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It's Wednesday ya'll. That means it's time to share who your current woman crush is!

I'm gonna start with an artist that I've loved since 2009. Lights! source.gif

I believe this was the first video that I ever saw of hers. Her smile and energy is just too infectious! (2009)

She loves recording both synth-pop and acoustic versions of the same song. I prefer this song acoustically, but I wanted to put the synth version to show what she sounds like on her other spectrum. (2014)

Aaaand her newest release. She's still killin it almost 10 years later 😍 (2018)

Also she has a baby girl named Rocket. I mean comeee oooon how cute
OMG! I know her! I think was around 8 years ago (??) when I first heard "Toes". I really liked but it's the only Lights's song I know. I had no idea what she looks like, so pretty!

My girl crush, always and forever -- Clara Paget. I mean...


I've been IN LOVE with her since I saw her portraying Anne Bonny in Black Sails (who's also a HUGE crush of mine, can't help it).

tumblr_oxm9rcfKXo1v3ldhto2_250.png tumblr_oxm9rcfKXo1v3ldhto5_250.png

Love, love, love both the actress and the character.



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Not Wednesday but gotta put my girl in the ring!! Hwasa is my Korean queen!!! She is an amazing artist who is part of the girl group Mamamoo!

Not only is she amazingly sexy and I just LOVE HER but she also has the most amazing voice that will literally bring tears to my eyes and NEVER FAILS to give me goosebumps!!!
I love her so so so much!! Please check out her music and the rest of her group Mamamoo!!! You won't be disappointed!! No to mention Mamamoo's nect album comes out in only THREE DAYS!!!


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