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    Kimber grunted in agreement towards Arville's plan. He relaxed a bit but still kept his gun planted firmly under Adrian's jaw.

    "Yeah, doc." He said. "Arville's right..."

    He took another fearful look at the needle positioned ever so close to his neck before continuing.

    "...Now can you please just get off?"

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    Continuing to rummage through the small pile of junk and clothing that he had brought with him. After some time Xavier found the rest of his clothing. "Pants..,. check. Shirt... check... Jacket... check." He continued on with his mental list as he began to hide a few of his different and unique blades in the folds and hidden pockets of his clothes. "Socks... check. Gloves... check..." He paused as he walked over to his bed grabbing a pair of boots that he kept on the floor. He sat down with a soft thud as he untied his boots and was getting ready to put them on. "Boots..." He had just started putting his boots on when he began to hear a large amount of commotion outside his door. "Hmm... wonder what's going on out there..." Xavier softly muttered as he finished putting on his boots and stood up once again, double checking himself before he started to head to the door to deal with whatever the day held for him.

    He unlocked his door and looked out into the hall, damn a crowd had formed. "What's going on...?" Xavier gave a confused look to the crew members crowded around his doorway, most of them with weapons out pointed at Adrian.Though Xavier barely knew anyone on this damn ship, he had gotten to talk to Adrian on his first day here. Someone needed to patch him up after he gave Arville a rough time in the morning.
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    Ellena turned around, hearing the commotion from the direction of where Arville was yelling at the poor kid. She took out one of her bat'leths and started walking back to where the crowd had gathered. She pushed her way through and walked up to Adrian "now now, Adrian. I know you've got a sick desire to hurt people, but come on. You don't have to try and hurt anyone on this ship now, do you? Come on. Just empty your hands and walk away. I'll forgive you. Maybe the next time we go on a raid we can capture a guard or two alive, hmm? It'd just be great for the both of us if you didn't hurt any of my crew members." She raised the bat'leth up into her hands and was prepared to strike her down if needed. Even though her and Adrian were like family, no one harmed one of her crew members. Not even grunts or rookies.
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  4. Warwick had realized he couldn't finish taking inventory in a timely manner however since the captain ignored his request for help he decided to 'Borrow' someone to help him. He walked out of the engine room at a brisk pace and quickly made his way to the dormitories where he found Adrian assaulting kimber with a tranq gun. Warwick took a deep breath before walking into the crowd and grabbing someone, which happened to be Adrian, with a tranq gun, and looking more psychotic than usual which Warwick strangely found arousing however he had no time to for lewd thoughts and quickly dragged Adrian out of the crowd.

    "Alright Adrian...you're adrian right?" He paused to make sure it was Adrian, which it was. "Yep same Cute psycho, anyway I need you to help me take inventory. Also I have your medkit, and if you tranq me or harm me in anyway there will be one less med kit on the ship and more ash in the incinerator got it" The ship did not have an incenerator, thankfully only he and the captain knew this little tid bit as he's the only one tidying up in the ship. "Doesn't matter I'm holding hippocrates hostage and you don't get a choice in the matter if you want him back unscathed. Also why the first aid kit, the bed is more fit for the title hippocrates. guy even made a bed called the Hippocratic bench Seriously..." Warwick then proceeded to lecture the pilot on medic on greek history, a subject that he studied during his time on the run from the numerous corp that coveted the black hole drive.

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    Kru decided he had spent enough time moping within the maw of this space wreck, for some reason that probably relays from a greater artistic power of the cosmos. He took his mug with him before he took off out the door and around the corner. Now it looked as if the crew was already carrying out a mutiny. Honestly, many mutinies have occurred faster than this.

    Appeared to by that sociopath and the Grunties that were causing a scene. Not really a surprise. It was anticipated that the grants would use the Psycho's medical supplies for recreational highs. Kru couldn't exactly be bothered with his shit, but he thought he might as well since he's the First Mate. And, y'know, he doesn't really want to get shot by accident.

    He barged through the crowd that had formed around the confrontation. A bit easy, given their lack of real muscle development or any signs of growth in verticals height. Just horizontal.

    The Mate gave the Psycho the death stare. Any harder and it would have shattered his helmet to smitheroons. He grabbed the Medic - or Pilot or whatever they want to be - by the wrist, forcing her to raise her gun to the roof rather than the face of a fellow pirate. "Alright, Addie. Time to take you to your comfort zone again..."

    As the First Mate said those words, he began to drag Psycho by her wrist down the hall, seemingly towards the MedBay in hopes of not causing a scene. "
    It didn't take you that long before attempting to gun someone down. We'll need to work on that, y'know."

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    Ellena was confused, this was unlike anything she had seen before. As she was talking to Adrian she was pulled away not once, but twice. It was a very awkward situation to be in.

    She put the bat'leth back over her back and began running down in the direction of of where her pesky first mate had pulled Adrian aside. She stood leaning against a wall, as if she were waiting for him to notice her presence.

    "I think I was handling the situation pretty well, kru. Do you think I needed you to interfere? That was kinda rude of you, don't you think?"
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    Kimber picked himself off of the floor and holstered his weapon, thankful to finally be free of Adrian's clutches. He sighed in relief as he watched her be dragged away by the first mate.

    "Geez, that lady's crazy."
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    It was a couple of minutes before the Mate actually took notice of his superior leaning against the wall, likely in desperation to look intimidating and such. He was a little busy yanking this little sociopath down the corridor. Looks like the Captain was tryna act like the boss here. Well, she technically is, but a first glance at her and you might be deceived. Might as well challenge her a bit and MAYBE she'll actually start acting like she owns this ship and can keep a crew under a tight schedule. Anything would be better than the example displayed earlier, with psychopaths randomly drawing guns on the crew mates.

    "Hang on a second, Addie. Adult talk here." Uttered the First Mate, before focusing his attention upon the Captain once again. He looked to the left, then to the right, before moving on to picking up a potted tiny tree and offering it to the Captain. "You mind holding this for me?"

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    "Look, you may be the most loyal person on this ship. And you may have been one of the first recruits stupid enough to join a maniac on her dream of being a pirate, but that doesn't give you authority over me. I suggest you let me handle this and step aside. Go eat some brunch or something, I don't care"
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  10. Warwick sighed as his soon to be lackey was taken away from him by the first mate however he had not time to mull over it too much as he still had a job to do. since he was sure that there would be no one with him in the cargo hold as the crew was interacting amongst themselves in wacky and creative ways he decided begin or rather continue his previous work. The mechanic tapped the side of his 'right eye', opening a data browser. "Open file Cz-4259b." He whispered quietly as he left the crew in the dormitories and headed for the cargo hold making sure he was neither followed nor his words heard by any others.

    "Opening 'Revolving airlock door' section b. " The system's female interface answered back. Warwick sighed in exasperation as the data browser opened the wrong file. He may be smart enough to save all of Henderson Drive-tek patents and schematics by shoving as much data storage units as he can into his body, but he was not smart enough to remember to create a directory for them for ease of access.

    "Whoops, Close Cz-4259b open Cz-4258b." Warwick spoke louder this time as he entered the Cargo hold.

    "Opening 'The Nova project' section b" Warwick's 'right eye' projected a 3 dimensional holographic projection of a Cz-4220 variant or the beast, as he affectionately called it. The similarities between Cz-4258 and The beast end at their base design as Cz-4258 was purely the work of Warwick and rather than generating black holes Cz-4258 was designed to generate stars by feeding gas into the gravity field however this hit a hypothetical snag, as the drive has yet to be made or tested. The newly made star was unstable and thus would go supernova a few hours after formation of course this was still a viable source of power and an even more devastating weapon as the gamma radiation from the supernova would wipe entire systems of life but the possible loss of life didn't bother Warwick all too much as they were just figures without faces to him and the prospect of giving humanity the ability to create stars systems to expand galaxies was well worth billions of lives.

    "Search Cargo hold for Warp drive components." Warwick tapped his left eye twice and opened up the ship's cargo manifesto to search for warp drive components whilst his other hand motioned the system to zoom into the Graviton generator of the Nova drive. After a second of searching his left eye closed the cargo manifesto and highlighted a number of items on around him. "Add the keyword, Graviton Generator." The number of highlighted components was narrowed down to two as warwick toned down the female system voice, which he found rather annoying. He began walking towards one of the highlighted items and on his right hand he made a pulling motion and the graviton generator was pulled from the schematics. He then grabbed the Spare Graviton Generator on the ship and compared it with the graviton generator on his schematics which unfortunately did not match the spare generator's shape enough to be usable for warwick. He then headed for the other graviton generator which was sadly broken but after a brief examination of it's shape Warwick had found the perfect candidate for the graviton component for the Nova drive which he stole from the ship's cargo hold and stuffed into his large pocket. "Mark Graviton generator...." He paused to pull out the Generator from his pocket "Ti-40673 as spaced.". The Mad Mechanist then stuffed his broken Generator back into his pocket headed for the engine room.
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    The First Mate shot the Captain a fiendish look. Well, he probably did. Pretty hard to tell through that helmet. But that probably be his reaction to this scenario.

    "Look, Capitano. The situation has been dealt with." Kru barged past, still dragging that little sociopath with him. "Ain't a need to go fussing about just because your ego got a little bruised." By now the First Mate was completely oblivious to his superior, already near the end of the corridor and about to take a right to the Medical Bay.

    Also, you may need that plant to replace all that oxygen you just wasted running after me like some toddler."

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    "What did you just say to me kruger?!" At this point her voice had shifted from a slightly snarky tone, to an authoritative and loud one. She knew who she was, and she knew who he was, and wouldn't be afraid to remind him. However, she rarely ever resorted to brute force, and isn't year decided to give him a verbal threat. "I murdered seventeen armed men to take over this ship, not including all the colonists that were unarmed. I'm not afraid to kill another one to keep my authority. Say whatever you like, but do what I order you to do with no backlash, got it?" She threw a punch towards his gut, hoping not to make a fool out of herself, instead remaining in control of the situation.
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    Okay. Now this is a whole lot of confusing for Adrian. One moment she's interrogating a grunt for Hippocrates. Then she's had multiple weapons drawn on her, something that happens plenty of times so its not confusing yet. Then, the true culprit, someone Adrian likes to call the 'Smelly Engi' came along and started dragging her away to do something while admitting that he took Hippocrates and lecturing her on calling the medkit he stole Hippocrates. AND THEN, the First Mate, aka Ship Dad Kru, came along and intercepted her before dragging her towards the Medical Bay. Any normal person would be confused by this but Adrian? She's far from normal.

    "..... head hurts... My head's hurting again...." Adrian whined, weakly tugging on Kru's sleeve. It became clear that he was too busy talking/berating with the Captain to notice her beg. She had an idea to use the tranq pistol to free herself but the headache grew bad to the point that she can't aim it properly. Oh well only one thing left to do.

    "Ehh... Sorry... Kru...." Adrian quietly muttered before chomping down on his arm. That aught to get his attention.

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    Kru took note of that fist on the move, apparently on a course with his gut. Looks like this Captain had a bit of a temper on 'er. Well, no matter. Such a situation can be easily dealt with.

    The First Mate swiftly raised his right before bringing it down to smack the punch out of a trajectory with his stomach. Kru decided to give the Captain what she wanted now. He took the liberty of swinging the psycho around until she was somewhere in the air, before then letting go and allowing the little socio and the Captain to collide with each other - essentially putting them both on the ground.

    "Now, you got what you wanted. Hope you're done having that little temper tantrum." He uttered, just as he casually walked off down the corridor.

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    Arville "Ardy" Blackwood
    Arville, in one of the few moments of his life, had his jaw dropped and startled. For one thing, Kruger was being an arrogant piss wad. Sure the captain could be childish at times but for the most part she was decent. For a other, Adrian had somehow managed to get herself in trouble over... Hippocrates? He never white understood why people loved pieces of paper between animal skin so much.

    Ardy offered Kimber a hand to get up. He shook his head in disapproval, not at Kimber but at the direction at which Adrian was taken. Kruger seemed to be the sort of prick he would love to punch. Even Ardy knew when he crossed far enough through the line. Kruger blew way past it, and at the Captain to, the sole member of the crew that gave him his position. After extending his arm, he faced Xavier.

    "I believe you ought to go to the mess and get a nice long drink of water and food. After you shall take inventory, good luck" Ardy said it in an emotionless state. Xavier wasn't warned of the situation and that satisfied him. Still before he went, he attempted to backhand Xavier. Such disrespect wasn't tolerated on the ship as expected.

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    After getting up momentarily, trying to avoid impaling herself on the bat'leth's strapped to her back. Once she was back on her feet, she started laughing. Not the sort of laughing you'd expect from someone who'd been humiliated like that.
    "You know what Kruger, I like you. This is the sort of shit I picked you up for. You're not afraid to stand up to your superior. You're cocky, and that's why I like you. That sort of dumb confidence is exactly what we need on this ship."
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    "...... ow..." Adrian moaned, laying face down on the floor. Despite biting Kru on the arm, he was still a big meanie enough to use her as a projectile. Her! A sick, fragile (heh), petite lady as a godforsaken club! The nerve!

    "Are you... Okay.... Cappy...?" Adrian numbly asked the Captain, a dazed expression on her face as she staggered to her feet. Sure she's easily distracted a d clinically insane but its hard to actually knock her out completely. If anything, the impact seemed to clear up her headache.

    "Do you require medical attention.... Or maybe just attention.... I dunno... Head feels spinnier than a pulsar...." Adrian rambled before grabbing hold of the back of the Captain's collar and began slowly dragging her towards the medical bay. That must be the reason why they are there right? .... Right?

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  18. Once inside the engine room Warwick threw the broken Graviton generator and a few tools he'll need to finish The Nova Project he also threw in hippocrates, now named Asclepius after the greek god of medicine, however the medical tape was replaced with a can of beans instead as Warwick still needed the medical tape for engineering purposes. After getting what he wants in the box he then covered it in a larger metallic crate which he promptly labeled 'Radioactive Material, Do not touch under any circusmtances.'. To cover his tracks Warwick donned the only Radiation suit on the ship currently. After getting dressed in a bright neon lead lined suit Warwick zoomed in on the power core of his little project and noticed that the nuclear warheads inside a torpedo was a viable option for a power source thus he pondered whether or not it was wise to take a nuclear warhead out of the torpedo, but then he realized he was wearing a radiation suit and that the universe was inherently meaningless leading him to one conclusion. "Fuck it, let's do this"

    The Engineer exited the engine room after closing The Nova files and taking the key for the ship's weapon room. As he was headed over to the Ship's lower level's he noticed that most of the crew were still at the dormitories which he briefly passed by. "Jeez, they sure do love to talk. Well at least it makes thing easier for me. Search, torpedoes." Warwick said as he descended into the bowels of the ship. Once inside the ship's heavy weapon's hold a number of crates were highlighted in the. "Narrow the search, Look for nuclear torpedoes." Now only four crate are highlighted. Warwick opened up the first crates and began disassembling the warheads. "List Torpedo, Fw-29905 as decommissioned. Reason's given: Abort sequence did not activate during testing. Possibility of nuclear warhead going of, Removed nuclear warhead. Warhead to be spaced after torpedo is disassembled." Warwick tampered with the torpedo in a certain way that failure of the abortion sequence was natural leaving him without blame Save for his 'incompetence'.
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    Xavier looked over at Arville as he spoke, it was obvious that he didn't care what he was saying. It could have been the most important information that Xavier could learn, but since it was coming from Arville's mouth, it went in one ear then out the other. "Yeah, yeah" Xavier sighed as he was getting ready to turn and walk to the kitchen when he saw Arville's hand come toward him.

    He grabbed hold of Arville's wrist, squeezing hard to keep his hand from moving any closer to him. "You know, you're really predictable." Xavier sighed almost as if annoyed as he turned to face Arville once gain. He took a step closer to his superior, maybe a bit too close for comfort. keeping a tight grip on his wrist, Xavier noticed that he was able to feel Arville's pulse race through his veins from how he was holding. "You know Arville" Xavier smirked devilishly, almost as if he had some sort of plan unraveling itself out in his head. "You're a bit cute when you're angry." Xavier chuckled as he let go of his superiors wrist, turned and walked away as if nothing had happened. Though he would have loved to see how Arville would have reacted to such an out of place act, Xavier decided it best to take this chance and go while he still had a chance.


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