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rootin’, tootin’ and boot scootin’

that’s what i call

“A history review for all of you who either just crawled out of the womb or the bunker. 2000, zero zero, party over, oops out of time, literally! When the new year came, so did the Y2K bug with devastating effects: the economy crashed, airplanes fell from the sky, power plants shut down, and the systems controlling nuclear weapon launch sequences malfunctioned. Civilization toppled globally, the (old) modern world ended, Backstreet would not be back, but humanity—as persistent as cockroaches—continued on.

Fast forward one hundred and fifty years later, and here we are: surviving. So here’s to hoping, wherever you are, the radiation doesn’t get you, or the wildlife, or the mutants, or the bandits. Happy anniversary, California.”

“This is The Housecat coming at all you creatures of the night live from WSKEE 103.8 FM. Whether you're prowling the wasteland or holed up in a safe house till dawn, I’ll be bringing you the classics, setting the mood, and, of course, delivering the latest news over the wave. Unfortunately, this one comes directly from our own studio: a mutant mauling takes the lives of several. Consider this a PSA to always check the quality of your wood before you barricade your windows. On an unrelated note, WSKEE is hiring disc jockeys, producers, engineers, a new receptionist, and the occasional intern. We’re located under that big neon tower outside of Los Angeles for further inquiries. Cannibals need not apply.
.....Now let’s get you back to the music.”

WSKEE takes place 150 years post apocalypse at a radio station near L.A., and is centered around the station’s staff. It is a semi-slice of life, survival roleplay with a hint of conspiracy and propaganda for the next rebellion.

Technology, aesthetic, culture and society remains heavily influenced by the 1990’s.

The U.S. is divided into several chunks, the northwest occupied by the Californian Republic, the Free State of California in the southwest, the Southern Dynasty in the south, N.U.S.A in the east coast, and the 12 colonies in the northeast. More information on the territories will be available in the discord server.

Inspiration taken from, but not connected to, the Fallout series.

≡ Rules ≡

+18 only

Discord required for ooc chatting, plotting, etc

To gauge what type of roleplay this’ll be, posts should be a couple paragraphs and pace will be casual.

Applications will be accepted based on best fit for the roleplay.

> I encourage people to get creative with their characters, especially with how they work at the station.
> Looking for non-combative characters, there will be survival elements, but nothing that would warrant a martial arts master or military sergeant type of character in our cast.
> Only accepting face claims, no art/anime.
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omg this idea is so fucking cool!!! (not to swear aimlessly; i simply cannot think of a better way to represent my excitement for such a cool idea)

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