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Realistic/Modern ❥ c r a v i n g s // fxm, fxf

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Action, Mystery, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life


fuck up


welcome to my edited partner search! i’m evelyn, and i’m looking for originals, and mostly roleplays that have some darker themes in them! i’m looking for mostly fxm, but also open to fxf. my replies are anything from 3-7 paragraphs, and i’m online a lot. i also love ooc and fangirling over our characters, lol!

looking for:
i look for pretty much the same things i offer. 3+ paragraphs, somewhat active, likes ooc and plays a male main. also, if you’d like to drop the RP or change something, let me know! there will be no hards feelings, promise!

likes & cravings:

- crime //
mafia, gangs, loan sharks, corrupt cops, prison
- angst //
addiction, love triangles, unrequited love, power struggles, forbidden romances
- romance //
love-hate, best friends to lovers, exes, enemies to lovers, friends with benefits, slowburn, soulmates, love at first sight, fake dating

❥ troubled youth x crime boss
❥ addict x dealer / addict
❥ ex-gang member x member
❥ a kidnapping gone wrong
❥ newbie x high-ranking member
❥ assassin falls for their target and is unable to go through with their mission

one // two careless young adults who come from not-so-good environments & childhoods struggle with addiction / mental health / gang connections, but always have each other’s backs.

two // a strictly professional relationship between an addict and their dealer turns into something more.

three // two rivaling mafia families uniting to achieve some third, bigger goal.

four // muse a is a gang member faced with charges of different crimes. they are forced to attend a youth program in prison, where they meet muse b, and become cellmates. // a lil’ note: despite the ”youth program”, i do not play underage characters.

five // two addicts meet in rehab, and are able to get through that with each other’s support. what happens when they check themselves out?

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esteemed bastard
hi there! i usually write 1,000+ words per post, so i think we'll be a-okay in that category
are you still looking for someone for the addict x dealer pairing, or any other plots involving addicts? i have one male character who struggles with major substance abuse, and in most au's i have him as a rock n' roll star too (the issue gets worse there kind of deal).
if you're interested, shoot me a pm!

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