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Fantasy The Witch and The Dyn


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"Stand aside, stay away, for the powerful witch of the forest is on her way!" Skylar called out, skipping through the woods she called home.

It was a bit of a habit of hers, trying to come up with rhymes to scare her enemies, which she didn't have, and enamor her fans, which she didn't have either. Either way, she wasn't going to stop practicing. After a long day out, fetching some supplies from town, she was finally on her way to her little cabin in the woods, like every good witch, she choose a spot where she could practice her lightning safely and practice her spells on the local critters.

"Ding ding, let me in, give me something good to eat!" She called out as she reached her front door, waiting for her partner in crime to unlock the thing. "Hurry up you Dyn! I got you some good stuff for you and really good news!"

The password had been said and now she just needed to wait for Lux to open up. She knew it was going to take him a while, but the excitement inside her didn't mind, she had great jobs, they had gotten their first job!

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*Lux woke up from his sleep, he sat up in bed, stretching and yawning, he walks over to the door, still drowsy. He clicks open both of the locks and opens the door, peering out* ”morning…” *Lux had said, the sleepiness evident in his voice*
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"About time!" Skylar opened the door, scooping her hand down to pick up Lux into her hand. "I brought breakfast, mostly for me, because I actually eat like a normal human, you can have the crumbs."

She stepped into the cabin. It was pretty small, having a small kitchen, living room and bathroom. It had stairs leading to the second floor, which was only one bedroom. The living room had an old couch, coffee table and a fireplace. While the kitchen had some cabinets, stove and a small fridge, there was also a big pot that Skylar used for her spells. Between the kitchen and living room was a small wooden table with three chairs, where Skyle sat down, dumping her groceries on top of it.

"Okay, we have our first bounty hunting job! You ready?" She said as she unrolled a piece of paper and spread it out on the table.

The Wanted Poster had a picture of a thin looking man with a scar on his right eye and shaved head. He seemed quite old and the bounty reward was 500 Gold. It wasn't much and people usually avoided those kind of bounties, since they weren't worth the trouble of chasing down low level scum. But for Skyle, it was the best opportunity to start on their new job.
“Who’s that?” *Lux asked, examining the paper* “and what did he do? I don’t think it’s serious… the bounty’s low… but hey, we could start with this one easily!” *Lux was trying to memorize the guy’s face, he didn’t want to get the wrong person*

"Exactly. I don't know what he did. But he should be easy to catch." Skylar took and apple out of the grocery bag, quickly cutting a small slice for Lux and setting it next to him. "We can capture him, turn him and with those 500 gold, buy me a wand." She smiled at the tiny human, "It's only fair since I will do all of the heavy fighting, I should have a wand for protection." She looked smug, but confident that Lux couldn't really do anything about it.

"Okay, get ready, we leave after lunch. Make sure to get some weapons and nothing too heavy. In case we need a lock picked or something, it all depends on you."
“alright, no objections here! I’ll make sure to bring my cloak for sneaking around as well!“ *Lux picks up the apple slice and bites into it* “besides, with a bounty of only 500 gold, he’ll be really easy to capture!”

Skylar made a quick sandwich with lemonade, of course living small portions for her roommate. Once she was done eating, she grabbed her spell book, placing it into her pouch, along with two red potions and three blue ones. She made sure her outfit was on right, before putting some snacks into her bag. The only way to bounty hunt those days was by going after their targets at night or in locations where not many people were around. It was a profession that was frowned upon, but those who had the skills to be effective hunters, sometimes cashed in up to thousands of gold coins for one single case.

The village close by wasn't that big of a deal though, the local authorities was made up of five men and they rather avoid conflict than to try and solve anything themselves. They depended on bounty hunters that were passing by and required some quick money for a meal and a place to stay. Skylar though, she wanted to take those cases for herself and become known as the Thunder Witch of the Forest.

"I'm ready to Lux, just remember, under any circumstances, do not get into my clothes. I know you're small, I mean, besides your height, but it's still uncomfortable. Hop on." She leaned over for her partner to get on her right shoulder, "Once we hit the village, keep your eyes open and scout out or target. They could be anywhere."
*Lux hesitates for a moment, and then he climbs on, he was just going to try not to think about how long the drop would be if he did fall off, or how he could get hurt up there* “so… how long until we get to the village?”
"Like thirty minutes" Skylar replied as she locked the door and put away the key in her pocket, "If you're tired you can jump into my pouch, I can't guarantee your safety though." She teased a bit as she began walking down the path towards the village.

The path was pretty silent, Skylar kept whispering enchantments, practicing her spells in case they were needed. She would even practice with a stick, pretending it was a wand. Although her best move was a basic electrical attack, she knew other basics like Recovery and Protect.
*Lux had been looking at a few drawings of the inside of locks, just so that he’d have an easier time picking them, because he’d have a better idea of what to do*

"Here we are, Norm Village. A pretty normal village, probably why they call it that." Skylar announced as they reached the edges of the small town.

There wasn't much to look at, there were some farms around them, at first, then slowly the village began to grow with more common shops, Inns and even blacksmiths. It was your typical fantasy small village, with one thing that stood out, the pub. There was a big pub in the center, drunks walking in and falling out, some trying to earn some quick cash while others begged for some to buy themselves another drink. It was muddy on all sides, not sure if it was water, alcohol or human liquids. The rest of the village was nice and clean, except for that smudge in the center named Norm Pub.

"Okay, Lux, once we go in, stay hidden. You're pretty read from what I have heard and they might want to kidnap you to trade your for money." She crossed her arms as she looked at the old building, the smell of old beer reaching their nostrils, "Ready?"
“Yeah! But… how exactly will I stay hidden? There isn’t an abundance of places to hide this high up…” *Lux looked around, trying to find a way to stay hidden*

"Just get into my bag, duh!" Skylar replied, rolling her eyes. "Hurry up, I'm going in."

She made her way to the beat down tavern, avoiding a drunk man trying to use her for leverage. As her foot stepped on the mud, she stuck her tongue out in disgust, but decided to endure it for the sake of the bounty. With loud squishes from her boots, they finally made it up the front wooden steps and into the main entrance.

As soon as they stepped in, Skyla being the only one visible, everyone inside stopped what they were doing and turned to face the new face. Skylar stood out like a sore thumb, her purple outfit and nice smell gathered the attention of all the drunks and employees of the place. After a few seconds of getting a good look at the witch, one of them snorted and they went back to their business, although many shot quick glances to see what her business in such a place was.

Skylar gulped, hoping they wouldn't try to rob her or anything, while forward to the bar. She took a sit, getting a cocky smile from the old bartender as he passed the menu to her.

"Okay, Lux" she whispered, "I need you to look around for anyone that looks like our guy, I will try and act casual." She raised her hand, "One Appletini please!"
*Lux peeks out of the bag, he looks around and spots a guy at a table in the corner, he matches the look of the wanted poster almost perfectly* “I found him! He’s sitting by himself, he shouldn’t be too much of a problem. He’s in the corner table, you can’t miss him!”

"Great!" Skylar whispered to her small friend, pretending to drink the appletini in front of her, "Now we just need to get close to him without calling out for too much attention, some other bounty hunters might be here also." She left a silver coin to pay for her drink and got up, "Stay hidden, did you bring anything to paralyze him, put him to sleep or anything?"
“uh… I don’t think so…” *Lux looks in his pockets and backpack for anything to use, all he came up with was his knife* “I have nothing that would help unless you plan to throw a tiny knife at him…” *Lux whispers back*

Skylar rubbed her forehead and sighed, "Yeah okay, that doesn't help at all." She began walking towards the man in the corner, who seemed too distracted by the food in front of him. "I'll handle this, you keep a lookout, can't have anyone trying to surprise us."

"Uncle!" She cried out as she took a sit at the man's table.

The old man looked angry and confused, raising one eyebrow as he saw the purple dressed girl sit down. "What do you want?"

"It's me! Your niece? I recognize you from the family photos, don't you remember me?"


"Yes! Lily! That's me. What brings you here?"

"It's been years, I hardly recognize you. Let's go talk outside, this place isn't safe." The man smiled and stood up, leading to the door that lead to the back alley.

"I can't believe that work." Skylar said, feeling proud of herself, "Stay on your toes!" She told her friend as she began to follow after the man.
*Lux keeps a lookout just as he’s told, he knows that the guy’s a criminal, but he can’t help but think how cruel it is to make a guy believe he’s meeting a long lost family member. But, at the end of the day, it does catch the guy, so it’s necessary*

"Here, nobody should be able to bother us." The man said as he leaned against one of the dark moist walls of the back alley, lighting a cigarette. "Now, what brings my niece, here?"

Skyler looked around, indeed there was nobody around, it was the perfect moment to take their bounty. "I need a distraction." She whispered to Lux, "Oh uncle, I came looking for you because I heard you were here. I've heard stories about you and wanted to meet you in person. Is it true you're a wanted criminal? I want to be a witch myself!"

The man took a long smoke from his cigar, tapped the tip and blew out several smokie donuts, "Of course, it runs in the family I see. I can't really say I have much to share. I'm just an old man who wants to be left alone."
*Lux searches through his bag, he just grabs something and throws it at a small mouse, it scurries off and luckily manages to knock something over on the way, making a loud, distracting noise*

"What was that?" The old man turned towards the noise.

Skylar smirked, raising her arms with a creepy smile on her face. "From the sky, thunder strike!" A circle formed around the young witch, beginning to get an immense glow as electricity began to form around her. A big dark cloud began to take shape over the man, who had finally noticed what was happening, looking shocked and angry as he watched Skylar perform her spell.


Skylar fell on her back as a can smashed into her head. She had been so slow making the spell, that the man had time to pick up a can and hit her straight on the forehead. "Ouch!" She cried out as the spell dissolved around her. She was going to attempt getting up, but the man stood in front of her with a knife out.

"You've done it now lil lady, fork over all your money, give me your bag!"
*Lux panicked, he knew that if she did hand over the bag he’d be caught and who knows what would happen to him! So, without thinking, as a last ditch attempt to help Skylar, he grabbed his knife out of his bag and quickly threw it at the man*

"What the-" The man stumbled backwards as a small knife dug into his cheek.

"Thunder Strike!" Skylar called out at the top of her lungs, the spell igniting once again, this time letting a thunderbolt strike the man where he stood, causing him to collapse. "That was close!"

The witch stood up, dusting herself clean. "Good one Lux, now hurry up and tie him up! We need to take him to the local authorities."
*Lux goes up to the guy on the ground and reclaims his knife* “man, i thought I wouldn‘t have to use this today… oh well, I guess we should get tying…” *Lux grabs the length of rope he had, it didn’t do much, it was easily breakable, but it made it easier to keep the man in place when tying him up with the main rope*

Skylar stood by practicing her hand movements for other spells she had yet to master. It probably would have been a lot better if she had helped Lux with his duty, but she felt she did most of the work. If she was to provide everything for him, he might as well pull his weight.

"I think he's awake." Skylar said, pointing at the man's face, a mean eye glaring back at them.

"A tiny man?!" The man jumped to his feet, his hands still tied up, but his feet free to move. "They're worth a lot of money!" A mean smirk appeared on his face as the man let out a loud whistle through his lips.

Skylar was getting ready to strike the man with her thunder magic again, but the whistle made her worry. He was probably alerting others of a good bounty, meaning Lux was now the pray. "Let's go!" She ran over and scooped him up, pushing the man as she sprinted past him, knocking him over. "If I get caught, you need to run and hide, okay?!"

Skylar bolted out of the alley they had been in, only to be met by several bystanders laying their sight on her. It was quite obvious she was the reason for the whistle and why they had started running after her. She was a mage, not an athletic warrior! If she could only get to the local police station, then most of the people running after her would probably stop. The muddy streets were of no help though, her boots felt heavier each step and several of the bandits behind them were catching up.

"I don't think we're going to make it!" Skylar called out, "You might need to escape, Lux!"

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