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Fandom a very specific search for the 100


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hello all! i’m going to make this short and sweet. i have a very specific craving i’m praying someone will be able to feed. i’m looking for partners to roleplay the 100 with!

a bit about myself and what i’m looking for.
im 18 and have around 7 years of roleplay experience. i can write from between 2-5 decent sized paragraphs. sometimes more, it all depends on what’s going on. with that being said, i don’t care how much you’re able to give me back. all i ask for is more than a one liner and give me something to work with. i’ll get bored super quickly if you only answer my post and don’t move the story forward.
i love to double! i’ll play your love interest and you can play mine. more than likely, i’ll fall more in love with your pairing than my own, lol. so you won’t have to worry about me not putting equal attention into both sides.
i’m fairly active on this site but my reply times will vary. sometimes i’ll be able to answer every day, sometimes every other, sometimes once a week. all i ask is that your patient and i will do the same for you. if you haven’t answered in a week, i will probably give you a bump just to make sure you’re still interested, however. of course, i will expect the same in return.
ooc chatter isn’t a must, but i do find great fun in it. i love gushing about the roleplay, characters, etc.

alright, enough about me and what i’m looking for. i’d prefer to do something oc x canon for this fandom, but i won’t be against oc x oc or canon x canon.
if you’re interested, please send me a pm instead of posting in this thread. can’t wait to hear from you!
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