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Fandom V for Vendetta


Pro-Escapist of Reality
Hey there! I am really craving V, double up OC Romance RP. I'd love my OC to be paired with V, and I am willing to play him back or any Marvel Avenger, Watchmen, some DC/Gotham, Netflix Original Series that's Marvel, and V as well in separate RPs!

Facts to know:
Yes, I curse.
I am 18+, so I expect a 18+ partner
Literacy! At least 3+ lines
I am on West Coast Pacific Time
I do not abandon RP, I think it's rude and in order to have a good RP relationship, communication is key! Let me know when you're leaving. No hard feelings, I will do the same.
I am not a grammar Nazi, just be coherent if at all possible.
I do work, and have responsibilities but I do try to reply everyday!

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