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Nation Building πŸ·πŸΈ:𝟢𝟷 - 𝙰 π™Ώπš˜πšœπš-π™°πš™πš˜πšŒπšŠπš•πš’πš™πšπš’πšŒ π™΄πšžπš›πš˜πš™πšŽ

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The year is 1981, it has been fifteen years since the world as we knew it was changed forever.

Following the German victory over much of Europe in the Second World War, tensions between the United Kingdom and Greater German Reich mounted to the point of no return over the span of two decades, culminating in the Anglo-Germanic Crisis in 1966, and the subsequent nuclear exchange. Leaving most of the continent in a state of chaos.

Considered too dangerous, and without the political will to do so, the remaining two superpowers, the United States of America and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics refused to step foot onto the cursed continent, instead turning their focus to the Far East, as the ideological war between capitalism and communism begun to grip hold of the region. Leaving the Europeans to their fate.

In the fifteen years that have passed since War Day, civilization, in ways both big and small, sophisticated and grotesque has slowly but surely begun to return to Europe. Struggling democracies, despotic warlords, maniacal cults, and Reich pretenders have appeared in their dozens across the twisted, but recovering remains of their homelands. Each intent on spreading their influence, their authority, and their power, for one reason or another. Whether at the behest of their people, or of their dictator, these new societies have reached the point of emergence, where they can now turn their gaze to the world around them, and enact their will..

Yet as civilization grows in Europe, so too does the interest of the superpowers. As the insurgencies, proxy wars and political back-channelling of Asia comes to a stalemate, the forces of the West and East require a new warzone, and the fertile ideological breeding grounds of the recovering continent appears ripe for the taking.


Welcome all to 𝟷𝟸:𝟢𝟷, an alternate history nation builder set in the aftermath of a European nuclear exchange in a world in which the German Reich, not under Adolf Hitler was much more conservative in its territorial ambitions, and as such, the fateful war of attrition against the Soviet Union did not take place, and a peace deal with a non-Churchill British Prime Minister took place. Leading to a Anglo-Germanic cold war of sorts for the next two decades, which would end with catastrophic consequences as you can tell.

In 𝟷𝟸:𝟢𝟷, players will take on the role of post-war factions rising to the top of the savage dog pile that is now Europe, and the focus of the plot will remain almost entirely on Europe. Due to both the alternate history, and post-apocalyptic nature of post-war Europe, factions will be permitted to be more creative than they normally would be, and players can expect to have a larger deal of freedom in designing their factions and characters. Want to have a bizarre cult that worships a beached submarine? Go ahead! This RP hopes to be very story-focused, as opposed to needless competitiveness, so the characters in your factions will play big roles, as will the actual ideology and outlook that the people of your faction and its leadership have.

As GM I will not be taking on a European faction, but will instead take the role as the United States, to provide international support to factions that desire it (If they are willing to succumb to Washington's demands that is) and to generally inform players on world events, and the Cold War. I will be looking for someone else to take on the role of the Soviet Union, who I will be working closely with to ensure that the rivalry doesn't become a detriment to the European side of things.

I hope you'll find something to like here!

The Current Map, will continue to be updated as new claims are made
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