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I suppose I'm back. Hello again.
Jannah Jannah it is infuriating how intentionally, purposefully neglectful and unwilling Kenny is to help this province. There has been one, ONE proven method of eliminating covid, and we won't do it. Not like we can't, we have shown we CAN, but we simply won't a second time.

I cried this morning reading the "new restrictions" for this second way. I am exhausted, mentally I checked our a good month or more ago. I already had a covid scare, my friends grandpa is in the ICU right now slowly dying (haven't heard if he's recovering or not) and her cousin has it. I am just so done with this fucking administration and their moron of leader.

Like Kenny is on record saying no our goal isn't to get to zero, it's to manage it. Like wtf is wrong with you.
I think he refuses to act because a massive chunk of his support base think it's a hoax. I have a cousin in Red Deer I had to actually cut contact with because she was so convinced that Covid is a hoax. I just couldn't handle it anymore. I know of people who have had Covid and now have organ damage. They were fairly young and previously healthy too; no underlying conditions making them high risk.


If you're reading this have a nice day
I am about to go off on a covid related rant, I'm upset. No need to read I just needed to vent. But if you do know I'm Canadian and I live in AB and we just surpassed Ontario for daily cases; a province with 10 mil more people than us . . . we have 4 mil. and my province has for months been at the same case load, just under, but we are surpassing one of the largest populations in our country. Sunday we had 1500 daily cases, the largest case increase so far, with no sign of slowing and my government has done basically nothing as per their announcement yesterday.

I received a pin from my job today that says "I caught you covered ; I care I wear" with a mask in the middle. And if that doesn't embody COVID 19 perfectly I don't know what does. Instead of paying me for sitting at home for 3 work days waiting for my covid results the company I work for would rather spend hundreds of dollars on useless pins, amounting to "here you fucking moron good job you did the most minimal basic thing to keep people safe". When I am currently so financially fucked from not getting paid and taking a $1000 pay cut a month, that I don't even know if I'll recover let alone make up 2600 dollars in 6 months, when I can't even afford groceries.

I can't even stay home today, though I am not sick, I have get cold sores, it blooms when my immune system is weak due to stress which I have in spade. So even though sleeping and rest are the best way to not feel like a bag of smashed assholes, I can't take it because that means missing work, which means no money, so I go to work on the verge of getting sick (I haven't felt well in 4 months) I am so worn down that I AM BREAKING OUT IN PAINFUL BLISTERS ON MY LIPS AND IN MY NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And because I can't handle a second month where I barely made 1000 dollars . . . my house hold bills are 1800 . . . I'm in pain, I feel gross, I'm CONSTANTLY on the verge of getting sick and I am force daily to be around children who are being forced into schools . . . BECAUSE MY GOVERNMENT CAN'T BE FUCKED TO SHUT THINGS DOWN PROPERLY AND LONG ENOUGH TO END THIS NIGHTMARE AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS CRY, I FEEL HELPLESS, DESPERATE AND ISOLATED. My mental health is failing, I have no idea how to help myself without finding a new job in a climate where our unemployment rate is at 15% and projected to reach 25%.

And yesterday my province and it's magnanimous leader announced our second wave restrictions that amount to: everything that was already in place that we were unable to enforce because we are placing the onus of responsibility on our people.

- no family gathering: birthday parties, funerals, weddings.​
- no social gatherings: close rec centers.​
- restaurants, religious buildings: you get to stay open at 1/3 capacity.​
- stores: open, mandatory masks (which has been in place for months) so nothing new there!​
- Gr7 - 12 online classes Nov 30 - Jan 11 2021 . . . elementary school? Oh you mean the babysitting service? Oh that stays open we can't have single parents or even 1/2 of the family unit NOT WORKING so we gotta keep the babysitters working! So K -6 you get to risk your life for an already fucked education because you aren't learning very well with this amount of stress on you and because you're a child you have no idea what is actually happening to you mentally but I hope you enjoy dealing with THIS trauma when you're 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ISN'T LIKE THIS ISN'T HAVING A PROFOUND EFFECT ON OUR CHILDREN. NO NOT AT FUCKING ALL!​

Jason Kenny if it were legal to shoot you, I fucking would you piece of shit garbage human TRUMPET MOTHER FUCKER! You have done nothing, NOTHING to stop the spread. NOTHING to help your citizens. You are a blight on our province and I hope the legacy you have created CRIPPLES the UCP and we never forget the gross negligence of your administration and they never see majority vote again.
"When I am currently so financially fucked from not getting paid and taking a $1000 pay cut a month, that I don't even know if I'll recover let alone make up 2600 dollars in 6 months, when I can't even afford groceries."

The part where you mentioned you can't buy groceries makes sense, in Canada there has been massive inflation in Grocery stores around the country.

"Check out our are prices basic on necessities, lol good luck feeding your family" - images - 2020-11-25T100812.764.jpeg

images - 2020-11-25T100428.862.jpeg
images - 2020-11-25T100439.750.jpeg

images - 2020-11-25T100840.243.jpeg


I suppose I'm back. Hello again.
Those aren't even the prices here, those are mostly in the NWT and Nunavut and on various reserves which is it OWN problem outside of covid. Its a huge indigenous issue the cost of living for them is mindbogglingly insane compared to the average person on the regular, I can't imagine the suffering they are enduring during covid. I know its out of control for them (related but unrelated to covid) we have a indigenous homeless camp downtown of my city actively protesting the homeless issue we have....where a rich mother fucker decided he'd rather build giant skyscapers that he can't sell, bought out an entire neighborhood and displaced a huge homeless population because our largest homeless center and safe use centre is downtown on the property this fucker bought and he refuses to support this charity but relocating them and helping them build a new location and donate some funding . . . IT"S OWN ISSUE SEPERATE FROM COVID BUT I ALSO FEEL LIKE BITCHING!

I'm some white bitch, my shit doesn't cost that much, meat and produce are the worst for cost (but not comparable). But yes the cost of food is high here. I thankfully have my parents living with me for 4 months, they moved in after my cousin died tragically in May and the properly they lived in that he owned was sold. So that has been the only saving grace and even with that help I am drowning in financial problems and mental health issues.

I am done on every level. I spend most of my free time high just to cope. Like thank god I horded weed while I was still making decent money (before covid) because that stash has been a life saver recently! XD
Only reason I'm not homeless is because I live with my mother and brother. Yes, I'm 29 and still live at home.


I suppose I'm back. Hello again.

"...Its now up to Albertans to follow these new orders and do our part to slow the spread..." onus on the people, you deal with it while we give you no support not even in funding. "...A blanket lockdown would have pushed Alberta small businesses to the brink of closure...." maybe help them, do something, bail them out instead of big corps and oil! Nope it's up to ALBERTANS to do something about it, save them when we all struggling.

I hate capitalisms so much.
Yep. I hate capitalism too. always have.

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