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⭐︎ maybe i'm hard to love ⭐︎
hello! I'm freakish, nice to meet you! I've been roleplay for four years and I decided to branch out of instagram and wattpad and find a real site to roleplay on. i'm under 18 so i would feel more comfortable with someone also under 18. now, let's get down to business!

✘ please reply at least once a day, I get that everyone has lives but at least one reply a day helps keep the story moving, you know?

✘ quality over quantity, as long as you write a decent paragraph that gives me enough to work with, I will do the same (though I write 2+ paragraph, depends on the plot and if I'm into the rp)

✘ feel free to state your plot ideas, I love new plot ideas!

✘ if you get bored or hate how the rp is going, let me know!

✘ i'm good with mxf, m// or f//

✘ ooc chat is great! I'm friendly and chatty! I love planning as we rp but also just talking!

✘ more pairings will be added, as well as plots when I think of them

✘ feel free to suggest a pairing or plot, I'm open to a lot!

rp genres;
- fantasy
- modern
- historical (victorian, ww2 (I don't know much about ww1), middle ages or dark ages etc etc)
- space (like alien invasion or landing on an alien planet)
- adventure
- post apocalyptic world
- fandom AU
(mainly thinking something set in the GOT universe or HP universe)

bold = craving pairing
italic = who I would like to play
underlined = plot(s) in mind for it

romance pairings;
- hero x villain
- villain x civilian
- hero x civilian
- modern witch x human
- mythical creature shifter x human
- demon x human
- noble x peasant/poor street worker

- princess x dragon shifter
- traveler x tavern worker
- traveler x noble

- god(ess) x human
- god (ess) x god (ess)

platonic pairings; (NO ROMANCE FOR ANY OF THESE!)
- long lost siblings (no romance or anything! completely platonic sibling bond)
- hero sibling vs villain sibling (rarely sees other siblings so...becoming a villain seems like the logical way to speak to sibling)
- survivor adult stuck with a kid during the apocalypse (NO ROMANCE AT ALL, I REFUSE ROMANCE FOR THIS)

fandom rp thread;
Fandom - ⭐︎ fandom rp ⭐︎ (updated 8/03/2019)
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