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Fandom Video game RP cravings (1x1- always looking!)

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Hey! I wanted to make a post with some video game fandoms I'm really craving RPs for right now--the post will be updated as I think of more but for now I'll only list the ones off the top of my head!
I'll list some general information first!

-I love ship RPs! Though, I'm always up for doing something non-ship related
-for ship RPs, I only do canon x canon ships, sorry! I also only do MxM, I hope it isnt an inconvenience!
-As for genres, I love stuff like fluff...action....angst..drama....domestic stuff!
-I'm 18! I'm okay to roleplay with you if you're at least 16+, but nobody underneath that age please!
-All RPnation rules apply! Meaning no erotica or anything else that violates the rules of this site lol
-I only RP in private messages on here, sorry! I don't have a kik or discord or anything like that.
-Don't worry if you become too busy to respond, I understand people have lives as I do as well! Just take your time and if you're able to, just send me a heads up!
-Most importantly, have fun!

Now, onto the fandoms! Under the ship lists, the italicized character is the one I'm comfortable playing in a ship. If both are italicized, then I'm fine with either one!

Metal Gear Solid:
I've only played MGS 1-3, 5, and Peace Walker. I haven't gotten around to 4 and don't know a lot about it, and I don't know anything about the original pixel Metal Gear games. However, for the games I am familiar with and for the ships I like, I have a few ideas for plots to go with them! Here's a list of ships I like:
-Kaz x Big Boss or Venom
-Kaz x Ocelot
x Big Boss or Venom
-Liquid x Mantis
-Solid Snake x Otacon

I'm familiar with most games! I'm only going to list a few ships for this one but if you're curious just ask! Here's a few:
Shadow x Sonic
Knuckles x Sonic
Just ask for more!

Legend of Zelda:
Although I love most of the LOZ games, this is specifically for Breath of the Wild! I only have one ship for this one but here:
Sidon x Link

I have many plot ideas for each ship, those that involve following the relative games, or ones that involve AU's! If you're interested, just shoot me a message or respond to this thread! :)


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Hey! I'm interested in a Sonic Rp if you'd still like to. I can do any ship you prefer or platonic, I don't mind.

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