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Fantasy A World Renewed (Sandbox God RP)

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F o u r
A World Renewed?

Existence is nothing, no sound, no light, no life, no death, no nothing. Has it always been like this? An endless amount of nothingness that has been empty forever? when had it become nothing? Was there even a beginning or origin for this nothingness? What existed before nothing...?

This Void of nothing that should remain an empty abyss has been remaining such for by no reasonable logic should this state change, yet within the nothingness something is stirring up, something that isn't nothing but something that is existent, something that will fill this empty canvas with whatever it wishes, but it will not be alone for when one takes the first step the rest shall follow and with those that follow it is bound to shake up the empty existence whether for the positive or negative.

So come forth, Gods, Deities, Divines, Usurpers, claim what is yours, create to your hearts content, rid this nothingness of it's boring lack of existence, and bring forth A World Renewed.

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Deus Vult
First, there was nothing, then consciousness. His own consciousness, simple and pure. Around him was but a void of... potential. Potential for more. Still, he felt alone. He looked around to find more of the nothing he seemed to come from. He couldn't be the only one, surely. He waited and waited. He waited some more. And some more. He didn't know what he was waiting for, but it seemed like it would be a bit longer before it arrived.

He felt like maybe he could make whatever it was he was waiting for. He would create something. He reached out and began to create. A land of emptiness and nothing, like his own. But he would put something there. Life. He poured life into the land of his creation. He watched it move about, aimlessly, without order. That's what it needed. Order. He filled the land with rules, with order. Life remained on the land of nothingness, staying within the boundaries created for it.

He looked around, feeling the coming of others like him. Perhaps they could bring more to life. More than what he could. Perhaps this is what he had been waiting for, the coming of those who could complete his creation. Those who could make it more.

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apathy's a tragedy, boredom is a crime
A light, joyfully odd presence stirred. It was awfully dark, awfully still, awfully nothing, it mused. The presence moved through the nothingness, its spirit dancing and swimming through the void as if it were an extension of the emptiness, though that was anything but the truth. Though it didn't know what it was and what it wasn't, where it was or what it could do, the being grasped out at the void, searching for anything, any sign of existence or being or difference, and it paused. A soft sensation so full of righteousness, so full of gentle yet reassuring brightness, prickled at the edge of its thoughts.


The being strode over, churning through wherever it was, and halted. Spread out before it was pure, pointless existence, with another being at the helm. The curious presence watched as the being created, before it decided it would do the same. It looked in on itself, and figured it would not be able to weave existence if it didn't exist as anything itself.

Instantly, there was warmth. The warmth became bright, flickering colours that danced and twirled as if it were alive. It was alive, in a way. 'Fire.' The being curled and shaped the brightness around itself until it retained some sense of shape. Though it was wild, it was a start, the presence thought. It wasn't satisfied, however. The flames then became more than just colour and heat; it became vicious, whispering pressure too. 'Wind.' The winds hummed and wrapped around the flames to produce a melody of light and freedom. This was better, the presence pondered, but it wasn't quite enough.

The being shifted its attention to the origin of life and order, and it had an epiphany. What that being had was good, it supposed, but it wasn't tasteful. There was no wildness; it wasn't quite unhinged enough. With a swift thought, chaos boomed into existence. it clawed and twisted at what world the other being had created, though it was just out of reach. Gingerly, the chaos was reined back and merged with the howling winds and blinding flames to create something new. A body began to form, with limbs and vibrant wings, with shape and with spirit. The being flexed its fingers and let out a content breath. ''That's better.'' It murmured, startled by the sound of its voice. The deity couldn't help but let out a light chuckle at the sound, joyfully surprised with the form it had created for itself. 'This shape will be me,' the god decided, 'and it will be called L'Oria.'

L'Oria peered down at the bare land and tilted their head, clicking her tongue at the lack of vibrancy. The deity drew closer to the land and exhaled, his breath flowing and warm and wild. It spread throughout the land, offering it unpredictability and freedom. It stretched along the world, painting it with a light blue. 'Sky.' She then gently brushed the edge of the land with a finger, and desperate, feral energy mixed with order and law. It coiled and shifted, and it was beautiful.

L'Oria drew back and eyed the other being, a proud grin dancing along her features.


Spring Thief
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As Mawlock gazed at his creation in quiet longing, a silken voice bloomed behind the god of Life and Order.

"Blessings to you, O great one. This one is named Vitis Gurthu for those who cherish words of air."

A great stag strode towards the god of life, each movement slow and graceful. It came to a stop, and as it did the grass beneath its hooves began to swell with flower and grow heavy with seed. The stag was wreathed in a pelt of dark fur and its eyes shone like two wandering stars, shining with a light from within. Above the crown of its antlers floated a strange shape of hollow light. The scent of rotting leaves and fresh spring growth hung in the air around the stag, thick from the lack of any wind.

Vitis Gurthu gazed at the primordial world around it, taking in what would be its first sights. Fruits hung low on branches, roots clung into the new earth. A deep fondness sprung in the stag's heart as it beheld all, a familiarity that could only come from resonating with it very core. Harvest. Yet just as the leaves cast a shade, a seed of discontent took root in its chest. Already the grasses were turning brown and the seeds falling.

"Nature dances at thy fingertips..." The stag stared at Mawlock for a moment, thoughts stirring behind impossibly blue eyes. "This one sees many a great harvest in a garden tended by thee. Delicate flowers sway underfoot, sowed and pruned to thou's whim. Crushed too, if it please thee. What does thou see, I wonder? The flower or the meadow?"

As if granting their wish, a breath of wind stirred the seeds from the vegetation. Small, brilliant puffs took to the air, carrying with them tiny seeds. It was unknown where they would land, or whether they would find fertile ground. Some would be stunted from shade, while others would flourish in sun. Virtis Gurthu dipped its head in thought. This too was good.

"A flame to bring the old to ash and lay bare the soil for new growth. Yet if left untamed, an appetite that must be quelled." The stag lifted its head to the heavens, watching as blue leeched into the great above. The grasses turned to rot beneath the stag's hooves, nestling the fresh seeds. "The wind whispers the name L'oria. It twists whichever way it pleases... bringing change with every turn, never resting."


F o u r


The emptiness of the void had changed so drastically from a nothing to something. So much was changing so quickly too and soon Unry appeared. He had suddenly popped up next to thing that seemed to be the progenitor of life the first one to be exact, there seemed no real reason for Unry to appear next to it, yet he did. Unry's appearance was rather different especially compared to the creator of life. He already seemed to have a body resembling that of the other gods with few exceptions being the lack of face, the misty legs and most importantly, the book he was carrying held tightly and closed.

Unry stood next to the creator, his presence alone might've been discomforting, for even when he could be seen and heard, it felt as if he wasn't there, almost like you're next to no one. Then while standing rather motionless he turned his gaze to the forming world and paused...

"This... doesn't look promising..." Unry simply said remaining still, moving his gaze from God to god, almost as if analyzing them...

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The void stirred wildly, twisting and rippling around, then a bright light appeared. It was as if a star was dying and had caused a supernova. A being was born from the light. Soon a translucent figure glistening with a multitude of colors appeared. The being felt tremendous power flow through it, they didn't panic, instead, they welcomed it. The power flowing through them was comforting and they resonated with it. Beauty, Love, Fertility. These terms were vague but so familiar to them at the same time. They felt like they were born to encompass those things. And so they decided they will.

They could see they weren't the only one there and decided to see what the other gods were doing. The being floated over and could see a land bursting with all sorts of elements from gods. There was a word to describe this land but they couldn't quite remember what it was. They were curious about what their fellow gods were doing with this.. world? Ah yes, that's the word. Seeing as the others were shaping this world up they decided to give it a shot too. "With beauty, I bestow upon this world wonderful and delightful things." They gently blew upon the surface of the world and almost like a spell, their words began to take effect. The lands and vegetation became green with lush, the sun became a dazzling ball of brightness that graced the skin with warmth, and the night was something to relish, revealing the breathtaking ongoings that could only be seen within the hold of darkness.

With the added feature of beauty, the world had become a lot more vibrant. They were satisfied but felt two things were still missing. "I grace this world with love, shall whatever creatures that may walk this earth find within them the desire to love another." A luminescence spark jumped from their fingertips and burrowed into the earth, waiting for the moment the first creature stepped foot on this world to come out.

"Next is fertility, I bless the future mothers and fathers of this world with the gift of creating life." And just like love, a spark sprung from the tips of their finger and burrowed into the ground, following the actions of its predecessor. With their part in shaping the world done, they turned to peer over at their fellow gods. Some had forms while others still didn't. They glanced down at themselves, feeling that their current form wasn't enough. It wasn't befitting of a god with such titles as themselves to look like this.

An image materialized in their mind and their body began transforming to fit this image. After a few seconds once a translucent being had turned into completely different. With a mystifying and eye grabbing appearance, he was Syrion the god who ruled over Beauty, Love, and Fertility.

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Be Sick of The World

Dominion of the Sea
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Aetherial radiance invited forth a translucent figure. In this endless drift of space and unmeasured time, the figure did not make herself known. Surely, among their august ensemble of celestial forms, there were little concerns from the laissez-faire deity. In fact, they wanted to simply cast themselves adrift until they find the perfect place to dock. Neglectful of the doings of others, this formless entity cast their perception upon this wondrous terrain before them.

They finally settled, crashing unto this warm parcel. As they made their descent, all around them were amalgamation of scorching vapors. They found themselves scattered across this wonderful place to indulge their nap. An atmosphere formed as they spiraled downwards, in hopes of finding their rightful mattress. An anticipatory sensation, all in the name of a sublime snooze. Their presence made contact with the perceived grounds, causing thunderous streaks of fiery bolts to project all across the sky. Where these bolts struck, timber and the likes befell where they stood. This primordial being's arrogant neglect inadvertently nursed this project with their malleable ubiquity. Finally they made their hard landing and the world nearly drowned by their heavenly tears.

A visible blemish upon their forehead where they lay, as they tried to get up. The hallowed ground of their rest was not to their preference. Rubbing their sore forehead slightly, the woman finally took form in the image of the immediate figure before them. Pale complexion behind a soft camisole. The scorching sensation upon their feet were quickly cooled, forming a pair obsidian of greaves that attached itself to the yawning deity. Their hair unfurled, donning the aqueous refraction of the rising water beyond the grassy knolls. It was here, that she realized that the designated napping point that she had chosen for herself was a common ground for all to partake in creation. The keeper of these blue flows, in her accidental grace, had flooded the world. The trails of her collision would form a vibrant spectrum of colors. She then took it upon herself a name for this napping point of hers. This was her providential place of respite. For so long had she drifted about without a place in time to anchor. Home. That was to be her name. Krajowa, she concluded.

Where the immediate being stood tall before her, she simply waved at the deity of Beauty and Love from across the stream that divided them. As the stream parted the land, water flowed forth. Bodies of water continued to fill the land by the heavens and the depths. Before Syrion could respond, the goddess gave a yawn and finally laid upon the grassy field, partaking in her long-awaited nap.



Deus Vult
He watched as one by one, his siblings were born of the void just as he was. Each and every one adding to the foundation in their own unique way. First was fire and wind, a large burning in the sky that brought light to this empty land. Of that burning, the one who called themselves L'Oria was created, making a form of their own and speaking the first words. To his distress, L'Oria brought upon the exact opposite of what he had established. They brought chaos. But what piqued his curiosity the most was the grin L'Oria directed at him once they were done adding to the creation.

Next was a large and graceful creature who addressed him directly with words. The one named Vitis spoke elegantly, and brought an end to the life he had created as they walked through their creation. But, just as life ended, Vitis was there to bring about a new form of it. They brought plants and vegetation that brought him great satisfaction to see.

After that, a cold washed over the land, consuming the fire brought upon by L'Oria, and darkness blotted out the light from the flame in the sky. He watched as this new god brought an end to life. He watched as day turned into night.

Amongst the disorder, he would hear the words of a fourth beside him. "This... doesn't look promising..." A being of the void, pure and simple. This fourth god didn't add to the creation, but the form they took was interesting enough. They held a strange thing. A book. It seemed this one would be one of observation more than creation. Perhaps he would add to the creation once he understood it more?

From the void, a fifth came. A being of beauty. He watched as they approached the creation and spoke. "With beauty, I bestow upon this world wonderful and delightful things." Before his very eyes, the creation began to shift and change, becoming appealing to look at. He observed as the fifth god blessed the land and whatever other life may come of the creation. It was indeed very appealing.

Finally, a sixth, one who, seemingly unintentionally, added to the creation, bringing about oceans and seas that crashed and flowed freely. He watched as she took form, waving at the fifth god from across the stream she had created. Then just as quickly as she arrived and added to the creation, she slept.

He watched as the others built off of what he had made, and he watched them all take their own forms. But something was off. The fire and light of L'Oria battled the cold and dark of the mistress of the night. He watched as the rebirth struggled against the death that ran rampant, bringing an end to the beauty of life. The waters consumed the land and vegetation and the creation of the others without a care.

He knew what was missing. Balance.

"Hear me. Obey."

He reached out, two arms and hands forming as he touched their creation. He shaped and molded each and every addition. Day and night shared their time equally, allowing for a time of growth and a time of decay. A time for heat and a time for cold. A time for birth and a time for death. The waves of water that flowed without control were brought to heel as they met the land, so both domains could have their place in this new world. Finally, he brought chaos and order together, allowing them to dance together through creation, bringing about perfect balance as he pulled his hands back and looked upon the collective works of all the gods.

"I, Mawlock, will bestow upon you all, gifts. Creatures who will help you all maintain order over your works."

Mawlock approached L'Oria, gifting her a beautiful creature made in her honor and likeness.

Next, Mawlock approached Vitis, gifting them a creature that reflected their majestic nature.

Mawlock then approached the mistress of shadows, gifting her one who would help her manage death with just as much grace.

Mawlock went to the slumbering god, gifting her a large protector of the depths of her oceans.

Mawlock then approached the god who observed creation, gifting him a companion equally as mysterious and ethereal.

Finally, Mawlock approached the one who brought beauty to creation, gifting him two creatures to reflect the love he blessed the land with. Humans.

After giving each god their respective gift, Mawlock took a form in honor of the god who granted creation beauty, giving him a second gift of sorts, but also reflecting Mawlock's own purpose.

After Mawlock took form, they filled the rest of the land and sky and sea with creatures of various shapes and sizes to reflect each god. The final children of creation were what he called 'mortals', at the apex of which humans remained, as they were the firstborn and most beautiful to reflect the god of beauty.

Once he was done working, he formed a cup in his hand, allowing it to fill before taking a drink. Mawlock felt rejuvinated, deciding to rest watch over their collective creation with a smile of satisfaction.


F o u r
Dangerous Developments

Just as reality was nothing it had quickly become something by the will of the many Gods that appeared. The first wasted no time creating the base for the world and it's first life simple and with infinite potential. Soon enough more gods added to the world that was created, bringing light, warmth, cold, darkness, and modeling the life to their desires.

However something stirred, something began to feel off and when order came into balance with chaos, the edges of the world began to crack and the first debris from the edge of the world were launched heading for the center travelling at increasing speeds colliding and taking anything in their path only growing in size and with the first ones coming, the ground beneath began to softly shake as it slowly began to crack, threatening to take everything with it.

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Spring Thief
Vitis Gurthu
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Mawlock had not responded to the question, yet the answer came all the same. Vitis Gurthu watched serenely as balance was once again restored by the will of order. Day and night would have their equal measure, and so too would chaos and order. What of life and death? Perhaps it was not within the right of Death or Life to decide such a thing. Surely life could not control death, nor death sway the will of life's creator. There came a time to die and a time to be born... but what of after death. What of before birth?

Vitis Gurthu gazed up at the heavens, watching the endless through clouding skies. Newborn wind ruffled their dark fur like long strands of wheat. A chill had taken to the air. Death's time had already since arrived, gathering snow and dead leaves. Beneath Vitis' hooves, blackened grass sat upon barren soil, awaiting more godly life to flow into it.

If Death took and Life gave, who was there to pick up what remained? Like the night and day, there must be an ever turning cycle. Beauty had been laid upon this world, but beauty could not be sustained without some ugly sights. The great stag could see corpses begin to collect in the shade between trees, still beautiful. What a waste.

With a stomp of a hoof, the blackened grass rotted into a pile of refuse. Mushrooms spread in a ring around it, and from the muck arose a swarm of carrion insects. The stag shook off strands of fur, and from it sprang black birds with a taste for death, "Let not death be without purpose. For only from death can new life take root. This shall be thy cycle, and thy cycle shall be endless."

The stag drew their attention back to the gathering of gods whenever the one known as Mawlock presented a gift. Amusement passed over the stag's face as it beheld a creature almost identical to itself. They tiled their head and pondered aloud, "What gift is this, I wonder? Of companionship or sovereignty?"

A tremble of dark thoughts passed through the god's mind as it beheld the creation of humanity. Was life truly balanced if one creature was cherished more than another? It could smell great potential in these...mortals... but also something akin to the stink of rot. This strange feeling took the god by surprise and caused Vitis to fall silent and sullen. Meanwhile, the 'gift' pranced towards Vitis Gurthu and bowed its head. Vitis gazed down at the creature, "Does one have a name?"

"Only the one you give to me."

"This one shall give thee the name Grove Keeper, for this shall be thy first task on my behalf." Vitis gathered up what had once been rotten vegetation and turned them into pods of seeds. These were given to the golden deer. "Sow them where the rain gathers and let them drink deeply of rich soil. Fear not the sapling that withers, and seek out places of death, for they shall be as nourishment for new kin. These shall become the first forests. Take heed, as the land changes, so must the seed."

Grove Keeper took the seeds and ran off swiftly, bounding across the grasses. Vitis Gurthu longed to follow suit and lose themselves in the grandiose harvest, yet something held them back. It was a wrongness they did not quite understand. The great stag squared its gaze with Unry, blue eyes staring at his faceless features, "One speaks as if one knows that which his kin does not. And yet one offers no seed of wisdom to a soil so seemingly bereft."
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F o u r

He stared and watched, far above in the sky, he saw more of his fellows appear and get to work.

His gaze moved only slightly yet precisely always looking directly at the Gods and seemingly ignoring everything else, before finally the progenitor of Life came to him and granted him a gift claimed to keep order in his creations. The creature seemed to share the similarity with Unry to observe things and it began to stare at him very intently. It was rather uncalled for, but Unry was not one to complain, in fact Unry himself began analyzing the creature in front of him before noticing the odd pattern at the end of what seemed to be it's wings. He stared at those dots for a while before moving again.

Without a single word Unry removed one of his hands from his book leaving only one to hold it. With his free hand, he moved it around, checking it and examining it before finally a small light began forming up on his palm. Unry slowly extended his hand towards the void and in an instant the void shined like never before blinding everything for a second before dimming again, revealing that the void was now a mess of colorful specks in the sky all of carrying color and in essence creating the stars that would shine even when it was darkest.

To the ignorant eye the specks in the sky would be thought to be grains of sand, but Unry knew that each of those specks were in fact giants of lights at an incredible distance away from the world as to not disturb them but close enough to put up a show. Unry looked back at his hand which quickly grabbed on to the book again.
"How... unoriginal of me" he told himself before hearing the voice of another God, the God of Harvest. They questioned him, wondering why he wasn't sharing the wisdom he seemed to claim. Unry simply turned their body, remaining still far above in the sky.

"It will soon become clear... as to why... perhaps" Unry responded before looking back at the gift from the progenitor who had now moved it's gaze to the stars. "you... need a name..."

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Giantson of Ephias

Sinidarr’s life was a series of flashes. Images, colours, fragments of knowledge. Impersonal, incomplete. A barren rock, a roaring ocean, a ball of flame. Red feathered wings, White bony antlers. Gods.

The energy of creation merged and swirled, crackling with potential. A new surge of order and permanence pulled something from the energy. An entity, a life without form, a god without reason. In a flash, the being was covered in white ocean spray and filled with a coastal gale. A thunderous boom and a flash of lightning sparked life into the being. But what would it look like? What did a god look like? Lightning arced into four limbs. Yes, four was the right amount. Two of the limbs curved and slapped the air, as they did, red and orange feathers burst forth and stretched out. Red, like the wings its vision had given it, red and… blue. Yes, blue like the deep sea, like the glittering beast that lurked within. How it knew of this beast, it did not know. The other limbs touched down on the water and talons gripped onto the waves, the being steadied by gently flapping wings that swirled the wind. Feathers and fur formed up into a neck, where two eyes tore open from the flesh. Another gash began to fill with teeth. Too many teeth to choose from, so they were blended together to create a jagged and toothy maw. More lightning shone from its crown, lightning that dimmed into tall antlers piercing the air. The form was almost complete. It needed more, more of everything. A name would do for now. Sinidarr. But what did that mean? How did he know that name? Many questions, indeed…

The wings flapped with a strong gale, claps of thunder heralding his coming. A flash of light filled the sky with glittering gems. A sea of jewels reflected in the glassy water. This was the power of gods. Sinidarr felt it so. If some god was capable of such potent creation, Sinidarr must have had a similar power. He opened his wings, and with a clap that boomed across the sky, he launched into the sky as the air and mist below him spiralled into dark storm clouds. With another beat of his wings, the storm billowed and grew, churning the ocean and pelleting the sky with rain. Another beat and the clouds went above the sky, bordering the cosmos. The rain became ice and hail, the clouds slowly dissipating at the roof of the world. This would not do. It was too big. Too chaotic. There was no pattern to its circling winds, no reason for its towering waves and sharp rain. Sinidarr focused his mind on the clouds and parted them in his mind. A skill he had learned from no one but learned, nonetheless. The storm cloud dwindled into a raincloud, sprinkling droplets across the ocean. Sinidarr soared through the cloud, lightning crackling between his wings and the storm.

Suddenly, the land came to a simple stop. The ocean rippled at the edge of an endless abyss. Sinidarr dropped down and sunk his talons into a wave. A rumble vibrated the water and shook his feathers. In a moment, the water pulled back as chunks of land and pieces of the ocean floor burst free from the ocean and flew away, going somewhere in this world. Sinidarr crept closer to the edge and dodged more debris. Where was it going? The water pulled back again. This would not do. Would the world disappear? Or was this the workings of another god… The colours of Sinidarr’s feathers dimmed slightly as he launched himself back into the comfort of his raincloud. Others were nearby. Other gods, he could feel it. Perhaps they could answer the questions he had gathered and show him what it meant to be a god. Perhaps they could save the world.

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Spring Thief
Vitis Gurthu
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Vitis watched the sky fill with stars in quiet wonder. At long last the void was painted with something other than emptiness. Perhaps mortals would look up in wonder as well and take comfort in those distant lights. The knowledge-keeper had been the one to create this tapestry, and soon responded to Vitis' question. The stag felt more amusement than disappointment at the avoidance of truth.

"One hides their secrets, of arrogance or betterment, I wonder. How heavy words of wind must be for one to clutch them so tightly..." Vitis Gurthu blinked slowly, eyes upon the book. The god before them had never taken a hand off of the thing. Even now it was held away from the stag, closed when not in use and angled away when open.

"Very well, this one shall humour thee."
The stag dipped their head in greeting. "This one is named Vitis Gurthu, of the harvest and the seed. One holds knowledge, holds secrets, but one does not smell of such. Neither earth nor sky, of anything at all. Pray tell, thy claim and thy name."

As the stag spoke a tremor ran across the ground. Vitis Gurthu's ear twitched to the side, catching the sound of a crack. It would have been of little thought if not for a rushing of water. For a moment their calm demeanour shifted into that of realization.

On the horizon birds amassed into great swarms, heading inland when they should be feasting on the spoils of far off locales. Something great was amiss. Storms gathered across the sea. "Perhaps answers arrive all too swiftly on dark winds."

Vitis Gurthu left the strange god to his moonlight tasks, bounding across the newborn world like a fresh gale. Wherever their hooves made contact, plants flourished and rotted, replaced by new seeds. When they eventually met the ocean, they did not fall through the waters and instead ran upon the surface as if it too were land. A great storm had consumed this section of the sea, yet the angry waves only served as mild obstacles for the god. Graceful leaps were all that was needed.

Finally, the god came to a stop at the edge of the world. Vitis stood in a squall, watching the tides fall away into the endless void. Chunks of the new earth fell with it, travelling ever outward. It was a destruction without creation, the greatest of all tragedies.

To mend this, Vitis gathered up nearby lost fragments and gave them new form. A large bud floated in the space between void and creation, slowly unfurling into a blossom of red petals. A white light flowed from within its core, gathering in an circular aura around it. Wherever the light touched, the pull of creation and destruction was frozen. Fragments of land simply floated in the space they occupied and the draining ocean stopped, as if held back by an invisible wall and grew as still as a pond despite the storm.

"Awaken, immortal blossoms."

Content with their creation, Vitis pranced along the edge of the world, adding more blossoms as they went. Stormy winds billowed against them, a feeling they would have deeply cherished if not for the dire circumstances. They gazed into the tempest and found another one of their brethren hidden within. "One cowers in a shell of purest force. What for, this one wonders. Does one seeketh to reap destruction, or perhaps one awaits the spring?"

Vitis took a moment to stop in their tracks and face the stormy god. From the space between their antlers they produced several floating buds, identical to the Immortal Blossom, yet much smaller. Only when presented enough world-matter would they activate. They hovered before the dark clouds, "Storms may yet spread seeds, if one takes heart to ride the wind."

Leaving Sinidarr with these seeds, Vitis continued onwards around the world, spreading more of these blossoms to keep it temporarily stabilized.


The lord of randomness and the warp
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The world had begun things had formed life creatures placed things all these happened all of these warping twist vibrating CHANGING. and so such things Brought fourth the being of such.. a vast horror tendrils and wings and mass a maw so huge yet small a vast but incomprehensible being thar seemed to change yet remain so stable still the gods with there meddling has awoken the own whom embodied the very force of it the gods voice sung out a echo beat of many sounds all different yet oddly familiar.
"Reality is monotony nothing should stay the same, stability is insanity just enjoy the game, entropy is just a bore so sing it with me once more reality is monotony so why don't you see, play thing game with me, nothing stays the same so dreadfully boring for it too remain, spice things up don’t leaving this place plain for in end thing will remain“ the god kept to repeating this tune over and over, finding this place lacking in “interesting“ force decided they should ad some spice, huge claws tapping the plane below them out surging a flow of raw energy the suffusing with the works uncontrolled untamed uncertain and ever changing, for the first magic had been unleashed a wild force of change for now at least proud of such a achievement for so much could be and would be down this this new arcane force, it noticed the life all organic how interesting how dull. The huge figure swept it’s attention to some glowing crystals pulling at the energies of life it weaved them into the crystals poking out of the stone it’s form into something akin to spider before scuttling into the depths of the crust a good first show it though though maybe it could make something else? No it though tossing aside the left over enemies the landed in a pool of water that inadvertently came to life too forming the first slime by more or less carelessness



Deity of Sleep

A tired beast closed its eyes and lost its consciousness. A tired mortal closed its eyes and lost its consciousness. Sleep.

As the Gods create, a deity slept high above the world, away from the changes of the world in the deep realm of sleep. Her origin, her goals... all could wait until she wakes up.

...a cloud of pillow was thrown from the high below, at Sinidarr, the Sleep Disturbance.

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God of Beauty, Love, and Fertility

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A smile crossed Syrion's face, waving back gently at the deity who had accidentally created oceans. He could see himself getting along nicely with her, perhaps he'd introduce himself later but for now, he'd let the deity rest. "My my, certainly a marvelous gift. Very lovely. Of course, since they're modeled after me they'd have to be perfect." Syrion was pleased with such a gift and watched with interest as these mortals began fumbling around. This interest soon diminished though, they were just created and had no knowledge, basically which meant they couldn't provide any worth keeping his attention. "What a pity... I'll come back later once something worth keeping watch of happens." The god began drifting away lazily.

The newly made stars, moon, and other things that were being created didn't manage to keep his interest either, they were captivating but not captivating enough. Crack! Edges of the world began breaking off and falling into the void below, Syrion drifted downwards to get a closer look. He could see the stag god, Vitis spreading some sort of blossoms across the world. It seems the purpose of these blossoms was to stabilize the collapsing land. But Syrion wondered would they be enough? Though there was no denying the stag god was powerful he couldn't help but worry, after all, his gift from Mawlock was still on there, what if everything just crumbled?

If everything had broken apart, then this whole project would be a huge waste of time for him and everyone included. "We'll see what happens, I suppose." But the worry slipped away from him, they could just make another world if this one failed. Nonetheless, the idea of having to start over from scratch and his gift being gone annoyed him.
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Mawlock watched as Vitis immediately sent the gift he had given them to do their bidding, then begin talking to the god holding the book. As he continued observing their creation Mawlock saw the arrival of another, one who made the sky shake with the beating of his wings. He watched in amazement at the display of power from the fellow god, and at the awesomeness of their creation. The feelings of awe were short-lived though, as he saw the edges of the world crumbling and the foundation beginning to crack.

His moment of rest ended and he moved swiftly, pouring out his cup onto the cracks of the land, letting the golden liquid slow the process. Mawlock watched as the god who brought about the night used the fragments of land to create a beautiful spinning ball in the sky that followed the darkness made by the same god. It was a work of beauty for sure, but one he would have to admire later. Once he had healed the land, Mawlock set down his cup and watched Vitis run along the edges of the world, creating massive blossoms that held the edges together. Upon seeing the god he had gifted humans to walk about, uninterested in what was occurring, and the humans nowhere near, Mawlock furrowed his brow. He pushed his frustration aside and focused on the task at hand.

Mawlock moved past the edge of the world and past the blossoms, going below to see the gathering of debris below the land. His concern for the creation of the others grew as more debris gathered. The land he had created wasn't stable in its current form, and so Mawlock grabbed onto an edge. Using the stabilizing power of the blossoms he pulled the edge of the land with one hand and held a blossom in the other. Slowly and methodically, Mawlock pulled the land into a sphere, gathering the blossoms inside of the sphere to keep the world held together in its new shape.

Mawlock went to retrieve his cup, pouring more of its contents onto the debris that had gathered at the center of the hollow world. The debris mixed with the ambrosia and formed into a beautiful golden orb, empowering the blossoms of Vitis and granting the world, and blossoms, an eternal battery of life to be fueled from.

Mawlock left the world once more, looking down at the new form of their creation. He noticed the cycle of day and night were uneven in this new world, and so he pushed the fire of the day and the rock of the night around the sphere. He watched them rotate in harmony around the world, balancing night and day once more. Mawlock looked upon the world more and felt it was missing something. As full as it seemed of plants and new creatures made from the different gods, it was still lacking.

Mawlock grabbed a handful of clay, looking upon the different creatures of the land for inspiration. He mixed the clay with some wood from the trees of the forests, and formed the mixture into beings similar to humans, though not as beautiful. He poured life into the creation.

"You will be called Sylvin, and you will belong to the forests and wooded lands." The mortal creations had the bodies and faces of humans but with more slender features and pointed ears.

Mawlock moved across the world, coming upon swampy lands. He scooped up mud and moss and formed mortals that stood on two legs as humans did. Their skin was leathery, while some were scaley. Some had tails and others did not. "You will be called Coria, and you will dwell in the swamps and marshy lands of the world."

After filling the forests and woodlands and swamps and marshes, Mawlock turned his attention to the vast fields and hill regions. He gathered up tall grass and formed mortals with the lower half of beasts who resided on four legs, and the upper bodies of humans. Some had the likeness of stags, others the likeness of the ferocious felines, and others the majestic form of horses. "I will name you Memuor, and you will inhabit the hills and plains and grasslands."

Finally, Mawlock turned his attention to the mountains, where very little thrived. He took rocks and vegetation that grew between the crags. He made mortals with fur and the features of felines. Some looked more human, while others looked more beast, but all stood on two legs as humans did. "You will be called Velta, and you will live in the mountains and thrive in the cold of this world gifted to us by the god of the night."

After filling the world with these mortal races, Mawlock left and went high above the sky and into the void above all others. There he made for himself a realm where he could watch over all of creation and see all the gods, and he filled the realm with beings that held the likeness of humans paired with wings to grant them swiftness. These beings would act as his agents and helpers, being extensions of his will. Once he finished working, he made for himself a throne to sit in and rest. Mawlock sat on his throne and sipped from his cup, resting and feeling satisfied as he gazed down, finally taking notice of a god who slept above the world. Sleep. Mawlock marveled at these new sights and new beings, wondering what else would be brought to life by his fellow gods. His interest was most peeked by one of the new gods creating life from the beautiful rocks of the world. Truly a sight to behold.

Surrounded by his creations, which he called angels, Mawlock remained on his throne, resting but keeping vigilant. He specifically watched the humans, making sure that if anything happened to them his angels could go and keep them safe. Soon, his mind lingered on the negligence of the god who granted the world beauty and love but showed very little of that love to the very beings Mawlock created to embody those attributes in their entirety.

Mawlock huffed and spoke to one of his angels, giving them instructions and ordering them to go speak to the god holding the book. The angel moved with haste, approaching the god.

"Greetings, I am a creation of Mawlock. My creator recognizes this one's possession of knowledge and humbly requests a portion be granted to the humans and mortal creations now and all that may come in the feature, so that they may survive in this world without the dependency of the gods. Should this one grant Mawlock's wish, my creator would gift him in return the knowledge of Life."

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The God kept staring at the other Gods watching them as they put their powers to use. Particularly Mawlock who had been hard at work reshaping the world and balancing everything out. Yet even then he didn't show much emotion, he just remained still, observing. The Gods of which had taken the form of a stag asked for his name, "call me....... Unry". That is when Mawlocks gift moved, it had developed a sort of thirst for knowledge, the want and need to know what things were and had, and it moved it's eyes to the book, extending it's hand to it.

It became dark, the gift felt an overwhelming pressure crushing them from every side as their senses became useless. The gift felt discomfort and in that discomfort it heard these simple words.
"You have so much to live for still. Let this be a warning for the next time you try that, there will be no more of you..."

The gift quickly regained all their senses and immediately jolted back. Whatever was that book, they no longer wished to know, afraid of what their fate might be. Then the Angel arrived. They requested for Unry to grant knowledge upon the mortals and in exchange he would gain the knowledge of life. "You need... only ask and I shall grant you... knowledge... your gift is... unnecessary... however it is you... who asked... thus I shall not give the knowledge to them... I shall give it to you... and you will be responsible for sharing the knowledge to the mortals..." With that Unry moved forward flicking his finger into the angels forehead softly granting them basic knowledge on survival, languages, education, and many more things to both allow them to survive but develop and perhaps thrive. "This should be... enough for now... should the mortals need more knowledge... they only need ask me..."

Unry turned back at the gift that had attempted to touch his book, "ah... your name... you will be... Ralia... that is your name" he said.

Ralia nodded still slightly shaken up from the previous events but slowly calming down again

"Good... now... what to do"

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Dominion of the Sea
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When Syrion exited, Krajowa dragged herself out of the soil at the bellowing voice of Order's gift. Beckoned by their voice, she followed the depth-dweller, cross rough and plain lands with her obsidian greaves riddling the grounds she crossed with her essence. Every she step she took was laden with her pure form, untainted by the terrestrial spirits. As she went forth towards the distant ocean, her footprints would douse the ground - seeping deep beyond the perceivable and felt ground. These glistening drops formed waterways beneath the solid grounds, prospected locales of pure wells and aquifers. An unintended effect and perhaps a gift to aid the mortals of this plan, that Krajowa had granted them. In fact, the neglectful deity prioritized her march to the sea, in hopes of visiting this august being entrusted unto her by Mawlock. As she roamed the land, Krajowa gazed upon the astral projection above in between her long march. A necessity for her long-forgotten ability. The longer she travelled, the more she began to materialize several considerations. A march to enlightenment. Where the waters had receded, the once-flooded world had began to take form of various terrains. Whether deliberate or unforeseen, Krajowa nevertheless gave some nurturing purpose to the dwellers of this world.

At the end of her long walk, Krajowa rendezvoused with the grand protector of the azure depths. Upon a white cliff, beyond the realm of the snow-laden realm, Krajowa made her dive. This place would come to be known as Krajowa's Dive, for her landing upon the water had caused the immediate grounds to plunge beyond what the naked eye could perceive. Forever be immortalized as the deepest point of this world. As she befriended the luminescent creature, all by its lonesome awaiting her bidding, the deity understood what must be done next. She caressed it gently, entrusting it with a name so unique that it became a secret of the depths. It was entrusted with her essence. Collecting the shed residue of its luminescent tissue, Krajowa gave life to many sea animals after its image - honoring Mawlock's gift. Each a unique breed to inhabit and maintain the blue world.

At the same time, beneath the stirring water, Krajowa could feel the disturbance of the world. The vibrating sensation made it uneasy to simply dwell here and risk awakening a rude conclusion. Krajowa was frustrated, especially when she had recently found a world to anchor to. Something must be done, she concluded. Travelling from one sea to another, Krajowa repeated her journey in the exact pattern and timeline. As she wove her path over and over with intricacy, currents were formed - stirring the oceans to life. Krajowa steered her creations, with even the tiniest specks intricately and diligently serving her purpose. From sediments along bodies of waters to mighty cracks deep beneath the seas at the edge of the world. Grains upon grains were meticulously accounted for by the deity, ensuring that her nautical gifts were put to good use. As a result of the pressure between her essence and that of the titanic shift in the world's balance, deep sea creatures came about, molded by the extreme conditions between the colliding realms. Krajowa continued to spend her time here, adding details upon details of intricacy. Eroding certain passages such underwater tunnels and caves, Krajowa redesigned the ocean beds to her liking, with her grand design beneath the waves to contain the unsteady occurrence around the world.



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When Caradhim awoke, she beheld not empty darkness, but a budding world lit by stars, the primordial chaos and void already tempered by the hammer of balance. The seeds of life that had been planted here were just beginning to take root, with more still being planted by her kin. It appeared that she had arrived late. She turned her gaze upon one the creations, a pair of diminutive bipeds, left unattended by their foster father. They seemed to have bored him, but she did not share that sentiment.

Weak and pitiful as they were, being made of flesh and bone rather than superior metal, within them, she saw great potential for creation. With no natural tools, they would naturally be pushed into the role of craftsmen, much like herself. The thought pleased her, and she found herself wishing to emulate them. She cast off the nothingness and donned a corporeal form in their likeness.

Satisfied with her new body, the young god set about the task of adding her own touch to the newborn planet. From nothing more than piles of dirt, she brought forth metals and gemstones, from base iron to precious gold, adamant and corundum, each made with mortal usage in mind. Then, with a thought, she multiplied their numbers and scattered them throughout the world, natural treasures to be plundered.

The minerals were not placed so haphazardly. Resources were carefully portioned and divided between the mortal races’ abodes, such that each had something the others lacked. Perhaps, in the future, this would facilitate trade and cooperation. A most pleasant outcome, but not the one she secretly hoped for. Though the itch to work still remained, for now, she contented herself with simply observing the little creatures, eagerly awaiting their eventual growth.

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A bored sigh erupted from the entities cavernous maw it again felt the urge to do something there where more creatures more to change yet it seemed there god had up and left to somewhere the core of this world? Just as expected minerals and ore where formed perfect for his newest creations. It's gaze was cased to the new mortal races snatching up some sylvins and also some coria. Each twisted and suffused with the strange energies of the arcane.

Meanwhile the deities tendrils buried itself deep within the mountain touching some mineral filling it with wild magic. "The wyrdstone perfection" they'd mumble opening one palm within in the Coria had change they'd become smaller but maintained a great strengths imbunied with a great sense of curiosity and need to change the world around them. "You shall be the kobolds lizard of change and invention go forth to the mountain find the stones suffused with my power and then you will know your purpose." It told them carving out caverns for the creatures to live within and grow further it wasn't a perfect place to live but jist enough.

Now the sylvins had been warped into a creature saturated with wild magic emitting and spreading it out form there bodies however it cost them a portion of there sanity for such a gift. "The hereld of change zorks I shall call you go forth and spread the gifts I give learn them teach" they'd explain placing the zorks wherever he saw fit to spread.

Attentions moved deep down the crystalline ecosystem had formed on its own full of life made of unlife not alive not dead... come to think of it the deity finally noticed the slimes he'd created perfect for later but not just now.
It's gaze turned up towards a throne without moving it was somehow there head peaking into mawlocks domain. "Thanks for all the life such wonderful change the bring and more f
To follow I'm sure oh yes so I bring you a gift for later." It paused one immense limb rising to place a box made of gold down. "Only open it when stress gets to you" they'd then say before dissapearing again.


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▻ L'Oria ◅

The fiery goddess watched as others took their turns to weave creations into existence, their eyes twinkling with anticipation for what was to come. Gingerly, others like her came to exist, their presences booming into the world like newborn stars. After a few heartbeats of quiet consideration, L'Oria decided to join the others below. The vibrant god flared her wings to signify her arrival, their lips drawn back into a faint grin.

L'Oria hovered a small distance above the ground, his large, powerful wings easily slicing through the air to keep him afloat. ''What was once nothing is now something.'' She murmured lightly as new sounds, scents, and energies came to be. The distant roaring of crashing waves, the rustling of newly-born flora, and the faint presence of love filled L'Oria with contentedness, for the works of those like her were good and rich with potential. 'All of this can be worked with. Order can't be the only thing to rule, can it?' A quiet, gleeful laugh escaped L'Oria's lips at the thought. Their glinting eyes drifted over to the god of law and order, almost as if she were worried about whether or not he could perceive their thoughts. As if on cue, Mawlock turned to announce the giving of gifts. Though L'Oria's nose wrinkled in distaste at the command to obey, he accepted the gift with enthusiasm and grace. The colorful beast she was given let out a booming call and soared over to join the goddess, the creature's feathers giving off the soft heat of dying embers. ''My, you're certainly something.'' She cooed, stretching out an arm to allow the magical bird to perch. ''I wonder what I'll do with you.'' L'Oria eyed the others as they received their gifts, and his attention finally settled on odd, soulful creatures. Though they nearly matched her in appearance, something was off. They weren't quite completed; they weren't quite fulfilled. The chaos god quickly landed, briefly appreciating the feel of grass underfoot, and strode over to a cluster of the strange creatures. They turned to face her with blank, empty eyes, and when L'Oria held up a raging flame to scorch their skin, they didn't make any moves to flee. ''Fresh slates, it seems. I can't do much with you, you poor things, at least not until you have a mind to guide your hearts. That, unfortunately, isn't up to me.'' The winged deity contemplated bestowing upon them chaos, but decided against it, despite how much she wanted to. Adding something so feral to something so bland would be amusing, sure, but it would certainly be short-lived. Even the positives of chaos would do nothing to help the humans if it had nothing to inspire. L'Oria let out a disappointed sigh and allowed a faint breeze to ruffle her hair.

A faint rumbling underfoot spurred L'Oria to launch herself to the skies, her sudden takeoff creating harsh gusts of wind that made the mortals topple over. From their bird's eye view, they could spot the cracking and crunching of the world's edge as it was sucked into oblivion.
'Ah, that's no good.' L'Oria was just about to soar over herself, hoping she would be able to do something to prevent further destruction of the deities' works, when bright, pure blossoms bloomed into existence. They seemed to quell the hungry shaking almost immediately, much to L'Oria's surprise, and she could faintly see a noble stag below. ''You've outdone yourself, dear Vitis.'' She called, wondering if the being was able to her despite their focus on stabilizing the land. L'Oria descended once more, relieved with the halting of whatever was gnawing at the gods' creations. Sharp, thoughful eyes scanned the fresh world, and an idea began to form in her head. 'What better way to spread chaos than with creatures birthed of untamed winds and starving fire?'

At once, the deity let a flame spring to the tips of her fingers. It gradually grew and shifted, taking on wings and teeth, until it became a defined beast. L'Oria hummed along to herself as she added eyes, scales, and spikes, and finally stepped back to examine their work. Before her was a small lizard creature, fit with glorious wings that could grow to swallow the sky itself. ''Perfect.'' She murmured, earning a curious rumble from the beast. ''Hush, now, little one. Your kind will be known as dragons, and tales of your strength and grace will cause even the bravest of warriors to wet themselves.'' L'Oria let out a laugh, one that sounded like light, tinkling bells, and beckoned the creature closer. The dragon gingerly took a wobbling step forward, only to stumble and fall. ''Hmm, I must've made your feet too small.'' L'Oria quickly corrected his mistake with the wave of a hand, and the dragon let out a grateful snort. ''Thank you, my lady.'' It responded with the dip of its head, eyes glittering with sentience. The god nodded and raised his chin, fondness shining in his gaze. ''Go, and let your chaos inspire or strike fear. Be wise, or be destructive. It's your choice.'' The dragon let out a mighty roar and took to the skies, a trail of smoke curling from its mouth.


L'Oria watched as the beast soared off, satisfaction splayed across their face. They quickly began to create other creatures; winged things with colourful feathers, humanoid animals with a thirst for mischief and climbing, and lithe, feline beasts with sharp beaks and wings. 'Birds, monkeys, and griffins. You may not have free will, but you are good nonetheless.' After ages of creating, the deity sat, crossed her legs, and admired the world.


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Existence was much hard than none existence and yet sometimes one had to exist. some foolish god had bothered to include magic in the world and someone had to represent it. that unfortunate honor fell to Cath who would rather not bother with the whole god thing. While not existing she has seen enough to know it was annoying work. Still Cath had little choice in her own existence she would have to join the other gods and make the world. Well she could at least try to limit her own work load, she was not going to micro manage like the god of order who she had already pegged as who would be doing her job for her. The magic in the world was chaotic, and that was fine the god of change could deal with the problem he had made and the god of order deal with him. That was someone else's problem. Really is Cath was going to make something here she didn't want to owe anyone something she would not bother to twist the creatures the god of order had made to anything others had made she would just make her own little area.

Moving to the bottom of the world she would find a large section of ocean and from the depths pull up a fairly circular landmass. The goddess of the oceans could deal with having a little less water to run if anything Cath was helping. The land was flat and barren, also very wet the water on it rapidly turning to a sheet of solid ice. That would not due this land needed more than a straight line . it also would not due for a land of her own, she would have to try to keep the wild magic nonsense out. She would let wild magic run rampant in the rest of the world but have it be weak or none existent here, the opposite would be true elsewhere. the other gods could fight over who had to deal with the mess of wild magic Cath wanted nothing to do with that mess. Well the cold would at least keep most other species out of the area she just had to adjust things.

The land would rise as miles inland massive mountains formed reaching high into the sky and forming long jagged near impassable terrain. It would be a long time before any mortal being could climb the ring that Cath had now formed. With that she would spend a little time making the outer edges of the landmass annoying nothing to eat, no shelter from the cold nothing to bee seen except the imposing mountain ring. Then she would cover the ground with snow to cut down on how much work she had to do in making this all. Inside the ring of mountains she would inscribe great runes creative a massive spell that would keep the cold on the other side of the mountains from reaching the inside. This allowed her to raise the temperature to make it more easily lived in by mortals, though there was more to do.

Cath would move inward towards the center of the land along her way the land shifted becoming rolling hills, and vast planes along with areas marking themselves out for forests. Still all this was lacking vegetation and was only a blueprint carved into the stone itself. When she reached the center Cath raised and hand and a large section of stone rose into the sky. The stone simply hung there as Cath moved over the new hole that lead deep into the earth were countless powerful wards flared to life. Wild magic would be kept form what she would make here unless another god decided they really wanted to get on her bad side. The runes soon faded and Cath raise her hand over it creating a knife in her other hand and cutting her wrist pouring out her blood into the crater. She needed only a little of her blood the purest essence of magic to create a well that would contain what to mortals would be an endless amount of power. the hole had become a lake, or more like an inland sea that was filled with the stuff of pure magic , which was only slightly diluted with some quickly conjured water. It would be a well from which the none wild forms of magi would draw.

Still the well would not reach the outside world or at least it's would be far to faint, so Cath had to change that. Using the well as the central point she created unseen rivers of mystical power. They would move through stone, earth and water without disrupting them. The rives of magic would carry a small portion of the wells nearly limitless magical power out and spread it across the world. To helped hold these new Laylines frim inside her land Cath used the floating stone she had torn from the ground. She cut it in to countless smaller pieces each a strange but perfect shape and covered with mystical wards. Cath moved these new anchors over the laylines where they would keep them from moving much without outside help. The leylines outside of her home would move and change just like rivers of water. With the done Cath could turn to filling her now nice and warm home with life, or well she would have if not for the sun getting in her eyes. Really that was such an annoying creation, but she would to seek to undo it for it was another god. Well she could deal with it in another way.

Night or rather a fake night fell over the lands, from peak to peak a new spell was woven creating a net of purest night. Though that might be a bit much and Cath knew there was a middle ground that could be reached. Light started to lead in obscuring the stars as a day played out, a magical simulation for a false sky. here Cath could keep herself from the other gods, or well try to no doubt they would seek her out for one reason or another, but well this was her home on this world so why shouldn't she make it look just how she wanted. She was only mimicking the sky and night not making her own it was all magic. Cath would let day after day play out till she found one that was dark enough and cast the land in hues of blue purple and black. It would just happen to be a dusk an eternal dusk that would never end and be the most lovely time of the day in Cath's mind.

Now it was time to make life. While Cath had no desire to use the life given by Mawlock to all other gods she would just have to for now. With a thought life started to bloom all over the once dead land. blue grasses grew small saplings burst from the ground and became large almost crystal trees that gave off their own lights. Flowers sprouted and bloomed their petals glowing with a soft radiance, they were like the sky; blue and purple, though also a little orange and pink. True rives cut through the stone and create lakes where new aquatic plants grew similar to that outside yet completely alien. All these things would have their time and preproduce in the ways of foreign lands, yet they were saturated in pure magic infusing them with strange new properties and qualities. From the ground here and there great crystals would burst as even the underground was changed by the magic in ways Cath had not planed but did not mind. Some chaos was good, change was good , but only if it had purpose beyond it's own sake.

Cath would take a break when the change stopped. She decided that before she made animals and a people to live here she would make sure what she had made was good and think on what it might be lacking. She also wanted to see if any other god would come pocking about and decide to ruin her little play ground. If so she would just relocate and take her magic with her. it would be fun to watch the world deal with having only unpredictable chaotic wild magic and she would even help it become even more chaotic if need be. Outside of her lands magic would touch all the races, though as Cath had wanted it would be only a small amount of what she had blessed her home with. Still if they were over a layline then a spell caster could cast powerful and dependable spells. If they were not then power would have to be carefully built up but at least the magic was dependable. The outside world would get to pick did they want chaotic but powerful magic or somewhat weaker but dependable magic.


Deus Vult

Mawlock watched from his throne as the gods went about their business. He observed the birth of one who filled the world with metals and took a form identical to humans. With his angels, Mawlock observed as she filled the dirt and rock of the world with beautiful gemstones. There was also another, born from the wild magic of one of the more recently arrived gods, who took dominion over said magic. He also watched Krajowa fill her oceans with various and unique creatures. While seeing his fellow gods work and create and go about their business pleased him, the one who kept his attention was L'Oria, the god he had gifted the phoenix to.

He had taken note of her chaotic disposition, and while on some level he was bothered by how she kept undermining the control he established, he understood why she had come to be and the purpose she served. He watched her take fire and create a magnificent beast with it, altering it until it was a perfect creature of chaos and strength and fire, just like its creator. He sat on the edge of his seat, observing her as she created creatures of mischief, birds of various sorts, and monsters that could walk the land and move through the skies. Mawlock continued to watch even as she rested, becoming lost in observation until the angel he had sent to Unry came to him.

He jolted at attention, sitting up straight and looking at the angel before him.
"What news do you bring? Has my brother given the humans and mortals knowledge?"

The angel bowed their head and explained everything that had occurred to Mawlock. For the first time ever, he was surprised. Mawlock's expression reflected his shock for a brief moment before he pondered. After he was done thinking Mawlock called upon two other angels, and looked at the three before him, with the angel holding knowledge standing in the middle.
"I will grant you three special privileges. Kail, you will become the god of mortal knowledge. I task you with teaching all humans and mortals now and all to come. You will also learn all that you can, and share your knowledge with all your siblings so that they too may assist others."


Mawlock reached out and poured life energy into Kail, filling them with great power and changing them into a god. Their power was immense but did not equal that of Mawlock and the others. Kail fell to their knees as their form changed. Their wings formed into a cloak and blackened. They, and their clothing, were lined and trimmed with the very life energy that fueled creation. Mawlock turned his attention to the angel on Kail's left.
"Alysia. You will become the god of judgment and resurrection. You will watch over all humans and mortals after they have been filled with knowledge and will decide how they are to be dealt with depending on their actions once they have been given knowledge."


Mawlock imbued Alysia with the same power he had given Kail, but their form remained the same as they had not also been imbued with great knowledge from Unry. His attention turned to the third angel, who watched and waited with anticipation.
"Raphael. You will be the god of angels and the messenger of the gods that reside above all of creation. You will oversee your kin in all that they do and act as my personal messenger to my own associates."


After granting Raphael the power that Kail and Alysia were also granted, Mawlock sent them away to be taught by Kail first and foremost. After sending the three away, Mawlock was greeted by the god who had created two mortal races from Mawlock's very own mortals.

"Thanks for all the life such wonderful change they bring and more
To follow I'm sure oh yes so I bring you a gift for later."

Mawlock looked at the golden box his brother had set down before him.

"Only open it when stress gets to you"

Mawlock raised an eyebrow as the god vanished. He reached down and picked up the box, looking it over before handing it to one of his angels to be taken and kept away.

Kail began teaching her brother and sister all that she could, sharing her knowledge with them as other angels stood around to listen. Once she had finished giving them all that Unry had given her she made haste towards the world the gods had created. One by one, Kail went to each human and began teaching them. How to hunt for and grow food, how to make and sustain fire for warmth, how to craft and shape, how to communicate effectively. Kail even told them the story of the gods and all that they had done. Once the humans were adequately educated, Kail went to the other mortal races, one after another giving them all the same knowledge to use.

Once Kail was done teaching she began to roam about the world, learning more and building off of the knowledge she had been given by Unry.

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God of Beauty, Love, and Fertility


༊*·˚ In.
༊*·˚ Me. Tetro Tetro

A white swan floated along a lake quietly, its feathers were pristine and striking. This swan was of course Syrion. He was watching two humans that were walking down the shoreline. These two humans held primitive spears and wore wearing crude clothing, animal skin that wrapped around their bodies that was tied tightly. Syrion had heard Mawlock had granted humans knowledge with some minor gods he had created and rushed down to the planet. "Koo sleyweyn afleyn mo wasoss?" One of the humans spoke a language he had never heard before. This must be one of the perks that came with the knowledge bestowed upon them, they formulated their own language. Impressive to say the least.

Syrion wanted to learn this language to know what they were saying so he floated closer. He made sure to make himself invisible, after all these mortals had never seen a creature called a 'swan' before so who knew how they'd react. As they spoke the god beside them slowly picked up the language. "The situation at home is really worrying, half of our bravest warriors went to explore and never returned. I suspect it's the work of the Scar Mountain tribe." The other human had a confused expression at his companion's conspiracy theory. "But aren't they working with our Ember Wing tribe? We reached an agreement that our tribe would provide them with healers and Poinsetta in return for meat." He was met with a huge sigh for his words.

Then the exasperated human began explaining to his friend. The Scar Mountain tribe and Ember Wing tribe had previous problems in the past, at first, it only started as simple disagreements or arguments but then it erupted into physical altercations that were becoming deadly. It got so bad to the point the appointed elders of the tribes had to step in. The two tribes came to an arrangement that they wouldn't fight anymore and would provide for each other. Poinsetta was a herb that could be crushed up and ground into medicine. There was a lot of it but most tribes in the area focused more on other things like strength, hunting, or farming. Seeing that the other tribes had no interest in medicine the Ember Wing tribe decided to dabble in it.

The Scar Mountain tribe was one of the strongest tribes but had a short supply of healers so making a deal with the Ember Wing tribe was beneficial to them. "But that doesn't make sense, if the Scar Mountain tribe needs to keep this agreement with us why would they attack us?" The conspiracy theorist shook his head, making a tsk tsk sound. "They could be using this deal as a ploy and when we're least not excepting it they'd attack us." Hearing their words Syrion grasped what was going on. This human was suspicious of the Scar Mountain tribe because they could have not agreed to the peace deal despite everything and just stolen what they needed anyways. But this wasn't really interesting to him, how tasteless.

Syrion became visible again and flapped his swan wings rapidly. The two humans jumped with fright, almost tripping over themselves to get away from the incoming attack of water. They stared with mixed emotions at the white swan, not even daring to move once Syrion swam closer. "Carry me." His voice projected into their minds and it had them looking around confused. Once they found nothing they turned back to the swan peering intensely at them. "D-Did that thing just talk?" Once again Syrion flapped his wings this time out of impatience.

"It's not your fault for not recognizing me. I am Syrion the god of Beauty, Love, and Fertility and I grace you with my presence." He almost wanted to shot off sparkles while saying that but decided it would be too tacky. Finding themselves in the presence of an almightly being they bowed respectfully and then moving to follow his command.

"You know what, go back to your home and bring me the finest cushion you can find." The two heeded his order, sprinting off almost leaving a dust trail behind them.

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