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Realistic or Modern Underground Fighting Roleplay (1v1)


Underground Fighter
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Looking for someone who has an interest, or practices any form of martial arts.

If you simply want to try your luck in a fight, that's fine too.

I'm looking for an opponent for a written Underground Fighting Roleplay. (~40 minutes to 1h30 per fight)

Basically, we fight each other through typing our moves turn by turn until one of us is defeated.

Multiple paragraphs are not needed. 1-3 lines of a good description of your attacks is more than appreciated.

I prefer prompt responses, we set up a time, we fight, maybe we analyze when it's over, and we go about our day. Always nice to make a friend in the process. A fight usually lasts 40 minutes to 1h30 considering replies are prompt. Fights can end much quicker or much later, considering the volatile nature of fighting.

What I can provide you with:

- 4 years of martial arts experience (MMA)
- Descriptive and immersive writing skills
- Willingness to compromise and answer all related questions
- Maximum comfortability


DM me if interested, and we can swap stats and I'll share the Terms of Comat (rules).

Challengers must be 18 and above.

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