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twin size mattress
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hello my lovelies ! it’s been a long time since i’ve delved into regular roleplaying. for the past year i’d lost all of my motivation. but we’re back baby !

⭒ some of you may know me as ash, & im okay with any pronouns.
⭒ im 18, and i’m between jobs at the moment, so in most situations i will respond very quickly. this also means more time for us to plot!
⭒ i have trouble fully developing a plot on my own, and brainstorming is probably my favorite stage. pls tell me about what inspired you from my thread and what ideas it sparked ! i will also contribute to the conversation with my thoughts on where to go, share characters i want to play, ect.
⭒ pls pls pls talk to me like im a human ! i understand people want someone to roleplay with and nothing more, but i’m here to have fun and be passionate ! i adore headcanons and pinterest boards and playlists, and i’ll likely never shut up about mine.
⭒ some of my plots may imply or discuss mental health, drug use, and trauma. they don’t have to, so if you are uncomfortable with anything please tell me.
⭒ if i ghost you, ive either lost energy, or im too anxious to tell you im not interested. if we’ve had a roleplay in the past, i would really love to reconnect.


the vibes / aesthetics / word jumble :

the highway at night / sapphic / mxm / mxf / highschool dropouts / cigarette butts / muddy rivers / small town / dirty clothes / garage band / the forest / found footage / stray cats and dogs / 1990’s / nostalgic / y2k / baggy clothes / grunge / vampires / monster hunters / horror / mystery / lgbtq / road trips / band mates / midwest / romance / slice of life / alternative kids / childhood friends / drama / found family / losers / rebels / nerds / musicians / young adults / artists / platonic pairings

pinterest boards ;

, , , ,

music inspirations ;

miss world ⭒ hole
where is my mind? ⭒ pixies
zero ⭒ the smashing pumpkins
honestly? ⭒ american football
everything in its right place ⭒ radiohead
when the sun hits ⭒ slowdive
destroyed by hippie powers ⭒ car seat headrest
frogs ⭒ alice in chains
twin size mattress ⭒ the front bottoms
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hi! if youre still interested in a roleplay, id love to discuss an arrangement :D im just now getting back into regular roleplaying too and am really intrigued by some of the themes you listed.

im a big fan of supernatural plots set in modern settings! and i lovee me a good enemies to lovers or childhood best friend trope.

im new to the site and dont exactly know what the etiquette is here, but if youd like to start an rp, id love to move a discussion over to the pms c:
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