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AKA Kami~Sama
This is where we'll be posting all of our characters. Here's what we need:

Branch of Sin:
Months Since Arrival:

Ian Temero

Knight of Swords
Name: Alicia Fendrel
Age: 23

Branch of Sin:
Life Steal
The power to steal blood from other people. Any blood not actively controlled by another Branch of Sin that comes within 3 feet of her enters under her control and can be absorbed into her own body, allowing her to replenish her own blood supply. While she can't manipulate anything in a closed container, like someone's body, if someone inside her zone of control were to have a cut she could start pulling their blood out through that.

This Branch of Sin's true potential however, and the inspiration for her Deadman name, comes from when she absorbs the blood of another Deadman. When another Deadman's blood is absorbed she is able to mimic their Branch of Sin for a short time. The more blood she absorbs the longer and more efficiently she can use their power. If she absorbs enough blood she can gain their powers permanently, though in most cases it would have to be enough to kill them.

A Branch of Sin stolen with Life Steal. Using her own blood or blood collected with Life Steal, the blood spreads out around her, creating a dome of fine mist three feet around her. When attacked she can condense the mist into a disk to block the attack. Multiple disks can be created at once, have razor edges, and can be launched. If the disks leave her zone of control, she can no longer manipulate them.

Months Since Arrival: 38 months (over three years)

Kind, scatterbrained, and a little clumsy, even the people that she has fought tend to forget that she is one of the strongest Deadmen in the Corpse Carnival, having lost only two fights in the three years.

She doesn't talk much about her life before Deadman Wonderland. What little is known is that she was married, was part of an American mercenary group known as the Black Guard, and was sentenced to Deadman Wonderland for the posession and usage of firearms, the attempted assassination of Japan's prime minister, the murder of the Black Guard mercenary corp, and the murder of her husband.
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literally a child
Name: Project 2. nickname Tuwie by the staff and other inmates.
Age: 7
Branch of Sin: Bottomless well- Tuwie naturally replenishes her own blood endlessly, which brought her to the attention of the staff. she was brought in 3 months ago and experiments where done to her to make her a weapon.

Experiment two- The experiments done on Tuwie where to transfer the Branch of sin from an anemic prisoner who's branch was killing him since it required alot more blood then he had, thanks to her branch she was the perfect experiment for this. the Branch was originally one that allowed it's user to create a body of armor and a sword with his blood, unfortunately the original owner of this branch couldn't have enough blood inside him to cover himself and create the sword, as well as the fact that the sword and armor would shatter and not return to his body, leaving him horribly anemic after the first use. thanks to Tuwies Branch this is no longer a problem.
Months Since Arrival:3 months.
Appearance: Amimi ami.png
Backstory/Bio: Tuwie was brought in after she was hurt in school. she had fallen out of a tree and had started to bleed. three days later she was still bleeding and hadn't losed any blood pressure. Deadman Wonderland staged an accident so they could take her into the prison for "killing her parents" three months later, her real name is lost to her, she is nothing but an experimental weapon. a blood knight. something to be used. an item.


With great power, comes great responsibility.
Name: Six

Age: 12

Branch of Sin: His Branch of Sin takes the shape of whips or tendrils. A unique feature about his blood is that it's acidic and poisonous.

Months Since Arrival: 84 months (7 years)

Appearance: Screenshot_20190217-003942_Google.jpg

Backstory/Bio: Six was only a kid when he was brought in. He was brought in because he was somehow accused of mercilessly killing his entire family. That being his mother, father, two brothers and two sisters. After being brought to Dead man Wonderland they found out something special about his blood. This made them do multiple experiments on him over the years and as they did that they trained him to use his powers. They taught him that he was only a weapon. Nothing more, nothing less. He was to do their bidding.

Get them whatever they wanted, murder whoever they pleased. Growing up like this Six has become rather apathetic. He was named Six because of how many family members he killed.​
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Destructus Kloud

I ship SquidxTrump

Kypher Hawthorne


Branch of Sin:
Conversion -
The Deadman’s blood possesses a unique genetic code that can overwrite other DNA. It cannot be controlled by anyone other than the user and any blood that comes into contact with it is assimilated into the mass. Any unique blood loses its special properties upon assimilation. The user can freely manipulate this blood up to 10m away. If the user’s blood gets into a person’s body, they become able to completely manipulate the body like a puppet and mimic its normal behaviour while it is still connected to the user’s blood. Due to being able to rewrite his DNA, he can convert blood into stem cells to increase his regenerative abilities considerably.

Months Since Arrival:
108 months (9 years)

Kypher was found on the streets of Detroit, apparently orphaned and living as an urchin on the street. Of course, the rumours of people dropping dead straight after robbing stores were commonly discussed, but no one would believe that it was a certain ten year old that was profiting over the stolen supplies. After a brief investigation, Kypher was taken off the streets by a mysterious agency and was never seen again. Not very coincidentally, the rumours of the potentially-serial killings also stopped.

In the Deadman Wonderland facility, Kypher proved fairly useless in terms of experimentation. Unable to alter his blood’s genetic code, it seemed as though Kypher had already reached the extent of his branch’s power. However, there was another use for the feral child. Kypher was already used to, or at least desensitised to, killing and so he was given anti-personnel training in the form of close-quarters combat and firearms training. When used in conjunction with his branch of sin, he began working in the facility with a new purpose.

Kypher soon made a name for himself as “The Anti-Deadman” which was eventually shortened to just “Anti”. With his power, he was especially well suited to taking down other Deadmen by rendering their branches of sin useless against him. Proving invaluable against Deadmen rebellions and escapes, Kypher became known as one of the strongest Deadmen for having never lost a fight. He was the facility’s guard dog, a failsafe that never failed. Of course, despite being so powerful against those with branches of sin, Kypher never had much of an advantage against regular armed humans and so could never escape himself. And due to the massive amounts of pride he’d developed from all his successful fights, he became too hubristic to consider working with other Deadmen to escape.

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