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    OC X OC

    well, my OC is a vampire named sally valentine Sallys information : --------------------------------------------- height: 5'5 FT age: 21 years old sexual orientation: pansexual appearance: he has jet black hair that is curled, eyes of emerald green (when in his vampire form his eyes turn into a...
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    Fandom Looking for Long Term RP partners

    Hello! I saw your post and I am interested, ive been looking for someone to roleplay good omens with and ill gladly take on aziraphales role as well. Im also interested on the headcanons you have as well. I hope you take interest in me :)
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    Realistic or Modern Cure the Itch 1x1 search

    My dear you are in luck, I am looking for someone to roleplay good omens with and I would gladly take on the role as aziraphale if you would like to roleplay the "angel and demon" starter. I hope you do consider me, lets talk more in a pm if you are. :) i am 20 and a female as well that likes to...
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    Multiple Settings Seeking RP Partner (1x1)

    Hi I would love to rp good omens with you if you are still interested in doing so, I hope you consider me.
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    Fandom Literate roleplayer seeking longer, thought out threads (Hannibal, Star Wars, Star Trek, Good Omens, James Bond)

    I would love to rp good omens with you, we can talk more about what we can do if you want to message me :)
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    Fandom  Im looking for a person to do a GOOD OMENS roleplay with. :)

    I've recently gotten into the show to the point where I bought both books, (just for the cover style and also to read, I have not finished) ordered the DVD of the show and now wanting to roleplay the ineffable husbands! I would like to roleplay Aziraphale but I am open to do either him or...
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    Fandom Good Omens! - searching <3

    i would love to roleplay with you if you want too, i can play either of the husbands if you desire. i hope you are still interested. :)
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    Fandom Good Omens Roleplay?

    oh goodness me i love all of these starters, i wouldn't mind playing Crowley if you are still interested :)
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    Fandom Good Omens Roleplay?????

    i would love to try aziraphale if you are still interested in roleplaying this, I know it was two years ago..
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    Fandom Good Omens RP?

    I would love to roleplay with you, I'm a huge fan of good omens as well :)
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    Multiple Settings  >My Introduction<

    Hello everyone, I am a person who is looking for long term roleplayers or maybe even friends. I have my own set of OCs and I also do like to roleplay other characters. (If you would like a list I shall tell you it in a private chat) Im a very chill person and kind, im also open to anything...