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Realistic or Modern A new roommate and her daughter


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Hello there! My name is Alex, I’m a role player who’s been writing for about a decade now. I would like to offer you a slice of life role play which is cute, wholesome, and hopefully long term!

My way of surviving long term slice of life plays is pretty simple. I divide them up into parts. Act 1, characters get to know each other, settle in, the plot starts to slowly develop. Act 2, something happens, a catalyst of some kind and the characters have to work out what to do or how to survive it. Act 3, the climax hit. We end happy, hopefully, and the plot winds down to a happy ending.

Pretty simple, yeah?

Now that my way of doing things is out of the way, here’s what is on offer!

I would like to do a role play of two college age adults, and one cute little toddler. The general idea is it’s the beginning of the school year, and your character has the great misfortune to end up living with my character(s). It can be because of poor form situation, no housing on campus available, whatever. We can figure it out.

Point is they have to learn how to coexist now (and who knows, maybe the adults fall for each other?), balancing a rambunctious little kid, college studies, maybe work, and other things!

I don’t really have an idea for the Act structures of this play, hopefully we can figure it out together.

I am also willing to flip the script a bit, and let you be the parent/kid combo! Or even have our characters already in a relationship, and waiting for their kid to be born. It’s all stuff we can discuss with each other.

Now, this is going to be a primarily SFW roleplay. So no funny business. There will be no smut, though flirting and teasing is obviously allowed. I’m asexual, not a prude. We can discuss character dynamics when we meet!

Also, if you’re interested, I’d love to do some world building! We could do a unique world, edit our current one, do sci-fi or fantasy, I don’t mind! I just like tinkering with stuff.

Anyway, if you’ve read to the very far end of this, thank you! Been a while since I’ve wrote a new prompt. Please mention the word ‘golden’ somehow in your message, just so I know everyone is up to speed.

See you then!
Hey, I know this is like a month old but are you still interested in hosting this concept? I love the concept haha

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