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    Fandom Deadman Wonderland Group

    @Destructus Kloud Nice ^^ We've pretty much decided to follow the basic plot, we have the character pages ready! @aDistraction @Ian Temero @Amyleii Fandom - Characters Deadman Wonderland
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    Fandom [Open] Warriors: Coming Storm (CS)

    Name: Ratelpaw Age: 6 Moons Rank: Apprentice Specialty: Natural Fighter Notable Features: Piece of left ear missing, blue left eye, brown right eye. Personality Good: Loyal, Strong-Willed, Fearless, Confident Neutral: Stubborn, Reticent Bad: Reckless, Inconsiderate Backstory Due to her mother...
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    Fandom  Deadman Wonderland Roleplay

    (Will be started soon)
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    Fandom  Characters Deadman Wonderland

    This is where we'll be posting all of our characters. Here's what we need: Name: Age: Branch of Sin: Months Since Arrival: Appearance: Backstory/Bio:
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    Fandom  Deadman Wonderland OOC

    For all our ooc needs
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    Fandom Deadman Wonderland Group

    @aDistraction @Ian Temero Yup, we had a bit of a delay due to me picking a terrible time to deal with stuff, but we're back on track now ^^ We'll be working on a basic plot for the next few days max, then we'll provide the basics we need from you guys (character wise), and then we should be good...
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    Fandom RWBY RP | It's Not the Destination... | CLOSED

    Hey, is there any chance I can get in on this too? This sounds like a great time to rp ^^
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    Fandom Warriors: Coming Storm (Warrior Cats Fandom)

    Interested for sure ^^
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    Fandom Deadman Wonderland Group

    Gotcha, we'll write you down ^^
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    Fandom  Deadman Wonderland Group

    Hey. Me and @Amyleii are forming a Deadman Wonderland group rp. All those who would like to join us. We haven't decided on an overall plot yet, though most likely it will follow an incredibly similar plot to the source material. For now, we're simply recruiting people. If you have any questions...