He is much more receptive of talks, but will not be cheated or treated like a fool.

Throughout both there is a surprising caring streak. As Buras looks down upon the world that the Gods have created together, he can't help but be fascinated by the going-ons of mortal life.

  • There is a soft spot in his heart for the mortal races. Though he cannot create any of his own, what the others have made fascinate him.
  • Though Mawlock's participation in his creation is disputed, Buras looks upon the other god as an equal and giddily looks over some of the creations that he makes.

  • The God L'Oria. They were the ones that combusted him into the role of God of Sun and brought blindness to his one eye. Half the light of his world, gone so he could light it for the others.
  • Incredibly envious of Syrion, Buras believes that were it not for his violent birth into this universe he would be just as if not more beautiful.

Fears: The great Abyss that lingers always at the edges of Creation.

Signature Powers:
  1. Solar Manipulation: Buras, being the aspect of the Sun, can control and guide it's immense power.
  2. Lunar Manipulation: Buras, being the aspect of the Moon, can control the subtle influence of the moon and focus it's quiet strength.
  3. Word of (a) God: Buras infuses with his very words with his divinity, commanding and controlling all lesser beings.

Other: (Anything else you might want to add to the CS, maybe you have a theme, maybe a symbol? Whatever you want can go here.)
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Ten Thousand Club
Name: Cath

Aliases/Titles: the mistress of magic

Domains: Magic.


Personality: Cath tends to not deal with the other gods and when it comes to opinions rarely bothers to voice hers. in truth she seems to want as little as possible to do with anything divine and she care little for the management of her domain. She only steps in if someone is trying to cast a spell that will destroy a nation or if wild magic would destroy a nation. She woudl much rather play with her creation in her own little section of the world living among them in secret. When dealing with what she calls work her attitude is one of constant tiredness and boredom.

Likes: magic, being left alone, her future creations, pushing work onto mawlock

Dislikes: other gods interfering in what she makes, anti magic attitudes, doing her work

Fears: Mawlock not doing his job and her job

Signature Powers:

The ability to control and manage magic



New Member
Name: Wazir

Aliases/Titles: The Grand Vizier, High Director of the Heavenly Beuracracy, The Blind Seer

Domains: Beuracracy, Oaths, Prophecy

Appearance: A mortal man, sometimes woman, dressed in flowing robes of white with red and gold . One their head they wear a futou or turban styled hat that descends to just past their eyes. Without this it is revealed they wear a blindfold.

Personality: Wazir is an intelligent and wise creature, and unfortunately knows it. They tend to lord over others as either pawns or children that hardly know better, or as equal powers that are blind to the true needs of the universe. As much of an annoying and insufferable deity that he is, his actions are (mostly) benevolent in nature and always in intent. What's more, he recognizes he cannot do this alone and respects other deities for their power and domain as he’ll need their help in time.

Likes: People listening to them, being right, being the smartest in the room, things going just as planned, people keeping their promises, relaxing days at the Celestial Spa

Dislikes: Peering deep into the future at the inevitable calamity that is always approaching, People thinking they know better than him or not taking him seriously, people breaking promises

Fears: Failing to prevent the Calamity

Signature Powers: Wazir has the gift of prophecy, and forsee visions of things to come. These visions are usually abstract in nature, and only with great focus and power can Wazir force such visions to happen or see more details. He can also show these visions, or his usual sight to other god's at great risk for it takes much of Wazir's own power to keep him together as he is always seeing all possible futures which blend into a muddy mess, thus the abstract visions his mind produces. He also has great sway over the little mites of light that inhabit the Heavenly Beauraucracy.​


be gay, do crime
Name: Indily

Aliases/Titles: Indily, Forest Fairy, Fauna

Domains: Forests, Greenery, Goblins, Elves and the Fae

Appearance: 1628274072357.png

Personality: When found with mortals, Indily tends to be quite quiet and sensitive. She normally can be found trying to stay away from the attention and off doing her own thing such as writing, reading, or having a small cup of coffee while viewing the beautiful natures of the world. Around other Gods, she mainly tries to prove herself. She has always been insecure about how small her domains may seem, so in turn she tries to divert the attention to her and can be found being loud and boisterous. Alone, she prefers everything to be quiet. She is a home-body preferably, and usually is having a cup of coffee while reading or writing. She enjoys frolicking through parks and fields, trying to capture the beauty of nature on a polaroid camera.

Likes: She really enjoys photography. She finds the ability to capture the beauty of the world around her astounding and is always found with a camera strapped around her shoulder. She also enjoys losing herself in books and writing. She has written about 3 novels that she occasionally goes back and revises from time to time. She also very much enjoys anything that tastes fresh and green. Fruits, nuts, vegetables, you name it. She likes small children and being sort of a teacher for them.

Dislikes: She dislikes those who corrupt the minds of others with their sour words. Generally, she tries to see the good in people. but if someone threatens another's happiness, she will defend them with her life. She dislikes anything that threatens the forest, and her small creatures. She also dislikes loud settings (parties, clubs, ect.)

Fears: Indily fears saddening others and being disliked. She generally tries to be a good person and not meeting those expectations for herself strikes a lot of fear.

Signature Powers: She has the ability to create any type of forest creature, (elves, goblins, the fae, ect.) She also has the ability to grow greenery with the wave of her hand. This, however is limited as it costs energy.
Other: Indily has a staff that she carries (shown in photo), she also has a member of the Fae, the queen to be exact, that follows her everywhere and provides sort of a voice of reason to her.

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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Ice Goddess, Kianu

Name: Kianu

Aliases/Titles: Queen of Snow, Cold, and Frost, The Winter Queen, The White Huntress, Mother of Ice, Bringer of Eternal Winter.

Domains: Ice, Winter, Hunt, Preservation

Appearance: A pale, white haired woman with a crown, scepter, and bow of ice. Other times, she takes the form of an artic wolf, polar bear, or other snow-dwelling creature.

Personality: In one word – cold. Kianu is uninterested in the doings of other gods, preferring to seclude herself in her own realm of ice and snow. To mortals, she maintains a regal bearing. She is harsh and firm, but fair, punishing only those who she feels deserves it. Where she treads, the land becomes cold and harder to survive, so she has great respect for those who are able to endure and live in the frigid landscape she creates. Despite her distant personality, she isn’t completely heartless and will assist those she’s grown to care for/respect. The White Huntress teaches her worshippers how to survive in cold, seemingly barren lands through the hunt and—depending on who you talk to—she is either a goddess who brings about life (in the harshest of conditions) or death (in eternal cold). She believes in the survival of the fittest and rarely interferes with mortals except to test them against her bitter cold…though some say she might be bribed with offerings of pretty stones.

She’s also a bit on the shy side (though she’ll never admit it)

Likes: Hunting, making things out of ice, ice cream, crystals/shiny gemstones.

Dislikes: Excessive heat/fire, disrespectful people, weak-willed people.

Fears: Being forever alone.

Signature Powers: Sculpting things (including living things and magical things) from ice, generating ice/snow, and decreasing the temperature around her. Her main form of attack involves ice spears and arrows. She also excels at transformation, often taking the form of artic creatures when interacting with mortals and tends to preserve the things she likes in immortal ice. While blessings from her may vary, it more often than not involves resistance to the cold. Also, as a goddess of the hunt, she rarely ever misses her mark.

Other: She’s made herself a castle of ice in the deepest cold (where no normal mortal can reach) that she likes to hole herself in and ice sprites (her first living creations) to run her castle, to spread her cold, act as her messengers.




be gay, do crime
Name: Zaahir (minor god) nonbinary btw

Aliases/Titles: Sunshine, Happy, Light,

Domains: Happiness and Bliss

Appearance: 1628354318693.png

Personality: Happy, happy, and more happy around everyone. When they are around mortals, they act maternal. When they are around other gods, they tend to act maternal as well. When alone, they act loud and play music whenever possible.

Likes: Music, happiness, making others joyful, nature (especially meadows), people in general

Dislikes: Anger, stormy weather (rain is ok, but lightening and stuff is a no), arguments, cloudy days

Fears: Not fulfilling their purpose

Signature Powers: They don't necessarily have any signature powers. They are especially good at controlling other's aura's though. They have the ability to change and morph other's aura's/energy's to be more positive.

Other: They have a symbol that is a simple sun, surrounded by several ancient symbols in their own language
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Name: Runa

Aliases/Titles: Lady of Written Thoughts, Mother of Runes, Keeper of the Divine Language, the First Librarian

Domains: Language, Literature, Runes

Appearance: Runa frequently appears before mortals as a sharply dressed woman carrying a book or a tome, although her exact appearance differs each time.


Personality: Runa is a stern and no-nonsense goddess who takes her duties quite seriously as she maintains her domains. She knows from the moment that she was formed that she has been given the duty to aid the mortals through spoken & written words and the use of runes to invoke magic. And when the time comes for her to fulfill her duties, she will do so without complaint. This made her methodical and infinitely patient when dealing with both gods and mortals, although she would not hesitate to throw one or two sassy one-liners or rolling her eyes when the situation demands one. She also maintains neutrality in many affairs where subjective morals are involved especially when her duties are concerned. Otherwise, she is open to cooperate with other gods and goddesses if her assistance is required.

Due to the connection of their domains, she sees Unry as an older brother figure.

Likes: Diligence, Intelligence, Listening to Oratories and Stories, Reading, Writing

Dislikes: Illiteracy, Interruptions, Scoffing at the importance of Written Work, Wanton Destruction of Written Records

Fears: Failing her duties

Signature Powers:

Divine Language
: Being the Goddess of Language and Literature, Runa is able to bless a subject with the ability to comprehend any and all spoken and written language as well as deciphering its meaning and contexts. When she physically manifests, all around her - even the animals - would be able to comprehend and understand each other despite the language barrier.

Rune Magic: Being the Goddess of Runes, Runa painstakingly imbued magic into each and every rune, discovered and undiscovered. A Rune that works exceptionally well is seen as a symbol of her pleasure while a seemingly perfect Rune that failed to trigger is seen as a symbol of her disapproval.

Other: Runa’s holy symbol is a vertical straight line, representing the first rune and letter that was ever written.

Simple Guide to Rune Magic System
Rune magic is magic cast using Fonts. A complete rune is formed by combining at least two Fonts: A Core Font and an Expression Font. It can then be further modified and empowered through the use of Accent Fonts. Once a Rune has been inscribed, the rune would be powered by Runa’s divine power so that it could bring forth the desired effects.

Core Fonts describe the type of Rune that one inscribes and is more than likely to correspond to a god’s holy symbol. A Font can be Reversed to produce an opposite effect, but it may not always work (and may anger the gods the Rune corresponds to.) One can also combine two or more Core Fonts, although the effects may be unpredictable for the novice inscriber.

Core Font Corresponding God
Air L’Oria, Sinidarr (Lightning)
Darkness Rehena
Earth Cath; Caradhim (Defunct)
Fire L’Oria
Light Buras (Sun)
Water Khuthdir, Kianu (Ice); Krajowa (Defunct)
Animal Indily; Kianu (Hunt), Rehena (Serpents), Nyylathe (Spiders), the White Orb (Growth)
Death Ninuzid; Unadyne (Repose)
Life Mawlock; Ninuzid (Healing), Vitis Gurthu (Vigor), the White Orb (Growth)
Moon Buras; Fellanjod
Plant Indily, Vitis Gurthu, the White Orb (Growth)
Sun Buras; Freyllnjod, Zaahir (Sunshine)
Stars Unadyne; Unry (Tapestry)
Void Unry
Weather Kianu (Winter), L’Oria (Warm Weather), Sinidarr (Rain, Storm)
Artifice Cath; Caradhim (Defunct)
Chaos L’Oria, Zexzad (Change)
Community Ludum; Nyylathe (Decadence), Rehena (Women), Runa (Language), Syrion (Fertility)
Destruction The Nameless God
Dreams Sigh; Master
Emotion Buras, Mawlock (Wrath), Syrion (Love); Zaahir (Bliss)
Glory Mawlock, Buras (Kings)
Illusion Zexzad
Knowledge Unry; Ludum (Discovery), Ninuzid (Math & Geometry), Runa (Literature), Khuthdir (Secrets)
Law Mawlock
Luck L’Oria
Magic Cath; Rehena (Witchcraft), Runa (Rune), Zexzad (Wild Magic)
Nobility Buras
Protection Mawlock; Kianu (Preservation), Rehena (Women)
Strength Vitis Gurthu; Kianu (Hunt), the White Orb (Growth)
Travel Ludum, Caradhim (Sailing)
Trickery Zexzad, Ludum (Games)
War The Nameless God
Wealth Cath

Expression Fonts determine the form of the Rune.

Expression Font Effects
Basic Expressions
Focused Intent Rune affects a single target through touch (rune inscribed on the target, or by having the target touching the rune)
Faraway Strike Rune creates a ranged magic bolt, affecting the target
Distant Impact Rune creates a ranged magic bolt, affecting the target and a small area around it
Master's Call Rune summons the copy of an object or creature. A creature summoned this way will obey all commands
Expert Expressions
Channeled Strength Rune creates an effect bursting forth from a cone origination from the Rune,
Material Force Rune affects target’s weapon or items though touch
Guarded Form Rune affects target’s armor or clothing through touch
Directed Force Rune affects targets along a single line
Master Expressions
Enclosed Barrier Rune's effects are centered on four identical runes Note: Can be inscribed on the ground, walls, pillars to other similar surfaces
Erected Wall Rune creates a wall between two identical runes
Proximate Action Rune creates an aura around itself
Influential Domain Rune affects targets in a circular area nearby Note: Influential Domain doesn’t require line of sight when compared to Distant Impact
Chaotic Descent Rune creates rain or mist, affecting random targets in a circular area
Creative Thought Rune creates a temporary, non-magical object

Accent Fonts are modifiers that affect the form of the Rune.

Accent Font Effects
Primary Accents
Cyclical Energies Increases duration
Great Strength Increases damage.
Limitless Boundaries Increases area of effect.
Piercing Strength Increases armor & spell resistance penetration.
Precise Action Increases accuracy. May home to target.
Reaching Grasp Increases range.
Timeless Form Makes duration permanent until dispelled.
Secondary Accents
Bleeding Bleeds target.
Bouncing Makes Rune that targets one target bounces to another target
Blinding Blinds target, making them unable to hit targets.
Boosted Makes Rune more focused and powerful, but difficult to inscribe
Calling Font of Master's Calling Rune only. Instead of summoning a copy of an object or creature, the rune attempt to summon the actual object or creature instead. The creature is in no obligation to act as the summoner wills it
Dispelling Font of Magic only. Dispels magical effects.
Deflecting Gains invisible shield for duration of Rune.
Generosity Beneficial Rune only. Rune only affect others but increases Rune power
Impact Knockback target. Particularly powerful Rune may even knock down targets.
Marking Marks target, making them easier to hit.
Manifold Font of Master's Call only. Summons more than one creature.
Phasing Target is momentarily phased out into another Plane for one moment before phasing back.
Piercing Font of Distant Impact Rune only. Rune travels in a piercing line.
Reaving Font of Dispel only. Steal a Dispelled effect from a target.
Rooting Roots target, making them unable to move.
Sacrifice Rune deals increased damage but drains the blood of the user with each activation.
Simple Makes Rune easier to inscribe, but weaker
Stunning Stuns target, making them unable to take any actions.
Volleys Increase the number of projectiles.

Example Spells:
Magic Missile - Font of Magic +Font of Faraway Strike
Personal Shield- Font of Protection +Font of Focused Intent
Fire Ball - Font of Fire +Font of Distant Impact
Acid Spray - Font of Death/Earth +Font of Channeled Strength
Sword of Icefire - Font of Fire +Font of Water +Font of Material Force
Personal Invisibility - Font of Illusion/Font of Trickery + Font of Focused Intent

Note: If you have an idea for a rune and can't build it, let me know and I'll add/play around with it. This is shamelessly taken and repurposed from Tyranny's magic system.

Edit 1: Update Appearance & Adding Image
Edit 2: Added Simple Guide to Rune Magic in case if anyone wants to play with Rune Magic.
Edit 3: Added new minor gods and Strength Font
Edit 4: Shifted Mawlock around
Edit 5 (15/9/2021): Added the White Orb into the domain list.
Edit 6 (17/9/2021): Added the Nyylathe & Ludum into the domain list.
Edit 8 (19/9/2021): Added Master into the domain list. Added Master's Call (Summoning) as an Expression Font and other relevant Accent Fonts.
Edit 9 (22/9/2021): Added Rehena into the domain list.
Edit 10 (24/9/2021): Updated Cath & Rehena's domain list. Added Khuthdir.
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Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!

"It was an orb, at first. Unrecognizable from any other star in the sky."

"Then, it fell down onto the earth. The orb then experienced solid ground for the first time."

"For seven days and eight nights, it stood unmoving. It then experienced rain, wind, cold, and heat during that time."

"Many small creatures walked around it. Some died. Others simply moved on from the orb."

"They didn't know it, but that orb was God."

"Or, one of many. A white canvas, compared to his kin. One who had no eyes..."

"But still watched the world."

"The orb would soon experience change. So would the world around it. It had no name, at least for now."


Nameless. At least, for now.


The White Orb. Holy Orb. Our Growing Child. Our Growing Parent. Our Growing Kin. Immortal One. Mortal God.



They know nothing, so they will know everything. They see nothing, so they will see everything. They started as nothing, so they will end up as everything. At least, that's one that is growing believes on. To grow is to live, and to live is to grow. Knowledge, chance, fate, all such things, come with the natural passage of time, and growth itself. Everyone starts out as equal: no being knows everything, with everything. Not even the Gods know what will happen tomorrow with them, or who will win the ultimate game of creation. Opportunities come with growth, but to grow is a natural aspect of life. No being can escape it, but they can experience it.

The White Orb embodies that. That Growth everyone experiences through their awfully short lives, but with the immortality that only comes with divine beings. They are immortal, and as such, they will eternally grow. For better or for worse, the White Orb will experience pain. They will experience hunger. They will experience thirst. They will experience love. They will experience anger. They will experience grief. They will experience happiness. They will experience everything seen as common for Gods and Mortals, and when all those who taught them these things disappear...

Their expression will ultimately decide their fate. Who they are.

Personality, Likes, Dislikes, Fears, And All Such Things:

The White Orb can feel. But its eyes cannot contextualize such things yet. Much like the eyes of a newborn child cannot understand what it feels. Even though they can learn, they will not understand such emotions until they experience them themselves. They are not like their kin, born as a completed statue. They're the unshaped, unmolded clay. Only the wind, the seas, and the rest of the world can shape it slowly, allowing it to become something more human, something kinder, whose heart aches at cruelty... or perhaps it will become the monster every child whispers of. A demon, shaped and born from humanity, wishing to destroy it, flatten it, make others cry when it cannot.

Kindness cannot be taught. Pain cannot be taught. Hunger cannot be taught. Or perhaps, they can, what with the other beings that roam this Earth, embodying such grandiose concepts, much like the White Orb. Yet imprinting on them does nothing but leave stimuli. The Orb doesn't 'claim' anything, it doesn't 'gain' understanding like it's absorbing the very air. No, like a child, it watches, it feels, it experiences...

Until it's grown.

Signature Powers:

[Shapeshifting & Object Summon]

Once it sees something and understands it in its entirety, the White Orb can become it. It doesn't matter what it is if it's something that doesn't breathe or a tool created by mortals, the White Orb can summon it as if it's a part of its body, or... become it. Once such an event occurs, all memories and information that said object or being had in life will be given to the orb. Although it cannot understand everything they experience, it can feel it, at the very least. This allows the orb to gain the instincts of a wolf, allowing it to run, bite, and feel the same stimuli the animal would feel. They could also summon a wolf, at the cost of their mass.

There are rules, however. The White Orb will essentially become exactly as that object is while on that form. While still retaining its divine immortality and regenerative capabilities, it'll feel hunger, pain, and have the same biology as the said object or living organism had. This means that the orb may grow hungry and starve itself to 'death.' Or perhaps, something closer to a coma. It'll soon 'revive' itself, yet whatever shape it takes still will experience the same stimuli as the original did.

[Growth Induction]

A minor effect that may grow into something greater. Whatever the White Orb touches, it'll grow. The grass growing instantly into flowers and tall grass, moss growing on stones it touches, and humans quickly regenerating from wounds that would require months to heal. It is said thusly: to find the immortal orb, one must simply follow a trail of flowers to reach it.

So far, the potential for mental growth accelerating is there, but it is unknown for the orb how to use it.


"Deities of this world. I ask you one thing and only thing only: teach this one all there is to teach."


A Dapper Knight for dapper nights.
Name: Nyylathe

The Weaver of Festivities, the Two-Faced Host, The Spider Host

Domains: Spiders, Vampires & Decadence


A powerful spider the size of a manor, covered in a thick and elegant carapace. Its body is a sickly green-grey, but it has detailed, gold markings on its body that marks it as more then just a simple monster, as the ornate patterns cannot have been etched into the spider's carapace by a mere beast.

Personality: Nyylathe is a vain and straightforward, who doesn't bother hiding away their love or disdain for any particular thing. The repression of emotion to the god is the greatest of evils, and thus, Nyylathe sees themselves as a benevolent force upon the world. There is no pleasures too exotic or excessive for the spider god, as there is nothing more glorious then the acceptance and enhancement of one's desires. Mortals who wish to indulge in their wildest dreams can seek out Nyylathe and be treated to exactly what they want by a seemingly benevolent and polite deity, but should they even deny the increasing amounts of decedent offerings the Weaver places in front of them, then Nyylathe shall be angered and punish the mortal for denying their gifts, as they have just rejected their excessive desires, though often they can be appeased with gifts and compliments. For those who had accepted all offerings of Nyylathe graciously and willingly and asks for yet more, the Weaver then gives then an offer to become more like them...

-Exotic and new things
-Hosting and Attending grand festivities and celebrations
-Epic tales and stories
-Growing their Court.

-Denial of Desires
-Repression of Emotions

-A life without pleasures
-Beings that have no true desires

Signature Powers:
-The creation, ejection, and spinning of massive amounts of spider's silk that comes in several verities that can be used to make fine silk cloth, webbing to form protective walls and egg sacs, sticky ropes that can be thrown to capture aerial enemies, tough rope like webbing to secure captured enemies, and many more.

-The production of powerful venoms that can be used to enhance or dull the senses, as well as cause necrosis, paralysis and instant death. This Venom can injected into someone's body through a bite, dispensed as corrosive droplets, or shot out of their fangs as a ranged attack. The venom can also be ingested by mortals to cause powerful, yet painful mutations, and grant them new abilities and powers for complete submission to the Weaver of Festivities. Though this venom must be given and received willingly, otherwise it would simply liquify the insides of the unfortunate drinker.

-Basic shapeshifting to blend in with their mortal followers. Size changing and transforming into any mortal race, though with the latter, Nyylathe will lose their above abilities.

-Has command over all spiders and vampires.

-Innate knowledge of a mortal's deepest desires. Nyylathe cannot read the desire's of gods.

-Nyylathe has no interest in forcing decadent practices onto others because it is too easy to do, plus it might turn someone's desires into a rejection of those desires. Nyylathe prefers that they and their followers coax out their victims and volunteer's deepest wants, bit by bit, until they either submit utterly to the Spider, or are fed to them.

-Nyylathe is pernounced Nahy-Laf



The enlightened one
Name: Ludum

Aliases/Titles: Inventor of games, The playful god, The great helper
Domains: Games, society, adventure and discovery


Personality: Ludum is a free spirited god who usually likes to do his own things instead of working or listening to someone else. However that doesn’t mean that he hates working with people either since he just prefers to do things himself so that he can do exactly what he wants the way he wants it. He’s willing to both work and even give gifts and boons to those who he thinks deserve it and those who don’t are often missing out on lots of free benefits due to their less than pleasant behaviour. Despite his whimsical nature, Ludum is much smarter than he appears to be with the ability to easily form groups around himself and even start up towns or cities under his rule with his actions and thought process being enough to manage lots of people easily at once. He can usually be found roaming the land in the most random of places at times as his curiosity can get the better of him although one of the best ways of finding him is by finding a group of people playing a new game he decided to invent.

  • playing games​
  • coming up with new ideas​
  • beating others in a competition​
  • finding or creating new things​

  • serious/strict people​
  • lazy people​
  • inhumane acts​

eternal boredom and repetition

Signature Powers:
  • Grant boosts to those who go out on grand adventures​
  • Extremely proficient in playing games​
  • Can easily find out the most deepest of secrets​
  • Excellent governing and leadership skills​

Ludum's theme


Name: Rehena

Aliases/Titles: Lady of Night, Lady of Shadow, The Starlit Queen, Mother of Maidens, Protectress of Women, Mother of Witches, The Serpent Queen, Mother of Serpents, Midnight Maiden, The Night Maiden

Domains: Night, Serpents, Women, and Witchcraft

Appearance: EQsCMaNWoAIZiaX.jpg

Rehena is patient, watchful, and mysterious. Her ways are not those of mortals, but her heart bleeds for them all the same. A fierce protector and champion of women, especially those cast out by the mortal races and humans, The Night Maiden is not one to cross. However, she is not a vengeful or angry goddess, but rather prefers to allow her Witches to enact her will when deemed fit. Kind at heart and with a passion for justice and the expression of beauty, love, and sexuality, she is often considered weak by gods of harsher minds, though none have yet to test her true potential.

The stars
The Arts

Those who abuse power
Bright light
Spoiled mystery
Prideful mortals

Destruction at the hands of the major gods for protecting those a few might view as failed mortals

Something happening to her Witches

The thought of mortals forgetting her someday

Signature Powers:
Shadow manipulation
The ability to control serpents/become a serpent
Creatures associated with the Night are often allied with Rehena's will, and in some cases will come to her aid if called forth
Can appear as naught but mist and darkness to those who are in need of her
Able to grant the power to use ritualistic magic to women who prove worthy, granting them entrance into the Coven of Haevynn, and a direct link to the goddess of Night herself
Powerful Magick unique to Rehena, Goddess of Witchcraft

Rehena's Circle
Mark of Rehena

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I’m a fixer. I fix broken things. It’s what I do.

A form as vast and changing as the ocean itself...
God CS
Name: Khuthdir

Aliases/Titles: The Unfathomable. The Hidden One. Keeper of the Depths. Ocean-king.

Domains: The Waters of the Oceans. Secrets Kept. Mysteries Concealed. -Worshipped by sailors, sea-folk, and spies.-

Appearance: Changing and unpredictable as the tides, Khuthdir's shape never stays the same for long. When it must take a body that invokes the power of a deity among the mortals, Khuthdir appears as an immense man clothed in sea foam, face covered in a thicket of hair like seaweed, wearing a crown of sculpted coral. However, the sea-god takes more delight in becoming more natural and pleasing forms, laughing above the waves in the shape of a playful dolphin or harping seagull, other times brooding on the ocean's black floor as a stoic rock fish or slippery eel, or even becoming one with the sea itself as a rush of foam against the shore or a towering wave passing over the surface. When necessary to depart the waters and walk upon the shores, Khuthdir takes the form of a mortal to hide his true intentions, often a ragged and swarthy hermit with salt-caked beard, wordless tune, and a twinkle in his eye of knowing the truth, or a sailor strong aboard war galley and merchant vessel alike, or sometimes that of a fair and barefoot maiden, splashing along the shore with a smile and a song.

Khuthdir's more common human forms.
Personality: Khuthdir is solitary and quiet on most days, withdrawn into the collection of the things lost beneath the waves and the stories they tell. A temperament as shifting and untamable as the tides, the god of oceans flows from docile humility to raging fury with seemingly little provocation. However the knowledge of things that the world above has long forgotten in the tides of eternity may be the cause, both entrusted and tormented with knowing things that have been lost to the unfathomable minds of the other gods, and longing to expose the secrets to the light. But it would be against nature to relinquish that which the sea has taken, for some things must be kept hidden, those secrets which the God of Knowledge entrusts to it, the dark things that the world above must tremble at the sight of, and Khuthdir cherishes each secret kept, coveting and hiding them away from all.

Despite this burdensome task, the god of ocean waves is quite amiable and friendly on most occasions, delighting in the wonders of the sea, grateful to share its bounties with the land-dwellers that they might enjoy and prosper from it. Perhaps this is why many of the creations of Khuthdir are often whimsical, playful, an outlet of joy amidst the darkness of the deepest unknown. Coral reefs spread out like living murals, painting the sea floor with colors and shapes that bespeak beauty and strength, tended by majestic merfolk and frolicking sea elves. Forests of kelp and seaweed that rival the ones of trees above the surface, sheltering and feeding the myriad fish that dwell among their leaves. And deep, deep below, where light cannot touch them, the krakens and leviathans slumber, guarding the depths of their master's mind, where often Khuthdir rests to contemplate beside them.

Likes: Clear seas and crashing waves against the shore. Taking the form of great waves and rolling over the water's surface in leaps and crashes. Watching the ships sail on the ocean waves, hearing the shanties and stories of the sailors. Offerings and festivals given to assure safe passage and good sailing. Testing mortals who would challenge the sea, rewarding the brave and punishing the cowardly.

Dislikes: Those who foul the waters, especially with blood. Arrogant or foolish mortals who think themselves masters of the sea. Other gods nosing into secrets that are not their business. Not knowing, especially information purposefully kept.

Fears: Discovery, of the secrets of the mortal world being found out and wrested from their care.

Signature Powers: Control over the oceans and their inhabitants, able to calm seas or summon waves. Manipulation of water and water sources, as well as sensing the quality and condition of water nearby or in contact with. Transportation to any permanent body of water. Knowledge of and transformation into all living sea creatures, and the ability to communicate with and influence them into action.

The Sailor on the tossing sea, in love with sea waves fell,
The sea-maid caught his watchful eye and fancied him as well.
Said Sailor to the breakers white, 'I hear the harbor bells.'
Then rose up the jealous waves, and took him for herself.

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