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Realistic or Modern vindicta. (a greek mythology rp)

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Adventure, Supernatural


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Centuries past, Zeus wed the titan Metis before he realized that she wasn't only an asset, but threat to his reign as well. The oracle prophesied that Metis would bear powerful children, one of which would become more powerful than Zeus himself. Fearing this, Zeus tricked his wife into turning into a fly and he promptly swallowed her. But Metis lived on inside of him and bore two children, just as the prophecy stated. The first, Athena, sprung from Zeus’ head. But the second, Neros, has been a recent birth.

Once again the pounding began in Zeus’s head as Metis forged armor for her second child. But this time when Hephaestus struck his head, Metis flew from the chasm as a fly, unnoticed with her unborn son. In secret Metis gave birth to Neros, who began planning the destruction of his father’s reign.

With Hades absent in the Underworld, monsters who were once slain have begun to wander about once more. Neros noticed this and quickly formed a group of new gods - the Ascidians. He planned to overthrow the god of thunder, take over his throne, and rename Olympia to Ascidia. To those who were tired of the Olympian rule, or for those monsters who had a grudge to settle, his arms were open. Whether it was out of spite, or simply to make sure to claim their spot in what they felt would be a winning team, half of the Olympian gods and goddesses accepted Nero's offer.

Will the Olympians be able to complete their task with this new force blocking their way? Or will they finally descend as many gods before them have?


this roleplay will surround the lives of the children of the gods and goddesses that will be feuding. if theres one thing that everyone knows about greek mythology its that whenever theres conflict in mt. olympus, everyone knows about it. so, in this case, it'll affect the lives of the offspring of the gods--the characters that will be played. as stated above, half of the gods and goddesses have betrayed zeus and joined the arms of neros to become the new ascidian gods. of course, that'll greatly impact the lives and alliances of their children on earth. currently, the children are all residing at camp mirage--home and training facility to demigods. loyal to their parent, most of the children will side with their immortal parent, which'll bring chaos down to them too.
olympian gods (loyal to zeus)
* athena | goddess of war & wisdom: [female open], [male open]
* hermes | god of luck & travel: [female open], [male open]
* hades | god of the dead & underworld: [female open], [male open]
* apollo | god of light & music: [female open], [male open]
* artemis | goddess of the hunt & moon: [@erebus], [male open]
ascidian gods (loyal to neros)
* poseidon | god of the sea & earthquakes: [female open], [male open]
* hera | goddess of childbirth, women, & royalty: [female open], [male open]
* ares | god of war, chaos, & bloodlust: [female open], [male open]
* aphrodite | goddess of love & beauty: [female open], [@erebus]
* hephaestus | god of metals & fire: [female open], [male open]

1. all rpn rules will apply in this roleplay

2. this will be an advanced roleplay. i'm looking for posts with 4+ paragraphs. i know people are busy and life goes on, so 1-3 posts for at least one character would be enough tbh. don't stress yourself out over a roleplay. mental health & real life responsibility comes first, therefore, if you're going to be absent, get writer's block, or simply don't feel the energy to post, then talk to me and we'll figure something out.

3. please allow your characters to be diverse. i want to see poc, lgbt, etc. no mary sues. no one is perfect. in addition to that, i'd really ask that you start off with a minimum of two characters of opposite genders so that we could avoid having a roleplay with 7 girls and 2 guys.

sooner or later, everyone
sits down to
a banquet of
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made by: @undine


𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙮 𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙚𝙨

very much interested even tho i really shouldn’t in the female hephaestus and male apollo!
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Ooh this looks fun! I need to choose lol but I may go with either female Poseidon or Hades and male Hermes!


✩ 𝓈𝓃𝑜𝒻𝓉 (𝓈𝓃𝒶𝒾𝓁 𝓈𝑜𝒻𝓉) ✩
Ohhh I’m really interested! I’d love to take on the role of Male Athena and Female Aphrodite if possible !


Galaxy Elf Extraordinaire
I'd be interested in Male Artemis and Female Apollo. Is this 1 to 3 post weekly? A bit confused by the post
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*always screaming* DES PA CITO
VERY VERY VERY interested in the Male Hades. If open and all. And if not, the male child of Poseidon.


very life like
ummm excuse you hoe when did you get back on here?!?!?
p.s its me h.e.r @Erebus
my lloveeeee. honestly i didnt tell anyone i was coming back because i didnt even know if i was just glancing or anything tbh. im here for a few roleplays though, thats all. <3 hope u good baby


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You never specified who got what roles and someone took the role I requested so I'll step out lol


very life like
You never specified who got what roles and someone took the role I requested so I'll step out lol
there were no role claims unless youre accepted because some people claim roles but then never finish their character sheet and its a dead end. you apply for the role that u want and im open to accepting early if spots fill up quickly. sorry for the inconvenience.

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