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Singaporean Federation
Japan, Capitol Building
Minister Shu took a sip of her drink. She had heard the Governor's statement and decided to withdraw. It seems that the Ordarians were willing to negotiate, so her job here was now to get some terms out, especially since the Singaporean Federation would become Japan's closest neighbor. "The Singaporean Federation is just as concerned about the militarization of the Sea of Japan and North Pacific. What is Japan's ambitions should they achieve independence?"
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Japan, but not a weeb; the Alb story
"Overall we find these terms quite agreeable. Japan is willing to ally with the Ordarians and negotiate a trade deal; in fact, Japan would be fully willing to join NOTA and negotiate some form of trade deal with all nations in the alliance. Regarding our rapid militarization, that was largely in preparation for the unlikely but very dangerous scenario that the Ordarians refused any diplomacy. When all is said and done and treaties signed, Japan will likely reduce military size to a more reasonable long term level and instead focus on industrializing and trading. Wars overall are not our goal, though we may be forced to seek some sort of deal in the future for land, as overpopulation is likely in the future with current growth rates. Regardless, the overall goal is peace and a free Japan, not a war wherein millions of good people could die. As such, we find the terms proposed quite reasonable, though we do request that the Singaporeans withdraw their blockade and mines once negotiations are done. Thus far no deaths have occurred but one freight ship was caught unawares and lost quite a few tonnes of cargo." @Alteras @RIPSaidCone @Agent141 @Loyal Guardian


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The Holy Britannian Empire
Pendragon, Charlington Palace

His Imperial Majesty, Hanz Risea was sitting on his chair within his office. He was on a digital call with the Elder Council of The Holy Britannian Empire. While he has absolute power, he still consults with the other royalties and nobles. He listed to them share their opinions.

"While our government system is that of Monarchy, we still support the democracy of other nations." Said Ash vi Risea. "I call that we support Morocco. Plus, they formally made a request to the members of NOTA. We can't just disregard a call for help." said Ash li Risea.

"If Morocco is gonna be a Pro-NOTA, that would be beneficial for us. We can increase our sphere of influence to the entire african continent." Said Gerald von Claus, one of the most prominent noble of the empire.

Hanz nodded in agreement. He has considered this too, but it's not beneficial to have a single country seize all the power in africa. They can't have another African Empire. "I understand, but if we're gonna support Morocco, we will have to support other factions that is pro-NOTA. We can't spoon feed morocco power."

"Yes, but direct intervention is out of the option. We can't sacrifice our men because it's not our war or the war of our allies. We can lend them help, but not the lives of our men. All we can do to help is provide financial support, military training, lending of assets, and air and/or artillery strikes. " Prime Minister Quintus said.

"The rockies already made their move. They are sending a fleet to africa." Hanz said as images and videos appeared on the screens. "We absolutely must not let them have their way. The last thing we want is them extending their sphere of influence to africa."

"We also are receiving reports that they are trying to extend influence in japan, but we shouldn't worry about that now since the Eclipsians, Cascadians, and Orderians are handling it. " Said Jason ti Risea, one of commanders of the military.

"We seem to have reached an agreement. I take it as abstaining to those who didn't speak." Said Hanz as closed the topic. They continued their discussions and agreed on researching and developing new weapons similar to that of a nuclear missile since most if not all of them has been disabled due to the Xenopulse.


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Sweden but in Norway
The Tsardom of Ukraine

Imperial Palace, Kiev, Capital of Ukraine
The Tsar receives and agrees to a meeting, and the proceedings follow as planned.

Kiev parade square, Ukraine

May 7th, the independence day parade. Kiev is celebrating its independence from the Risers as well as its alliance with Russia. As a detachment from the division marches forward with the Ukrainian honor guard through Kiev, it is said Russia has sent 3 groups of 500 soldiers to participate, one from each branch of service. This had been the first time Russians had been seen in Kiev in possibly hundreds of years. 2 marching groups side by side, 1 of the Ukrainians and 1 of the Russians would near. Carrying their national flags, and marching in unison. As the group passed, the crowds were cheering at the show of both nations. Thousands had shown up to see the parade and it was to be the biggest held in Ukraine yet.

There would be 2 more groups passing before the rest of the Ukrainian infantry took the show. After the infantry had passed, next up would come the Ukrainian vehicles. Starting off with 20 T-96Ms, a semi-recent development. Next up passed them a few moments later would be 10 T-84s, 66 BMP-64s, and 30 BMP-2Ks. After that, the next section would roll up with 5 BMD-2s, 10 BTR-4s, 10 BTR-3s, 15 Dozor B APCs, 3 BM-27 Uragons, 10 BM-21 Grads, and ending off with 1 2S3 Akatsiya. After that would come the Ukrainian Airforce, Utilizing 3 Mi-24s, 2 Mi-8s, 5 Su-25s, 5 MiG-35Us. At the end they used 10 jets using varying smoke to create the Ukrainian flag.

Near St. Petersburg, Baltic Sea

In the Baltic Sea the Ukrainian Navy has been practicing fleet maneuvers and battle exercises. The fleets have been practicing joint attack practices as well as simulated war games in the Baltic, there would have been a scheduled fleet exercise involving the Ukrainians and Russians. This exercise was to evaluate the effectiveness of their ships and experiment with tactics and strategy concerning formations and open naval warfare. Especially in attempts to counteract other submarines. It was also for evaluating missile tests, along with testing out minor refits to specific Ukrainian assets with Russian missiles. There would have been a series of exercises conducted through the month beforehand utilizing the navy, but this particular exercise would be conducted by using similar assets rather than entirely different ones. The Baltic Sea was chosen by mutual agreement due to strategic importance, and in the event of invasion would already be prepared to hunt and/or engage the opposing forces. Part of the Hunter fleet from Russia, nicknamed "Poltava 1" would be involved with the exercise to experiment with recent modifications with their cruiser. While the exercise had been going on for well over a few days, it was to continue operating in the area for 4 more days. This was referred to as a standby precaution along with a endurance test, then the fleets would return home.
The Ukrainian fleet consists of: 1 Slava class cruiser, 2 Udaloy class destroyers, 2 Krivak class frigates, 1 Borei submarine, and 1 Grisha class corvette, led by Admiral Kolchak.

Dominus Regum

The Lord of Kings
New Vestan Flag.png

Vestanian Amazon, 6 PM
After a long wait, the Vestanian Council announced many drills to the military system of Vestania. This is in reaction to the rising tenstions of the globe

The next day, Morning. Vestanian Amazon
In the state of Amazon, massive drills were taking place. Although good, it was dominated by the fact that more and more droids and AI technology is taking up a mass amount of jobs in the Army

Cuba, around the same time
Off the coasts of Cuba...
The navy was abuzz. Many ships had been deployed to the Cuban outpost, for the most massive naval exercise in Vestanian history. it has already been hailed as the "Might of Frey" and is expected to improve the navy once again.

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Carthaginian Union

Carthaginian News Network

"Good Morning Carthage, I'm Lei'la Achouri and this is the Carthaginian News Network; the official voice of the Union. Cairo Police have reported an illegal demonstration of up to a dozen thousand Egyptians. Let's go to our correspondent on the ground, Idris Jalil, for more information."
The broadcast switches to a man in his early twenties who appears to be Libyan, he's wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet with "PRESS" emblazoned on them in large letters. There's a gas mask hanging from a strap around his neck and he's clearly distressed by the current situation. A large formation of riot police can be seen in the background as it desperately attempts to hold back the protestors. The reporter begins to speak after what seems like an eternity, "Thank you Lei'la. I'm currently standing in the neighborhood of Malchus, which is in the direct path of the march. The environment here is extremely tense as residents have begun evacuating their homes in fear of the-" An explosive suddenly goes off in the background, taking down a dozen riot policemen with it. The rioters flood through the gap, overrunning the formation and causing the police to rout. Idris sprints out of view, the cameraman follows his example and leaves his equipment behind.

The relay switches back to Lei'la Achouri in Carthago, she looks surprised and says, "Go back to Cairo".

The feed returns to Cairo, part of the camera's lense is shattered but you can still clearly see what's occurring. What appears to be one of the riot police commanders turns around to face the masses of crazed protestors, he unsheathes his baton and begins chanting an old Carthaginian war cry, "Ra! Ra! Ra!" A dozen of the riot policemen rally besides him, extending their batons and joining him in chanting the war cry. The commander yells, "Our legacy is Carthage!" and leads the remaining police officers into a charge against the endless horde of rioters. They manage to put up a fight for a few minutes before being beaten to death.
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Turku: The Medieval City and First Capital of Finland
It was dawn on what was to be a bright suomi sunny day, when the downtrodden Finns, waking up to walk to work, were suddenly surprised by the far off hum of a motor. As the sound neared, the people gathered outside of their homes and shacks to wait in cautious, tense suspense. What could be so important as to happen now, this early and without any warning? And then it came.

A glorious line of vehicles, escorting an armored car painted in bright white and deep blue. They thundered through the streets, waving a massive Finnish Flag and pouring out pamphlets into the city. From speakers and open windows came songs of inspiration. What began as shock soon turned into cheerful and valiant singing and chanting by every man, woman and child, a beautiful rough but meaningful chorus filled the early hours of the morning. The first waves of liberation had come, and washed over the people. The vehicles left as suddenly as they had come, leaving behind a hope in the people who scarcely had any left, and a pile of pamphlets.

In bold, on the cover, was a simple message. SUOMI LIBERATION COMES AT LAST, AND BY NOON THE WHOLE WORLD WILL KNOW OUR SISU. On the back was a television and radio channel that played symphonies by Sibelius and other Finnish composers.

The hour long 'trail of hope' that had been driven by the mysteriously patriotic line of cars had not only drawn heavy suspicion by the foreign overseeing officials, but it had prompted the steady spreading of hope and celebration farther north into Finland. At last the vehicles had pulled into the center of Helsinki, watched by both Finnish and Russian alike. The vehicles emptied out with people still singing and celebrating, and the crowds in response began to cheer as well. The Sibelius that poured out of speakers, that made a grown man cry at some parts and shout with joy at others, reached a major crescendo before slowly fading out. And then he came.

Kaleva Korhonen, the man who rode here in the Finnish flag. He smiled as we walked up to the newly set up podium, and waved to the curious yet joyful crowd.

"People of Suomi! Our time of suffering is over!"

Loud cheering and yelling drowned out everything else, and a good minute was waited out until they began to calm.

"We have suffered great burdens in the past years and decades. We and our families and friends have endured torture-"

"JOO!" The crowds roared.

"We have endured enslavement!"


"We have endured our cities being burnt to the ground!"


"We have endured separation and mistreatment, but we take this no longer!"

A million voices rose in anger and defiance.

"For we are Suomi! We are Finns! We have endured things that most could not. We are survivors!
We do no come wishing for bloodshed and whipping posts, yet foreigners have shed our blood with vengeance and fury. I say no longer, and I plead that you, the people, join me in saying no more. For though years have passed since then, we have still suffered, and have still been considered second class by the world around. But no longer is that the case! For we Finns have been beaten down, prevented from rising up as the men and women of action that we truly are!

I come not to ask for violence, and to submerge our lands into chaos once more. I ask but one thing: to liberate Finland! To release us from your grasps, oh Russians and Risers, and to respect us as the equals we are! We will proudly celebrate our culture in our streets, with the same liberties any first class citizen has, with the same rights, same pay, and same honor!




So we come to you, Russian Coalition and Britannian Empire, with an offer. Accept our independence peacefully, and we will gladly do the same, and work to someday repair our broken relations. But if you refuse, and dare take arms up against up, we will do the same.

And no advantage in numbers or technology will protect you. Because we will fight, myself included, until the last man, and until every last square centimeter has been taken. And if we millions of finns have not already bravely perished, then we will fight from the tallest mountains and deepest snowbanks. And at the end of it all, you will see how much blood you have spilled, and weep in shame and regretfulness. For not only have you once again slaughtered and tortured we valiant and determined finns, but you will have no army left of your own!

We come peacefully, and only ask for decency in return. We rise up for noble Finland in this world of turmoil, and extend the olive branch with a sheathed sword.

Let us prevent the indescribable horridness of war, and rebuild our homeland together!"

The crowds rose up and even Kavela, who was already becoming a leader of the people for thousands, personally shook hands with many of his Finnish brethren. He had hoped that he spoke well, for he had just helped determine the future of noble Finland. As the line of vehicles pulled out of Helsinki, spreading the word of liberation to any Finns that have yet to hear, all he could to was to wave and at the public.

What happened now was up to the two nations that, however firm or weak the grip had become, still held both halves of Finland in their grasps.

(The tele/radio channel showed/played the speech live when it aired at noon.)
(You can look up Joo, but in this case it simply means 'yes'.)​



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The Palace, before the Ukrainian Tsar arrives

The Tsar himself was played the broadcast of the Finnish Demonstration by another one of his Representatives stationed in Saint Petersburg. "So after their original government tried taking out Russia with the Svalbard incident, Their cities being thoroughly melted to nothing or burnt by advancing troops, and being turned into workers for a time, they still have the same determination as they had while being run by an antagonist government over 50 years ago?" He would take a moment before smiling. "We have better things to worry about than Finland becoming independent again, able to do the same as we did before if they turned hostile. But perhaps this could be turned into a productive event instead to further relations. They say they wish to not be seen as second class by the world? We can help them achieve that for a small price. Meet with the Finnish, Mirnova. I place upon you the necessary authority for the matter. We must get to them first, before the other Russian nations get a hint of this. However, I believe the D.o.I has that covered." The Representative would nod her head. "Yes, your Imperial Majesty." With that she would leave to Finland.


A broadcast was sent to Finland in general, having requested a diplomatic meeting in Helsinki. A few hours later, the Representative would have arrived to Finland in a reinforced car. Due to the grand network of intelligence by the Imperials, they already knew about the one technically running the show and where he would be in Helsinki. Her car was the only one. She wasn't sent with the popular practice of having a large caliber gun fixed to the vehicle, nor guards, as a sign of good faith. The Rep would be wearing a black suit with a fur-cap on, having the Imperial crown and Russian flag stitched into the front end of it.

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The Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Ukrainian Tsar would have been invited and arrived to the capital city soon after making contact. Upon reaching the border of the two nations, he was offered a ride in a royal PCHG and then after some distance, a reinforced car and given the document folder from the Representative. It contained an image of a figure within and documentation involving a codename "Leech". It explained why the meeting was taking place, where, what time they'd arrive, and a general idea of what would be discussed. The remaining information within would just be more images, displaying the Imperial Palace front, and a picture of the Representative that should be with him at the moment. He would be taken directly there, being able to see a number of sights both from above and below by change of transportation during travel. Once arriving to the city, it was considerably larger than it's pre-apocalyptic Version. Having things such as statues around, as memorial to those who were lost protecting Russia. One of which being a wall with a large hole in it with Russian tanks and infantry storming through. One of two versions, with the original being in Urusovo and is the biggest memorial creation in Russia, the Urusovo edition serving the purpose of both memorial and celebration. On the route there, there would be nothing really of interest besides several large apartments and the like. Eventually he would of made it to the Imperial Palace and escorted in, where he would make it to the office.

The Representative would open the door to the office and let the Ukrainian Tsar in. After the Tsar would enter the office, the Rep would close the door and leave. "Welcome to Russia, Tsar Kochubey. I am aware of the sudden request, but I believe it was necessary. Before we begin have a seat and if you need anything, ask one of my servants over there." He would then look over to his left side, where on the other end of the room waited two people. A tall man with greying black hair, and a shorter woman with brown hair. "Now then, onto business. This is about the great leech, sucking the life out of the many innocent peoples to the west. As you know, they aren't exactly great with handling people and are nothing more than an obstacle to the future. As we speak, they are everywhere and try to control everyone in their influence. It reminds me of Russia's own past, where the Imperials and Soviets tried controlling others before the world spiraled into chaos around them. We may be the only ones standing up to their reigns, but we will never be able to keep the future secure without a set list of precautions. Would you be interested in knowing about a certain, ESA?"

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Baltic Sea Exercise

The Baltic Sea exercise would have continued on. The Russian side consisting of 2 Lider class destroyers, 2 Borei class submarines, 1 poltava-class missile cruiser RNS Poltava, 1 Steregushchiy-class corvette, and 1 Buyan-class corvette. This naval detachment being led by Admiral Mashir, from the safe confines of RNS Poltava. By this time, they were conducting night operations in the exterior lanes. Testing launch calculations for a future night offensive, and night reconnaissance. By this time, the fleets would be in a defensive formation around their respective lead-ships. They were testing the effectiveness of ship distance and how it may affect the chances of survival.

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Urusovo Megacity

The city of Urusovo was extremely active recently. The Imperialists continued construction work, as with the SU in the city but the district of Petrovo would be met with parties. These parties were Red conversion operations, utilizing propaganda posters to promote themselves. It was the lowest tier of these parties, and in general proved to not be too effective to begin with. This greatly annoyed the Imperial government, and operations were started to remove the posters from districts outside Socialist Union jurisdiction. This would not stop the SU however, as sometimes they would enter the closest districts to their zones and just place the posters back up again. While the operation worked technically for both sides, it was rendered void of any further progression. In more progressive events, a new car was introduced in the city by the automotive branch of Nepcom based there. The car was said to be more environmentally friendly than past iterations, and was meeting a mass production line. Though the automotive branch alone has been known for using the term for economic purposes.


A number of boats from Svalbard were to be moving along a close lane, heading toward a southern path to Russia while some were moving along Svalbard deemed for maintenance at western facilities. 2 more Liders would also move out of Svalbard, where they were to move towards Severny island for a better patrol route and overall use. The third Hunter fleet, termed "Northern Star" would also be moved and based near there. This was so they could assimilate the 2 Liders and 2 more Buyan corvettes into their ranks. Making them one of the two largest hunter fleets in control of Russia.​

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Galapagos Palace, Royal Pacific Demense, Kingdom of the Rockies
Every Cascadian official Christopher had met had had an air of disdain for him and his nation. At best these meetings were formalities, at worst they were extremely thinly veiled threats. Cascadia desired Hawaii and Alaska, it was no secret, and even more so they desired to never be questioned. Christopher contained himself, though in the end his words were not kind. "You misunderstand me. I only hope that Japan chooses to be governed in a way that is best for that nation, and that Cascadia has the same courtesy as us and does not interfere more than is needed." He paused. "It is interesting that Africa does come up. You say it was the Empire that caused this war, but to me it seems the so-called 'forces of the people', those that call for democracy, they are the ones who have ripped the continent apart with greed and pain. Now, we have stepped in to end that chaos." He paused for a moment. "As much hatred as there seems to be for our nation in your government, I and the entire Kingdom do not want war. Truly, the last thing I would ever want is for our peoples' blood to be spilled by the other. I truly believe that we still are and can remain to be allies, but we will not be your lapdog and we will not bend the knee to you."

Carthage, Disputed North Africa
For the first time in decades, true official communication between the Imperial loyalists and the separatists of Africa was being attempted, ableit under the supervision of the Rockies. A message was sent to the Carthaginian nation. The King admired the Carthaginians, both for their authoritarian and benevolent leadership and for their valiant efforts and rallying of former Imperials in the north. The message stated that the Kingdom of the Rockies and the New African Empire would be open to starting talks about the fate of Africa, and it was implied that an independent and powerful Carthage was not impossible in that vision.
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Kingdom of Chile, Kingdom of the Rockies
The friendship between the Kingdom of the Rockies and Varmandr Vestan had been one constant in the past decades, and that had only been strengthened when the constant turmoil in the Vestanian government had finally been ended by a strong monarch and the establishment of the Empire. Now, with his eldest brother being without a spouse, King Christopher had requested from Varmandr Vestan that their two royal houses come closer together through a royal marriage.
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Singaporean Federation
Building, Capitol Building
Minister Shu leaned back. "The negotiations needed between Singapore and Tokyo will come after Japan has officially become part of NOTA. We'll respect Japanese Naval Sovereignty. As for where that line lies, that will be for said negotiations." Shu looked at the other delegates. "Singapore is prepared to accept Japan into the International Community and NOTA."
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Japan, but not a weeb; the Alb story
"The Japanese Republic duly thanks the delegates from the Singaporean Federation and the Cascadians for being willing to support our arrival into the international community. As to the Rockians, we estimate they will attempt to give the Emperor power; however, seeing the destruction and tragedy in Africa, I, and my colleagues, will do all we can to prevent further attempts to give nations a ruler they do not want, as well as protect the interests of democracy in the Pacific when these negotiations are finished." Governer Tachiagari looked at the other nations delegates, lingering on the Cascadian delegate. "Furthermore, I am sure some form of deal can be made for investing in Japanese infrastructure, business, even manufacturing, though presumably this will need to be sorted out at a future date." @Agent141 @Loyal Guardian @Alteras @RIPSaidCone

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Helsinki, Finland: Outside of Proposed Capital Building
Kaleva had spent his time cheering along with the massive crowd that was Helsinki. He walked among the people, though with a few guards with him, for the more he proclaimed himself leader of the finns, and the more thousands that joined in with accepting it, the more precautions and responsibilities Kaleva had. He had spoken with a voice that seemed larger than him, and he had to match up to that.

He walked up to large, imposing yet plain building to break away from the excitement and festivities, and paused for but a few seconds before he saw an armored car driving down the long road to the building, before pulling over and stopping. He waved to the rep and walked briskly towards her, both inwardly nervous and outwardly prepared.

"Greetings," He said in Russian as he shook hands with her [Insert her telling him her name/position or him asking about her name/position and getting her response], "I would say that I am surprised you came so quickly, but you Russians are very efficient. Besides, Saint Petersburg, if you even came from that far, isn't such a long drive with modern technology is it?" He then gestured to the rep herself, "I am also impressed with your dedication to diplomacy. I'm glad we can talk things out. Speaking of which," He turned to the large building, great and imposing but mostly because the surrounding buildings were mediocre at best, "I believe you would like to talk inside."

After walking inside, he held a hand up to the guards that were following him.

"But Korhonen, these are times where you must be careful."
He slipped into Finnish, it being slightly easier for him.
"Russia only sent one person to us, so we should only send one to meet them."
"Do you even trust her?"
"She knows what would happen if she did anything to me, and I know what would happen if I did anything to her. Even if we didn't have trust, we have that. So go ahead and guard me. From outside the room."

The guards moved outside, and Kaleva pulled out a chair for the rep before sitting down across from her.

"Well then, this is when we determine the fate of Finland," He stated strongly, having switched back to Russian, "I would like to state something, so forgive me for my boldness, but I will accept nothing less than Finnish independence. I know the importance and boldness of my words during my speech, and I wish to live up to them, not ignore them."

"So, what have you come to say to me and Noble Finland?"​



Moroccan falg.png
(General Regraugi overseeing the first phase of Operation Ifri)
The Kingdom of Morocco, The Border with the Saharan Caliphate
"It's a long way to Madama"
General Regraugi was besides himself. The Cascadians had officially offered their support to the Moroccan army, in the form of Air-Strikes and training, which meant he had to green light to advance in the vast Saharan farming complex. The fight with the Caliphates had been going on as long as Morocco had existed, and as the continent grew more volatile, and Morocco's cities more populous, food, and more importantly housing, was becoming a concern. Under the old King, a massive public housing project essentially rid the kingdom of homelessness for a short time, however, due to Parliament's bickering, it had begun to fall into stagnation. However, the project included a clause stating that all residencies in occupied land, which are free of native residents for three months, are to be turned over to a Moroccan family in need of housing. This meant that as long as the Moroccans gained land, their people had somewhere to stay. Fighting the disorganized Saharans would be easy enough, especially with Cascadian aid, but pacifying the people would be an issue. The massive boost to the agricultural industry gained in the Sahara would be a boon to the economy, however, it would take time to handle the radical opposition in the region. The offensive would be known as Operation Ifri, named for the Berber goddess of Africa. Although the government claimed it was just a catchy name, many members of the military began proclaiming Morocco the successor the African Empire, and that they were the rightful heirs of West Africa, from Monrovia to Algiers. Regraugi himself personally instructed a few senior officials involved in the operation to begin ingraining that idea in their soldiers, and to spread such an ideology during official press conferences and meetings with government officials. Of course, Regraugi did not come up with that idea himself. In cooperation with Ali Hassan, the two had previously agreed that stoking West African nationalism would be an effective means of spreading Morocco's grasp, and perhaps gain territory through peaceful means rather than the aggression the Moroccans had become accustomed to.
For the past 16 hours, Moroccan infantry and the Air Force had been pushing steadily into the Saharan Caliphate's lands, in tandem with Cascadian air strikes. Utilizing their air superiority, namely their Osprey aircraft, Moroccan soldiers initiated the assault on the Sahara by parachuting teams of 20 soldiers into various towns, to capture the settlements, and to pacify any insurgents in the land. With the sudden surge into the farmlands, the Moroccan troops made substantial headway over the next few days. With airstrikes and an increased presence of Moroccan armor, the Moroccan army continues to push forwards. Ideally, the operation would end in the Saharans surrendering after a few short weeks of unrelenting offensives.
Malian Connection.jpg
(FIS agents in the process of abducting a low-level Malian diplomat)
Moroccan Ministry of Intelligence, Rabat
"The Malian Connection"
The chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) stood before the two second highest ranking officials. Officially, the Moroccan FIS was not allowed to operate on Moroccan soil, and the recent string of clandestine raids and abductions would prove an issue, should word of their occurrences spread. The targets were all Malian nationals, namely businessmen and government officials. Sons of wealthy bureaucrats and their close friends were no exception. Designated Operation Malian Connection, the raids were designed to put pressure on the Malian government to allow Moroccans to move their army through their lands. A previously rejected proposal by the Moroccan Embassy in Mali enraged the Moroccan military, which saw the Malian lands as vital access points to the Sahara. Simultaneously, several lower level Moroccan spies in the country began to agitate local workers, and those most hurt by the Malian government's pro-business approach. Ideally, the abductees and assets would be returned, and the Moroccan spies would leave the country, in exchange for Malian access rights, however, the FIS had overstepped it's bounds in abducting the son of the Vice-President of Mali. In an attempt at damage control, Iman Barquazzi-the chairman of the FIS- activated nearly every agent in Mali to sow dissent and widespread anger across the nation. From refugee camps to government offices, the agents attempted to stage riots and protests against the Malian government's so called corruption, and claims were levied that the Malian president was merely a corporate dog. However, the success of these actions cannot be determined. With the Malian situation worsening by the day- both for Mali and Morocco- the Moroccan government is becoming impatient with Barquazzi.

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Царство України

Прип'ять, Північна Україна(Pripyat, Northern Ukraine)

Near the Northern Ukrainian-Riser border the Ukrainian army has been undergoing mobilization, with a sizable build up of forces on all Ukrainian borders as well. Combat exercises are being held all across Ukraine especially toward the northern and western borders. Reports say that around 350,000 Ukrainian soldiers are stationed along the border with more to arrive soon, Ukrainian military officials said that the exercises are being held as measures to be put in place in case of invasion from foreign threats. These exercises were being led by General Boris Ivanovich, and are expected to continue over the next few weeks.

Санкт-Петербург, Росія(St. Petersburg, Russia)
"This ESA, if it is related to the leech, Ukraine is surely interested. After all we already dealt with it once, we can do so again. So, elaborate, what exactly is this ESA you speak of?" Tsar Vladmir paused, looking over to the Russian Tsar.


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Russian Coalition

In the event of the plan likely reaching it's final stages, the other factions that were already tense would be in a form upped a notch. During a spy operation, spies dressed in SU clothing would begin doing suspicious activities around the GDR's border. Being equipped with marking tools, binoculars, gauging equipment for the rails. Their intended goal was to make it appear as if the fabricated claims of a future SU invasion was coming soon, achieving this goal by marking the tunnel and and testing the gauge of the rails leading into GDR territory. This event would happen accordingly three times, to make the GDR believe it was an official operation. Upon being found, the Agents would retreat into the darkness and complex labyrinth of maintenance tunnels. The spies actively evading capture, or only furthering the operation via taking GDR soldiers, with rare cases of actually just knocking them out and leaving them. The goal wasn't to keep the operation a secret, but to fulfill it's role of acting as a legitimate albeit mocked and low-tier safety SU preparation and reconnaissance mission.

Shortly after these operations, the GDR would begin further militarization of their eastern tunnels. They report that the tunnels will be permanently shut down, and nobody is to cross from either side for any reason. A shoot on sight order was issued in these areas, and a guard presence of 30 men would ensure that the orders are enforced. Their tunnels were few to the east, only consisting of three heading towards now SU territory. These were conventionally named T-1, T-2, and T-3. On the surface, the garrison was on alert near the eastern border and constantly on watch for any strange activity.

Imperial Regions, Russia

[Senior field officer Vasiliy Keslionko, looking over northern operations.]
Up near Nikel in the Murmansk Oblast, there would be held a military training exercise deemed to protect against foreign threats and the ability of infantry operating in cold harsher conditions. The unit was mostly GDR in origin before having defected over. They aided with the Imperials to operate in such conditions, which their homelands were known for experiencing and due to past military events. There was 66,000 of them. and they had some vehicles such as 10 IHTs with them. Low level vehicles in the eyes of the Imperials. Some still had some faded GDR colours upon them. They were led by Field Officer Vasiliy Keslionko. A number of Imperial units would also be arriving to them soon, but it would primarily be a IGA unit. [Imperial Gallian Army]

The Imperial military would also be building up deep underground, stationing near exterior lines and building up vehicles. On the surface, it would seem the counties had the regular military garrison from local bases doing their normal activities. Even as Russia is handling diplomatic matters of other nations or wannabe nations, a form of declaration was being prepared. It was important to the future campaign, and Russia as a whole didn't have any intentions on looking like the terrorists in this scenario by starting anything without being known. Not like they could operate in said campaign secretly to begin with. The Imperialists kept this secret not because of any possible stalking from outside parties, but more so from the other factions in the coalition. The Imperialists saw no benefit from what is the equivalent of allowing others to exploit them. Having already turned up the metaphorical tension gear between the two to keep their focus off them to begin with, and utilizing their eastern isolation to act as a safeguard. Thus after or later in the Campaign, the Russians can focus their attention on complete unification. Of course if the Imperialists were to be attacked during it, they have reserved personnel to handle it.

Military advisors and strategists would begin to relocate to begin the next phase of planning. It was all in a timely fashion, having been well prepared for around and in certain views for over 40 years. The plan finally having been enacted in recent years, and what is setting forth being simply the in comparison, re-analysis and confirmation stage. Whether it were to happen now or not did not matter in the long run, as it had been practiced twice per decade. It was simply just a matter to update any available information and to wait for the order. It was to be the most ambitious campaign of the Russians yet, second only to the Grenshu retaliation. For if it succeeded, Russia would have removed a loose cannon while also freeing the people from their horrific reign. The only problem the Imperialists saw with this being how the people would end up. The military was also prepared to bring in the VHT with them, in the event things do not go as planned within the affected regions. They were putting it all in on this one future campaign to ensure it's complete success. They were to be led by Field Officer Irina Sayankova, and a number of them were to be loaded up on trains with painted-on Gallian flags and symbolism to get past easier.

[I was expecting more time to have passed realistically, but alright then. We can just assume she got in a car after using something to fly to Finland. I will also take that note seriously.]
Before entering the building, the Rep would go ahead and tell the man about herself with a monotone after being asked. Though, she was about to do so anyway. "I am Lyuba Mirnova, one of a number of ambassadors, and general diplomats of Russia. One of two of which belonging to the royalty." After that, she would remain silent during the venture in doors. Even after entering the building, she was unfailing with her overall blank expression to any interior elements.

After being seated, she would listen to the Finnish leader of the people. She only smiled at the words he spoke and would immediately respond after his question and get to the point. "We are more than willing to grant independence to Finland, but for something in exchange. Russia will help Finland achieve independence and become unified, if you join the ESA and help with removing the tyrants to your west. After western Finland is unified, you do not have to continue on. As for the ESA, it stands for Eastern Sovereignty Alliance. However unlike other alliances, you remain independent, think for and govern yourself, and do not have to join in military conflicts with other nations within it. We will leave Finland once it's stabilized and capable of conducting developmental tasks on it's own, and we retain control of any and all Russian military equipment that will also be removed. If Finland so desires, they can have an embassy in Saint Petersburg but in return the Russians keep one of the buildings in Helsinki to use as an embassy." After her offer, she simply waited for a response.
@Master Hand

St. Petersburg, Russia
"The ESA stands for the 'Eastern Sovereignty Alliance'. It is meant to help with safeguarding Eastern Europe from outside influences that seek to control it, like the leech. Here in Russia, we just call it Eastern Europa due to tradition. This alliance would mean that nations within it could still remain in power and govern themselves, think for themselves, and if called upon they or Russia would come in to save them from invading parties. The downside being that it isn't an official alliance, in the way that the nations within could still fight each other without breaking it's guidelines. As it is only meant for keeping out nations such as say, the old African Empire if they decided to base themselves in Europe to influence it's people. However if the nations in the ESA are also allied to eachother, they may be capable of obtaining ESA or other nations support in exterior conflicts outside Europe. Since NOTA controls the western side, and Germany acts as a metaphorical border between the west and the east, we would take over the east with the ESA."

Tsar Reginrave would pause himself, thinking of a future of a prospering Europe before snapping back to reality and continuing on. "In better explanation, it would allow Europe to grow and flourish as it should. Other parties such as NOTA not caring whether it turns into an economic and technological powerhouse. This is evidenced by the lack of the Eclipse and Ordaria bothering to use it and it's resources properly, and never helping others develop themselves. They had over 50 years to do it, and never once had they. Now we look over to it, and it is in a state of perpetual chaos. A tyrant of indescribable acts failing to care for the people, and simply taking them and their resources without a second thought. They are left to their own failing devices as their new government watches down upon them, doing nothing as the people are left to collapse for eternity. Even without the ESA, Russia plans to liberate all the people under their reign one way or another and remove the leech from these lands forever. And through these many years, we have gained an ally that we wish to help expand themselves. Whatever happens to the people after rebuilding is up to them or the ESA alone, depending on how severe the damage was left once the leech marched here to take what they believed was their property. Russia, depending on the circumstances may even grant independence to these lands to provide more nations, and give them the chance to try their own existence in a safer, freer, prospering Europe. But there is no doubt that a great influence of any power may still exist." He would take a nearby mug with a small amount of coffee left in it, and take a sip from it before putting it back down on the table. He would also take another document from within his desk and hand it over to Tsar Vladimir, it containing further information on the ESA and a current military plan from the Russians.

"In this document, it details further information about the ESA along with the current Russian plan on the 'Great Leech of Europa'. As we speak, we already have military build up near the border up north and to the west. Also up north, we are currently experiencing a peaceful independence movement from Finland. They may also be included within the ESA, and Russia plans on helping them gain independence and unification if they do not turn hostile. This in other words means that our shared enemy will face even more fronts they cannot possibly support, which makes it even easier for us to remove them from Europe. They do not even have to fight, their very existence is all that is needed to block the leech off. Now, I am not sure about the true size of your military, but you may experience some occasional logistical problems during any future operations. To solve this issue, Russia is willing to give you support to handle all logistical concerns. While most of our men will be busy with more heavy fronts of our own, we can spare some units that defected from Gallia quite a time ago. They are great with logistics, being able to continue fighting even aliens while most of their population was conscripted in both Militia and proper Army and with no home to return to. Excellent in terms of handling harsh conditions, and can even help you replenish numbers should you find yourself in an endless stalemate or low on troops. Now then to more pressing matters, is everything ready on the Ukrainian side?"
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[Saharan Cal.]
The Cascadian air support for the Moroccans was more effective than expected. Every time they were sent out to a target, they would destroy the intended target quickly along with all hostiles around it, or destroy all hostiles with low - minimal damage to the surroundings for further advance. They also provided the Moroccans with a quick way of repeatedly dropping troops down upon the Caliphate's lands, and if needed, to support them as well. Cascadian air services would fill in many roles, and only furthered the Moroccan advance. The Caliphate had an extremely difficult time putting up a sufficient defense against the Moroccans, with every time it was an option they would be quickly erased by the advancing forces or an airstrike. Only some locations were actually capable of prolonging it, but still prone to Cascadian airstrikes if the Moroccans so called/needed for. Para-dropped troops would take the towns they were dropped into with varying degrees of success, but mostly a quick one sided victory. They were capable of holding the towns until more Moroccans showed up if the need be. Eventually, the Caliphate would be broken within a week and a half. Moroccans filling their nation, and any resistance left being more easily broken than before.
After the son of the Vice-President of Mali was abducted, and the string of disappearances being at least all mostly mali personnel, chaos would attempt to begin happening all over the nation. This was suspicious as is, and what remained had all understood or believed as such to understand the gravity of the situation. With past events also only furthering to add credit to the Malian suspicions. Despite the chaos working in certain degrees in some areas in the nation, they failed in others. The Malian government would then attempt to recuperate and declare war upon the Moroccans and begin activation of the military. However in a coup-esque event conducted by the military during activation, they would would take power and then begin trying to attack Morocco.

Supreme Cat God Vya

Sweden but in Norway
Царство України

Санкт-Петербург, Росія(St. Petersburg, Russia)
Tsar Vladmir opened the document, looking over the Russian plans and details before looking back up to the Russian Tsar. "This is, quite a large operation you have planned. It seems you and your military have planned this in very much detail, I don't see a single thing left out of the plan. As for your statement about those Galian units, Ukraine will always accept some extra help. Now onto your question as well, everything in Ukraine is ready, we are ready to put Operatsiya Saturn in effect at any moment. All I need to know is if your forces are ready too and we shall start the operation." Tsar Vladmir took a deep breath and looked out toward a window for a moment before turning back to Viktor.

Північний український кордон(Ukrainian Northern Border)

Meanwhile in the north Ukrainian soldiers were rushing toward the border mobilizing, preparing all vehicles and aircraft for combat. Trains were loaded with supplies and soldiers and prepared for departure, and Ukrainian artillery was positioned and aimed toward the other nation. All officers in the region had been put on high alert and were told to be ready to accept orders at any time, and the generals of the Ukrainian army were gathered in the Chernobyl base, awaiting confirmation from the Tsar to start Operation Saturn.


Moroccan falg.png
Occupation of Freetown.jpg
The Kingdom of Morocco, Malian Border
"Operation Inshallah"
Newly General of All Moroccan Armies Youssef Regragui Senior was busy moving into his new office in the Moroccan Ministry for War and Peace when Prime Minister Hassan had rudely delivered the news. A short "The FIB went too far. You're on duty for it." before hanging up the phone told Regragui all he needed to know. The Moroccan army would be swinging southwards, into the near defenseless Malian lands. To the General this was a welcome change of pace. Desk life was not suited to him, and after the success of the recent Operation Ifri, he felt that Morocco should capitalize on it's momentum. Of course, the Malians would pose little to no threat to Morocco, as they barely had a standing army in the first place. What semblance of an army deposed the government, and declared war upon Morocco, which would prove to be a fatal mistake in Regragui's eyes. The Malians were given a chance to have their own government, and they rejected it. To cross the Moroccan border was a crime in his eyes, and Moroccan VTOL forces would be the judge, jury and executioners. What little soldiers they met were met with the well maintained armored vehicles, perfectly suited to the Sahel region. When the forests became too thick for the armor, Morocco would employ it's previously successful tactic of capturing villages and pacifying the area. With a fairly sizable push from the ground infantry following, the Malian campaign was projected to last a short six months. However, the more pressing issue was rolling back the small Malian offensives into Morocco. This would prove to be the hardest part of Regragui's new job.
The Office for the Integration of the Sahara into Morocco (ISM), Rabat
"Too soon is not soon enough"

In the eastern wing of the Moroccan Department of National Security Complex, the ISM offices were set up, consisting of a 37 man team dedicated to keeping the region peaceful, and finding a way to make the Saharans into true Moroccans. Two colonels from the Saharan campaign had been appointed to the task-force, and both led charges for radically different approaches. Colonel Bensilame of the 3rd Armored Company argued for a peaceful integration, centered around community engagement. Small companies would be stationed in various settlements across the farmlands, and would operate as heavily armed military police, rather than soldiers. Colonel Ouazzani advocated for direct military governance of each settlement, regardless of their size or relevance. All Saharan people posed a potential threat after having lived under the Caliph's rule for so long. Ultimately, after a week of intense debate, the team came to a vote. With a slim majority in favor of Bensilame's plan, the office submitted their plan of action to the Moroccan Parliament, who passed it in two days time, without changing a single detail. Small divisions were sent to towns, and larger ones to cities and strategically important locations. At the end of the day, the plan outlined a series of requirements before the Saharan lands could be fully integrated as Moroccan lands. After half of them were met, people in a region could vote in national elections and referendums, and after all were met, they would become a Moroccan state, and all peoples would become full citizens.

Loyal Guardian

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Eclipsian Federation
Eclipsian Flag.png

International News

Recently the president's office has said numerous statements about the current African Civil War. President Lian addressed the nation and the world that the Eclipsian Federation is concerned with the current outlook of the civil war, stating that foreign interference should have been avoided at all costs. In light of recent Rockian support of an independent state in North Africa on the Sinai border, where the defensive wall constructed during the war with the African Empire still partially stands, the president gave his response. "The Eclipsian Federation can not, and absolutely will not, allow for a state friendly with the Kingdom of the Rockies exist on our border in Africa. Due to the current situation in Africa, our original position must be revoked and we now must intervene in the continent-wide civil war." He took a pause before continuing to speak. "I hereby announce that the Eclipsian Federation accepts the call made by the Moroccans, and henceforth we shall aid them. Unfortunately, our military needs reform once again, so we will only offer monetary funds to them. In response to support for the new Carthage state, I humbly request to the Rockian king that he includes an Eclipsian delegate in their talks with the state." After that, he took on some other questions but he swiftly moved into the next issue.

@Fishman Lord @BLK @Kersey

Domestic News

After the press announcement, Lian walked with some of his advisors towards his office elsewhere in the capitol building. "What have you got for me?" He said as an aide handed him a document, reading through it as they were walking down the halls. "Mr. President we have gotten reports that there has been arms smuggling between some dissident military divisions and Imperialist militias. The recent raid by home security officials has only further confirmed these reports." The president kept a straight face as he read the document. "Do we know which divisions sold these weapons?" He asked fairly. "Officially no, however, we believe that it is mostly the divisions located in Europe since that is where most of the raids commenced." Lian was once again quiet before pausing in front of his office door, scanning the summary of the document once again. "Has the New Imperialist Party said anything?" The president inquired. "They deny involvement, however, Councilmen Panels have gathered evidence that high ranking members within the Imperialist Party knew about the operation and failed to report such findings." As he heard this he sat at his desk, laying the papers on it before speaking once again. "I want an increase of division oversight, concentrate efforts on European divisions. As for the Imperialists order them to appear in front of a Councilmen Hearing for questioning."

Tokyo, Republic of Japan (unrecognized)

Secretary Ichihara looked at the summit's progress, and gave a sigh of relief before speaking once more. "First and foremost the Eclipsian Federation would like to thank everybody for using their minds instead of swords. Secondly, the Federation is currently more than willing to accept Japan as a member of the international community and into NOTA." He said before looking around the room. "Finally we would like to thank Japan for agreeing to these terms suggested, and that in the future the Federation is more than willing to cooperate with Japan in the future for trade and defense." He said sitting down once more, finally at ease that peace in East Asia was guaranteed.

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The Lord of Kings
Konungdómr til varð-maðr ór vestan
Kingdom of Varmandr Vestan

New Vestan Flag.png
vítt jörð (Former city of Lima), State of Nátt Goðahús

The Emperor was on a diplomatic trip to the State of Nátt Goðahús, to oversee the production of the Brazilian Arsenal, a massive shipbuilding facility ran 100% by droids. It had been running with only a minor break of two months every five years, for the last 50 years almost, 24/7. It had been a pride of the Vestanian people, as it was the first show of Vestan that they were hell-bent on becoming a power of their own.

He stood above a crowd, smiling a bit as he looked to the sky. "Odinists. Vestanians. Christians. Athiests. We are all of one heart. Today, our nation beats anew. As seven-hundred thousand Vestanians have been living in the Stars for almost fifty-five years now, we must embrace science as a tool of Odin to progress our people. From the first births of our people, Hlodyn willing, science has turned us from a nation with manual labor, to a thriving state where education is universal and valued. We have turned from grueling hours, to one where the universal workweek is fourty hours, and with higher pay than ever. Thus, for the last fifty years, Science and the unity of the Vestanian Culture is what has kept us alive. We must not, by any means, let it die. It forged us into a superpower, and weak leaders wrought us low. Now, with a strong identity and a strong head, we will rise!"

He said the last bit with a fist in the air, and in motion all the rest did so aswell.

"But in the land, we must not fall to fanaticism. Although in the spectrum from both sides, they will rant and rave, but our state is different than the one of our forefathers. No longer are we to be susceptible to the populist throes of hate or injustice, but furthermore we promote the destruction of hate in our land and others! With thus we are to announce the Somali Safe Zone, or the SSZ, in Somalia for purely refugees in Africa. We heavily promote the ability of this Safe Zone as unbiased, and a place where the refugees of Africa would feel safe. Any hindrance of refugees to said Safe Zone is hereby to be akin to them stopping Vestanian troops."

The crowd cheered as images of the first refugee children arriving in the SSZ were placed in magazines in Vestania, emerging a new trend of sympathy for the plight of Africa, some organizations saying "Donate 25 cents a month to save the life of an African child..."

Africa, Somalia, around a week earlier...

(Vestanian Tank rolling through Mogadishu after proclaiming the city a Safe City. Many citizens stand by in celebration as the soldiers formerly sending bullets to the Islamic Alliance are now sending soup to the needy, and patrolling streets to keep down Radical Islamists)
"Given the situation, and our citizens in Somalia in danger, we have hereby declared war on the Islamic Alliance, in hopes of not taking land, but to set up the Somali Safe Zone. We hereby state that once the Civil War is over, the Safe Zone will be given to the winning state. Let it be known that more than any other power, Vestan is not acting in her own interests, but the interests of the Humanity of the situation and the lives of the African People, who we heralded as allies for the longest time."
-Former African Empire Ambassador, now Spokesman for Vestanian-African Affairs, Jallin Farnir

After negotiations failed, and Vestanian citizens in the Somali Naval Base holding back, the formal declaration of war was given onto the Islamic Alliance, or the "Former state of Abyssinia" as said by many Vestanian troops. Soon, hundreds of thousands of Droids and Soldiers swarmed the much smaller forces of the Islamic Union, putting forth a banner of the African Hope Initiative. This has become a rallying cry in the people of the Safe Zone, but to much dismay a small sect of Radical Jihadists are putting up a fight in liberated territory. Two bombings have happened in the countryside, one of a school being set up for African children, and one on a soup truck guarded by Vestanian soldiers.

In light of recent events, the Vestanian African Freedom Corps. is starting to recruit and train local African soldiers, with a large background check and mental screening, to defend themselves under Vestanian guidance. Another, more pivitol part of the African Freedom Initiative, is setting up hundreds of hospitals and schools for displaced refugees. Billions of dollars had been donated to the African Freedom Initiative in this phase alone, and hundreds of thousands of kids are in waiting to return to school, safe from bombs and guns.

To safeguard this, Vestanian troops (who are always stocked with candy and bread, in case of seeing civilians) have been patrolling major cities and supply routes, causing a newfound feeling of safety in the African citizens. This has led to many kids popularizing the phrase "Got any gum, chum?", while seeing Vestanian troops.

On the front lines, however, a different story could be told. Vestanian losses were at an astounding low as Droid Forces led the way, and in many ways avoided the unnecessary bloody warfare by simply using the Islamic Alliance against themselves, by promising a secular society and free food to get the hearts and minds of many people. Pamphlets were dropped behind lines in an effort to help the situation of the Safe Zone survive, and to extend the boundaries of the Safe Zone to more citizens, although offers to the African State have been offered to cease fire and agree to let civilians pass through completely

On the other way, continual supply shipments have came in port cities to be distributed in the three-prong plan, the LFE, or "Liberate, Feed, Educate".

Africa-safe flag.png
(Flag of the African Freedom Initiative, and the flag flying above all Vestanian flags in the regions)

Other News
The Vestanian Royal Family has reached out for the Emperor's younger brother or the Emperor himself to attend a meeting in Saint Petersburg and the Imperials, so he could discuss the stability of the region and the future abilties to communicate with the Russian State, of which they have not heard of much. This has caused some resentment as the old memories of Russian Ragnite being ignited on entire cities, but many Vestanians are nervously willing to accept this proposal, in order to give a try. @Kazami42

Vestanian "Angantýr" magazine (named after the founder, Jakob Angantýr), has reached 120 million viewers in the limited-edition "Vestan in Africa: Lives Saved" edition, showing the brutality of the militia of the Islamic Alliance, and the faces of hundreds of thankful survivors. In all, the report has been the most-seen in "Angantýr" history, making it seen secondhand by almost the entire Vestanian population. Morale for the War has shot up, as the Vestanian slogan for the war is "Vestania is saving lives, what are the other powers doing?", as many citizens are seeing Vestan as the state that cares the most for the African people, and setting an example for the rest of the world to follow or ingore

Soldiers in the Tunisian Base rest uneasy as they wonder what will happen in the base that has stood for the last fifty years only fifteen miles outside of Tunis @Kersey

(map of the current situation, Iris approved)
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*Fires finger gun*

The leader of the Finns appeared astonished for a few moments before responding. He had no doubt that people who knew how to maintain a neutral composure such as the rep would be annoyed at any waste of time. So he plowed on, "Well, I am glad that we have arrived quickly to a conclusion that we can both agree on. This is truly happening quite quickly, but I am quite thankful for that. And speaking of agreement, I could not agree more on joining the ESA in liberating western Finland. In fact, I do believe that we Finns would go so far as to continue on and liberate Scandinavia alongside Russia, although that depends on how the regaining of western Finland goes. There is also the issue of what exactly happens to liberated Scandinavia once it is won. But these two last points are not things that we came to discuss here today." He then stood up for a finishing statement.

"As the leader of Finland, I shall immediately rally the people to arms in preparation of the invasion of the Risers, and myself, the new Finnish government officials, and the Finnish generals will co-operate closely with the Russians and any other nations involved in order to swiftly liberate western Finland and bring about a unified, independent Finnish kingdom. Finland will also join the ESA."

Korhonen preceded to shake hands with the representative, "It was an honor to meet with you and quickly sort out our troubles with co-operation. My hope is that Finland flourishes into being a strong ally with Russia as quickly and smoothly as possible, and I hope that you wish the same. Farewell Mirnova of Russia, and safe travels."

Korhonen would then see her off, and as the armored car pulled away, he felt excitement. But with the likeliness of Finland's success comes war once more. War that has and continues to wrack people around the globe. But here was a fight for independence and unification, and perhaps the liberation of the other Scandinavians. It was noble.

Korhonen would set off, and alongside the generals, begin to rally and organize the people into divisions, and alongside the officials, organize and adjust the people into being an independent nation instead of being a territory of another nation. Some parts would take days, while others weeks or longer, but the revitalized Finns were up to the task.

@Kazami42 (You wanted the meeting to end right away, right? This good?)
Carthaginian Union

Carthaginian News Network

"Good Morning Carthage, I'm Lei'la Achouri and this is the Carthaginian News Network; the official voice of the Union. The situation in Cairo escalated last night when terrorists opened fire on police elephants attempting to clear rioters in Barcid (Tahrir) Square. The ensuing stampede killed hundreds of demonstrators and several police officers. Islamist militias have reportedly begun forming in Arab neighborhoods throughout the city, yet this has not been confirmed by the Cairo Governorate. We, at the Carthaginian News Network, have reason to believe this is the beginning of a violent uprising. If you're currently resi-" The program abruptly switches to a commercial break.

Cairo, Carthaginian Egypt

The Cairo Police was transformed into a paramilitary force over night to combat the islamist and nationalist organizations that had taken up arms following the massacre in Barcid Square. Retired, Active-Duty, and Cadet Police Officers were given surplus military equipment and deployed to the outskirts of occupied areas. The ultra-nationalist Phoenician Movement has also taken up arms and is currently assisting police formations in containing the uprising.

Cothon, Great Harbor of Carthago

"Ballacar, you'll lead the Sacred Band in an operation to liberate Cairo from the terrorist occupation, there's a helicopter waiting for you on the CNS Hannibal Barca. Carthage's legacy is in your hands now," commanded the Autarch. The Cairo Uprising would be Adel Kari's final crisis and it's outcome would decide the future of the Carthaginian Union. Ander Ballacar understood the severity of the situation and he was determined to come out victorious at any cost. He needed a victory to prove to the High Command that he was capable of assuming the position of Autarch once the sickly Kari was dead. If he failed, the Carthaginian Union would be reduced to their few strongholds along the coast as the oppressed Arabs rose up throughout the nation. With that, he set out to the outskirts of Cairo onboard a Rusadir Attack Helicopter.

Sudanese Border, Carthaginian Egypt

Locals have reported a large buildup of Carthaginian Army and Auxilia troops in the area, it is now clear that the Autarch's plans have not been stopped by the upheaval in Cairo.

Defensive Wall, Sinai Peninsula

In response to Eclipsian President Lian's provocative address to the world, the Carthaginian Union has allocated funds for a project to restore the Sinai defensive wall.
@Loyal Guardian
Kingdom of the Rockies, African Empire

The Carthaginian Union is willing to cooperate with the Kingdom of the Rockies and the African Empire in order to restore peace and dignity to the continent.
@Fishman Lord @doodleSM

Kingdom of Varmandr Vestan

The Carthaginian Union will renew the Kingdom of Varmandr Vestan's lease to the military base in Tunis for another fifty years if our demands are met.
@Dominus Regum


The Builder of Nations
Flag (5).png
The diplomat takes another sip from his drink as the other delegates spoke. He nods. "Excellent. It seems we have come to an agreement then. Ordaria will give Japan its independence, however Prime Minister Tera and the Ordarian Parliament are still very hesitant on letting Japan into NOTA, as I'm sure all of you could imagine."
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Goddess of pure genocide, god of insanity

[All images found via Vya. Just roll with it, and switch some details around for immersion.]
Saint Petersburg

"Everything will be ready late tomorrow. That should cover all of our diplomatic missions, and enable the troops to be fully prepared. Once my speech is complete and a certain time frame has been reached, then operations from Russia will begin from the north, the west, the northeast, and our bombings. The Leechian military that remains after the bombings would have been significantly weakened, and would enable an easier advance. But the true threat lies by the remaining military garrisons in the area. Besides them, most if not all military facilities and key military points would have been severely damaged or destroyed. The only ones that we fear could hinder the operation is the Eclipse, but we have a failsafe for that in the event they side with the tyrant. And with that, you can return back home to waste no further time here. I am sure your people need you, and keeping you here further will not be very productive for keeping our people safe. After our operations are done and the Leech is removed, we can begin negotiating land should we occupy anything the other party desires." The Russian Tsar would shake Tsar Vladimir's hand and see him out when he so decided to leave. There was much preparation to be done on the Russian side before Operation Hellfire and Operations Frozen Resurrection and Neptune could begin, the general plan name for the liberation from the leech being named Operation Europa.

@Supreme Cat God Vya


Eventually once the proposal went through, whomever Vestan decided to send to Saint Petersburg would have arrived quite some time after the Ukrainian Tsar would have left. It would have been around morning in the city when the Vestans actually completed their travel there. Since they actually informed the Russians beforehand, they wouldn't of been met with an armed response. Instead, they were met by a man in a dark business suit after leaving the airport. He had short black hair, a goatee and referred to himself as Malyshev. Behind him was the Russian equivalent of a limo, a royal PCHG coloured black with white stripes running down the sides and front of it for the purpose of moving around faster. From the airport alone, they could see several sky scrapers and multiple high level apartment buildings. Once they boarded the already running craft, the doors were closed and it would begin to ascend. Within the back compartment of it, it was significantly different from a regular PCHG. While a number of the seats were still in it and completely functional, the rest were replaced with a form of bar that was separated from the rest of the compartment.

All the bottles within were not made of glass, and were held down by a form of brace when not in use to prevent accidents. There was a television set mounted on the walls primarily for news, and the rest of the free space was replaced by the seats due to being moved deeper inwards to the craft. This was because unlike other PCHGs, it was more heavily armoured due to it's purpose but still maintained some form of space within. The transport would have taken the Vestans to the palace quicker, but they weren't capable of seeing any sights due to the lack of windows which would otherwise provide defensive faults. In little to no time they had arrived, and landed right outside. In the event the Vestans actually knew the Palace and it's pre-apocalyptic conditions, Malyshev would escort them to the Tsar's office to prevent them getting lost in the somewhat new layout of the building's interior.

On the way, they passed some sections with varying decorations and art pieces, a large library, and some larger rooms such as a room dedicated to special events and contained various religious tones. While most of these rooms were similar to their original colour, some rooms had different schemes. Including one room that was dark blue, but appearing as if constructed by some form of other material rather than actual paint. In such rooms were religious tones, as well as various texts and symbols. They would after a few minutes more, reach the office-esque room which was wide open. Containing a desk, several chairs, 2 other smaller rooms, a case-like display with a razkni-42/ragnite sword within it with the description of "The Empress's blade", the Imperial flag which was just the Russian flag with a crown on it, and the Russian leader himself. He would gesture for the Vestan to take a seat, and like the Ukrainian Tsar, offered them a drink or any other amenity via nearby servants. However the servants was slightly different now than previously. There was one servant who was a tall man with greying black hair, a short woman, but also a strange subject. The other servant being one of the Grenshu that survived working in the hellish conditions of the mines and technically saved via serving royalty.

@Dominus Regum


After the Rep was done performing diplomacy with the Finnish, she would begin returning home to Russia to report the situation.


The Malians during their attack would have tried targeting the closest strategic points they possibly could, but would eventually come into contact with the Moroccan military. They would try to hold out, but after a hour sections of the assaulting Malians were broken down and had to retreat into other sections of their attack against Morocco. They would try making the rest of the assault stronger, by concentrating their force upon taking and holding anything they possibly could. The Malians would wait for further counter attacks, and fortifying with anything on hand on any territory they may of gained. Whether it to help them further, or to prolong combat before retreating. They were trying out the path of attrition rather than direct assault by this time, and would try sustaining their numbers to make it harder on the Moroccans if at all possible.


It was a normal day near the safe zone constructed by Vestan. There was still some problems, but they were trying to sort them out. They'd be receiving a higher number of refugees. This would be utilized for only a further act of extremism. Two "bombers" would have gotten through the crowd, but one not having made it through intentionally. It would be here that one of the bombers would have deployed their explosives, killing a number of the crowd, causing surrounding damages to the Vestans, and injuring far more. Leaving what was left in a mass panic of chaos. They were Saharan radicals who fled the Moroccan invasion, and saw the safe zone as a symbol of western oppression and infringement on Allah's will. A time after, another bomber would go off at an amenity distribution site. And finally a few hours later, one of the more lucky extremists having gotten through the requirements would have hunted down what they believed was a Vestanian office governing the safe zone and attempted to bomb it as well.

The strains placed on Ethiopia would be immense via the Vestanian attempts of protecting the African peoples. And having called in practically any and all refugee - immigrant in Africa, the Ethiopians and Kenyans would close their borders Somalia being occupied. The Ethiopians would begin setting up and establishing a massive military mission within the region. These events would then prevent Immigrants from getting through. The Ethiopians were more than just greatly annoyed by the Vestan occupation of their ports. for all of this they would become hostile to the Vestans, and for threatening them by summoning outsiders only furthered it.​

Imperial Regions

The trains were being loaded up with supplies and the necessary essentials to the west. They made sure the GDR flag was absolutely everywhere and text on the boxcars of high quality trade. These weren't just any trains, but special trains. These were long trains, and the Imperials made sure they would run on time. They were being filled with provisions and essentials straight outta Golden Heart Station and some from Saint Petersburg, and once finally filled when everything was sent they were to immediately set off. They were scheduled to arrive on time along with the rest of the plan, where it would take place later the next day. They were to abuse the GDR's flag just to get deeper inland, a grand plan used multiple times in the past. Even if one train didn't make it, there were many more from where that came from. This would be the largest "supply" exodus-esque event from one nation to another or from one nation to another section in modern Russian history since the reclamation. To ensure nothing went "rotten" upon arrival, the Imperials took necessary measures to ensure the survival ability of the transported contents before deployment.​

Since the event hasn't been canceled, the operation was to continue to it's end effect. The Imperial military was hereby placed upon it's highest alert, and the Airforce was being prepared for deployment for both the operation and any defensive means. They were mostly in the nearest airfields to the western border, where the Russians believed that if an attack was somehow repelled, they'd need to obliterate whatever comes through at a moments notice. Otherwise they would attempt to go in and support the ground forces during the assault when the necessary criteria was reached. But it wasn't just the western border that was considered problematic mostly, it was what would happen if the Navy failed to contain anything up north. It was also a form of pre-planned vengeance should that particular naval segment be obliterated. The Hunter Fleet "Northern Star" would begin deploying further north, and north east.​

While remaining vessels would be kept back for defense, but planned to be sent east. If all went according to plan, then a massive deployment of ships could then be turned west or eastwards and provide various supporting roles. They didn't have to entirely worry about any retaliation coming from the east due to bordering another nation entirely, but in the event Leechian troops did somehow pass, a defensive garrison would already be prepared due to the military status. By this time, the rest of Poltava-1 would be activated and deployed in the Baltic Sea. Eventually, they would Rendezvous with the rest of the fleet to begin proper operation across the Baltic Sea. Around tomorrow, they would have started nearing Leechian lands. They set off from ports in Finland and near Saint Petersburg. They had taken and reactivated the Warship-class vessels, sending a number up north of Russia.​

The rest of the remaining military to be deployed in general was mobilizing quickly as possible by this point in time, understanding the vast threat to all of Europe should the Leech not be taken out eventually. The Imperials believed that they would use Russian technology to rule over Europe. This was entirely unacceptable. They feared that it'd be used to deploy WMDs upon the European powers or any other power should they even have any, which was also unacceptable in the eyes of Russia. This being one of the reasons why the navy was to be deployed in the same time span as other critical elements right before the declaration of war, just to prevent them from even conceptualizing the use of stolen technology in the war. They didn't know if there was anything else that may have ended up in the Leeches hands of theirs, but they did not want to take the chance.​

Other Internal Affairs

Recently, the old 50+ year old borderline-cult religion of Yggdism would have stepped into the spotlight again. They would of publicly declared siding with the Tsar's sister for rule but take no further action. Since she was a mutant via hereditary means like a number of other women in her ancestry, they believed her to be some form of goddess. It is yet to be seen if this will lead into anything more, or if it was just a sudden spotlight for the religion to further spread. There are also reports of peaceful cultist-appearing men in robes entering the territories of other coalition factions, and attempting to spread the knowledge of their religion. This only made sections of the Imperial government annoyed with them, as it'll just make future internal military matters more difficult. The Imperials were also not alone with this path of thought, with the GDR having to monitor everyone coming in from the west along with securing the east. The GDR having a past history with the religion, with it contributing and influencing most if not all of the nation's decisions up until becoming independent.

Tylinium Corporation

The Corporation was hard at work on building Urusovo. But a new military project was initiated. It was a research effort into another submarine program, and should it be proven capable it would begin experimentation and then construction stage if successful. This would be a new type of submarine for the military, being more practical, economically effective, and silent than the stolen project before. They would use the information they had gathered from the past research project taken by the Risers, and then implement all field studies and the like into the research as well. As a precaution, they would conduct their research within facilities deep under Siberia. This was to ensure that if any research was stolen, the one responsible would never make it out of the country without everyone knowing. Only a very thoughtful mastermind with a foolproof plan could possibly escape, they believed. In a small time frame between when the Ukrainian Tsar arrived to the Vestans arriving, their effort would be backed by the government. All precautions would have been taken to ensure another failure to keep military secrets from others would not happen again.

Supreme Cat God Vya

Sweden but in Norway
Царство України

Санкт-Петербург, Росія(St. Petersburg, Russia)
"I shall see to it that the Ukrainian front is ready, thank you Viktor. This shall be a truly grand endeavor." Tsar Vladmir shook hands with the Russian Tsar before being seen out and returning to Ukraine to tend to matters back home.

Львівський аеродром(Lviv Airfield)

All across the military airfields in Lviv the Ukrainian airforce was loading and arming masses of aircraft, preparing for full scale war. Every day combat formations and emergency mobilizations were being practiced. Pilots were being briefed on planned missions and bombing runs that were to take place in the near future, the entire region of airfields near Lviv were alive with the sound of jet engines roaring hour after hour.

Кордон українсько-ризького(Ukrainian Riser border)

Across the entire Ukrainian-Riser border combat drills were being practiced daily, and the reinforcements had arrived to the border to join the soldiers already there. Artillery had been positioned and aimed, prepared to fire at a moments notice, ammunition boxes stacked and ready for use. Every soldier was preparing for Operation Saturn to take effect, checking that their weapons are in perfect conditions, writing letters home that they were soon to be off for war, the entire border was silent with a anxious mood. Every night the soldiers came together to folk and military songs, spending as much time as they could with eachother before the operation would start, knowing once the war had started some of their comrades would not return home alive.

Dominus Regum

The Lord of Kings
Konungdómr til varð-maðr ór vestan
Kingdom of Varmandr Vestan
(Vestanian tanks patrolling the border of the Somali Safe Zone)

Somali Safe Zone

As Vestanian government personnel were struggling to 3-D print enough houses for the immigrants, a massive influx of equipment was given in to the relief agencies of Varmandr Vestan, in order to 3D print housing, build enough basic goods for people to survive, and the like. In the SZ, relief has poured in through many non-profits around the globe, helping the problem of "too many people" but not entirely, as now the countryside is packed full of cheap printed housing.

To combat the terrorist threat, thousands of border patrols and random checks have been done on the border and in the internal nation. Thousands of arrests on drug busts, terrorist plots, and violence have been done in the last recent weeks as for the first time a state of constant patrol has been done in the SZ.

(A informational video showing the process of printing the houses)
Russia, Saint Petersburg

The son of the Emperor himself arrived, Markus Sastad I.He himself wore a grey suit with military don on the outside, as in a few medals. a ceremonial sword hung at young Markus's side, aswell as a pistol as it was unknown what would happen to him. Although he was only 17, he smiled towards the Russian ambassador after a second, admiring the artifacts on his way. When he arrived at the office, he looked over to Malyshev, with a nod. "Is this where I'll be meeting your representative?" he said politely.
rǫðuls tjald and eyland angan, Amazonas and Carribea

In the two least advanced parts of the Empire, although not by much, massive building projects were being redone. As Havana's industrial project was going extremely well, a new city was being built in the Amazon, named fargr auðit. It is a massive project, and the first of it's kind. Fully 3-D printed, and zero-impact. Already hundreds of thousands of Futurists and so-called "free thinkers" have already booked housing. Costs are extremely low as there is practically no wasting of resources, the work is all done by droids, and it is planned on being a economical boon to the region. The city is to be based off the theme of "Science" as it has had public laboratories open for young thinkers can experiment under watchful eyes.

In second of this, a new university is to be made alongside the city, named the "Kveld-Úlfr Global University of Knowledge". Already it has been slated to be one of, if not the most premier universities in the globe, with billions in funding and a quickly growing city behind it...
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