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Realistic or Modern Yandere rp ( looking for female )

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Romance, Slice of Life

Professor red

Your leading Pokémon expert

No constant one liners.


If your gonna be gone for a extended period of time please let me know.

I write from two sentences to one and a half paragraphs

Now for the plot. The female would play the yandere and here’s the plot

The plot is you would be mentally physically abused by your foster parents all your life and it made you extremely shy and timid. I’m a orphan aswell. Well I grew up in the streets and was raised with gangs and mafias all my life. But I get arrested once and your foster parents adopt me. But I’m strong and a master at multiple martial arts. I save you a few times and you get clingy and attached to me. Soon our social worker would find out about all this and we would of been split up but I said I go where you go. And so we get adopted into a family with a daughter our age. And your super clingy and when a girl flirts with me you flip out. You should be in a mental hospital cause your capable of killing a girl of you get angry enough but only I can calm you down. So with every outburst you have a risk of getting sent away but it’s my job to keep you safe. And so for that I do what I think is necessary to keep you safe.

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