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Help Tips on learning to code?


Kris; 00’ Liner
So I've been dead for months (no not literally) but anyways I learned HTML coding in my college classes but I still feel like I haven't learned much regarding code. I know that BBCode+ is similar to CSS and HTML so I wonder how did you guys learn how to do it? I kinda want to try making my own codes, but it seems challenging. So do you have any tips?

Sana Natsuko

A Wandering Name

I also had a slight dealing with HTML and CSS but not enough to make anything profession. But if anything helped me at all through all that, it was these two website. I am not saying to look at every single page of them both, but if you give yourself a passtime like making a three page website with some cool transitions and maybe animations on it, I would recommend doing what you can with your own knowledge, but then anything you don't know the command for or are struggling to remember, just look at them in this. W3Schools gives some nice explanations on what tags do and what their defaults are and how you can alter them. While mozilla helps a lot at telling you what you can edit for certain tags. For example for adding a border onto left and right you can do border-left: (1px solid black) and border-right: (1px solid black). But along with this you can also do a shorter prefix such as border: (0 1px solid black). This is because border can add a border to all sides in the order border: (top right bottom left) and to shorten it even more you can do border: (top&bottom right&left) or to just add it everywhere border: (1px) for border: (top&right&bottom&left). So after getting side tracked, I would just say do a little project to mess around with html and css using your own knowledge and what your learnt and then expand on it using the websites, you can of course use other websites, but these two are just my recommendations.

Sana Natsuko

A Wandering Name
The alternative is normal BBCode which uses basic tags


Ooh yes I read that, but will there still be some other alternatives to it? I actually find it interesting what you can do with code and such
Not for some time. It will be reduced down to just the basic bbcode mostly with some alterations here and there to improve them. The work required to basically re-do the advanced stuff is going to take much longer and might have some stark changes in how the code itself works. I'd start with what we call the jank bg code which is the bg={inject css} kinda stuff.

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