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Fantasy War is coming, but here is twenty side quests

Neon Chilli

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The lands of Tasopp is stained by war still to this day, one can't travel a main road without seeing some evidence of a massive battle in the past. "The great war" signs of said war are everywhere... From parts or whole corpses of metal constructs that litter the world ranging from titans to weelittle or locations like Icespear forest, dark larva swamps, bluefire beach...
Tasopp was once home to various kingdoms all four of them prosperous and grand for many reasons.

The great war resulted in wiping the slate clean. Kingdoms destroyed people decimated, Tasopp was burnt trampled and changed forever. But from that war grew the beginnings of new societies. Villages and towns, eventually a few cities.
One might have heard about the two factions fighting each other to establish control over the Mainlands...
Which is where are story begins.

In the heart of mainland is a city known as Gidguud, like every place this isn't paradise but Gidguud is somewhat tolerant compared to most of the world post war. Especially towards the Mekkas...
Our story is about some people who found a job braving the wilds for whatever reason be it deliveries to neighboring locations or hunting monsters. The Gidguud Travellers guild was and still is in high demand ever since it officially opened. With Gidguud being a melting pot of different cultures, races, walks of life in general... The Travellers Guild has had nonstop jobs and applicants.

This is where your character comes in. They are someone in Gidguud confident that they will become one of the newest recruits of the guild, your unique talents skills and personality is beyond the common rabble. Let's hope so anyway. There's a fair bit to the common rabble in Gidguud.

The Human races...
Arcane, Shifters and the Mekka.
Humans don't need much explaining, it's 50/50 if a human is born with magic. It occurs in childhood or teenage years if one is gifted for such. Humans of the arcane race are born with random magic, most common is one of the elements.

Shifters are born able to transform their body, growing wings, size, claws and more. Normally a shifter needs to eat what they want to become.

The Mekka people are generally the most discriminated against, their ancestors creations said to have destroyed the world and the Mekka constructs still roam and litter Tasopp to this day. Mekka magic is creating constructs that move as if alive. The most effective constructs made of metal, scavenged or forged but a construct can be anything if one tried hard enough...

Hobbits, like people but smaller. Every hobbit has magic but hobbit magic is used to combine ingredients to create magic tools potions and weapons.

Elves, like human but bleached hair pointy ears and pale. They control flora and can bargain with spirits. By themselves they could make grass grow into binding thorns or trees move to their will. With a spirits help they can perform other magical feats.

Dark elves, like elves but with darkened skin and blood red eyes. Their magic is to control Fawna and monsters aswell as bargaining with the recently deceased. A dark elf can control certain animals and monsters depending on their power but with the power of the dead they can replicate said dead souls magic.

Beastkin, animal humanoids. No magic but some can transform/Have unique traits.
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I agreee with Ayama. That title is awesome. It made me click to see what was being offered, and i like it, though I don't know if I'll be able to join.


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Here have my cookie because the title is just plain awesome.

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
I'll be honest the title didn't seem that great to me aha

I suppose it would be better if I had pictures but I figured the big draw here would be fighting magical mech's in a medieval fantasy world

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