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Realistic or Modern there seems to be a lack of post apocalyptic zombie rps (tlou inspired)

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Adventure, Horror


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Since most of civilization just moved to higher levels, due to lack of space/ the limited carrying capacity up there, people would be sent down to ground level? Sort of like the refuge(s) set up require people to undergo some sort of rite of passage to prove they're useful? They must stay down there for x amount of time and bring back something of value upon their return?


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I probably wont make that a consistent thing everywhere but certainly in some places it could work. I actually found some concept art awhile ago that works perfectly with that idea


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It could be a profession, like stalkers from metro. people who go down to the ground floor to gather supplies, either because they're desperate or because they're good at it. the people who do it and survive it often become local legends

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Think this is going to be a great one for sure! Are you considering including characters from other universe into the roleplay like Walking Dead, The Last of Us, Resident Evil. Metro etc? Would be cool to have some environments from past apocalyptic games and movies. Like Book of Eli and I Am Legend

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Are you all okay with the rp beginning in a singular location? I figure its easier to come up with ways for characters to have all conveniently ended up in the same area, rather than having them all drastically spread out and just hope that we get to interact. I think it would help the rp immedistely get going.


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Absolutely. I don't see the point in having an rp where the characters aren't regularly interacting. It just seems to make sense to have the characters conveniently showing up or already at the same place.


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I know that some people find it restrictive so i wanted to make sure
Also so that i can focus in and flesh out one area specifically and just allow the rest to come up when/if travelling occurs


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alrighty! here is the lore page, still a wip. but it also has links to a character page and OOC thread! c:

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Hello I seem to have stumbled upon this still hopefully new rp and was wondering if I could join? I love anything involving zombies though my writing isn't the best.


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I'm pretty late to this, but I love TLOU. I play it every day multiplayer still 😁 beat every difficulty except grounded on the story. Is it still open??

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