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    Fandom Avengers: Next Generation

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    Fandom Avengers: Next Generation

    Send me through PMs. That goes for everyone, if there's a character concept you have, describe it moe through private chat.
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    Fandom Avengers: Next Generation

    A single one, so choose carefully.
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    Fandom Avengers: Next Generation

    What do you mean by multiverse? Part of the reason I am using the MCU is because I don't know much about the MU.
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    Fandom Avengers: Next Generation

    I'll allow it on a case by case basis. Basically, convince me.
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    Fandom Avengers: Next Generation

    I am willing to allow mutant characters as they are, but only with their origin stories. Think the beginning of the X-Men movies, for sort of what I am talking about. I do not want to implement the Xavier school, nor do I think it would be fitting for there to be a strong mutant bias if they...
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    Fandom Avengers: Next Generation

    What exactly are you thinking?
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    Fandom  Avengers: Next Generation

    With the Mad Titan laid low by the mightiest heroes the Earth has to offer, it appears to many that the worst has been averted. Now, many want only to return to take a collective sigh of relief, rebuild normalcy, and return to a world that's at least somewhat ordinary. Unfortunately for the...
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    Fandom  Looking for an RP partner(s) for the grim, dark future

    Hello! My name is GraceOfOurLady (Or just Grace), and I am looking for partners for a one on one roleplay set in the dark future of Warhammer 40k. Some things about me, I can take a few of these at the moment, as I have very few ongoing roleplays. I can respond at least once a day, sometimes...
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    [Closed] The Rise of Tiamet (but not really)

    I would love to be a part of this
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    Fantasy Remainders (A Werewolf RP) (OPEN)

    Can I be an Omega?
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    Multiple Settings Role play anyone? (Please reply with singsong if you read my rules!)

    Oh, sorry, I didn't want to clutter your post if this didn't pan out. I have a few Marvel Universe OCs I want to give a try
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    Fantasy Chaos Faction: Multiverse Mayhem ||| Out of Character Thread

    I'm about to disappear. Have a good one guys. Hopefully we can begin soon
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    Fantasy Chaos Faction: Multiverse Mayhem ||| Out of Character Thread

    Oh, I don't really have a ton of knowledge of that fandom. Sorry