1. Please guide the Noob
  2. As much as I hate to say it (mainly because this has such a great background) I need to do simpler rp until I become familiar with the website ugghhh party with the noobs
  3. You put it in the wrong place.
  4. * Face palms* uggggghhhh
  5. I can't imagine how frustrating this must be for you...
  6. You even said cs thread I went back and looked...
  7. For a detailed RP like this..you'll need to make your character A LOT better than that. In my personal opinion I think it would still be best for you to find a simple RP to join until you have a much better grasp of how the site works and operates. I think this RP is a bit more than you truly expect it to be.
  8. The whole point in my character is for him to be a simple character he is not meant to be powerful or have much of a background because he is young his only weapon is a bow and arrow for the same reason
  9. I have been roleplaying for 4 years.... It can't be that hard
  10. Anyways I will leave anyways
  11. @xEmoBunnehx Sending a (torch-holding and trigger(actually torch, but nvm)-happy) patrol over to your side. Hope the pervert kid doesn't get hurt by them, lol.
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  13. Just a warning here, the patrol is going to be very hostile. Especially towards those who beats kids(but they won't be very happy after they discover the truth behind the kid's actions)
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  14. Shots fired, literally. Just tagging Bunneh in case a stray bolt hits Bellatrix. A few crossbow shots aren't enough to kill anyone, right?
  15. Most of them are human. So maybe. As for Bella..well there is no killing her.
  16. Oh shit--

    Minos gonna look at them, and not even need his eye to see where this is going.

    The question though--
    Does he try to reason with them? Or does he try to take off an run, then hope to find someone else to check on the rulers?
  17. XD
  18. @Nyq now are they in the action of firing or are they about to and someone could yell at him before they shoot?
  19. Well, they fired already.Commonwealth shooters tend to have fast reflexes, especially those who are with Movli.
  20. For the sake of us not dying, do you mind if Minos uses his card magic to block some?
  21. @August Go ahead, I don't really mean to kill anyone anyway
  22. ( ̄▽ ̄) thank you
  23. Should we wait on @Cosmo to make a post or just continue to play this out?


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