1. Endless Dream

    Fantasy [FxF] Slow-Burn Cross Culture Sapphic Fantasy

    Hey there! I am looking for something specific, but a few guidelines first: - 21+ age is a must - Confident writing ability - A love for pushing a plot forward Still with me? Good! I have a craving for a sapphic romance RP that takes place in a fantasy setting of our creation. It does not...
  2. lunarjeans

    Multiple Settings Moon's Roleplay Search (OC / Fandom)

    Hello! I'm Moon, a 20 year old trans girl who just started roleplaying in English, although I've been doing it in my native language (Portuguese) for 9 years now. With the Olympics coming up this year, I've been thinking more and more of doing a sports-centered WLW roleplay, so that's what I'm...
  3. cherryicee

    Multiple Settings ♡° Long term f/f 1x1 partner search ~ Slice of Life & Fantasy °♡

    Hello and welcome to my 1x1 partner search, you can call me Cherry! ~ I hope you find something that interests you here! Or if you just think I'm a neat person feel free to befriend me haha The basics ~ My name is Cherry! + I'm 29, Indigenous Canadian (Michif), 2Spirit /Agender / Nonbinary...
  4. EternalAffections

    Fandom lesbian nerd seeking lesbian nerd!

    Hello there!! I'm Alice, a 19 year old with about 7 years of rp experience, but I've been off of it for a while just because when Amino died I never figured out where to go from there!! So here I am!! As the title states, I'm looking to get into some real nerd shit!! As of now, I'm really...
  5. artemis.

    Multiple Settings 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦 𝘪𝘵 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬 𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘺 — fxf search

    hey everyone! after completely bombing my orgo exam, i'm looking for new partners to cope. i'm art (she/her) and welcome to my interest check! i'm twenty years old and i'm back after a long hiatus. i like to think i'm a fairly descriptive writer and generally write about 4-5 paragraphs (~500...
  6. sweetsesame

    Multiple Settings looking for fxf rp partner! (multiple plot ideas)

    hi i have no idea how this site works and i've spent the last 10 mins trying to figure it out to no avail so i guess ill just make my own post??? i'm 24, i work a full time job, and i write a lot. like. too much, probably. so i'm looking for someone who can at least reply once a day and give at...
  7. fishyfruitbowl

    Fantasy God Among Men

    With every step she felt a pit grow in her stomach. Her gaze followed up the stairs that led into the forest. She was still far away from the gate but she finally felt terror that surrounded the forest and it was drowning her. She didn’t feel safe. She wasn’t going to be safe. She didn’t realize...
  8. Phi

    Multiple Settings the heart is a lonely hunter {novella-style fxf or platonic}

    Hey there, come in, come in. Take a seat. Get comfy. I go by Phi, they/them, European time zone. I'm in my early thirties and am about to move to a new city. RP has been a love of mine since Neopets, and it has always been a comfort when I'm feeling a little lonely or bored. So here I am! I...
  9. fishyfruitbowl

    Multiple Settings Skeletons in Your Closet - mega thread of ideas!

    Hello everyone! My name is Fishy and I’m currently looking to get to know some more people to roleplay with. I don’t want to keep the initial paragraph too long and wanna get to the real meat of this post and obviously, the reason that you’re here for: the plots! I do have some important...