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Fandom A Journey Across Sinnoh


Dreams disappear when the dreamer wakes.
"No matter how many times I visit Lake Verity it's amazing every single time." Standing along the shoreline of Lake Verity was a young boy who quietly stared in awe at the scene before him. A flock of Starly soared through the sky, peppered throughout the trees were Burmy who silently hung from their branches careful as to not attract the attention of any said Starly who might be hungry, trudging through the snow covered floor was a Luxray which was closely followed by a pair of Shinx cubs, and swimming within the lake's crystal clear water were schools of Magikarp and Feebas. Having been able to travel the world and visit its many regions was a privilege not lost on John. He'd been to the all too simplistic Kanto Region, the bustling cities of Unova, the lesser known Orre region, the lush green fields of Kalos and Galar, and of course the tropical region of Alola. Though none of it could beat the love he had for his home region, Sinnoh. All I ask is for it to be a little bit warmer. He thought to himself as he watched flurries of snow gently fall towards the ground.

He could stand here for hours admiring the natural beauty before him, not to mention the fact that the lake itself gave off a powerful sense of joy, but that's not what brought him all the way down from Celestic Town. His gaze fell upon the large cavern that rested at the lakes center. "I wonder if those stories about the Lake Guardians residing within these caverns are true? Who knows, maybe it's the one observing us, eh Savathun?" He lowered his gaze towards the ghostly white and red wolf that sat beside him. "Zor..." The Pokémon coldly growled as it looked up at her trainer. "Your paws must be cold from all this snow. Come here you." John reached down to grab Savathun and in an attempt to warm her up, brought her closer to his chest.

Once again John's attention turned to the caverns entrance; he couldn't tell if it was the trick of the light or some sort of reflection, but it seemed as if a shimmering object hovered in the air. "Hm? Now, what could that be?" John muttered in curiosity. Though as quickly as it had appeared the shimmer vanished from sight. Even stranger was that the lake's joyous atmosphere vanished as well. The numerous Pokémon seen earlier quickly retreated from sight; leaving behind an ominous silence that hung in the air. A low growl from Savathun reached John's ears. Glancing at the Zorua in his arm he noticed something caught her attention.

It took John a moment to realize that he was no longer the only visitor. Standing just a few feet away was a man with cyan colored haired focusing on where the shimmering figure once hovered. "...The flowing time... The expanding space... I will make it all mine one day... Cyrus is my name. Remember it... legendary Pokémon of the lake bed..." The man mumbeled before turning to meet John's gaze. "Pardon me." Without so much as another word the man known as Cyrus excused himself. "Well, he certainly was the odd one." John whispered as he watched the man depart. Once the man had completely vanished from sight, the lake's joyous atmosphere returned, and a few wild Pokémon eased their way out of their hiding places. "Well, Savathun, we should start making our way to Sandgem Town. Professor Rowan is expecting us, and we both know how he can get when he's kept waiting." With a chuckle and another quck glance towards the cavern, the two made their way back to Route 201 and departed for Sandgem Town.
Oscar… Your claws are digging into my shoulder.

A chirp from the Archen as he tried his best to refluff his fur and tuck his head into Jordan’s collar, kneeding with his little claws and murping out an apologetic “Chen…” The two, trainer and Pokémon, were heading away from Sandgem Town on account of getting some fresh air. Hell, maybe they could stop by Lake Verity in the meanwhile- the legends about it make it seem like you’d want to spend hours at the lakeside.

So, through the chilly air Jordan walked, wearing her jacket with hands in her pockets, occasionally watching the Starly flutter by in the air. They reminded her of the flocks of Pidove back home, and a pang of homesickness filled her heart- but as soon as it appeared, Jordan smothered the feeling with a shake of the head. She was in Sinnoh, the land of legends! She could appreciate it a little more.

Thus, she continued walking down the route, trying to enjoy the feeling of the natural beauty of the region, until something caught her eye. Further down the route, heading in the direction towards Sandgem, was a boy with his Pokémon. However, Jordan couldn’t recognize the Pokémon he health immediately, but it’s shape beguiled something familiar… Stopping on the route, Oscar noticed the breakage, and lifted his head with a coo to see why Jordan stopped so suddenly.

But soon the Archen saw the trainer and his Pokémon as well, and fluffing out his fur and feathers, used Jordan’s shoulder as a kick pad to launch off. Flapping his wings for a few moments, the Archen hit the ground running, talking off in the direction of the newfound trainer. Jordan was startled by Oscar acting so sudden, and it took her a moment to register what had happened before she was quick to chase. “Oscar!! Come back!

However, a human cannot outrun a full-speed Archen much less an Archeops, and apparently the bird fossil was able to notice something quicker than his trainer.
Momo was seen running with her pokemon Bunsu the dachsbun out of sandgem "B-Bunsu we gotta outrun them!!" momo was running from a large crowd chasing her as she was doing a concert in sandgem town momo got really anxious since everyone wanted autographs momo could barely run momo only came to sandgem to get some fresh air from big city life in levincia or at least thats what she thought momo got recognized and had fans stalking her every move and she did a concert but that ended in her being chased by idol momo obsessed fans momo keeps running faster "It's so nerve-racking being an idol and having everyone want your autograph" she runs faster jumps over a puddle she runs down the trail with her bread dog pokemon and then sees a few people on the trail "O-OTHER PEOPLE-" momo twists her ankle from running too fast and falls and a loud bang is heard "ow....maybe running isnt the best idea...." she sighs and pets her dachsbun
For the most part the trek down Route 201 had been uneventful. The occasional Bidoof would make it's presence known if John wandered too closely to their territory, but a simple bark from Savathun was enough to send it scurrying back into the bushes. It had taken the pair no more than an hour to reach the outskirts of Sandgem Town. In truth it shouldn't have taken nearly that long, but trudging through all that snow had delayed them quite a bit. "I'm gonna get an earful from the Professor I just know it." He huffed. Oh wells. His little side trip to Lake Verity was worth the lecture. Though he wasn't prepared for what was to come.

Before he could continue foward he noticed something peculiar. Running at top speed was quite literally a living fossil. Was that an Archen? More importantly why was something like that running around freely in Sinnoh? He eyed the Pokemon curiously as it continued its sprint. Of course the revival of fossilized Pokémon was common place these days, but such Pokémon typically stayed in their home region. John thought began to trail off once it had occurred to him that said Pokémon was making a beeline straight in his direction.

Savathun couldn't allow herself to abide such a daring approach. She lept free from her trainers grasp and took a defensive stance between John and the Archen. In an attempt to intimidate the intruder, the wisp-like strand of fur on her head began to bristle upward. Unlike their modern-day cousins, this ancient form of Zorua lacked the formers' love for playful antics and are far more aggressive to those they don't trust.

"Easy girl. I don't think it's here for a fight." Not long after the Archen's sudden arrival did John begin to hear the shouts of another person coming from further down the path. Glancing behind the Archen he noticed a girl, presumably this Pokémon's trainer, trudging through the snow at a brisk pace. He waved the girl down and shouted, "Um is this your Archen? He's over here!"
Momo gets up embarrassed and keeps on walking limping "i hate you ground..WAHHHH!-" her dachsbun swoops in and momo is on its back "bunsu i cant ride you im too big! besides i dont wanna ride a dog its....embarassing....".

She tries to get up but her foot hurts "b-bunsu im fine see momo is fine!" she walks slowly doing a thumbs up "s-see all good- my leg is fine just a lil' sprai-" her dachsbun swoops in yet again and starts running down the path yet again while momo is trying to get off she knows she'll hit her head for how fast bunsu is.
"HOW ARE YOU RUNNING SO FAST I AM NOT THAT PETITE AND THIN!!-" she pulls on the dachsbun trying to hold on as bunsu dashes through the snow "THERES SNOW?! dang it i shouldnt have worn my uniform and thigh highs...".

She lets go of bunsu causing her to fall in the snow "REALLY- whoa my leg got better....." she stands up and starts drawing a picture of a pikachu on the snow before running off after seeing that the mob of fans caught up to her "WHY ARE THEY SO FAST-??" she starts running faster "WHYYYYYY" "i should have stayed in levincia..." she walks kicking rocks "stupid snow...its so cold......." she looks at bunsu who is barking "who are you barking at crazy dog...." bunsu sees a couple of trainers and barks loudly momo sighs "ill turn you into a croissant if you keep barking!" bunsu stops barking momo regrets what she said "BUNSU IT WAS A JOKE I PROMISE I WONT EAT YOU, YOU SMELL REALLY GOOD-" bunsu continues barking once again momo sighs "that made you feel better..."
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