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  1. starrieyed

    Multiple Settings Looking For Long Term Descriptive Partner

    i can double up for mysmes if that's open / if you write on discord!
  2. starrieyed

    Fandom 1x1 partner search for multiple fandoms!

    would you double up for canon x oc with the last of us ? ♡
  3. starrieyed

    Fandom Baldur's Gate 3

    Is this open still? 👀
  4. starrieyed

    Fandom Multifandom Search !

    bump !!!
  5. starrieyed

    Fandom The Last of Us (1x1)

    bump !!!
  6. starrieyed

    Fandom The Last of Us (1x1)

    Hello! I'm searching for somebody who's 20+ (since I'm 21) to write Joel Miller against my OC! I've decided to finally finish the series after buying season 1 and have finished the first game. I'm not sure if I can double up, unless you want Ellie (when she's older, of course, since I do not...
  7. starrieyed

    Fandom searching.

    Is this open?
  8. starrieyed

    Fandom Long term RP partner search

    Is this still open? ♡
  9. starrieyed

    Fandom Multifandom Search !

  10. starrieyed

    Fandom Multifandom Search !

    Hello! It's Aries, and I'm currently searching to find people to write with who are close to my age ( which is 20+, because I'm 21 ). My pronouns are she/her and I'm in the EST time zone. This will be a multifandom advertisement since there's a lot of things I'd love to write. I do double ups...
  11. starrieyed

    Fandom Rootin' Tootin' Cowboahs! A Red Dead Redemption Search (doubling friendly!)

    Wait you seem so cool, is. this open?
  12. starrieyed

    Multiple Settings Lit. Fandom Search!!!

    This open? ♡
  13. starrieyed

    Fandom Gal’s Fandom Interest Check || OC x Canon Double’s preferred

    Very curious about a Mystic Messenger double up?
  14. starrieyed

    Fandom Craving Free!, One Piece, Ouran, ect - OCxCC/MxF

    Is this open?
  15. starrieyed

    Fandom Baldur's Gating ♡

    Hi there, Aries again! I'm 21, use she/her pronouns and I'm in the EST time zone. Now, I've not played the game yet. Which is probably going to sound strange, right? I have to upgrade my console to play it but that'll take time so I'm searching for somebody who's 20+ to write Astarion against my...
  16. starrieyed

    Fandom Doctor Who RP - MxF

    Is this still open? ♡
  17. starrieyed

    Fandom An Impactful 1x1 Search

    hii! i'm very curious about doubling up if this is still open! would you write lyney?
  18. starrieyed

    Fandom Genshin Impact RP

    is this still open? ♡