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Fantasy Wardens of Roh-Lore



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World history
long ago the world of Reinart was founded by a number of gods, how many none are sure, but these gods would fill the oceans, shape the landscape and fill it with a wide variety of plants and animals. Yet as grand as these creations were the gods longed for something that could know them and interact with them. this desire would prove their undoing however as they went on to create the Titans. these giant beings were powerful like the gods, could speak their language, and had free thought. at first things were wonderful, the gods taught the titans and raised them as their children. the Titans would learn to manipulate the fabric of reality itself as the gods did through magic and would go on to build a wondrous civilization that would spread even to the twin moons of Reinart which they would access with magic portals. however as the gods raised the Titans the titans would go on to want for the glory that the gods had and as such they would emulate their creators and create life, collectively each titan added their input and fabricated the first Giant Talthoom. however the gods saw this as taboo and sacrilege and after chastising the Titans they slew Talthoom and destroyed its soul calling it an abomination as it had darkness in its heart. This infuriated the Titans who saw their creators as hypocrites accusing them of having their own darkness within and claimed the gods feared the titans ability to emulate them. The gods rewarded the titans indignation with hardship causing them to feel hunger, thirst for the first times. this pushed the titans over the edge and they would turn their collective might on the gods engaging in a war with them that would last thousands of years.
in the end both sides would suffer catastrophic losses, with the gods losing all but the twin dragon gods Tiamat and Bahamut, and all but five titans being felled, with the last of them being sealed deep within the core of planet Reinart. the twin dragons each blamed the other for the fall of their brethren and would go on to wage an eternal battle over the fault of the war, but not before they gathered the bodies of the other gods and laid them to rest with two divine prayers. Tiamat would bless the fallen gods with the spark of Infinity, endless possibilities and variables would they fill, and Bahamut would bless them with the flames of eternity, burning them into the future forever and scattering their ashes across the world of Reinart. afterwards the twin dragons would take to the stars to engage in their endless squabble. the ashes of their fallen brethren would release their magic and from the two blessings and the sparks of divinity within them they would give life to a variety of new creatures all possessing the fragments of the gods essence now known as a soul. thousands of years would pass and the planets scars would heal as these new sentient creatures would spread throughout the world. Ominously while sealed the titans were not powerless, they were aware of the changes to the world and saw the new creatures as the offspring of the gods and wished to bring destruction to them. So they began creating their own offspring honoring talthoom by calling these new beings the giants they created five different clans of giants to slay the gods offspring and destroy their divine spark until enough of it has been removed that they can break free of their prison.
these giants have been the enemies of the children of the gods for thousands of years and there are none more respected and brave as those among the children of the gods who slay giants. warriors and mages of great skill and power meet these savage giants with valor and force and bring down the monsters saving entire towns and even cities from their destructive rampages. the largest of these guilds, The Wardens of Roh operates in a massive swath of landscape called the lands of Roh. Located on the largest continent in the planet of Reinart, this massive territory is famous for having patches of different kinds of landscape from deserts and forests to mountains, coast lands, grasslands, volcanic regions, lakes, rivers, and even frozen tundras. unfortunately the Wardens of Roh have been suffering from large amounts of losses due to the sudden advent of seemingly intelligent giants using more advanced weapons, and even traveling in groups. Due to both the losses and a need for more manpower to face the giants the Wardens of Roh have called upon the seven kingdoms of Roh to institute a draft bringing in any who can carry a sword or cast spells. after being given little more than a few months training and standard equipment these new recruits are being deployed alongside veterans and are tasked with seeking out and slaying any giants while gathering as much information as possible to find out what is causing the change in the age old foes. You have found yourself involved in this search effort one way or anther, be you a new recruit, an old veteran, a draftee, a volunteer, warrior, ranger, mage, elf , human, orc, hell even vampires. you can be from any kingdom you wish to make, or one of the hundreds of small towns dotting the landscape. regardless there is one thing you know, giants are real, and its now your job to face these things.​


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The Five Giant Clans

the Children of the Titans and Enemies of all creation are the Giants, modeled after the first giant Talthoom these offshoots are typically far inferior to their predecessor. That said all possess tremendous strength and massive reserves of natural magic able to make them terrifying foes and more than a match for any creature in a one on one fight. There are five tribes of giants and each tribe has its own special abilities and is in fact its own unique race of giant. They are listed below in order of threat level from lowest to highest.

Stone Giants- The Smallest and weakest of the giants ranging from 18-22ft on average though larger specimens have been observed. Over the course of their lives stone giants will generate a thick and sticky sweat that will actually bond with silicates like rocks and gems and become a concrete like mixture. This causes stone giants to develop a thick armor of stone over their flesh which grows thicker with age as more and more rocks, dust, dirt, and gems are fused to their body. Due to this these giants are seemingly immune to the typical “death by thousand cuts” strategy that is usually employed to deal with giants as attacks that cannot penetrate its stone skin will not harm it at all. As with all giants stone giants are immune to mind altering effects of any kind and can typically see through illusions, however stone giants are the least intelligent of their kin and cannot use their natural magic ability at will. When near death a stone giants natural magic ability turns their last heartbeat into a massive stone shattering shockwave that will cause their stone skin to explode off in all directions including inward which usually kills the giant instantly.

Sea Giants- A strange variety of giants whose placement on the list depends on where you meet one. If it’s on the surface they are stronger than a stone giant but not by much, if in the water they can even rival frost giants. Standing between 26-30ft these giants have one of the most unique passive magical traits that allows them to become what they eat. A sea giant who feeds primarily on sharks may develop rough sharp skin, razor sharp teeth, and even electro sense. While one who feeds on octopi and squid may develop tendrils and camouflage. They also possess more intelligence than the stone giants actually fashioning tools out of coral, bone, and ship parts. Their active magical ability is scary and directly responsible for their high threat level in the water as they can allow water to pass through them reducing drag to zero and allowing them to swim at up to 220mph.

Frost Giants- Only found in the north frost giants are actually the most well known giants in the world as they are very agressive and by no means shy. Standing between 32-38ft frost giants are terrifying for numerous reasons, their body temperature of -170• makes even coming close to one akin to walking into a blizzard, their coloration allows them to easily become lost in such storms and they are capable of spewing frost breath capable of reducing entire ranks of soldiers into frozen statues. As if all that wasn’t bad enough they are even more intelligent than sea giants having been seen twisting cold steel into hooks and barbed spears which they throw to impale foes and prevent them from escaping. They have even been seen using armor displaying a sense of self and care for their own well being that is rare amongst the giant kin.

Forest Giants- if there was one giant who was the stuff of nightmares it would be the Forest giant. Ruthless ambush predators that seem to relish in causing fear and pain. Standing between 42-50ft tall they are massive and immensely powerful necrotic tree infused titans of horror. Their natural ability is to generate a necrotic field around themselves that causes organic life that is not plants to decay while causing plants growth to become rapid, aggressive, and Predatory. When a forest giant attacks the trees themselves will attack with them and just before the onslaught the forest will fall silent. These giants are more intelligent even than frost giants having been seen leaving treasure around or letting one member of a group survive to run for help thus attracting more prey. It is also believed these giants are capable of limited speech as they have been heard mimicking animals and even the mournful begging cries of humans.

Storm Giants- A race of giants that none living have ever seen but written record exists from the time when the five clans first arrived in Roh hidden deep within the archives of The ancient city of Delphor. The Record states that these giants are 60ft tall and greater and possess skin as hard and as cold as steel. They shape the clouds themselves into palaces of unimaginable splendor and harness the power of lightening itself to forge weapons, armor, and jewelry rivaling even the greatest smiths of Roh. Their knowledge of magic is alleged to be on par with the greatest wizards of the world. In truth these creatures do exist and would have destroyed the children of the gods if not for their huge glaring weakness...pride. These creatures rarely waste their time facing mortals while they know they will obliterate, hell even other giants are not worth their time. No the only worthy foe for a storm giant, is another storm giant. It is said that this prideful arrogance combined with a need to be the most powerful caused these giants to drive themselves to extinction.​


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in this world magic is a strange and wondrous power that the gods harnessed long ago when they created the planets ecosystems, flora, and fauna. As such magic is tied to literally every living thing in the world and harnessing the magic within ones self not only creates a deeper understanding of reality than most, but allows one to stand against the forces of nature themselves. All living things have some form of magic but the most powerful users of magic and the only ones able to harness its true potential are the Children of the Gods, and the Children of the Titans.

though magic has been divided into a variety of schools, themes, elements, and numerous other differentials it is all mainly achieved in the same way, a being takes their own magical power and injects it into a specific component which magnifies the magic applied and achieves a desired effect. For example a fireball spell could be achieved by taking Peppers, Oils, or any other good combustible material, and applying ones own magic to it while throwing it. Likewise one could make a sword out of a blade of grass by applying their magic to the grass itself. The most important thing to remember is that components are needed for effective magic a good rule of thumb is that the material must have some tie to the spell being cast like lightning spells needing some kind of ferrous metal, and fire spells needing combustibles. The harder to get a component is the better it typically is. The best components are almost always found in powerful creatures.

Magic can be performed without components but it is like trying to catch the rain in your hand, while casting spells is like dunking a bucket in the ocean. So for example if you tried to cast a fireball spell without any components you would be throwing a weak fireball even by rookie standards, it would be very taxing actually feeling like you just ran a marathon, and it would probably be easily deflected or just outright withstood. That’s the average though, some of the most powerful mages ever have been able to cast component less spells that are almost comparable to a regular spell but these mages are of such a caliber that with components they could likely alter weather patterns. Sadly despite much study and understanding new forms of magic are created often and it is nearly impossible to list them all, as such many see magic as a perfect art incapable of truly being mastered and allowing practitioners of any skill level to compete with one another.

while it may be a skill anyone can learn magic is also heavily influenced by the individual using it, for example Evil hearted mages may find destructive and manipulative spells easier to cast, while good hearted mages may find, healing and defensive magic cast. Those of Chaotic natures may be better at casting elemental spells and battle magic, while those who are more orderly might be better at crafting magic and weaving enchantments. Certain people can also be born with affinities towards specific kinds of magic allowing them to cast spells of that type for a lower cost affinities are rare however with only about 1 in every 1000 individuals possessing them. However far rarer are the remnants who possess tremendous boosts to the power of specific kinds of magic along with great resistances to that kind as well...only about one in a million souls are remnants.​
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The Wardens of Roh

The lands of Roh are a very diverse land of thirteen kingdoms, massive cities and hundreds of towns dot the landscape and many many monuments from the ancient Titans kingdom for the landscape. However by far the most famous aspect of this region are the wardens of Roh. Those who join the wardens trade their citizenship to any one country to be an eternal nomad and slayer of the foes of creation. Wardens of Roh are recruited from all thirteen kingdoms via what’s called a rite of barracks. Using the rite of barracks the wardens can gain access to the most elite units in all nations and recruitment cannot be denied by any authority barring the Lord Warden who heads the organization.

While the Wardens of Roh are considered defenders of the land they will on rare occasions involve themselves in politics if events threaten their organization. Once there were fourteen kingdoms but when the kingdom of Transko mustered an army to prevent their prince from being selected by the rite of barracks the wardens were forced to enact retribution in the form of laying waste to the kingdom, destroying its capitol and seizing all royal assets including the throne and crown. In the end the prince and the royal family were put to death for selfishly using their own people as a shield. This occurred fourty years ago and the effects are still being felt to this day, since then none have tried to cheat the wardens.

Since recruits are all selected from the top tier soldiers in the 13 kingdoms the basic training of wardens is actually rather short. Six weeks are spent learning about the abilities of giants, practicing giant hunting tactics and techniques, and especially on learning to quickly dodge attacks as blocking is basically a death sentence against a giant. Certain spells are taught because of their effectiveness against giants like Earth trap, which wraps a targets legs in ground, Crystal Bomb, which turns a section of stone into a shrapnel filled explosion, Vibrosense, a spell which allows the user to detect subtle vibrations for a period of time, and Heavy Steel, a spell which greatly increases the strike force of ones own weapons. Due to this even the lowest level graduates of the wardens short training program tend to far outclass their average knights of the land.

Sadly all wardens are not good people, some take payment for their duty, a taboo which will have them slain by their ownorder if found out. Others abuse their authority as a warden using it to gain favors and services for nothing. That said the organization does have a department for self investigation called Warden Inquisitors, however few wish to meet them as they are among the most deadly and cruel wardens to exist only taking the laws of the Wardens into account and being entirely willing to erase entire chapters and towns worth of wardens who violate their code. That said the inquisitors like any warden will pause whatever they are doing and take up arms if a giant is spotted and in need of some slaying.

Finally wardens are ranked based on the years they have served. By the 20th year wardens make it to the veteran rank, and of the veterans the ten most skilled individuals will sit on the council with the Lord warden. To become a member of the council is no easy matter as one must beat the rank they wish to fill in a one on one duel to the death which is to be witnessed by at least two other council members and then approved of by the Lord warden before this can even occur. To become the Lord Warden one must make it toThe councils 1st seat and then beat the Lord warden in a match witnessed by all ten seats of the council. Due to this the wardens on the council are usually considered the 10 most powerful people in all of Roh with the strongest in all the lands being the Lord Warden themselves. While this is thought to be true confirmation is nearly impossible to gain as nearly 250,000,000 people call the lands of Roh home and there are very rare occasions where seated council members have fallen to non warden and non giant threats...that said No Lord Warden has ever been beaten in battle with the only exceptions being the appointment of a new warden where obviously the new lord warden would have to beat the old one. As such it is very rare that you will find someone challenging a Lord Warden as most are deterred by the legends alone.​


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Playable races

Humans- The Jack of All trades and Widely considered the Generalists of the world. Humans have the largest population in Roh making up 38% of the regions population. They are Talanted mages, Skilled warriors, Stealthy rouges, and can fill any other job, furthermore they actually learn quickly in comparison to the other species perhaps contributing to their success in the region. With an average lifespan of between 60-90 years humans reach their primes in their late 28s to mid 30s. They are capable of interbreeding with all other primary species however their weaker genetics often just remove the racial weaknesses of the others in exchange for a halved lifespan.

Dwarves- Dwarves are a stout and sturdy people who are said to have developed on one of Reinarts moons before the Titans last portals finally collapsed. While they are strong and abnormally tough, they are the slowest of the Children of the Gods and have a severe hatred of bodies of water due to their dense bodies making swimming difficult. Dwarves make Excellent Rouges, Knights, Barbarians, and other physical classes. Magic is difficult for them as their dense bodies make it harder to channel but such things also make them more resistant to magic. They live on average between 230-250 years and maintain the third highest population making up about 18% of Rohs population.

Elves- Most of the worlds most famous mages in history have been elves and it’s no wonder why, the elven species and all of its offshoots seem simply tailor made to harness the forces of magic. They have larger than normal magical reserves, are better at sensing and detecting magic, and their long lifespans of between 700-900 years all being major contributors but it’s when all that is paired with their competitive and inquisitive nature make elves seem almost destined to become wonderful mages they are very prolific being the second most populous species in roh making up 21% of the regions people.

C492045C-C504-4B10-8F06-512F2B2EDCFA.jpegOrcs- Large, Powerful, and nigh unstoppable in close combat, orcs have For a long time proven that magic, and intelligence are not all they are cracked up to be. Regularly shattering expectations as well as bones orcs have endured two separate near extinctions of their people, first when their population grew larger than others about 3000 years ago and the mad king of Delphor from that era launched a genocidal campaign against them across Roh, and a second one when the lands they fled to and built a civilization in fell under a constant raid from forest giants. Short lifespans of 65-80 years paired with massive birthdates, their young reaching maturity by age ten, the ability to interbreed with all species, and genetics that overpower all others has these beings making a comeback though they still only make up about 11% of the population if you count their hybrids and variants.

Halflings- For the longest time people thought halflings were just Dwarf and elf hybrids however the recent arrival of a boat of them from across the western sea show that they are more likely rare due to originating from elsewhere. While they lack the physical power of the other species, or the magical power of the elves, they make up for these shortcomings with their natural stealth abilities. Such as muffled footfalls, silent heartbeats, great hearing and sight, and a strangely non reflective skin pigment which makes it easy for them to fade in with shadows. They are hands down the greatest rouges and assassins anyone has ever seen and their appearance resembling human or elven children usually make it easy to get near such targets even without stealth. They live very long though not quite as much as elves with lifespans of between 500-700 years. Halflings Almost always seem to be born with a stealth affinity.

Hybrids- Almost all of the five races can interbreed with the exception of dwarves and Halflings who can only interbreed with Humans And orcs. In the case of human hybrids the union is beneficial usually removing the natural weaknesses of the species such as elves low strength, or a dwarves inability to swim, while maintaining their natural bonus’s, however their lifespan usually will only be able to reach about a double a humans in the case of long lived species and will not fall below normal human levels in case of interbreeding with other less long lived species. In the case of Orcish hybrids the offspring will be an orc with minor aesthetic differences like less green pigment, shorter stature, leaner frames, pointed ears etc, however their natural abilities remain the same as any other orc. a few generations ago hybrids were frowned upon but now they are now no less accepted than any others.

Varients- certain environments, spells, curses, and a wide number of other variables can create offshoot variants of the other five races, like the dreaded Primal Swarm Orc, or the More famous Dark elves, The tall and strong Northern Humans, Moon Halflings, Coral Dwarves. These varients are basically just slightly different versions of their “normal” counterparts with changes suited for different situations or magical effects that have changed them.

Adeptus Affinitus- also Known as affinity mages these are people who were born with a knack for specific types of magic, skills, or roles. These people tend to rise above the standard and are often ranked among the best of certain traits, while most think of them simply as being geniuses, the actual truth is that their Soul captured a fragment of a gods consciousness upon formation and thus making it naturally better at manifesting the thought that part of consciousness had. Usually affinities are elemental as most gods perished in battle with the Titans, however the second most common types are the weapon affinities, the final kind and most rare are the Support affinities.

Remnant Souls*- Remnant souls are those souls who at their formation gathered large chunks of essence from individual gods in some cases as much as 10% of that essence. In all of Reinart there are few who can directly contend with even inexperienced Remnant souls as their raw magical power is often on an entirely new level. These individuals are literally one in a million and have altered the course of history on several occasions. Scholars who know of these remnants theorize that there may be as many as 250 in Roh Alone, more than any point in history.

*remnants are special and each Roleplayer may only control one Remnant.​


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13 Kingdoms of Roh
(many thanks to @Fluffykitty9000 who i could not have done this much without)

1. Rystol- a coastal City nation with a very large fishing community and they are the inventors of the harpoon which they have used to hunt large fish, sharks, and whales. They trade in valuable pearls and have a very effective way of preserving fish meat for up to five years. They also provide most of the oil to the southwestern portions of Roh. Finally they provide large shipments of harpoons to the Wardens who use it to keep their fishing territories mostly clear of the giant threat.

2. Mydaka- a large orcish tent city in the forest that grew into a full blown city after three elven tribes moved into the trees around where the tents are set up. Afterwards hunters of all kinds would flood to this city growing its population and clearing the central parts of the forest. They now seem to mainly trade in lumber but hunters frequent the city and keep trade thriving with pelts, organs, and bones that are useful in tool making and spell weaving.

3. Delphor-a huge ornate city carved directly into a mountain out of the native stones. It is the oldest city in Roh at over 4000 years old, and is said to have been built by the first children of the gods to visit Roh. the central palace is a impregnable fortress sitting at an elevation of 11,000 feet with winding foot trails leading down to the main city which sits at an elevation of 8,000ft and extends down to the first Step Cliff of the mountain a nice 2000ft above the valley below. Masons and Blacksmiths find this place to be heaven like as they specialize in mining ore and stones, jewelers also frequent the place and It has a very large population of Myconids dwelling in the inner mountain catacombs who provide food for the city.

4. Jouktan- the city of thieves in the swamps of the north west. Assassins and smugglers call this land home and there is a constant struggle between three guilds that dwell in the city. The assassins guild, the Mercenary guild, and the thieves guild. While it is generally thought of as a cesspool the diversity of talents in that place is undeniable and despite being attacked fairly regularly by both sea and forest giants the city is so well dig in with so many places to hide that casualties are always low even if the giant is not stopped by wardens.

5. Baham- the city of the Dragon god of eternity master of time with a religious focused on the passage of time and pre planning. They stand In direct opposition to the city of a Tiam and it is said that 1100 years ago the two city nations were one until they divided themselves with magic and now each city is 70 miles from the border of the lands of the other. Baham’s holy sites are carved from ebony wood and Onyx stone and are some of the most beautiful constructions in all of Roh. Their museum is said to hold relics from the Titans civilization, and the cities architecture is unrivaled as everything is designed for the sole purpose of lasting an eternity.

6. Tiam- the city of the dragon god of infinity and mistress of Space, with a religion focused on diversity of function and multitasking. While their buildings are far less intricate than those crafted by their rival city of Baham Tiam is rather well known for their technological advancements and their study of the stars and special space based Magic’s. Using their knowledge of the stars and atmosphere they can predict weather fairly effectively except for Roils abnormal weather patterns.

7. Therious- Magic experts with college built upon a large cliff side. the city happens to be built upon a massive mythril vein which has caused the entire economy of the nation to revolve around magic weapons, armor, items, potions, and scrolls. home to powerful magical creatures attracted by the tremendous concentration of magic in the city. sadly the frozen wastes and concentration of creatures also attracts frost giants who frequently must be repelled by the mages of the school and the wardens who work closely with the college to find a way to counter the giants with mixed amounts of success.

8. Watazeek- a Dessert city of warriors and cutthroats built around an oasis with a massive gladiatorial Colosseum that the city is famous for. this strict nation has one of the largest military forces in the world and they constantly bolster their number with criminals and those who fight in the arena who more often than not are actually both criminals and gladiators. criminals lose their citizenship and thus all rights and freedoms, they can earn the right to serve in the military via fighting in the arena and if they make it to the army they must serve for at least two years before regaining their citizenship. due to this they actually will sentence all manner of criminals to the arena from thieves who stole a loaf of bread all the way to murderers. while stone giants wander the deserts they are often assaulted by the watazeekian military, also known as wojecks, being dealt with long before the wardens arrive.

9. Voaton- during the god titan war, a large forest was blanketed in debris which were caught by its thick canopy. for almost 1700 years the original children of the gods thought this to be a hill until an ancient map made by titans showed it to be a forest. explorers dug into the dirt canopy hill and found a dark underground forest that had many magical creatures but no giants. a city was quickly built within the mound and a thriving economy grew out of hunting magical creatures and even forming alliances with the local populations such as the myconids or mushroom people who dwelt there before the children of the gods did. in the past century however forest giants have began showing up and their aura seems to have made large chunks of the myconid population turn hostile.

10. Titanias- Nation built in Titan civilization ruins who worship the Titans as great artists and craftsmen and scorn the gods for their mistakes. The people here found the ancient ruins of the last titan stronghold and in it there was a written record that was translated by the people. from there they learned of the titans great stone magitech which they have used to keep the giants out. they often find themselves at odds with the wardens and have the lowest number of contributing recruits. they possess the largest dwarven population in the world and actually have learned to use the Titans old stone working magic allowing them to craft great walls to keep the giants out. however sometimes giants seem to just appear within the walls as if popping up from the ground. in these rare occasions the giants are usually dealt with by warden outposts within the walls, who receive mostly contempt from the local population as they believe the giants are their way of paying for the mistakes of the gods.

11. Roil- Nation with Abnormal weather patterns brought on by some mysterious magical metal concentrations underneath. roil has been known to have sporadic small earthquakes, micro hurricanes, tornado swarms, lightning strikes from clear skys, and even hail that falls sideways. the temperature fluctuates wildly and it seems like this would be an entirely inhospitable environment. yet despite this people have built up a nigh indestructible mobile city and the pressence of Magicite, a component for spell casting that can mimic the effects of any other component, has made this city a booming economy, and beneath the sea facing cliff side lies large deposits of mythril, adamantine, and black steel laced with veins of magicite. they sell their raw materials and are currently the richest nation.

12. Agrinoria- Agricultural super center and primary food producer in all of Roh, which is probably why the other nations haven't pushed into the borders at all. this large community is less of a city and more of a collection of farms spanning the large central plains of roh. thousands of years ago when the first children of the gods carved delphor into the mountains a few families moved out into the plains to build farms. their eldest would claim the farm and their younger children would then spread and make their own. it became a competition between the two bloodlines to make the best farms in all of roh thus making incredibly diverse crops and livestock supplies. as they grew this nation became so influential with their food production that could nourish nations that they were able to get access to two separate coastline properties, and became the largest of all nations, not to mention the origin of the common tongue as everyone wanted to eat as their nations were developing so it paid to learn the language of the ones with the food. providing more that 69% of all produce and livestock in Roh, no nation has ever declared war on agrinoria out of fear of all other nations opposing them.

13. Zoda- Island paradise completely dependent on the wardens for security as they have no military. As such they operate as a island Getaway for wardens and others alike. While expensive to most, it is free to wardens, which keeps a regular supply of wardens to keep the sea giants at bay. known for having beautiful people, gorgeous black sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and a garden of eden like forest with fruit bearing trees and nearly no dangerous predators or insects. the island nations prides itself on the fact that a child could get lost on the massive island and survive by themselves with minimal effort, something that has actually happened often and the children typically live all the way into their elderly years. non locals however are expected to pay for anything and everything they wish and the culture is very much one of service...one can find a price for literally everything. even their justice system is based of serving the community and paying fines with banishment from the island being the ultimate punishment. while they may seem weak and passive the two top predators are the razorfin eel and the curacha spider which they make their weapons from and coat them in venom respectively, a single strike from a Zoda razorfin whip usually carries enough poison to paralyze a raging orc in six seconds.​

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