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Fantasy ᴀᴄᴏᴀᴀʙ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀꜱ


chaotic warrior princess

Character Rules.

✦ This story needs a lot of characters so feel free to make as many characters as you can handle. The only limitation on characters is that you may only have 1-2 characters in positions of power. This means you can't have the High Lord of Wind Court and the High Lord of River Court.

✦ You are free to chose how your character feels about the humans and the other courts and their stance on the wall, just keep in mind that the Vampires and Werewolves typically want it down while the humans and witches want to keep it up, while the Night Court is pretty in the middle. As long as your reasoning makes sense your character can have whatever ambitions and political stances you want.

✦ Appearance wise, each species is different. Vampires tend to be pale (though they can have any skin color), with red eyes, fangs, and bat-like wings.

✦ For faceclaims, since this is fantasy you can use drawn art but it would be helpful to include a realistic faceclaim as well

Character Sheet.

Alias: (if any)
Age: (Actual and appeared)


Motivations: (fears and ambitions)

Abilities: (if any)


the cast.

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chaotic warrior princess
  • A wolf is still a wolf, even in a cage, even dressed in silk.
    Ravenna Lancaster
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The Fluffiest Floof

Floof, truly the fluffiest
Name: Mara Moriendi
Alias: The Deathwitch, The Soul Snatcher
Age: 574 (Doesn't look a day older than 20)

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Witch
Court: River Court
Position: Councilmember

Hair: Black and usually kept short.
Eyes: Green
Skin: While her skin is pale, her face at first looks like it is painted. It is in fact, the black and white shapes being a sign of her unique gift.
Build: Mara is of average height and has a slender build. She does not have many curves, but is quite fit and in shape.
Wardrobe: Most of the clothes in the deathwitches repertiore are white and black. Its sort of a theme with her. She can usually be found wearing shirts and pants rather than dresses.


The presence of Mara Moriendi is intimidating. A witch older than most, rumored to have control over life and death. The eerie silence that she keeps herself shrouded in does little to help this impression. But the woman believes that it is best to speak when something has to be said, not for the sake of speaking alone. Due to that, she often rather listens, only speaking up when she is either presented with a question or feels that something important has to be added to the conversation.
Many rumors say her to be a cold monster, that plays with the lives of creatures for pure sadistic pleasure. Though those that spend time getting to know the witch will soon find that to be untrue. She is kind at heart, but her silent nature often fails to reveal that. She enjoys helping whoever winds up at her door, though she is always aware of the consequences of her actions and will never take a decision she finds to be outweighed by what it would cause. Mara claims that he who dances with death has to be careful never to lose the lead. And she does her very best to adhere to her own advice.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Likes: Quiet, Interesting Conversations, Helping People
Dislikes: Rash Decisions, Rumors, Prejudice
Motivations: Mara's motivation is to preserve the natural balance of life and death, seeing it as key for sustained existence in the world. She believes the creation of vampires and werewolves and as thus the fate that humans would suffer at their hands to be the witches responsibility and therefore is a strong advocate to take care of exactly that issue with measures such as the wall.

The powers of Mara all relate to life, death and souls. There are many rumors to what she can do, some true, some not.

Skeletal Servant
Mara is able to summon simple skeletons at will. These beings require no soul to be created, but due to that, are not sentient. They do what they are told, but lack the ability to improvise or think, making them useful for simple tasks, but not much more.

Soul Jar
Mara can imbue certain containers with part of her magic. These containers become soul jars, vessels capable of catching and containing the soul of a creature. The soul can be captured by holding the jar towards a dying creature. It does not work on creatures that are not currently in the process of deceasing. While these captured souls can be used to perform a variety of other abilities, they can also be strong alchemical components.

Whispers from the Grave
In a time consuming ritual, Mara is able to talk to the souls of those that have died, granted that she has that soul in a jar or the corpse when performing the ritual. The conciousness of the soul will be able to answer simple questions and knows only what it knew in life. Answers are usually brief, cryptic, or repetitive. The soul can't learn new information, doesn't comprehend anything that has happened since it died, and can't speculate about future events.

Summon Undead
While at first, it may seem similar to the Skeletal Servant ability, this is what could be considered its enhanced version. Requiring a captured soul, Mara creates a unique undead. This creature has no relation to the previous life of the soul. It is a new entity, however is sentient. These undead are similar to humans in their capabilities. However, the soul will not remain in the body indefinetly, usually leaving its forced form after a few days. It can be recaptured and using it to summon an undead again will result in the same entity, with memories of the last time it was called.

Life Transference
Mara is able to transfer the life force of one creature into another. That enables her to heal the wounds of people, at the expense of needing another creature that will suffer an amount equal to what was healed.

Disrupt Life
In a wave of dark energy, Mara is able to disrupt the life force of those around her. This does not inflict any damage, however, it will disable any form of regenerative or restorative ability for a little while and make those that usually are immune to mundane damage susceptible to it.

When presented with the captured soul and the recently deceased body of a creature, Mara is able to perform a ritual that will unite them once more. However, this ritual does not repair the body to any degree. If the creatures form is injured in a way that cannot sustain life, the ritual will fail.

Similar to Revivify this ability allows for a ritual to defy death. However, it is much more powerful. Requiring the captured soul and incredibly rare compotents, Mara is able to revive a creature into a new body, that will match their old form. This can be performed at any point, as long as the soul has been captured when the creature died. The components for this ritual are so incredibly costly, that Mara has rarely ever performed it.

Aura of Dread
Less of an active ability, the powers of life and death have taken a toll and shifted Maras aura. Anybody that stays within her vicinity will feel a strong sense of dread directed no particular reason. However, it seems that those, who truly consider her a friend, are immune to this effect.

The Undying
Her control over life and death has led Mara to cease aging. Neither does she need to eat, sleep or drink, even though she has the ability to do these things. She can still die to unnatural causes of death.

Due to her age and reclusion, Mara has had a lot of time to ponder many of the things that transpire. Her perspective is often a unique one.

There are many that still owe Mara favors, as they have required her services before.

They might not be strong or smart or quick... But those skeletons sure can be many.
While Mara carries a sword and kind of knows how to use it, she is anything but a fighter. Any trained soldier will easily best her.

Most people cannot stand being around her, as her Aura of Dread will usually quickly get the better of them. That also leads to her not being incredibly popular.

Feared, not respected
A witch like Mara is bound to cause rumors and those often happen to be negative. While nobody doubts her ability, many find her magic to be "unnatural" and fear her for her powers. That is a difficult standing for a council member to have.

Mara is a fairly old witch and has lived through a lot. She grew up rather eventless, though quickly learning that her powers were unlike any that another witch seemed to have displayed before. The more she learned about them, the more she realized the responsibilites that came with them. In her early years, Mara eagerly collected souls where she found them, though she never actively killed somebody to obtain their soul. Still, with the humans that sometimes ended up lost in the forests, there was a steady supply of dying creatures.
With time, she learned to see the delicate balance of life and death with new eyes, saw her own influence over it, but also saw how it needed to always be kept in check for things to be in order. Her unique powers and insights, along with her wise words, earned her a spot on the council when she was barely 70 years old.

Things changed when the vampires and werewolves came into being. The human population was almost extinct in the blink of an eye and many witches advocated that there must be action from the council. Mara was among these advocates, knowing that the life of humans could not be allowed to extinguish. However, she also knew that there was already too great of a population of vampires and werewolves to rid of them all. Due to that, Mara was part of a faction in the council that came up with the wall solution.

Ever since then, Mara has retreated to a lone cabin in the woods. Only coming to the court for council meetings or when especially asked to, she has lived reclused from most. When she was needed, people would seek her out, come to her cabin and leave once they had receieved the assistance they came for. This pattern led to many rumors about her, as words carried on over the years, then centuries. Mara never cared for what the people said about her, allowing these rumors to spread like a cancer in the entirety of the nothern forests.

Nowadays, everybody has heard about the Deathwitch, a woman with a face white like bone and hair black like tar. A witch able to command life and death, snatching the souls of those that are unlucky enough to get on her bad side. A woman that lived far withdrawn in a cabin where the rotting corpses of her previous victims seemed to dance. Old as time, being in the sheer presence of this terifying creature would suffice to syphon the life force of any poor creature caught in her glare. That was how the rumors depicted her.
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# night court

# vampire-witch

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minerva roosa
the vampire-witch
  • i
    full name
    minerva penellaphe roosa
    mina, the siphoner witch
    unknown, appears to be inher early twenties
    female (she/her)
    heterosexual heteroromantic
    vampire-witch hybrid
    night court
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# human realms

# human

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ash vidal
the human prince
  • i
    full name
    ashton elias vidal
    ash, the ice prince, prince ashton
    twenty-three years old
    male (he/him)
    heterosexual heteroromantic
    a prince of the mortal realms
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Name: Bruno Jenkins
Alias: Night Watcher
Age: 700 / But looks 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Species: Vampire
Court: Wind
Position : Member

Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark blue
Skin: Pale

Build: Bruno is of the thinner looking side, he looks to have no muscular build. He is somebody who looks to not win in a fight. However, he has super strength due to his powers.

Wardrobe: Bruno wears mainly dark looking clothing, things like leather and ripped jeans. Your typical gothic looking guy, going along with that typical vampire style. Although, Bruno dose pull of a suit and sometimes wears them which can surprise people. His suits tend to be red and black or just the colours on there own.

Face claim.


Bruno is your typical ‘Troubled child aesthetic’ he’s very immature and arrogant. He thinks he’s better then people because of his talents and because of what he is, being a full blooded vampire. He looks down on those who are not, especially humans. Though those who are higher ranked then him he shows slight respect but still holds are attitude which can sometimes be a issue with him. However, deep down in his cold black heart theres something ’sweet’ there although they have to be close to Bruno to experience this side of him. Very close to Bruno, or even if he feels they are worthy of it.

Alignment: Evil (Wasn’t sure what to putnfjfnkdndkdn)
Likes: Getting into fights if necessary / Being the centre of attention/ Flirting/ Being blunt/
Dislikes: Those who look down on him

Motivation: Bruno is motivated to keep things as they are and having Vampires at the top of the food chain, he’s not that fond of half breeds and especially humans. he believes Vampires are superior hence why they should be at the top of the chain.

Super strength: Bruno has super strength which allows him to brake things easily and knock people /things out he understand things have limits to what they can take however. Though another benefit is he can control the amount of his strength he uses.

Toxicity: Brunos nails hold a toxic liquid, meaning if he can get close enough to something he can inject poison into there blood system by cutting them with said nails. Though sometimes this can be difficult as he needs to get close as mentioned. This dose not effect him however. He can choose who to use this upon, and there can be limitations.

Quickness: Bruno is rather fast and swift, he dose not exactly use it in the way he’s meant to as he dose not tend to focus. With being so hot headed and arrogant he mainly focuses on his strength and toxicity power. So it’s something he needs to improve upon.


Arrogance: As mentioned prior with his arrogance and attitude Bruno tends to to face first into battles relying on his other abilities meaning he can be a open target. He is mostly a brawler

Focus: He dose not really focus in battles, he never anticipates his targets next move or expect the unexpected. He usually bases targets on others he has beaten thinking they are likely going to fight like they once did.


Bruno was born as a pure blooded vampire, his parents unfortunately died by unforeseen circumstances. Which left Bruno defenceless and having to fend for himself. Which he mostly managed to handle down to his powers, though also leading to the reason he depends on it. And because he never really learned how to deal in situations without his power.

Overtime as Bruno grew up by himself he begun to learn fully about the situation that happened Between the different Species that lived on this land. Which grew his anger against half breeds and humans, he felt disgusted by the way they mixed blood lines together. And he was not a fan of humans either way. Though with the witches building the wall, he could not deal with this situation alone. However, after searching for a way he could do this it lead Bruno to joining the Wind court. Bruno felt along with them and there similar shared ideals, together they could take down these disgusting creations and have Vampires on the top of the food chain.

Although with joining Wind court, Bruno needed to learn about hierarchy and where he stood. With his immaturity, arrogance, attitude and all around hot headed behaviour. It took him awhile to understand he had to show respect to his higher ranked allies. Though, Bruno still held his attitude as he felt changing his ways was a weakness. A disgusting weakness that if he let his walls down, he would easily be manipulated as I’m some ways he felt being kind and loving was weak. Bruno is a rather complicated Guy.

I know it’s short but Bruno is a newish Oc )))


Abominable Squirrelman
Name: Cornelius Cane
Alias: Corn
Age: 22
Gender: male
Sexuality: homosexual, homoromantic
Species: were-witch half breed
Court: Witches
Position: slave/assistant

Hair: white
Eyes: yellow
Skin: tan
Build: slim
Wardrobe: tends to wear servant clothing, save for the necklace around his neck

Personality: Cornelius is a bright individual who's outlook on life hasn't been dogged by his poor fortune. He's happy with his life as a servant and though would enjoy finer things, is not actively seeking them. He's very dog-like in his mannerisms and is a bit more feral than his witch counterparts, though maybe not as feral as his werewolf ones. He enjoys the company of others and is a tad territorial of his things. But despite his tendency to be protective of those he serves, he's altogether just a big magical puppy.
Alignment: Neutral good
Vices: territorial, poor magic user, physically weak, naive, sheltered
Virtues: kind, open minded, sweet, playful, hard-working, stealthy
Likes: birds, dogs, cows, sheep, lots of animals, the snow, playing, eavesdropping
Dislikes: bullies, summer, people taking his stuff, slackers, vagueness
Motivations: Corn fears both the fact that his parents might be dead and the fact that they might not. His motivation for life is to just enjoy it and brighten the lives of those around him as much as he can.

Abilities: can turn into a small wolf and knows very basic level spells
Strengths: optimistic, mental fortitude, confidence
Weaknesses: new things can either make him anxious and nervous or excited, it's a toss up, physically weak, prone to headaches and has poor health at certain times, works himself too hard
Background: Cornelius' story begins maybe a week old on a young witch's doorstep in the middle of a calm rainy night. Of course his little whimpers and wails woke the whole block, the witch, a woman by the name of Visha, easily took him in. From there he grew up in court, a servant of higher witches. Everyone around him would inevitably try and teach him magic, but would only get so far before it just wouldn't work for the young half-breed. Corn has had a relatively uneventful life and sheltered by the court's witches and his own adoptive mother, he retains a certain childlike innocence and naivete that often others who have had it rough are not endeared to. Despite that, he's still a friendly wolf-witch.

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