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neon reverie

ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀ ᴅɪsᴄɪᴘʟᴇ


Spring had washed in like the tide, advancing confidently with warmth one day and then retreating the next. In March, the wintry wind still gusted fiercely, beckoning a return to the bitterness of months before. In April, the light pink hues of the cherry blossoms were bathed in tepid air that encouraged them gently. In May, the season truly came alive and banished chills to memory, allowing the flowers to gleam like spring’s own jewels.

Miyeon used to love spring, was once able to capture the simple wonders of it – like the way the ground was scattered with vivid blooms whose petals danced in the breeze, or how the birds flit from branch to branch in harmonious song. Spring used to come with that ray of hope, a florescent testament to survival of a heart so fragile the frost of winter could very well shatter it. It used to bring a little bit more strength to a seemingly powerless situation. You could say that it helped – that every blossom of hope had budded her a second chance – however, her favourite season had not been the same anymore. Spring might have lifted the weight of borrowed time from her shoulders, but life had added a new kind of steel heavy enough to drag her towards the bottom of the ocean. Miyeon found herself buried under another wonton of struggles, leaving little room to take a breathe and admire such simplicities anymore. Spring was no longer the halcyon of the year, instead slinking back into the dark background with the other seasons.

Nevertheless, spring had always been patient, always returning in the calm between each storm. And fate would prove so that the season still had surprises wreathed beneath its green carpet.

It all started on a mild day in May with Miyeon bustling through the tables in a local restaurant. She should have anticipated it from the start, should have seen it coming the moment her close friend entered the establishment. Multiple gazes were immediately drawn to the woman, if only because of the stark difference in looks. Soo-min was the daughter of a banker family and her outfit held no reservations in reflection; the high-end designer logos twinkling opulently even in the dimmed lights of the market restaurant. One might think such a lady to be lost and looking for help in this place, but her steps held clear purpose as she strode through the restaurant. It was only when she spotted Miyeon that a smile broke through the previous glacial features.

“Miyeon-ah!” Soo-min called out in particular, pitched Soo-min style.

“Soo-min? W-what are you doing here?” Miyeon couldn’t help but question as her friend pranced over. Soo-min rarely visited her at work, knowing that Miyeon didn’t like her friends being at her work place during her shifts. It was not so much about shame (which she couldn’t really afford to have in the first place) but more so about having her different parts of life not bleed into each other. In her opinion, work and school and friends all were better existing in their separate, organized realms. It relieved her life of possible complications that could bring unwarranted drama and made everything just a little easier to get through. Her close friends, blessed as they were, understood that and she wasn’t present enough in the social aspects of college and work to have that branch between herself and colleagues/students that could elicit interest in her life.

“I have an emergency-‘’ her friend explained, though knowing Soo-min it was not the kind of emergency that would require immediate attention. Chances were, it was either a fashion mishap or surrounding the horrors of the dating scene ( as Soo-min once so aptly described). But Miyeon would not be a good friend if she didn’t lend a hearing ear to her best friend’s woes -- no matter how trivial they were in comparison to her own.

“- it’s about our blind group date tomorrow. You still remember Soo-ji? Blonde hair, always wears colored contacts, purses full of gossip? Yes, well I invited her to help her feel confident about herself after that breakup with Eun-woo. Oh, but here it comes. Turns out, and hear me out.... the two never broke up! It was a total lie and she only wanted in on a group blind date to make Eun-woo jealous! Can you believe it?? I was totally shocked!” Soo-min’s wild gestures almost smacked a patron in the face and the woman turned slightly more mellow upon realization, uttering a quiet apology and holding her hand up next to her face. Nevertheless, she quickly turned back to Miyeon and grasped her by the shoulder, overly sweet smile on her face.

“So… We kind of have a vacant spot that needs to be filled.”

“Uh, no way.”
Miyeon took a step back, shaking her head. Her days were already a few hours short with having to juggle multiple jobs, college and the occasional social outing with friends. Adding dating to the mix was a recipe of disaster and simply not something she could afford to even consider. “Sorry So, but you know how I feel about-“

Soo-min grasped Miyeon by the arm, lips pouting and eyes pleading. “I know how you don’t want to do anything with dating, which I hate because you deserve someone who you can share your new heart with, but can you make an exception this once? For me?” and as if the pleading display didn’t have enough persuasion, Soo-min wickedly threw in an incentive that even Miyeon could hardly turn down.

“I will even pay you for it!”
══════════════════ ══════════════════​

Curse you Soo-min.

Miyeon silently cursed as she was sitting in a booth with that very best friend. Next to Soo-min was another girl that she could recognize from some of her friend’s photos on Instagram. They both looked utterly prepared to capture the boys with their appearances first, being donned in carefully coordinated outfits and make-up that spoke confidence and beauty. If it wasn’t for Soo-min lending Miyeon a dress of hers for the occasion, she was certain to not be able to feel more like a fish out of the water. Although, even with the visuals on somewhat equal level, nothing was able to squash that unease centred in the pit of her stomach. It felt kind of wrong to be there and pretend that she was interested in the prospect of dating when that could not be farther from the truth. Alas, the world could not be morally as black and white as those privileged might see it. Not when surviving happened in the grey of it all. And not when getting paid to sit in a café and attend a blind date meant being able to afford food for another week or so.

So whoever the unfortunate boy might be to lay eyes on her today.

Sorry but not sorry.


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“Life moves on and so should we” was a quote that Han-Gyeol read somewhere, but it was easier to say it than actually following it, but in reality, life did move on and time never stopped even if you wanted it, but even if the seasons changed and the flowers once again blossomed and they continued their life course for Han-Gyeol it was almost as if he was stuck in this cycle where time didn't move on, at least for him. Where everyone and everything would move on and he would just be there seeing their lives continue as if nothing happened.

His life didn't have a meaning anymore, not after Minji's death he just became a soulless body that just woke up every day following the same old routine, trying to keep his mind busy at work so he wouldn't let his emotions take control over him. His hatred towards himself for his impatient decision, the loneliness, and pain that his heart felt every second of the day, was it even worth it to continue living? He wasn't sure anymore, but he was sure that Minji would hate him if he did something like that, she would have wanted him to continue living and live for the both of them, but could he do it? When the love of his life was taken so suddenly.

But even with all the emotional pain that he felt, he continued. He tried to move on have a normal life, he graduated, got a job, and try to reconnect with his friends and family after he pushed them after the death of Minji. But even if he put all of his efforts into it, it never meant anything to him, he was doing it just to pretend that he was fine, that he was getting better in the eyes of everyone else when in reality he was just as heartbroken as the first day. Would he be able to feel ever again? Or would the loneliness just devour him until there was not a turning point?

His monotonous life was the only thing that kept him on track, from the outside he was seen as a cold workaholic, that was more of a pain to work with than an actual reward, he even knew it, but he just wanted to get the job done rather than engaging with his colleagues, not even his old self before he met Minji was such an asshole to people, even if he was on the quiet side he still cared for people feelings, but the actual Han-Gyeol couldn't care less about the words he said and he didn't think twice and harming someone with his detrimental words. Did he really mean his words all those times he made more than one cry and making them feel they were complete failures? He wanted to say no, but it was a complete lie, maybe it was the fact that he was bitter at seeing all those people smile, that he just wanted to make their life as miserable as his just to cope with his own pain.

So, when Jung-Ho his, best friend from childhood and the one that was there for him during all his hardships, including Minji's death asked him if he wanted to hang out with him, he didn't overthink his reasoning on why he wanted to spend time with him, after all, Jung-Hon was one of the few if not the only one besides his parents, that he didn't hate the idea of seeing, although when he said they would meet at a cafe it took her by surprised, the few times they hung out together they would usually go to eat chicken and have a beer if Han-Gyeol would have found out sooner what his best friend was planning he would have refused in the first place.

It wasn't until he was already at the cafe and he was following his best friend with one of the friends of Jung-Ho from the university that he put the pieces together when they saw three girls sitting on the booth they were heading to. Han-Gyeol grabbed his best friend stopping him "What the hell is this? Did you really drag me to a blind date? You know I'm not interested in this kind of bullshit, you should have found someone else, I'm leaving" He said to his best friend "This is why I didn't tell you in the first place because I knew you would react like this, I know you are not interested in this kind of thing, but we needed someone to fill the group and you were the only that I could think off, besides it wouldn't be so bad to meet someone new... as a friend of course, not like I was trying to imply something else" Jung-Ho replied trying to not make even angrier his childhood friend "Listen, you don't have to be interested in the girl if you don't want to, just don't be rude or mean to her and I promise I'll pay for your drinks next time we go out" Jung-Ho added, with a deep and annoyed sigh Han-Gyeol agreed "Whatever, I'll do it, just to get over with this" Han-Gyeol replied.

After the pair of best friends finished with their small argument, they reached the booth where Jung-Ho's friend already was and the three girls who were expecting to have a nice blind date, unfortunately for one of them Han-Gyeol wouldn't be their prince charming, the three of them took a seat on the booth and Jung-Ho started talking to the girls "Sorry to keep you waiting, my friend and I needed to discuss something first I'm Lee Jung-Ho by the way, nice to meet you all" the guy said "I'm Park Ha-Jun, nice to meet you" said the other guy, it wasn't until Jung-Ho elbowed Han-Gyeol that he realized it was his time to introduce himself, not like he really wanted these strangers to know his name but he needed to follow the formalities "Oh Han-Gyeol" he said without any emotion, he was not really helping to set the mood, he just wanted to leave already "I'll go to get something to drink, what you want?" he said to the girl that was sitting in front of him, sure he was an asshole but at least he was a polite asshole.
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Oh Han-Gyeol

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neon reverie

ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀ ᴅɪsᴄɪᴘʟᴇ


Their dates seemed… okay. There were no immediate red flags emerging with their entrance, their smiles shining a genuine kindness and their posture harbouring no sense of conceit. They seemed like good guys, but just not for her. Aside from having no time for anything besides work, school and the occasional hang-out with friends, Miyeon was certain that any of the garnered interest would cease the moment they would find out how utterly little money she had. Poverty was like that; a thread of judgment stuck to you to the point that everything you did was stitched with its colour. Was it pessimistic and a tad judgmental of her to assume that everyone would have a prejudice against the poor in society? Perhaps – but her heart had already died once, she was not about to risk losing it for a second time.

"I'll go to get something to drink, what you want?"

Miyeon lifted her gaze from the table, eyes meeting the dark ones of the boy sitting across from her. Ba-dump. Ba-dump. What the... Her hand consciously reached for the place where her heart resided, confusion flooding the mind. Did her heart just start beating faster? By looking him in the eyes?? It was almost as if her heart was beating in familiarity... but that didn't make any sense; they had never met before. Miyeon internally shook her head. She was wholy blaming this on the energy drinks she had chugged this morning instead of breakfast.

“A mint tea, please.”
she replied, which earned a surprised look from her best friend.

“I thought you absolutely hated that drink?”
Soo-min questioned in a whisper, though, naturally loud as she was, her voice still held enough volume to be heard by the others.

“I did, but I guess not dying puts things into new perspective.” Miyeon shrugged. It was kind of a weird side effect; to go from hating one thing to loving it. Ever since the transplant, some of her tastes and preferences had altered. She often wondered if these were inherited from the very donor themself or if was a side effect of the surgery itself. She didn't bother finding out.

An awkward silence had followed, a melange of confusion and question swimming in the gazes briefly pulled to her figure. It was Soo-min who attempted to break to shatter the uneased quietude with a small laugh and a pat on Miyeon’s shoulder.

“She is talking about her heart transplant.”
She explained. A couple of understanding oohs and aahs then erupted from the other side, and one of the other guys nodded sympathetically at her.

“A heart transplant? Wow, I heard those are pretty difficult to get.”

“It is…” Miyeon mumbled, hands tightly grasping onto the fabric of her skirt under the table. This was a conversation that came in repetition, a cycle that bore no escape. Miyeon knew exactly which words would follow next and dreaded them.

“Then you must feel lucky!”
the tone was cheerful, the sentence a well-intentioned encouragement. What a shame it was tarnished by an ill-fated hand.

Lucky. Miyeon could not stand that word. She despised the threads of positivity behind it, hated how close it was tied to gratitude. It seemed those two always walked hand in hand; if you were lucky then you must feel grateful, and if you were grateful then that was lucky. Well, she did not feel either. Her new heart might have granted her time, but it also stripped her from wonder. This second chance felt like meeting a world, only to be exiled from it. It was like opening your eyes to witness the golden hour, only for it to disappear and you needing to learn how to deal with the darkness suddenly befalling upon you. While her parents had enough love to accept the price of their daughter, Miyeon had too much to feel grateful about it. Her life to them was a gift, but to her a burden. A cause of struggle to those she held dear more than anything else. She could not say that, though, could she?


This was a weight meant to be shouldered by her alone.

Miyeon inhaled a sharp breathe, before flashing a fabricated smile back.

“Yup-“ was the short answer. Her gaze then turned to her best friend and she proceeded to nudge her.

“Soo-min-ah, shouldn’t we also order something to eat? I heard the cakes here are delicious.”

Was this a tactic to switch topics fast? Maybe. But if she was to endure this date for a whole hour, she better get some free cake out of it too. Rising up from her seat, she then glanced over to the boy across from her.

"Let me go with you. I'd like to browse the cakes in the display anyway."


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Han-Gyeol was not really the type to be patient towards others, well there was a time when he was patient, but after Minji's death it switched to not waiting to interact with people, so the less they had to be with them the best for him so having to wait for them make up their mind wasn't exactly pleasant for him, and the girl in front of him wasn't making it any easier, because for some reason she was staring at him deeply, did he had something on his face? Was she somehow mesmerized by him? Well, if that was the case, then she just needed to have better standards because he was for sure the opposite of Prince Charming.

After what felt like an eternity when in reality it was just a couple of seconds the girl finally spoke “A mint tea, please.” Why out of all the beverages, she had to choose mint tea? The flashbacks of going to cafes with Minji came hitting him like a rock, he never understood how she loved mint tea, he was sure that she loved more mint tea than she loved him, well that might have been an exaggeration, but hearing someone wanting the same drink that he always bought her was not helping him at all, but it wasn't like Minji could be the one that liked mint tea, it was just a common drink just like mocha or an expresso.

But just like him, the girl who he thought was the friend of his supposed "date" was in a shock too by the choice of the girl, the reply of the girl didn't help to light up the mood, and he thought he was for sure the one ruining the mood, so now not only he was on a blind date without he even wanted, but now he was stuck with the girl hat had an almost dying experience, Jung-Ho really thought he had made a match made in heaven, the guy with the drying girlfriend and the girl that was mostly about to die, they really scream couple goals, he was really going to punch his friend after this.

As kind of a savior, her friend started explaining the reason behind her words, so she had a heart transplant, he almost laughed out of the irony of the situation, when he was still in love with someone that didn't have a second life to live, but now was stuck during the evening with a girl that as lucky to had a second chance, not like he was against the idea of her living, after all, that's what everything wanted and even if they didn't want to accept it everyone was afraid of dying in that girl experienced that fear so closely that he almost felt bad.

It didn't take long until the comments on how she was so lucky to be able to have a new heart started coming, he was sure that they weren't coming from a place of hate, but that's what people do try to comfort, he could still hear to this day everyone trying to comfort him saying that they felt the same way and that they missed Minji and that they would be there for him, back then he didn't want people to feel pity for him, they didn't understand how he really felt and he was sure that girl didn't want people to feel pity for her in those comments that reassure she was lucky for being able to live, but he didn't want to be involved even if he wanted to shut up everyone, but the girl managed the situation quite well, so it was most likely she was used to this kind of situations.

It was obvious that she wanted to change the subject as she started talking to her friend about the pastries of the place and how good were. He was expecting the words of the girl were true after all he had quite the sweet tooth even if it didn't seem like it. And once again she directed her words towards him telling him that she wanted to browse the cakes in the display, he didn't mind, after all, he was paying, but that did take away the few minutes he would have on his own "Lead the way" he said to the girl as he started walking towards the display, as the girl started looking at the cakes he walked towards the counter when he saw a girl and guy who seemed to work there by their uniforms arguing great

"How many times have I tell you that for a latte machiatto you add first the steamed because if you add the coffee first you will be making a cappuccino" the girl said to the guy, this was not getting better, it didn't take long until the girl noticed him "Sorry for the waiting, what would you like to order?" The girl asked him "A mint tea and a marocchino, also add a slice of strawberry shortcake and whatever slice of cake she wants." Han-Gyeol replied as the girl started tapping on the screen just to turn back to the guy who was as annoyed as her and Hangyeol "Are you going to stay there? Listen Taesun your pretty face is not going to make the orders move faster so go and start preparing the drinks" She told annoyed which only make the Taesun guy roll his eyes, this was just surreal, now not Han-Gyeol was stuck on a date he didn't want to be part of now he had to deal with two baristas arguing, life couldn't get any better
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Oh Han-Gyeol

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neon reverie

ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀ ᴅɪsᴄɪᴘʟᴇ


Cold. Han-Gyeol’s presence harbored a frigidity only winter could bring, his demeanor saturated in such a bitterness even someone as uninterested in today’s affair and people like Miyeon could sense it. It needed no language; the disinterest shone brightly amidst the dark sea of his eyes. In the lapses of silence between the two, Miyeon was able to discern two things: one, her heart still oddly felt like it was beating in familiarity to his frozen aura, and two, this man might possibly be even less interested in the group date than her. The former sparked a confusion she was too tired to unravel and a curiosity she was too poor to afford. The latter brought a sense of selfish comfort, the thought of the two being here out of duty rather than seeking romance laying more easy on the conscience. In this case, Miyeon would feel less bad about pretending this guy was solely composed of thin air. Who knows? Perhaps they even could band together and abandon the group date at earlier under false pretence.

Miyeon made sure to store that option in the back of her mind while browsing the delicious looking desserts in the glass display. It had been a long time since she had tasted such a pristine confection, the last time dating back almost a year ago. Her parents wanted to procure a bakery cake for her birthday earlier this year but the promise was unsurprisingly broken by an unexpected expense. They had then insisted on buying ingredients to make a cake themselves but Miyeon could not let that happen either. Not when they had not eaten dinner for those past few days. In the end, she was the one who laid down some money to ensure she would not have to see her parents go hungry on her birthday. A sequence of images and sounds flickered into existence upon recalling that day; a pained expression of gratitude, unbidden tears at the sight of multiple dishes, hushed whispers twisted in anger and shame. Miyeon’s reality was that of survival rather than living, the comfortable life she once lived being nothing more than a fossil. Long dead and buried deep. Even now, an element of guilt traversed through the body, the thought of her parents not being able to afford normal meals let alone sweets sitting heavily on her shoulders. Was this cake truly a luxury she deserved right now? Miyeon pressed her lips together in debate, eyes resting on that slice of cheesecake. If only she could take it with h-

Movement caught in the corner of the eye, another girl appearing from the back and in her hands a large box. “Here are the take-away boxes you needed.” the girl spoke, grasping the attention of the girl at the counter. “Great, thank you. Let me- hold on… Tae-sun, are you seriously messing up those drinks right now?” The girl behind the counter glared at the guy who looked like he was in a battle with the coffee machine. “I can’t believe you got through the hiring process. Ugh, just step aside.” the girl pushed the guy aside and waved dismissively at him. “Take over the box from Yena and go place the take-away boxes over there. Yena, can you go and finish taking this order?” The guy returned an annoyed glare of his own, before shaking his head and muttering;” Why even send the blind girl to go get new boxes in the first place…” The blind girl merely rolled her eyes as she passed him, before taking her place behind the counter and looking into their direction. “So, was there anything else you wanted?”

Miyeon blinked, slightly taken back by the prospect of a blind girl working at a cafe. Was that a jab or a fact? Oh well, it was not any of her business in the first place. "I'd like the cheesecake. You can take these drinks and desserts to go?” she asked, pointing at the display. The girl nodded in return. Ah, this changed things. Miyeon turned her head to the guy beside her, an idea lighting up in her head. Now it was the time to test her theory.

She cleared her throat, hoping to gain his attention.

“Look, the truth here is that I am not here on this group date because I am interested in dating. It’s quite the opposite actually, and based on what I’ve seen, you are in the same boat. So why don’t we take this all to go and pretend that we want some private time elsewhere? We can just separate our ways as soon as possible. This way, I get the free cake I came for and we both don’t have to deal with the group date for another hour.”


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What did Hangyeol do in order to be stuck on this date? It was pretty obvious that he didn't want to be on this date, he was dragged to this without his consent and the last thing he wanted was to think of another relationship, his heart belonged to Minji and no one else, and sure more than anyone wanted him to move on but Hangyeol didn't want to move on from Minji, she was the love of his life how hard was that to understand that? And it wasn't like he hadn't moved on. He had a good job and a stable that for him was enough and his lack of emotional connections was just a choice, not a coping mechanism that he was angry at everyone else from moving on after Minji's death, well it kind of was but he wasn't going to admit what everyone already told him.

Could those teenagers stop arguing and give him his order? He wasn't in the mood to deal with people that weren't being efficient even if they were what he thought looked like high schoolers. He just wanted his coffee and piece of cake and just focused on that while everyone else had a fun time, then he would pretend that he needed to do something at work and leave without looking back or caring if he made a good impression.

How long would Miyeon take to choose something, she was really taking her sweet time with it. That's when he heard the girl ask something to one of the baristas "I'd like the cheesecake. You can take these drinks and desserts to go?” What was she thinking? He knew he made a bad impression, but having a girl saying out loud she would ditch him felt strange, after all his only girlfriend was Minji and she never ditch any of their dates or when he asked her to become his girlfriend she said yes to him with a big smile on her face. So this is how it felt to be rejected.

He glanced at her when she cleared her throat, so now they were about to have a conversation. Great. “Look, the truth here is that I am not here on this group date because I am interested in dating. It’s quite the opposite actually, and based on what I’ve seen, you are in the same boat. So why don’t we take this all to go and pretend that we want some private time elsewhere? We can just separate our ways as soon as possible. This way, I get the free cake I came for and we both don’t have to deal with the group date for another hour.”

So the girl offered of them leaving together and they going their separate ways since none of them wanted to be involved with a blind date "Good you have taken notice of my lack of interest of being here, nothing against you, but you are not my type and I'm too busy to even think of dating, and just like you said being here is the last place I want to be so let's do it I don't have anything to lose" he replied to Miyeon "Could you pack them to go?" he said to the cashier as he started paying for their order. It didn't take long until their order was ready, he grabbed his coffee and piece of cake and walked towards the table that his friends were sitting "We are going our own way, we would like to spend some time alone" He said with a small shrug, it was weird to say he was interested in someone even if it was a lie.

In shock Jung-Ho was fine after all, Han-Gyeol was still spending time with his date, pretending that the couple was interested on each other, they left the Cafe where they were received by the crowd of the city "I can give you a ride if you want, I'm sure you came with your friends together so I doubt you have a way to go back, but if you don't want I guess that's all. So enjoy your coffee and cheesecake" he said without any emotion.
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Oh Han-Gyeol

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Relief. A single breath escaped from her lungs, and with it, carried some of the weight heavy on the soul up to the heavens. In an alternate reality, Miyeon would have been enticed to continue this date -- even if it was moreover out of spite upon his response. He surely did not sugar coat anything coming out of his mouth, tone monotone yet puncturing. If the facial canvas of complete disinterest was not already a giveaway, the line “here is the last place I want to be” conveyed it all. Miyeon could barely blame him -- she couldn’t afford most jeweled hues of the human’s emotional palette in the first place .

Miyeon was still suspended on the hands of an evanescent ticking. Pending on the bear of a vein woven drum. Fragile and fleeting. A girl no longer running out of time but too busy surviving to walk. It was easy to forget now, how effervescent and free she could feel like she did in her childhood. Everything faded; the shimmer of the lakes midst summer holiday; the wild laughter in night skies; the ceaseless chatter during a brunch out. Every day seemed to bring fresh miracles and bright joy. Now, any glimpse of joy existed in receiving a little bit more money to get through the week. In this reality, Miyeon could not wait to escape this group date and hopefully secure a work shift for the day still. Being concerned with a boy liking her or not was not even on her radar.

Miyeon merely followed his lead as they walked back to the group. Surprise was etched onto Soo-min’s face, though it was quickly replaced by a smile and an encouraging nod. Of course, Miyeon’s phone pinged with a message while walking towards the exit of the cafe. Undoubtedly a text from her best friend, probably a sequence of cheers and absolutely a demand to receive a full update on a date that was definitely not happening. Oh well, it would not be completely untruthful if she’d say it didn’t work out.

Mind already occupied with getting home, Miyeon had already taken a step into the right direction when the offer of a ride flowed into the air. Her eyebrows quirked up as she gazed back at the man, half surprised by the offer. He did not seem like someone who did gestures like that. But despite that and his utter flat cadence, it looked like he meant it, causing an inner debate to commence. On one hand, him giving a ride would spare Miyeon money from having to take public transport, as she was living on the outskirts of the city. On the other hand, it would give him an indication if not the complete truth of where she was living and how. This would result in either a pity party or an aversion fest -- both she didn’t want or need. Shaking her head, she mustered a small smile.

“Ah thanks for the offer but I’m good.” Miyeon took a step back. “Thanks for the mint tea and cheesecake. Hope you have a good day.” There was a somewhat awkward bow and wave before the girl turned around and started to make her way towards the nearest bus stop. The bus didn’t take her all the way home and there was still a considerable distance to be crossed by foot, but it did save Miyeon some won over taking the subway. Walking from the bus stop to home, her eyes were lowered to her own mobile device, fingers typing rapidly in Kakao to see if any of her work places could give her a shift for the day. Focus completely captured by this mission at hand, the world around her blurred, sound fading into a heedless background...


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