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theres a snake in my uwu
I'm bee, and I'm out here looking for roleplays again!

About Myself:
I'm currently enrolled in a Master's program, so usually, I'm offline during the daytime. I do have time to spare in my afternoons and weekends, and love to roleplay as a way to wind down. I'm majoring in Electronic Music and Technology! My undergrad degrees were in Music and Computer Science, and I intend to get a second Masters (in Composition and Improvisation) after I finish this first one. Ultimately, I'd like to achieve a doctorate, hopefully in musicology or in a field related to experimental music. I'm 26 (until February), and I prefer to write with authors over the age of 18. I've been writing and roleplaying for as long as I can remember, for at least 10 years but definitely more. I enjoy science fiction, fantasy of all flavors, historical fiction, and horror.

My Writing Preferences:
- I love fandoms AND originals, this search is for both.
- I love to double, triple, and potentially even more. (I almost always insist on doubling if we're doing a fandom-based rp with canons involved.)
- For fandoms, I'll rp oc x oc, canon x canon, or canon x oc.
- I play as any gender and any sexuality.
- I am accepting of any gender and sexuality, in regards to your characters.
- I personally can write a whole lot- anywhere from three paragraphs to around twelve. My comfort zone is at about five paragraphs per post, but I am flexible and down to write as much or as little as is called for when we discuss!
- I prefer to plot a little before the rp.
- I enjoy making profiles for my characters, but am fine with or without them.
- I do not enjoy making 'pretty' posts for my roleplays, but will do so if that's your preference. (I'm not very good at it ;w;)
- I'll roleplay in threads, PMs, on Discord, in emails, or pretty much anywhere you're comfortable.
- I am fine with any style of picture for your reference art, or even fine with us not using reference pictures at all.
- I do not rp anything that has to do with scat.
- I like to make friends with my writing partners, so a degree of ooc chatter is appreciated (but not necessary.)
- I'm ditch-friendly, but probably won't ditch without saying something unless something WACK is going on in my life.
- I rp a broad array of subjects, so suggest any genre! I love romance, but it doesn't always have to be a part of what we're doing. :3
- Cussing is fine by me! I'm ambivalent to smut.

My expectations of you:
- Be over 18
- Use punctuation!
- No would-style rp (I'm so sorry. I'm usually really flexible about rp stuff but I really dislike this tense- reading comprehension issues on my end make it a little rough for me.) ex: She would pick up the jar and shake it.
- We should discuss our comfort and discomfort areas for rp before beginning.

Okay! That's all I can think of for now! If you feel that I'd be a good rp partner for you, please feel free to drop a line here or to PM me! Below is a brief list of the stuff I'm interested in roleplaying currently- but please also feel free to suggest your own interests! If you ask, I'm more than willing to share a much larger list featuring ALL of my fandom and original interests! (I'll have it up on my profile soon, but don't have the time to add it right this second. ♥)

Current Original Cravings
- A star falls from the sky! They're rare, and it's dangerous to be one. Are you the star, hunted and lost? Or are you someone who finds a star?
- A lich (my character) is rumored to live in the castle at the foot of the mountains, only a mile or so from your town. It's said they're a true villain, the worst of the worst... but what is the truth?
- One student (college) is an exchange student... the other is a dropout delinquent. What happens when they keep showing up at the same bus stop?
- There's something dire down in the mines to the east of this old Western town. Folks keep goin' in to investigate, disappearin' for days at a time, then comin' back all different-like with the lights gone from their eyes. What could be happenin' out there, sheriff? (horror/western)
- A high-fantasy world's balance is shattered when the source of magic is destroyed. How will the people of this mystical land navigate a now mundane life, and how can they survive when so many magical devices go defunct and awry?
- A no-magic world is suddenly spun into chaos: an apocalyptic event leads to the sudden introduction of magic into a world that had previously never known it. In the post-apocalyptic (and mystically-charged) ashes of a world that once was, how do the survivors compete for resources and control?

fairy or elf / vampire or other dark creature
vampire / human
god / mortal
demon / angel
dragon / humanoid
naval captain / stowaway
mob boss / citizen
superhero / supervillain
serial killer / investigator
serial killer / citizen

Anything high fantasy, anything science fiction, anything post-apocalyptic, anything wild west.

Fandoms I'm Craving:
Good Omens - (Crowley x Aziraphale)
Marvel - (canon x oc stuff, or ocs in a new setting)
Steven Universe - (anything!)
Avatar/Legend of Korra - (OC benders)
Legend of Zelda - (anything, but I have some ideas.)
Star Wars - (canon x oc or oc x oc. any era and location is fine!)
The Elder Scrolls - (I have a huge plot idea for this, but am honestly open to a lot)
Fallout - (your ideas- I'm kind of new to rping in this setting.)

As a heads up- I'll message you privately if I'm responding!
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I would be interested in post apocalypse, specifically zombies. I have some starting plots if interested.

I would prefer threads or PM. I can double on MxF or do FxF.

As for discomforts I think most of mine are out of terms with RPN anyways, so we should be fine. I will list them if you message me.


theres a snake in my uwu
I'm giving this a little bump! Still trying to explore some more rp options! I've updated my craving list so I don't get a bunch of the same rp settings, eheh.


That one who is always online
Hey! I think we could work together from what I learned about you so we should definitely talk in a PM or discord (though I rarely use the app and I don't know my way around it much).

I recently finished all three seasons of Stranger Things and I am dying to RP something Hopper/El centric because they are the cutest father daughter duo ever and I have a soft spot for family rps but if that's not enough we could include Jopper and Milven (or Elmax) and generally the whole party.

Anyways, PM me and we can talk more.


theres a snake in my uwu
Hello friends! It is time for me to search again! I'm looking for 3-4 new rp partners! ^w^ I'm about to update the list to reflect my current cravings, but I'm open to suggestions!

(I'm in a big mood for some wild west stuff, some high fantasy stuff, or maybe some post apocalypse with magic stuff!)

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