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Realistic or Modern Witch Apprentice~OOC

Matt l ttaM

Junior Member
A couple of questions before I submit my sheet if that's alright.

Firstly, the custom spells that would be related to the staff in this case. Can they act as passive effects that might subtract mana for each passing turn that its active?

Secondly, at what stage in time is this set? Whats the level of technology available?

Matt l ttaM

Junior Member
Oh, also, I know the original post mentioned no mind control and that sort of thing, but are Charms legal (Since I want to get the fox staff)?

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo
1) No

2) it's 2020, however our characters aren't on earth (yet). In their world technology is based on magic (Instagram would be called Instahex and instead of phones and computers they have crystal balls, enchanted mirrors and things like that)

3) You could charm NPCs only and some would be immune to it anyway but yes, charms are allowed.

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