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gods aren’t infallible
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"You're serious? She broke up with Seth?"

A locker slammed shut, and Adelaide turned her attention over to Evie with an annoyed expression. Despite getting up at five everyday, Addy felt absolutely exhausted this morning. Maybe it was because of the previous night in her house-hold, which she'd rather not discuss. But Evie was peering at her with a curious gaze, and an agape jaw. She couldn't just leave her hanging; Mostly because she would pester her for the rest of the day if she didn't talk about it. And to be fair...Adelaide kinda wanted to talk about it. It was a big deal, at least to her.

"I told you already!" Addy exclaimed, moving to rest her shoulder against the cold locker. Most kids didn't use them anymore, but with the amount of classes Addy took...it was more or less impossible to lug around all her textbooks. "Last night, Valerie invited Seth over. You know, how she does every weekend. Dinner goes fine, besides my dad burning the chicken. After I head up to my room, Louis comes banging on my door and yells at me to look out my window. So I go and look," she prattled on, before holding her hands up in the air as if she was pressing her face against a window.

"And boom! They're arguing. They never argue, Evie. You know that, anyway. Valerie comes up to my room after, and I'm trying to play it cool. Then she just casually declares it! She broke up with Seth, that's it. No tears, no nothing. Oh god, I've avoided him all day!" She exclaimed, interrupting Evie as she attempted to speak. Reaching forward, Adelaide gripped her shoulders and shook the girl back and forth. "I'm never going to be able to speak with him again, what do I do?! It's going to be so awkward, just image. 'Oh, hey Addy. So, you know how your sister broke up with me, why'd she do that.' I don't know why!" The poor girl rambled on, thoroughly shook up by the entire experience. To most, it sounded like absolute nonsense. Evie knew better, however. Family drama was the only type of drama Addy ever experienced, so this sort of thing shook her world. Seth and Valerie were basically her other best friends, and now they were completely broken up.

Reaching forward, Evie pried Addy's fingers from her shoulders, before clasping them together in front of the two. "Girl. Calm the fuck down. He's not your boyfriend, he was Valerie's! You guys have been friends forever, you'll have to see him anyway at the rink tonight. Nothing is going to change, look, here he comes now--"

Addy widened her eyes at the girl, before ripping her hands away and spinning around. Sure enough, Seth was heading towards the two girls. The brooding boy was even cute when he was sad. With tussled dark brown hair and a pouty look to his lips, Adelaide couldn't help but feel a twist in her stomach. But then she was promptly reminded of the entire situation they were currently in. His shoulders were slumped, though he looked determined to reach the two. "Oh, no no no. I cannot talk to him right now, it's barely been twenty-four hours! Tell him I got my period, or something!" She whisper-shouted to Evie as she began to slip past her, much to the disappointment of Evie and Seth. All Adelaide knew, was that she could not deal with Seth's questioning right now. Instead, she backpedalled away from Evie with a thumbs-up, turning rather quickly to speed-walk away.

Of course, she ended up slamming right into another girl the moment she did. Stumbling to the side and nearly hitting the locker, Adelaide moved some hair from her eye to reveal none other than Laurel in front of her.

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this is a wendy's drive thru ma'am
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A perk of driving to school by himself, Lucas mused, was that he could listen to all of the greatest hits from the 2000s, Fleetwood Mac, and Childish Gambino within ten minutes and wouldn't be judged for it. Maybe people driving past him would see him singing to Kesha and looking like he was having an aneurysm, but whatever. That part wasn't important. He needed to wake up somehow.

As he pulled into the parking lot, he turned down his music a little, going to his normal parking spot and stopping his car, turning it off and getting out, grabbing his bag and phone and making his way to the door. Yes, he was running a little late, but only by five minutes, and apparently to Maria Desario, that was too much and he should be ashamed of himself. He wasn't late, and it was totally fine. He headed down the hall, going to his locker where his friends normally hung out in the morning, before almost stopping and turning the hell around when he saw Laurel. Yeah, sure, she might've been his girlfriend, but there were so many things wrong between the two of them that it only felt like a matter of time before they broke up. It was only when he saw who she was talking to that his eyebrows furrowed even more.

His girlfriend looked pissed, which honestly wasn't new. He had just almost tuned it out at this point, but thankfully, she didn't seem to be pissed at him. Only at Addy, which he didn't really understand, but he didn't understand most things girls did, so. Oh well. "Hey, Laurel. You look nice. Addy, hey." He said with a little smile, kissing his girlfriend on the cheek, and he could already sense the tension between the two, deciding that now would probably be an absolutely amazing time to walk away and in the other direction, and it was almost as if Laurel could read his mind, because she looked even more pissed. "I'll- uhm, I'll see you guys later?" He said, and then promptly booked it, cursing himself out the entire way.

Upon seeing the rest of his friends, which they all appropriately nicknamed themselves 'the Hockey Bros,' he felt a little less stupid, but he was definitely still probably really stupid. Whatever.

"Lucas! You have finally decided to grace us with your presence!" Alex called out to him, and Lucas had to keep himself from groaning. It was way too early for Alex to be this bright and bubbly, what the actual hell? A sigh left his lips before smiling, knowing it probably looked more like a grimace. Oh well.

"Yes, hello, I'm here," he started, almost falling over when Alex slung his arm over his shoulder and began to walk towards their first period class. He could still feel Laurel's eyes burning into the back of his head, and if that wasn't weird enough, he didn't know what was. "I'm only five minutes late, dude. Mom looked ready to kill me this morning." See, Lucas' relationship with his mom was pretty good. But with his dad always at work, and his siblings away at college, she needed someone to mother hen upon, and her youngest child was apparently the only one she could.

So, lunches were packed every evening, alarms were set, and if Lucas was even one minute late, she would blow her lid. Alex was talking about something else, but Lucas really wasn't paying attention, and as he pushed the door open, he immediately slid out from under Alex's arm and headed to his seat. Adelaide was in this class, at least he thought she was. He didn't really know. First period was usually the class he napped in, so quite honestly, he wasn't even sure.

All he wanted was to have this school day over with, honestly. He wanted to have hockey practice and then go sleep for ten hours, but that wasn't going to happen. Just freakin' great. And his girlfriend was mad at him, which was even more freaking great, and quite honestly, Lucas was ready to throw himself out a window. Today was off to a good start.
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Laurel Hicawaka. Supreme bitch, and Addy's former middle school best friend. Now president of the 'I Hate Adelaide' club, she was the last person she wanted to see the moment. So what ended their friendship exactly?

Multiple things, actually. Adelaide was too busy skating all the time, and ended up missing Laurel's 11th birthday party. (Yeah, the big 11. So important.) Missing that was the catalyst for a lot of different, really not that bad things, that Laurel took very seriously. At Addy's only official party, with boys and girls, she ended up playing 'Seven Minutes in Heaven' with none other than Lucas Desario. They didn't actually do anything in the closet, and instead stood there in awkward silence. Unfortunately, Laurel had the biggest crush an eleven year old girl could have on ol' Lucas, and was more pissed than J.D when Veronica broke up with him.

Now staring down the beast herself, Addy was at her limit. Especially with the comment Laurel just made. "No, Laurel, I do not have a hobo cut my hair, thank you for your concern," she grumbled out, finally standing straight. Her hands moved to bunch up the fabrics of her skirt, an obvious nervous habit she had. One that Laurel easily noticed.

"Aw, I'm sorry. You can't even afford to pay a homeless person to fix the mess on your head!" Laurel exclaimed, before casting a harsh glare at Addy. Oh, she did not just go there. Raising her finger up in an accusatory manner, Addy opened her mouth to snap back at the girl. Though she was quickly cut off, as someone new was approaching. Not just anyone, in fact. It was Laurel's boyfriend, yay! Leaning down to kiss Laurel on the cheek, it took everything Addy had to not gag at Lucas. Yep, Lucas Desario. The boy she apparently made out with in sixth grade, and who Laurel finally snagged. Forcing a smile onto her face, she only gave him a curt wave. She hardly knew the dude, but he had to be an idiot, right? He was dating Laurel, after all.

You can't just date Laurel and be mentally okay.

Apparently the hockey jock read the situation well enough, as he was quick to dip away from the situation. Addy took that as her chance to escape, widening her visible eye at Laurel and Lucas. "Oh, sure. I'll see you later," she practically snapped out, before turning on her heels and marching away. Least he provided a good distraction. Addy didn't have any periods with Laurel, which meant she only had to deal with Lucas somewhat. (And he was normally asleep during whatever period they shared together, so it wasn't an issue at all.)

Now she just had to avoid two people today.


The entire day was a drag. Addy spent most of the afternoon dodging Seth, before she hid in her car once the bell rang. All she had to do, was go to practice. Then the day was over, and she should watch as many bad Netflix romcoms as she wanted. So she put her car into reverse, before realizing her mistake and shifting it to drive. Then she went to the ice-rink. Arriving there on time, Addy could only exhale in relief. The hockey team wouldn't get there for at least twenty minutes, which gave her about thirty minutes of practice. (Putting on all that gear took a while, after all.)

Inside, she went through the normal routine. Putting on her leggings and tank top, lacing up her skates, hair in a bun. The gloves were last, and soon she was stepping out onto the ice. The rink wasn't open to the public at the moment, though girls still streamed in to watch the hockey players. They got there extra early to secure seats and chit-chat, and some even cheered whenever Addy landed a spin. It was like a free performance; Besides the times Addy fell or completely messed up.

Gliding across the ice, she just needed to warm up a bit with a few laps around the rink. Three facing forward, and three backwards. Then she'd start practicing her new routine. Thank god the day was almost over.

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