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    Fandom Batman TAS rp

    Harley, is she free?
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    Fandom Batman TAS rp

    Hey I’d love to rp with you!
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    Fandom  Sasori and Deidara

    Hello~! I am looking for someone to roleplay Sasori with me ! I am a 23year old female, I have been roleplaying for maaaany years and I love dark, angsty slooow burn romance stories. That being said, I love a bit of silly and lightheartedness thrown in! I write in 3rd person and I like to write...
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    Fandom Shoko's Search Thread (1x1)

    If you want to do a Naruto rp I’d be down :)
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    Fandom Naruto Blood Moon

    But if enough people don’t really want discord I’ll stay on RPN. I just really crave this rp ✌🏻
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    Fandom A Naruto Search!

    If your still looking Do you ship SasoDei?
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    Fandom Naruto Blood Moon

    This got moved to discord If that’s not a problem message me
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    Fandom The Walking Dead 1x1 AnyOne?

    Negan x Carl ???
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    Fandom  Bethyl The Walking Dead (Looking for a Daryl)

    Hey sooo, I have always wanted to rp out a popular theory of mine ...and alot of others. Essentially, it’s a storyline where Beth isn’t fatally shot in the head. Only gravely injured, unbeknownst to Ricks group. The hospital would treat her and get back to a good enough health. Before she...
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    Fandom Naruto Blood Moon

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    Experiences Has Anyone Taken Part In An RP That Actually Reached The End Of The Story?

    Hmmmm, I mean definitely I’ve gotten into the middle of an rp, and it got really juicy. Then one person who was crucial to the story disappeared and then everyone started dropping like flies. It’s funny because, a new rp would start up in the same fandom and the same people would come along and...
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    Fandom  Naruto Blood Moon

    We are a new Naruto AU server, with pretty much every character available. Looking for members who can be active to rp at least a couple times a week. 💕 This rp takes place in modern time, with jutsus also integrated into society. Although nowadays they are used for simpler things rather than...
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    Fandom We are the Misfits! (Naruto/Misfits AU)

    Leave a comment if your interested, or any more ideas or even who you would like to be! Thanks :)