Character Theory There's a knock at your door... It's the last OC you roleplayed.

Be honest... as of reading this, how screwed are you?

  • Actually, I think it would be quite a pleasant visit. 😇

    Votes: 32 40.5%
  • They may be a little mad, but they would remain respectful. We might even talk things out.

    Votes: 14 17.7%
  • I'm getting absolutely yelled at. Verbally obliterated.

    Votes: 9 11.4%
  • We're throwing down immediately, but I can take them/they won't kill me.

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • I think I can at least outrun them. It's my only chance.

    Votes: 2 2.5%
  • I can't run, I can't hide, I can't fight. This is where I die.

    Votes: 9 11.4%
  • I'm going to be pleading for a death that never comes.

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Seduction???

    Votes: 6 7.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 5 6.3%

  • Total voters
My character Mars would probably just stare at me and wonder why I put him through everything that he has gone through. But if anything we'd get along quite well and probably end up going out to stargaze for a bit :"3 and he'd show me his star powers lol.
Welp- Nightwolf Primal, Princess of the furybeast kingdom/empire, is gonna end me.
My current Character in an RP, named Rina Appler, who is a Water Mage in training, is at my door? This should go well...
Counts on the time she is coming from, Nina has two different time periods for her story. If she is her younger self I am about to be destroyed on the spot with out a chance. Older though she can be talked too but the outcome is up in the air there. I swear I love you Nina.
Oh, he'd rip into me immediately for everything I've done to him, but I think he'd panic once I started bawling uncontrollably. He's not used to screaming at someone who won't fight back!
There's a knock at your door. Oh, crap. The last character you roleplayed is standing on the other side. They're real, they are completely autonomous, and the worst part: They know who you are. They are acutely aware of everything you caused them, and there are no take-backsies.

How do you think the next ten minutes are going to pan out for you?
The last RP I had was with my family. Dude managed to evade death with stupidity masked as brilliance.
Anatase: She’s a little fake and conflicted, but she’s super polite and calm.

Nova: She’s super timid. I feel like she wouldn’t even be capable of doing anything to me, lmao.

Maximo: He wouldn’t kill me, in fact he wouldn’t even show up at my door. Quite introverted.

Serpentine: It would be a pleasant conversation, I feel. He’s a no-nonsense, brutally honest and calm person.

Chase: Loud, brash, mean, I feel like our interaction would end in an argument, lol.
There's a knock at your door. Oh, crap. The last character you roleplayed is standing on the other side. They're real, they are completely autonomous, and the worst part: They know who you are. They are acutely aware of everything you caused them, and there are no take-backsies.

How do you think the next ten minutes are going to pan out for you
im dead im going to fucking die being chased by a cannabilistic demon

(the last character i rolplayed was bob velseb from spooky month 💀)
The last character I can recall RPing, that is not a canon character from a fandom RP, is Ala'roth, my Orc-Elf ranger. The visit would probably be a little awkward at first, but at the end I think it'd be pleasant. I'd brew up some tea, and it would likely be me doing all of the talking.
nice knowing you guys, but Im dying before I even open that door and let them in 😭...
Oh gosh I think the last character I RPed was my demon from the lowest circle of hell. I think I'm dead just on principle.
This is hilarious, I just got finished writing a very intense reply. Sebastian has died and thanks to a god just, finding him interesting, he's been up in this strange limbo. Forced to forget all his past, and all his troubles.

Only just now, his vampire husband, who's grieved his death this entire time. Has come to his realm to quite literally conquer it. Slaughters the god, and sees Sebastian. It's been eons. I mean so, so long. Dameon(the husband) is so distraught, he doesn't believe it's truly him. So as Sebastian slowly remembers the man he fought and failed to reunite with. Dameon is pushing him away

Considering its me, I wouldn't bring 'werepuma' me to kill an innocent person.
Assuming they don't know I'm the one who put them through all that

Miiya: She's a good person so long as she doesn't feel threatened. We have a nice chat and she eats all my snacks. Maybe she can get the frisbee down off my roof.

Myrae: Seduction, just on principle. Because she's bored. I have a decent chance of survival and 100% chance of enjoying it no matter what.

Peat: I'm probably fine. Especially if I give her a hit of nitrates.

Irihi: The world is my oyster. I know how and where she can get what she wants. I know how to give her orders and still survive her. Nothing--no power in heaven or on earth can stand against me.

...then again, Greymaster thought the same way, and look what happened to him.

Maybe I'd better run far far away.

Faan: I am so fucked. There's no hiding, no running, no bargaining. I just have to pray I'm beneath her (or the thing that controls her) notice.

Edit: I re-read the premise:

Miiya: I get properly dressed-down and probably never get over the pain I caused her, but she lets me live--if I can live with myself, that is.

Myrae: No change. Lol.

Peat: I damn well better have a shitload of fertilizer on hand.

Irihi: No change, except I can't run. She knows.

Faan: She knew what I was, better than I do, myself, before she even knocked on my door. No change.
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My last OC would knock on my door, I'd welcome her warmly and she'd reciprocate and we hug. She'd come in and stare at the closet near the door and gas me up upon seeing my shoes, decorations and skateboard. Id offer a drink, she'd decline. I offer to vape some oils and we'd sit on the couch, smoke up and like chat about clothes, skateboarding and our love lives kinda Like old friends. Undoubtedly it get into lesbian talk; ie complaining lol.

Moment of awkward silence but like neither would address that she is fiction come to life. So I'd offer snacks but don't have any so she'd offer to buy some at the store. I'd take her up on it and grab my deck and offer to lend her one. She declines and laughs. She'd point out the window at her giant flying robo bug. Hell yeah we are sooooo the coolest kids in the lot when we step outta that thing at the store lol
Probably gonna die when she finds out about the Hazbin variant of her.
Big spooky seductive bitch. Nothing more.
I'd be referring to him with his whole 'your majesty' thing since he's a prince and he'd be enjoying time with me.
Absolute jam session. Just... absolute jam session.
He's a lovely guy if I don't make fun of his skull mask- or I play video games with him.
We'd have a pleasant conversation, she'd help me with growing some plants.
Wind piggy wants pork?!?! She literally would just be asking if I wanted to come over for a barbecue since they're making pork rolls.
Its a bullock with a big heart, I'm sure he would simply wanna chat and ask a few things- especially on why I made him fall in love with Hogbreeze.

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