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One x One Unlikely Partners (Lore)



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Shapeshifters: Children of the Moon

  • "Long ago, before the memory of humans begins, was the time of magic. The world was alive in a way that humans cannot comprehend, because the Great Spirits lived and cared for the world.

    Peace lasted for centuries, until the Great Spirits began to argue among themselves. The Earth Spirit wanted to be as loved as the Sun Spirit, the Spirit of the Seas resented the Moon Spirit for the tides she made, all these trivial debates built up until they could not be any more.

    The Great Spirits went their separate ways, and the world slowly began to lose its magic. Animals could no longer speak aloud, the two-legged beings could no longer do magic and became humans, and the plants became silent and frozen in their places.

    The loss of magic saddened the Moon Spirit; she was a audacious, bubbly little thing that no longer got much attention from the world left behind. She wanted to feel adored again, and so she made her children.

    They walked among humans, but were set apart. They shared her ethereal beauty, and changed their shape as often as she. Their power rose as she waxed, and fell as she waned.

    They did not always escape the notice of the humans they lived among, and they became known in legends as 'shapeshifters.' But they will always be the children of the moon."
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The Golden Flame

As the moon spirit created her children, the Children Of the Moon, the sun spirit gifted a group of humans with power that would last the centuries.
The Golden Flame was a people that lived to protect and guide humanity through the long years. They never worked in the open, and if they did they had a good cover, or explanation for the extraordinary things they could accomplish.
Much like the "Shapeshifters" they could not always work in secret, and legend came to know this group as, "Mergers"

Members of The Golden Flame were human, but would live for 300-500 years because of the magic they used, they had prolonged life.
Their most noticeable ability is their ability to take on one, two and in rare occasions three animal companions. They shared thoughts, feelings, and sight with their companions. Whatever one saw or herd, so did all the others in their group. This made them great partners in life and in battle, or tactics. They can act in unison separately or they can merge.
When merged the animal companion would disappear into a shimmering gold flame that would attach itself to the human. It didn't change the person, just added some stuff. Features of the animal would appear as golden energy. Wings and talons for birds, fins and gills for water creatures, and enhanced strength and speed for most land creatures.
The companions themselves grew in power and would live as long as the person (unless killed, but they never died of natural causes). They had unnatural strength and speed for creatures their size, as well as more natural armor and toughness.
The people would naturally be a lot like the animals they choose, so a skinny quick person might have a snake or small bird of pray. Wile a large man would find a larger creature like a lion or rhino. Over the years when it became harder to disguise companions as wild or regular domesticated animals, the exotic creatures were fazed out like lions, tigers, rhinos and so on, in favor of dogs, cats, birds, and other smaller creatures. In any case the merging between a dog as apposed to a tiger usually was the same, so it was a change that was accepted without any ill effects.

There is no bloodline in the Golden Flame. Power is bestowed based on a person to person bases. One must have a higher sense of justice and right and wrong. Usually they end up being people of law enforcement, or military.
They stick to the habits of their companions. So their habits vary from person to person.
Members of the golden flame are usually highly social, but are loners in the sense that their secret cannot be shared with normal humans. There are only 1000 in the world and if one dies or is killed the Sun Spirit will find a worthy replacement and bestow its power.
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Demons: The Heart of Darkness

Along with all of the good that the Great Spirits created with their magics, there had to come some bad, as is the way of the world.

Lesser spirits, still powerful but not quite Great, were resentful of being controlled by the Great Spirits and their whims. These lesser spirits would grow weak and die once the Great Spirits had left the world, but their last act was to place beings on the world that would harm the things that the Great Spirits loved most.

They brought fire and drought to kill the beloved plants of the Earth Spirit, and froze the tops of the earth to sadden the Spirit of the Seas. And, for the Moon and Sun Spirits, who had loved the humans, they brought demons.

These demons took many forms at first, fantastic monsters as tall as trees, and tiny ones that ran as armies. But as the lesser spirits grew weak, so did their demons. They began to take forms similar to humans, and offer them the means to destroy themselves. Drugs, senseless violence, and hate crept into the world at the behest of the jealous spirits.

Its been eons since demons walked the earth in their true, terrible forms, and hunted humans. For as long as recent memory serves, they have been slinking in the shadows as dark-hearted humans with the means to influence others. But a shift in the magics of the world has strengthened them, and they begin to hunt again.

Demons must take a physical form on this plane of existence. Usually, this means they take over a host, typically humans. Old-world humans are not wrong in that demons can possess people. When between hosts, they can appear as crows, or black cats. Very rarely, they can gather enough strength to appear in a physical representation of their true form, usually some kind of monster-type creature.
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Mullbrook, WA
Mullbrook is a small, coastal city about 45 minutes away from Seattle, WA. It has similar weather to the notoriously rainy metropolis, but a generally quieter area. The residential population is around 3,000, but there are a fair number of long-term tourists in the summers, "city folk" who own cottages along the beach.

Notable Places

  • The town is small enough to have relatively few officials and police officers, so the two groups share a building.
    The front half functions as the town hall and even has its own meeting room for the occasional "town hall meeting."
    The back half is the police station, complete with a single holding cell.
    If too many people get arrested, or if someone is being too rowdy, they get driven out to county.

    Just down the street from the town hall and police station, is the library and the elementary school
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Spirit Shards
Before the final death of each spirit, the essence of their power that is left is concentrated into a shard.
These shards fell to Earth, and eventually the knowledge of them became a guarded secret.
They hold an immense amount of power, and in the wrong hands, they could mean the end of humans.

  • The Sun Stone has been in the possession of the Golden Flame since it fell to Earth. It powers the Golden Grove, giving life and sentience to the willow trees that guard it. The Sun Spirit is a male spirit, who places value in a noble heart and honest spirit.
    It landed originally in what is now the state of Washington, and has remained there.
    It's other abilities are unknown.
    Believed to be one of the two more powerful shards.

    It original guardians are known as Dryads. They are tree-like creatures, with natural light magic. Many dryads care for the Golden grove, while others act as scouts for the Golden Flame. Warrior dryads were thought to be extinct after exile form the Grove, but it was recently learned that a small number managed to survive.
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