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Realistic or Modern Zombies and Magic revival.

Rokku Hizori

Junior Member
So, I'm looking to make a modern zombie rp, but with a magical twist. Instead of a virus, it's magical in origin, which gives rise to different tiers of zombies. The lore would change a bit, for example having to hit them in the heart instead of the head, and being bitten or scratch not being an automatic death sentence. I'd like to get 3 to 5 people, but I'm open to more if anyone else is interested. Before I start making all the rules and character templates, I'd really like to see how many people would be interested. This is a revival of a previous roleplay that petered out, but I enjoyed it a lot and I really want to get it going strong!
Thank you for your interest! As far as information, just how detailed and long you tend to try to make your posts, and if you have a character in mind, feel free to toss it up here or im it to me. MAke sure to include their occupation.
I'm interested
You are good to go ahead and post a basic character sheet here. Please include your character's basic information, zodiac sign (Messes with magic) And occupation.
Do you have more information for me to develop my character
Do you have more information for me to develop my character
It's been a few months since things have started, and most nations have stabilized. There are definite dead zones, but large swathes of the world are almost completely zombie free. So in the United State, California and The Southwest are lost completely, and Texas and the Midwest are currently under siege. Almost the entire east is safe. Rumors International relations have broken down as nations are too busy keeping themselves alive, but currently the United States is aware of Canada, Cuba, Brazil, The Uk, and France all withstanding the first massive wave and able to organize and defend some of their major cities. Fresh zombies are fast, can run, and its rumored some can pass as human, though it has not been proven. The older the zombie, the weaker it is. We will be starting in Memphis, a city whose wall is not quite complete, and so there is currently still a larger than normal military presence.

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