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event synopsis:
it’s the annual back to school party! dinner has officially ended and it’s time for everyone to get ready for the party! if you do not wish to dance, you may settle on the sidelines and do your own thing. small snacks and drinks have been set out in case some students are still hungry. have fun and don’t stay up too late!
September 1st!

The 1st day back at Hogwarts!

The long train ride to Hogwarts had already commenced and new first years have been sorted and dinner had commenced for the evening! But now it was time for the first annual back to school party! A time for students new and old to mix and mingle. Meet new friends or reconnect with old ones! Just a fun way to greet the new school year!

The party was being held in the Great Hall, the tables and chairs being pushed to the side which left plenty of room in the middle for those who wanted to dance. Or just stay on the side lines and chat and mingle. A small food table and Punch bowl Were set out as well. Just small finger foods! Most wouldn't probably be too hungry after eating dinner!

But now was the time for students and staff alike to get changed and ready for the event!

Algernon has swiftly went back to his dorm after the dance announcement was made and dinner had been over to get changed and ready for the evening festivities. Swapping out his Hufflepuff uniform for a nice crisp white button down and grey slacks. Checking himself in the mirror before fluffing out the blonde curls before going to go wait outside the Slytherin dorms for a certain someone.

Wooooo! New year! Well, at least for Otto it’s going to be his last year at Hogwarts and his last year as Slytherin prefect. It was nice to be off of the train after a long journey back to Hogwarts - Otto would’ve started to worry that he might get a blood clot in his legs from that nine hour train ride! That’s something he usually worries about at the start of a new year at Hogwarts but not anymore! Well, when he’ll have to take the train ride back to the station then he’ll have to worry about it.


Dinner had ended and it was time to get ready for the annual back to school party. It’s the same thing every single year. Tables and benches being pushed back to the wall to make room for everyone. It’s nice that there’s a space for those who don’t want to be surrounded by a crowd or anything like that. Because Otto doesn’t do too well with big crowds; otter prefers the solitude of being away from the crowd. But hey, there’s free snacks! And how could otter say no to that? Otter can’t. Even if otter’s not all that hungry, otter’ll still indulge in a few of the sweet snacks. Maybe even take some.

Otto was beaming with excitement as otter got ready for the party. Otto decided not to go all out for the party. Like it’s just a simple back to school party and that’s all! The prefect settled on a short, off-shoulder black dress that had a shirt collar with buttons attached that went down the dress and a belt around the middle and matching black flats for shoes. He put in silver cat earrings and pushed at them with his index finger to make sure they stayed. Otto went to the mirror to check how he looked, nitpicking at the little things until otter was satisfied with how otter looked. After that, Otto did a small twirl before deciding to put his hair up in a short ponytail. Now that he was ready, he can wait for Algernon to pick him up.

Otto headed out of the Slytherin Dorms and to the Common Room to wait for his beloved boyfriend.

Algernon had been waiting for awhile with a soft hum. Knowing they should probably get on the way to the party. “ Otto?” He called out softly. “ I am here” He spoke loud enough to be heard through the door as He knocked softly making sure it wasn't a scary…..just a soft gentle knock. Before stepping back from the door to await Otto to come out and join him.

Then the Pair could walk to the dance together. And Dance that would be a fun way to Unwind after that very long train ride.

He’s here!

That was fast. The Slytherin Common Room was mostly empty with most students having already left for the party. So you know, it’s pretty quiet here in the common room. Spooky. Otto got up from where otter had been sitting on the couch next to the fireplace and otter made otters way over to the door. Definitely could do without the ominous sounding “I am here.” sounds like something a ghost would say. It does! But it sounds like Al so it’s definitely not a ghost! Okay, okay, no more stalling!

Otto was quick to head over to the door and he opened it up, being greeted with the sight of his lovely boyfriend. What should he do? What should he say? Uh…. His brain is stalling right now. Hehe whoops. Just say the first thing that comes to mind!

“Hey! Uh…. I missed you.” It hadn’t even been that long since the two of them had parted ways to get ready for the party. It’s been like what…. thirty minutes? an hour? twenty minutes? who knows! But still. Otto missed Algernon for however long they had parted ways. “Uhm….are you ready to head to the party?” He’s being awkward but that’s okay. The two of them can head to the party now!

Algernon smiled brighty when Otto opened the door and offered his arm out like a gentleman does. Giving him a encouraging nod. “ Well I missed you too….You look Nice. But yes I am ready to go!” He chuckled softly waiting for him to take his arm with an small wink. Before whisking him away too the party in the Great Hall.

“ You excited for our final year at Hogwarts?” He asked curiously looking at him as they headed to the Great Hall.

The Slytherin prefect beamed a bright grin at his boyfriend. Algernon is such a gentleman and Otto is such an absolutely lucky animagus. He sure is! Otto happily took Algernon’s arm and the two of them were off to the Great Hall for the party. “Of course I’m excited for our final year at Hogwarts!” Otto spoke with a nod. How could otter not be excited? Just one more year and then the two of them will be out in the world. “I’m going to miss being prefect though!” Of course otter’ll miss being the best prefect ever. But that’s okay though because when the two of them leave Hogwarts, they can probably live in a cute cottage together or something.

But for now, Otto is just ready to have a good time at the party.

And off they go to the party.
HOUSE: Both Slytherin

OUTFIT: Black button ups with loose black ties

LOCATION: Slytherin dormitory, then (via the common room) the hallways of Hogwarts

TL;DR Sebastian is already dressed, but they're getting ready in the dorms. After getting ready for the party, Draven hypes up a group of Slytherin boys before they head out for the great hall, being joined by a few friends from other houses along the way.
Sebastian & Draven Vatore
How many centuries deep is your wound?
The Vatore family's wealth was evident in the quality of the clothing both Sebastian and his brother picked to wear to the party, the young gentlemen both subconsciously living up to family expectations. Their parents didn't dictate what they wore nor were they watched as closely when they were at Hogwarts, but habits and traditions seemed to stick and it just so happened that looking good on special occasions was something of a Vatore family tradition. Much like most elite purebloods, their parents were always hammering on about how they were so much better than other wizarding families, this superiority encompassing appearances too.

Though he still did it, Sebastian didn't really see the value in dressing better than other people. Sure, when it came to doing magic and playing quidditch he was competitive for a multitude of reasons, but that was more about actually being good than simply looking good. Draven on the other hand, well…

“Where on Earth is it?” Draven asked, the frustration palpable in his voice as he stood half-shirtless by his bed in the Slytherin dormitory, rummaging through his drawers as he searched for what he was looking for. “Lost your broom again?” another male in the room asked, likely because that was the last thing Draven had lost (and since found). “It's a party, Ezekiel, why would I need my- No. Not my broom.” he sighed, his frustration lightened by an unserious laugh as he continued to search. "Just trying to help," Ezekiel replied, a hint of sulking in his tone.

“Check under the bed.” a third voice spoke up. The voice in question belonged to Sebastian, who was already fully dressed and sitting on the side of his bed with a little black notepad in his hand. His suggestion made Draven’s searching come to a halt, the male’s expression changing into a look of relief before he’d even tested Sebastian’s theory. Sure enough, when Draven bent down to peer underneath his bed he immediately laid eyes on the small bottle of cologne he had been looking for all along.

“Hold on a moment, I thought Draven was the legilimen. How did you-” Ezekiel asked, puzzled as to how Sebastian knew exactly what it was his brother had been looking for.

It's a twin thing” “It's a twin thing. And that’s where it was last time,” the pair of them remarked the first statement at the same time before letting out a simultaneous chuckle, having said the phrase to perplexed friends countless times throughout their lives. Sebastian and Draven were undeniably different, but nothing could change the fact that they were twins—it was a connection akin to a different, undiscovered type of magic, and no amount of differences or disagreements could sever it. Still, they were non-identical in more ways than one.

In all honesty, Sebastian wasn’t all that excited for the party. Now, he wasn’t really dreading it and he still enjoyed social gatherings most of the time, but he wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up slipping away from the group half way through the party to go explore the school while the corridors were mostly vacant. People expected him to turn up to these types of things, so he was going to at least show face. On the contrary, in Draven’s entire seventeen years on Earth, there had never been a party he wasn’t excited to go to. This one was of course no exception.

“Right.” Draven announced after a little while, finally finished getting ready. “What time is it, boys?” he asked, his captivating gaze sweeping over the faces of the group gathered in their corner of the dorms. “Party time?” one of his friends chimed in to respond.

“That’s right Jamie, you genius. Let's have the time of our bloody lives!” Draven said, his black eyes gleaming with anticipation as the last sentence left his lips.

Sebastian shut the notepad and shoved it into one of his pockets, getting up and slightly loosening his collar. The green-eyed male was wearing a black button up with a loose black tie, having decided not to bother with the overly-formal blazer. Standing across from him with a small smile resting on his lips, his brother Draven wore the same. Together, the group of Slytherin boys—all purebloods from wealthy families—walked out of the dorms and began heading to the great hall side by side. Along the way they were joined by a few honorary friends from different houses.
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Reaching up to finish putting up the last few directions up with a quick wave of a wand grasped firmly. Skyler let out a sigh of relief when the decor for the first back to party was up. Precariously perched on the ladder that her husband was graciously holding her. Clapping her hands proud of the decor looking down at Sylvester with a wide grin. “ All done ! “ She replied proudly climbing back down and hopping off the last bit of the ladder with a small hum brushing her hands off before smoothing out her clothing afterwards. The history of magic professor was definitely always a positive soul doing everything and was very much the polar opposite of Sylvester, who was always a bit grumpy except in private around his family.

Sylvester wasn’t look too much of anything in that moment but was dressed always nicely was really not looking like in the slightest that He wanted to be at this party, He only did as He was one of the chaperones and also to keep an eye on his wife and daughter. Both were on the more naive side and both had the knack of getting into trouble somehow. Skyler of course had calmed down so much since their student days, Sylvester could very much acknowledge that and He had to deal with a ton of shenanigans being the Transfiguration professor. But nothing was more tiring than dealing with the energy of two metamorphmagus all the time. Though He didn’t have to watch Fable fortunately all that much since she had gotten much older.

It was a bittersweet though that their rambunctious little daughter had grown up and was in her final year of Hogwarts now. He gave a nod of acknowledgment at his wife’s words and moved to wrap an arm around her and pull her close as all the students and fellow staff were finally filing into the Great Hall for this party. “ Good ... .I'm quite certain that it will be a fine party love” He replied fondly giving a small smile before going back to his normal grumpy expression. He was a grumpy man.

It wasn’t long before Fable had entered the great hall, chatting away with a few other students as She had finally made it into the room for the party. Her hair flitting from yellow, to green to blue and falling on a dark red for the time being. Fable never stuck to one hair color for long after all. Perks of being a metamorphmagus after all! Just like her momma. She had spotted her parents in the distance and decided to get the interaction over with. Unlike most students here, she unfortunately didn’t have the luxury of being to escape her parents while being at school. Nope! Not in her case, But growing up practically at the school had it’s perks as she knew of a bunch of secret passages and a ton of other secrets of the school that most students hadn’t ever seen. She hadn’t even shown any other student her findings yet. Yes, she was friendly and kind to everyone but she hadn’t gotten close enough with anyone else yet. Which was a bit of a pity considering her parents had met in their student days. But she knew it was going to happen someday right?

Running a hand through her hair with a sigh. As the Hufflepuff beater made her way over to her parents giving them both a hug. “ Good evening Momma and Papa” She replied with a soft grin. Skyler couldn’t help but give her daughter a tighter squeeze. While Sylvester ruffled her hair gently. “ Go on have a good time. We can catch up later” He replied nudging her away. Offering a hand to his wife to go enjoy the dance floor. Which Skyler only happily accepted at the two made their way to the dance floor before swaying together happily. Fable made a face of eww and just chuckled leaning back against the wall for the moment adjusting her dress with a small hum.

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