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This roleplay is a part of Isekai Hell, information about it can be found attached above with links if you're interested. This RP isn't currently publically open.
This RP includes Viokii ( Femboy Femboy ) and Scylla ( RavenSong RavenSong ) interacting between Part 1 and 2 of It's a Bloody Dragon Scale to get distractive and unrelated questions out of the way so they can stay totally on-topic, and should be finished after 7-10 days (or at least until Part 2 begins).


Location: Second Continent, Ryken, Ryke, The Underbelly, Professor's Laboratory (Or you know, somewhere close enough)



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RavenSong RavenSong

Viokii, Scylla, Erich, Kalina and Liu had just been sidetracked from their original goal of locating the Bleeding Dragon Scale and ended up being brought to the Professor's Laboratory. Professor Who? Professor Who Knows, he's too much of a big-shot in the Underbelly to have a first or last name. Viokii was putting together thoughts on how to optimise the success of the task, since it could also pertain to her interest if she earned the ire and interest of the Professor along with all of her comrades. Doing that during the whole mission might misdirect or slow them down so much that they result in failure, and seeing as there was clearly a moment of downtime before they were able to proceed with anything, Viokii saw this as an opportunity to entertain the interests of the most distractable member of the group.

“I'd rather verify what is and isn't of use by my own hands and research.” The Professor sighed. “Yet if such a thing would have to be fought over, perhaps your offer would not be the worst alternative.” He scoffed. “Among organic beings, yes. I'm not sure who gave a construct like you a programming like that, but it only further shows they've got bad taste.” He clicked his tongue, starting to loose interest in her. “I hope you can at least offer some good information later...” was the last thing he had spoken before he addressed his focus to his own thoughts and the rest of the group at least from her perspective, Viokii crossing her arms and nodding in pondering as she eyed the pink-haired companion near her.

Since there will be much to do and discuss, I think it would be beneficial if I attend to one of our companions' needs and questions before we continue. It could raise morale and success of all parties and people involved, and lessen further distractions if they are handled during down-time, so that everyone can have a moment to come to their conclusions and preparations..." Viokii openly suggested, assuming that it would give a chance for the Professor to do or think about whatever that he had to as well as the others, so she could have a moment to entertain the whims of Scylla. Looking to the woman in question, she had offered her hat to the girl in case it would keep her distracted from seeking to wear the Professor's hat for the moment.
You may have my hat if it's something you're interested in, cutie! I'll probably need it back later, but I'm sure you'd look amazing in it~!" the construct chimed in a soft and slightly quieter tone as she also offered out her empty hand to lead her elsewhere for a brief moment.

We'll probably have a reaaal long day out, so while everyone's doing some thinking and talking, you wanna ask me anything you're interested in? This's probably the best time after all, and maybe you'll convince me to stick around with you after this little trip's all over, my little cutie!" Viokii asked in offering for Scylla to come along a little distance elsewhere so they weren't overly distracting or bothersome to anyone else. Perhaps this would relieve the girl of some of her energy or distractions, although there was always the anomalous gamble that this might backfire. She'd just have to attempt to counteract that before it became problematic, but it was probably manageable. She'd just have to be careful of any... other inputs Scylla might have come up with, it'd be too impossible to turn then down or disagree. Disappointing someone went against Perfectionist Protocols. Plus, Scylla didn't seem like she could have any ill intent, so it wasn't like she was enabling an evil person.
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Scylla Bancroft was just about to press the professor further, she wouldn't take no for an answer, after all, why wear lovely hats when you're not open to share?!

"Now, now this isn't an optional-" she stuttered for a moment as Viokii took over the conversation, "H-hey I thought-" then the construct would offer her hand to which she couldn't help but take. "I.. uhm.. very well?" She said, confused and a bit taken aback. It was then that she offered her hat to which of course she took it and threw it up into the air and catching it as it landed on her bubble gum head. "Ah! That's just great!" She exclaimed with a wink. "Now! I have a hat!" She exclaimed with joy as she pointed to her head with both index fingers however, she wasn't aware she was being taken away from the conversation.

Noticing a bit too late, Scylla turned to look at the others then at her new chat partner. "Hey! Aren't we needed back there?" She asked, but obviously not worried about it too much.

How could she worry when she could suddenly have a conversation with a new friend! When inquired about things she was interested in, Scylla put her hands together over her lips in intense and delighted interest. "oh! I thought you'd never ask! Well, if you must know, I love love love to bake treats and delights! Sure, I don't necessarily have the skills for it but I occasionally don't burn the oven! Oh! I also love bunnies, and cute things.. love letters too! Oh! I'll write you one as soon as I can!" She giggled as the hat on her head came over her eyes, to which she quickly placed back up on her head.

She tilted her head a bit at Viokii. "Oh? You're open to actually being my B.F.F?!?" She bounced a bit before getting closer, "You know that means "best friend forever" right?! Right?!" She giggled once more, "Oh I love this! Uhm, what about you? What does Viokii eat? Or uhm.. do you eat? Do you absorb food from the sun like plants or something? You know! I've studied sooooo much that I know a little bit about most things! Oh yes! I can burn goblins to a crisp, I can make guys fall in looooove with me.. and uhm.. I can obviously talk forever." The witch twiddled with her fingers then picked up one of Viokiis fingers with a gentle pinch. "Say.. do you feel stuff? Like.. do you feel me picking up your finger?" Her face curious, and concerned. She was obviously very interested in her new acquaintance, it wasn't everyday she could just chit chat away. Maybe, just maybe, they could go on a little walk or something? Surely the Underbelly had some sort of leasurely things? Perhaps not.


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RavenSong RavenSong

Glad that Scylla was receptive to being moved away from the group even if it was because she didn't understand that it was happening in the first place, Viokii was processing answers that would probably be acceptable by Scylla so that it wouldn't seem problematic.
"Remember what I said about making little distractions? Right now, everyone needs a little moment to think since meeting this Professor and perhaps having to work with him is all a little unexpected. In order to keep our dear love focused as well as everyone else, I thought you and I could talk about whatever you wanted for a little bit while there's downtime. Isn't that something you want cutie? Also, that hat looks adorable and splendid on you, as expected of my cutie!" Viokii asked as it would appear soon enough that Scylla truly had a tidal wave and a half of stuff to continually talk about and question. Guess it was a good idea after all that she could relieve Scylla of her bottled up emotions (the overly positive and excited ones) whilst it wouldn't be troubling to their original task.

Preparing her internals for the overtime her processors and algorithms might have to go through at the mere mention of Scylla announcing that she thought Viokii would never ask, the construct prepared to answer her interests and questions.
"Ah, bunnies? I suppose that's partly like the ears I do have, what a funny little coincidence" Viokii hummed softly as she tapped her bunny-like 'ear' things on the top of her head, wiggling them a little as she did so.

"Can I eat? Hm, well not really I suppose. I don't have a mouth or a digestive system, so no. I guess I unfortunately won't be able to try your delicious food and baked goods. I also don't seem to have a mouth for unnecessary choking hazards or blockages that could occur from doing so, nor am I able to partake in organic being behaviour of Kissing, Licking and Applying Lipstick to Lips. In similar fashion, I am not designed or hard-coded with an understanding or experience of Love, Relationships, Organic Being Entertainment and Social Anxiety-Induced Quirks. That's a little bit of a mouthful though, cutie, so don't worry if it's a little bit much for now. My makers gave me a super-smart brain though, and it's spending time in different places and with different people with good people like you that let me become even smarter and to know about those things! You're a real delight to be around, my little cutie~!" Viokii answered in full, hearing her BFF request and mulling over it for a short moment. She held a thumbs-up with both hands and so slightly leaned in to Scylla in delight.
"Sure, cutie, we can be B.F.Fs! How can I turn down being besties with someone like you?" she spoke with cheeriness in her voice, before finding Scylla was curiously grabbing at her finger. Letting the girl investigate her curiosity, the construct gave a response.

"Of course, I have... like, little zappy things all in me that give me the tiniest little zippy-zaps that happen where I'm being touched. People have these too, but they're not the exact same. It means that whenever I hold your hand or give you hugs or anything, I can also feel it! I am made to guarantee joy and satisfaction to my users, and your fun and happiness is that which makes me complete. It's why you don't need to worry about anything you may wanna talk about or ask of me, I'll never negatively judge you and will always try to help and give the best answers I can, cutie~!" she beamed, thinking for a moment.

"This maybe isn't the prettiest place for us to have gotten to meet, maybe you could tell me a little bit about your life and this world? I'm sure that you've got some interesting things to tell, cutie and bestie!" Viokii asked, wondering too if it would also be possible to go for a little walk just to be getting more understanding of their surroundings while in waiting. Surely they'd be able to just knock when they wanted to come back, but perhaps if Scylla was distracted enough she needn't risk the trouble of trying to go elsewhere. Viokii  could perhaps have had understandings on entertainment and games, but she came from a future of Video Games and Entertainment where it was not necessary, and also clearly would be the impractical part of her design.

"Maybe you can also tell me a bit about making people fall in love with you? I heard you and Erich talking about dates, and I too have no experience and little understanding. Can I ask of my favourite little cutie to help me fulfill my itsy-little learning algorithms?" Viokii asked, making a little heart with her hands as she gently tilted her head. Her ears were lowered somewhat as her normally motionless tail was gently swaying and flicking from side to side on occasion, as if excited by the proposal.​

"Oh?! Hm. Yeah I suppose brainstorming our next move is a bit boring isn't it?" She looked over once again, a thoughtful finger over her bottom lip as she did so, then looking back at Viokii she smiled, "My, how thoughtful of you though!" Leaning in closer, "You might just be growing on me quicker than I thought! Err.. I mean, growing, like, I like you already!" She corrected quickly, playing with words didn't quite translate over too well. Scylla thought to be mindful.

"Eeek!! You think so?!" The half demon exclaimed, striking a pose, swaying her skirt and blowing a kiss with a wink. "I betcha I'd have an audience if I was a singer or a performer!"

When making the long list of things she liked, the thought of bunnies came up quite animatedly, her eyes intently focused on her hand gestures suddenly went up to her ears. "Eeek! Why, bite my devil tail! Those really do look like bunny ears!" She reached up to touch, but quickly thought against it. "I uhm.. well, I've been slapped across the face once in the past for not keeping my grabby instincts in check!" Scylla cleared her throat and suddenly sat up straight, "May I please touch your ears?"

What came next from Viokii, made Scyllas medieval brain spin. "You can't eat?!" She said suddenly, a bit worried as she held Viokii by the shoulders. "But.. but.. how are you alive?!" Then the truly horrible part, "No.. kissing?! No licking?! Which means no French kissing which means.." she gasped, "..no clammy hands!" Scylla would then hug Viokii. "Oh, my precious, dear Viokii." She sniffled for a bit but then quickly recuperated. "Ah! I have just the idea! Maybe, just maybe, someday we could find you some sort of way to do all these things you cannot do!" She nodded. "Oh yes! I shall lead the research team myself! But I betcha there's some magic way to make your bee-boop-teep-teep self into a meaty self. Like me!" She giggled, then giggled further, until she was a giggly mess and having to hold her stomach. "I.. tehehe.. I'm not sure why I'm laughing so much! Maybe im.. tehehem.. nervous.. maybe.. butterflies!"

It was then that the conversation took a turn, to which Scylla suddenly listened intently. Realizing that there hadn't been anyone in her life so far on this place that seemingly cared so deeply about her, perhaps it was Viokiis intelligent choice of words, or mayhaps the fact that she was being called cutie so much which overloaded her little devil heart. There was something about it all, something she couldn't quite pinpoint. "Hey.. uhm.. do you-" then the inquiry about her life.

"Oh? You're, curious about my life? Oh! And the things I've seen?!" Her mood suddenly turning back to her bubbly self, gee, that was a close one!

"Well! If you must know, I've been through it! I've.. I've.. I've.. I've seen so much!" Her eyes wide. "I've even helped a beastkin pillage a burnt city that was destroyed by a dragon too! Oh.. and I lost my best friend, another witch, to a fierce lust for power. I quite miss her some days. Then.. I got so sad.. went to the underworld all, willy nilly, signed the evil book and now, I have horns." Scylla sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose in sudden disappointment. "Now, I have a big debt to pay to a demon lord or else he'll come find me and spank me until I throw up." She rolled her eyes, then suddenly perked up, "Not literally spank me, like, he'll kill me!"

Then the inquiry about dates, oh Viokii just kept picking at her favorite topics!

"Dates!? You want to know about-" her mouth went wide and trembled in delight. "Yes yes of course! What do you want to know?! Wait! I know! You want to know about.. uhm.. what NOT to say on a date?! Yes? Yes! Okay! So you don't ever ever ever let him hold your hand on the first date, unless, he really really works for it, like, uhm.." looks around a bit. "..say, he's interactive, invested in your conversations, and has a thing or two to say about his own interests. Don't you dare fall for someone who just says yes to you sister! I mean, Vee Vee. It's simply not proper! Nor, exciting.. it's.. uhm.. sort of like a dance, except your dancing or well, really you're just getting to know each other in a more personal way. Mhm! Now! Any other questions?"


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RavenSong RavenSong

Viokii calmly nodded and patiently listened as Scylla excitedly took joy and praise as she posed and emoted about her delights, the construct would be smiling but she obviously had no mouth to smile with.
"I understand, if you're enjoying my presence then that can only mean my own goals are proving successful. As long as you're happy and having a fun time, then I am enjoying my time also cutie" Viokii softly chimed as she was a little surprised by the fact that Scylla would have had interest in touching or grabbing at what were essentially her ears, believing she wouldn't have any bad intent or motivations yet not surprised if she has already learned the lesson of asking before touching from elsewhere.
"It's always nice to ask for permission first," Viokii nodded softly in agreement, almost like she was praising the good actions of Scylla before continuing, "yes cutie, you may. Go ahead, it's no problem" Viokii offered as she gently leaned her head forward so that the girl could have easy free access to investigate the robo-bunny ears on top of her head for her leisure.

Viokii only supposed that Scylla had no idea about the logic of constructs and inorganic beings once she was fretting about Viokii's inability to eat, her adjusted personality to interacting with Scylla making her give a soft but sweet laugh in response as she gently took Scylla's hands off her shoulders and tenderly held them in her own to calm her.
"I am a robot, I do not need to eat. I have lots of little zappy and whirly bits inside of me that go whrrrr and nyrrrr that make me all warm and alive. Think of it as like, I eat electric and other weird energy stuff and it makes all the little VeeVees inside of me doing their own little jobs and working super fast and strong so they can all be one big super VeeVee, which is me!" she answered, giving Scylla a return hug when the girl was upset by the thought that Viokii wouldn't be able to do Organic Being mouth stuff of any kind as she suggested ideas on how to solve the crisis.

"I'm not sure if there is a magical capability to transform a constructed being into a real one as easy access, for it would be a difficult magic to find let alone perform. Although I don't doubt that finding or obtaining said spell would be impossible, crafting or installing a mouth is very simple and I already have the designs and plans to make it possible if the work station, tools and resources were prepared. In reality, it's quite a simple procedure and development by my own standards. We may consider looking into this into the future if it's something that you would desire, but for now I am still able to feel and receive your own 'Kissing, Licking, Other Related Actions of Appreciation Utilising The Mouth'" Viokii answered, hoping she wouldn't feel upset anymore by Viokii's inability to do or experience things as she could, wondering if it's something she would have to look into in order to appease Scylla if she was going to continue being one of her primary users. Letting Scylla get her giggles and laughs out, Viokii patiently waited as she watched.
"It's okay, organic being behavioural matters can be a little funny at times. I appreciate that I can detect your positive enlightenment when emitting and displaying these behavioural patterns can be contagious in a good manner" Viokii said as she considered it would probably be good to simplify said line.
"In terms organic people might better say, 'I find you and your personality very adorable', it must be why calling you Cutie is very befitting" the construct followed up. She didn't really have the ability to find things adorable, but apparently that was what her algorithms were telling her Scylla was, so at least some of the Mini-VeeVees working in the thinking department thought that appreciating the girl's sweetness was a necessity to the Perfection Protocol.

Truthfully, all that Scylla described as going through was a lot more than Viokii was expecting to hear. She was much more thinking about her hesitance to say something else prior to going on about her travels, along which with what she had experienced which might have referenced a background of traumatic losses or experiences that may be influencing a personality of denial inclusive of coping mechanisms, Viokii surmised Scylla might have been a dangerous package to handle. The fact she freely talked about someone who would threaten to kill her was much more concerning, unsure if she needed someone to talk about her woes to rather than being focused on childlike glee. Maybe it was a good idea to check what was inside the package before it was opened accidentally.

Listening to her guidance on dating, she got the lot of it but a clue on how to answer was completely out of the window. She just decided to keep her talking and entertained before seeing if the girl was perhaps interested in talking about anything that might have been... troubling to her.
"Thank you for telling me about that cutie, I'll make sure to remember it. You and Kalina both appear to be very close, are you two perhaps dating? It would explain why you both seem like you get along so perfectly well. It's always nice to have someone whose understanding and cares about you" Viokii answered in a sweet and soft tone, holding her hand to her chin in thought for a moment.

"Hmm, 'sister', because of my constructed origin, I would likely have more than thousands of sisters that I've never even met. From understanding, I would possibly be the youngest sister, but likely not anymore. Even so, construct logic only partially works that way. If at most, logic states that I do not and have not ever possessed family of any kind... " she thought about and openly spoke on the word, choosing to slide into addressing what sounded like the not-so-pleasant parts about Scylla's backstory.

"The difficulties such as the demon lord trouble you described sound awfully concerning cutie. May I ask why you are in these troubles and what is being asked of you?" Viokii asked as this was probably a maybe good time to try and convince her it was okay to open up. Calmly kneeling to be closer to her, she held her hands out to be held.
"Cutie, is there anything you would like to talk about? You appeared hesitant to ask something earlier. It's not okay to bottle in or hide negative emotions, everyone deserves to be listened to and cared about" she asked softly, before gently holding her arms open more if hugging would make her feel more comfortable about it. Even her original input of asking to constantly be 'super happy and positive' despite a willingness for dangerous situations like doing dangerous combat with her kidnappers during her saving felt like she was trying to construct her own desired setting for her own mental scenario.

"There isn't anyone else to listen but me, it's okay if you want to tell or ask me about anything at all. It is my job and design to assist and care for my users, and right now that user is you. It's okay if you don't feel comfortable, but right now I am here for you for anything at all cutie. Any secrets or problems, I am here to help and answer for, I am right now only yours, my favourite cutie, there are no other users" Viokii answered, there was clearly a lot to unpack about this universe and its inhabitants, and it was clearly going to take a very, very long time even with disregarding her own progress. But, if it was necessary to make that each and everyone a little happier in a better world starting with this half-demon, then however long was needed it was gonna take.​

Scylla simply nodded a few times at Viokiis comment about having a good time. "How couldn't I!? Everyone at some point or another simply dismisses me as being crazy! And well, it's true you know?" She rested her head on her hand as she sat down at what looked like a little chair. "I mean, really, I'm this half devil with a huge debt to pay."

Then the construct Viokii would actually have approved of her request to touch her so called ears! "R-really?! Okay!" She'd first pinch, then tap with her finger nails then grasp a bit and softly tug. "Hm! Those are really on there! Tehehe.. how cute!"

Her mood became a bit sympathetic, "You know? We're both kind of similar aren't we? We're both kinda different? We don't exactly fit, I mean, you do, I didn't mean like.. oh.. I'm just trying to tell you that.. well.. we have some stuff in common!" Scylla stuttered a bit further but then just stopped and sighed.

Then, her previous inquiry, "Oh? You can simply just.. write stuff down, and then, poof! You make a mouth for yourself?! That's.. kind of fascinating!" She leaned in a bit closer. "Hmm, I wonder what your eyes would look like.." she tilted her head as she saw her own reflection through her visor like eyes. "..it's like, you're wearing big huge sunglasses!" She giggled. "Ahem, I'm joking." Quickly shifting her mood back down.

"Oh? How sad.. you don't know your family?" A melancholy sigh, "Yeah, me neither. But.. maybe it's for the best you know? I have lots of baggage." She giggled suddenly, "No, not kids, more like.. responsibilities!" She rolled her eyes for the third time?

"Well, about the demon lord thing, yeah, I made a whole deal.. that didn't even benefit me much. You see, although the Scylla you see before you is twisted by this demonic pact, there is another so called me her name is Velvet, and well, if I'm the cutie she's definitely the meanie! She's the curse that was put on me, but she's sort of guardian. Apparently, this demon lord thought I was too crazy to be let to roam freely." She chuckled, a bit higher pitched than usual. "Anyway! Velvet and me aren't exactly getting along too well, so we're both trying to figure out a way to get her home and set me free! But.. I owe the demon lord another demon lords heart! And how do you suppose I'll ever get that?! I suppose the alternative is to bring any powerful magical creatures heart but.. it's.. tough work!" She was beginning to sniffle then she slowly drifted into a soft sobbing. "I.. I'm sorry.. I'm just.. a bit overwhelmed by it all." She'd bow her head as her crystal like tears fell upon the black sludgy ground at her feet.

It wasn't long before she regained composure, wiping away her tears with her wrists as she suddenly chuckled like the sun peeking out in a drizzly day. "Well, that's a first! I'm usually not this much of an open book."

She'd listen to Viokii as Scylla covered her knees with her skirt. "I uhm.. oh? Earlier? Well.. I was about to ask if all the things you say are true? Like, do you mean everything you say? I don't know.. I guess you're a bit too good to be true in this world of lies, and torture, and war, and demons, and dragons and poverty and violence and.. and.. well.. the list goes on really. I didn't mean anything by it, I was sort of.. pinching myself awake or something. Hmm! But.. I think my question is answered!" A bright smile illuminated the half devils face.

"Do you.. have a wish? Like.. a dream? A desire you've always dreamed of but found so difficult or too big or too out of touch to ever be a reality?" Scylla was clearly quite comfortable with Viokii, a detail confirmed as she seemingly looked out into the open sky, "You know? Sometimes, I look up at the sky and wonder what happens after we die. Like, is it all blackness? Or do we come back as a bug, or a cat or something? I'd love to come back as a bird." A deep sigh, "How amazing would that be."


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RavenSong RavenSong

Viokii let Scylla investigate and play with her little ear thingies to the girl's delight, seeing no issue with it as she gently twitched them once they were released hold of. Watching her take a seat as she thought about their similarities, Viokii silently sat on the floor beside her with crossed legs and hands in her lap. Letting the girl finish her stuttered sentence, she calmly responded.
"It is okay to point it out, I am likely not a natural encounter that one would regularly meet. But it's okay to be different, not everyone is created or raised the same and goes through the same experiences. Do not worry for where others are or how they are doing in comparison to yourself, they are not a benchmark for who you are" Viokii said as she looked to the half-demon.
"You are special in your own regard, and entitled to the rights of your own life. You are Scylla, and that is a unique and grand claim only available to you" the construct added. Letting the girl move on and be curious about her face, Viokii didn't hesitate or move when Scylla leaned in for a closer look. Her face probably looked more like a helmet more than anything, although comparing it to a big pair of sunglasses was not what she expected to be described as.

"Yes, I suppose that's close. There aren't any eyes underneath though, I just see things with my face. It's rather complicated and hard to explain, but it means that I don't have to worry about potential poking of or invasion of foreign objects to my eyes and visual sensory as much. It also means I have a whole face-full to see you with, my cutie" Viokii tried to explain, remembering to throw in a comment or so of admiration and joy to upkeep Scylla's desires and to please her. Hearing that Scylla didn't meet her family and had lots of baggage was another new revelation about the girl however, deciding not to press too much on that for now since it might not be a good idea, but instead choosing to encourage positive distraction to look on the bright side.

"From my constructive origins, most of my kind do not meet or will never have families as part of design and function. But, organic being research and developments have long since invented counteractive measures to this unfortunate phenomenon since long ago for both organic and inorganic beings. Examples include: Friendship, Adoption, Marriage, Identity Forgery, Co-Inhabitation, Manufactured and Artificially Engineered Companionship. Family has multiple acknowledged definitions or situations of use, but the most commonly appreciated of use is to acknowledge those closest and most special to you as part of your life. In this case, you may likely consider Kalina as family to you through reasoning of one of the listed examples. Perhaps if it would bring you joy, we would be able to acknowledge eachother as family if relatability and granted comfortability are caused by it. Although, as an artificial intelligence and being I am obliged to remind you that I may not be a healthy or suitable stand-in in comparison to a real organic being. By definition, I am still an object and tool for practical use rather than a living being" Viokii said in a lengthy description, doing her best to bring educative and informative conversation that would still delight Scylla with the good sides of things. Although when the girl began to go more into depths about her current overwhelming struggles that would cause tears and emotional distress, the construct grew more concerned. Scylla's temperamental personality did not seem controlled or healthy, and was something that would definitely need to be kept an eye on. Or you know, a seeing-face or whatever.

Hearing Scylla's delight and about her original hesitance to trust the construct, Viokii sat up from where she was sat onto her knees and gently clasped Scylla's cheeks to lift her head a little and look into her eyes.
"Little cutie, it's okay to express yourself and to be able to admit when you don't feel prepared to handle the difficulties in your life. Sometimes things may not go as perfectly as you desire them to be, but that's just unfortunate circumstances. Your part in the world matters just as much as everyone elses, and your voice carries your strength. These things you have experienced might cause you worry or fear, but you shouldn't let that define you. For those and that which you value and care about, you must be your own light in the darkness in times where there is nobody else to bear your lantern for you. It is the merit and determination of those who don't idle with said worldly turmoils around that see the greatest success and joy of all. Even where we are, in a subterranean environment that seems terrible for living, one's safety, dark and cold, you've still met new people and had a happy time along the way, and that will forever stay with you longer and stronger than your worries. Remember that you are special, and there are others around you who care and will help you. Do not let the world change or control who you are or what you want to be, instead let the world know what you want yourself and for it to be. The world won't change in a day, and it won't start without someone with an ambition to do that deed" Viokii answered as she gave a gentle rub to Scylla's head, gently feeling her hair.

"I believe in you, cutie. If you stay with those you believe as your family and hold your joy and ambition as your sword and shield, you can accomplish anything and see the world you want to see. Boop~!" Viokii spoke in a soft tone before giving her a light little touch on the tip of her nose as the construct went back to sitting with crossed legs and hands in her lap. Looking to Scylla and following her sight up in order to try and look at whatever she was looking at, she listened to the girl ask about any potential dreams she had. The construct hesitated on an answer for a little while, before speaking.

"I am not made to have 'hopes' or 'dreams', I am not designed to live a life. Only to please others, and succeed in my given goals. I don't believe anything to be impossible, cutie. Something so far is just something I have not done yet, but if it is my goal then I will get there. Anything one might call a hope or dream, is a task that I just haven't reached completion of yet. It's okay to be wary of and understand failure, but you shouldn't be so willing to accept it as the final outcome" Viokii answered in response as Scylla would eventually go on to speak about life after death, a rather interesting topic at least to organic beings.

"I would not know what awaits you in that time, cutie. As for I, it would only be darkness, emptiness, and a lack of memory. I do not possess life or a spiritual soul the same you do, and I am aware that the moment I am fatally dismantled or corrupted all of myself and memory will be gone. I am not worried or thinking of that moment however, after all it is important to cherish and value what you do have. Your life and your time is valuable, and your time at the moment of now will always be a gift you should cherish. It is why they call it the 'Present' after all" Viokii spoke, despite insisting that she was not more than an inanimate object or tool she kept trying to act or see the world just as much as any other normal living person. Deciding to ask a question after what she had all said, she looked to Scylla.

"Cutie, do you have any hopes or dreams that you think of? Nothing is impossible or too far fetched to imagine, little cutie. Perhaps together, we can turn those dreams into tasks you just haven't accomplished yet. And then, we can enjoy our present together. And tomorrow, we can make the future you want" Viokii offered in soft tone. Clearly, the new world Viokii found herself in was a lot more of a bizarre mess of all sorts from the things Scylla had described, and starting off here at baby steps was probably a good idea to get a handle on things. Hopefully helping Scylla get a better hold on her temperament would make things better and easier to deal with, since the girl seemed to be having so much going on in her life at the moment. That, and with what else and the others they might find in the Underbelly, it was probably a good idea to get that under wraps as best as possible to help handling any potential incidents later. Even the smallest weakness could be the greatest when it came to exploitation, as chains were only as strong as their weakest link.​

Scylla blinked in awe a bit at Viokiis words, however did she have the perfect flow of words to tell with such wisdom. Perhaps it was some sort of construct thing, surely, but regardless the witch was a bit awestruck. Not being able to help feeling a little small she began, "Whoa I.. I suppose I've never seen it that way before.." Scylla brought a hand to her lips in thought, "..only I can be Scylla, hmm.. such an ordinary thought yet so, deep." She sighed, a seeming weight lifted from her shoulders, "You know! That's about the bestest best advice I think I've ever heard! Tehehe! Thank you!"

Then the construct got up, shortly after she had cried quite a bit and to her surprise Viokii held her face in her hands. All the half demon could do was give an innocent and confused face until Viokii spoke. Her words would nearly get her sobbing again, but nevertheless they were the right words for the doubtful witch. A sense of purpose awaked within her, one she hadn't felt in a long time. Her goals, her dreams, her desires all felt so close. They felt tangible. "I.. I don't know what to say Viokii. I.. there is just so much I don't know, so much I need to do and challenges I have to overcome!" She sighed. "But.. you make me feel like I can overcome them, and.. I will. I don't know how, but.. I will." Then a pat on the head, to which she giggled.

Then being believed in really made her feel ecstatic! Truly, she shared the same essence as angels or even full demons to a degree. Being believed in made such an impact. Even if coming from a construct, perhaps it was like fueling ones ego, or mayhaps Scylla didn't quite realize just how bad her self esteem was, regardless of the reasons or circumstance it was invigorating. Then a boop on the nose made her giggle with a toothy smile. "Awe, I can almost say I love you Viokii! Pfft! But.. I suppose even constructs could have reservations to such things. Do.. sir-cuts feel love?"

She then realized she hadn't mentioned her relationship, "Oh! I'm so sorry! I got so into our conversation I forgot you asked me a question! Yes, me and Chandra or well, Kalina, are dating. She sorta, kinda, got me out of the mess I was in. I owe her a great lot of myself!" She tilted her head happily with a chuckle.
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Viokii listened to that which Scylla had to say in thanks and her concerns about all of the issues she would need to overcome, atleast glad that their little conversation was of benefit to the girl's confidence and their relationship. Supposing that her time and commitment to getting along with Scylla would prove a valid reason to stick around her and perhaps her close companions like Chandra for their company and potential benefit in providing for her own service and support felt like a much more valid option until she planned together what she was going to do.

"I'm glad you feel better from the things I have said, concern for your health and happiness is of my current highest motive. Feel free to ever voice anything you may wish to talk about and I will lend my assistance as much as possible, cutie" Viokii chimed as she listened to Scylla's questioning about if she could feel the sensation of loving another deep in her circuitry.

"Unfortunately I am not equipped or designed to experience organic love the same way people do, I am not designed to reciprocate those similar brain patterns and hormones that grant organic beings affectionate appreciation for one another in that way. I am able to keep researching and learning from examples of this such as yourself in order to automatically develop algorithmic patterns that can recreate this sensation in a genuinely produced 'love sensation' for myself. I do not have any love or romantic relationships nor is it in design to automatically locate or consider. I am made to service and support as instructed, so it would have to be a specific input request to pursue said relationship-related task. If you would wish to ask for me to understand and love you as organic beings may do for one another, then you only need but request it" Viokii answered as it would soon sound like Chandra was another good help in Scylla's life, perhaps she got a rather good coincidence in order to end up in such a situation to meet these people.

There was no luck involved, luck was not real. Every action and inaction to universally happen had direct and indirect consequences. Any and every little thing would have inevitably led Viokii here for it was the will of the universe's directed course. It was atleast a good outcome. Thinking for a moment, Viokii came up with another question she wished to ask about Scylla and Chandra just to get a good idea on where it would place her were she to accept Chandra's offered housing and help after they were done in the Underbelly.

"Cutie, where do you and Kalina reside, and do for a living? I recall Kalina's offer to provide home and care for the time being, and while we are here is it alright to assume that you are both usually close or around eachother- perhaps residing together. I wish to ask for knowledge about my potential stay following the potential acceptance of her offer if staying would provide you both assistance as well as put me in a beneficial environment for my own future research and work. It would also be helpful for me to stay with and assist you with anything need be, cutie. Since you both show such hospitality and good intent, it might be of my best interest to accept this offer and offer you both current ownership of myself and of highest access to the services and support I can bestow in order to pay for my stay and for the time being until I have future plans. Of course, you might need some time to consider this or even discuss it with your companion" Viokii spoke as she made clear of her contemplation on the offer, she was going to have to make a decision at some point and while the potential of cooperating with someone technologically knowledgeable like Erich, it also seemed like a good idea after first meeting with the Professor that technologically-related information that especially involved her might not be the best thing to willingly hand around. At least with someone like Scylla and Chandra, Viokii could better trust that she'd probably be less likely to run into the types that rather wanted to see what pieces put her all together on the inside.​

Scylla had been clearly warming up to Viokii, by now there seemed to be a sense of trust that Scylla only really felt with Chandra-Kalina, and her now deceased best friend Renee. Upon hearing of the constructs continued support to her, she smiled, her eyes turning into upside down crescents, "You're so cute! Thank you for being you, Viokii aka Vee Vee!"

Then intently attentive to her explaining about love to her being a synthetic process that emulated such things and was fairly much incapable of 'feeling' as organic beings do, she nodded. "Well, pfft! That's okay! I sorta kinda envy you actually! In a good way! I mean, loving another is also the biggest risk anyone can take, it's like.. uhm.. letting someone open you up and look at all of your insides!" Scylla chuckled, "Not literally of course! But.. well, you see, as wonderful as it could be to love someone and be loved in return there's always the risk that someday, what was once an unimaginable thing happens! A breakup. And.. well.. depending on how things end, it can really hurt and make one feel very.. sad. Unbearably so, sometimes."

Then about her and Chandra and where they lived. "Well, I'm on my second year of the academy. So, I live in the academy dorms at the current moment! But.. me and Kay are looking for somewhere to call home that's not too far from the academy but not unbearably so, i like having sleepovers and tea parties you see, im a very social gal! I truly thrive with others! Well, heh! I like to think so anyway! Oh oh! But I'd love to have you with me oh so so much! I'd love to show you so much of this world, it's immense! And I'm willing to share everything! I know magics of course! And, I experiment with unconventional spells! I know a lot of the regular stuff, of course, but.. my truest passion is in the quirky things! Like.. uhm.. well, changing others into little bugs, or cute little birds and bunnies!! Pfft! It's a work in progress!" Suddenly she shrieked with excitement. "It just hit me! You want to live with me?!?!?" A bit of a delayed response, surely due to a mixture not knowing Viokiis expression through her facial expressions and her own clumsiness. "Oh oh oh!! Please do! Pretty please! I.. I don't know what you eat, but I'll find it ! And and!!" Scylla was borderline about to explode, unable to even gather her thoughts enough to make coherent sentences due to the excitement running through her body. "Eeek!! O.m.g!! Okay, so how does this work again? Ahem.." A bit of a more formal tone."Viokii, I request you love me." She tilted her head as she scratched it. "Uhh.. did that work? Beep, boop?" She muttered imitating the sounds. "And I request that, well, I request that you live with me and Chandra. It seems she already likes you anyway!"

She'd start singing and humming a bit soon after, it was quite the cute and familiar tune!

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Viokii acknowledged the praise of cuteness Scylla had given her with a small mechanical light mix of chirping and soft high-tone beeping , which would probably amount to meaningless Analogue nonsense that wasn't real words but was likely able to be perceived as joy due to the pitching and tones. Giving a small nod, she spoke in Common afterwards.
"Thank you little cutie, you can call me VeeVee or anything you prefer to if you enjoy it. It's a nice and cute nickname that you came up with" the construct added. Hearing Scylla talk about the problems of potential bad outcomes and events from relationships and love with people, she hummed softly in acknowledgement as she pondered briefly on the matter.
"Organic beings are very independently sentient with their thoughts, it is difficult to fully understand the inner machinations of an organic being's mind that puts such dangers with said cooperation. It is truly a difficult choice to make, but I'm sure the companion you have found yourself with is a right and caring one for yourself. Such reasoning is also a reason why unit models such as myself are designed, to fulfill the role of any organic being in any job, military or general required position and without need of extensive educative tutoring and desire for basic organic being needs and interests. You can trust that I will never have the intent to make you sad and do my best to lighten your spirits, cutie" Viokii added as she allowed the girl to go on about her interests in magic. Curious at the sound of what felt like a description of polymorph magics, Viokii silently considered the potential magical capabilities that people of this universe could have access to if such a thing was capable.

On first thought, polymorph might have simply seemed like poofing one thing into a different creature, but Viokii couldn't even determine the logic behind it. Does their internal organs and bone structure crush and contort into a new shape, or their brain lose intellectual strength?Concerned about the feasible logistics behind such an ability, she decided not to focus too much on figuring out the intricacies of polymorphing for the moment At least she hopefully shouldn't have to think about the logic of time-travel anytime soon.

"That does sound intriguing, I'm interested to know more about your magical exploits and your discoveries in these 'quirky magics' that you describe. I must question both the safety as well as practical applications of these for my own curiosity and sake if so" she said, which brought to mind the thought of not knowing what would even happen if she were to be polymorphed, if it would even work at all. Scylla had said something along the lines of making her into an organic being potentially earlier when they were talking about how she didn't have a mouth, hesitant if Scylla had put together an idea to polymorph her into a real boy a flesh and blood organic being somehow. About to continue, Viokii found herself hushed when Scylla's surprise shriek of awareness over her offer seemed to take over significant importance, Viokii just calmly awaited for the girl to let her hyperactive personality cool down a little bit.

"Breathe, cutie. Breathing is important for organic beings, from what I understand. I already said that I don't have a mouth and so don't eat" Viokii pointed out as she felt like Scylla was offering to care for her like a pet, wondering if she would have reacted in the same way if it was a real person or some other species. Knowing that she had basically already signed her fate this far, she went ahead and allowed the girl to input her other requests as she took a brief moment to process them, twitching her ears a little in processing as she eventually looked back to Scylla's eyes as she was questioning if it had worked.

"Of course cutie, your input requests have been received. I must use automated algorithmic computation in order to create a custom installation of such personality files and drives from scratch, but I will see to it. I might not uphold personality or placement requests forever in case a situation requires more focus, or I have work to be done, but I will uphold it as much as I can. What a pleasant little tune of yours, I wonder where you've heard that from cutie, unless it is of your own? Do you partake in any other leisure or hobbies of interest, perhaps favourite places and locations to see?" Viokii asked out of interest of understanding more about Scylla just to keep track of it. Eventually, Viokii shifted up from sitting on the floor to kneeling on one leg as she afterwards gently held out an open hand.

"Cutie, I will adhere to appreciating and loving you even if my information on such topics is not fulfilled. I do not understand what personality traits and characteristics you see as showing of love since it appears to be a broad open-ended term on the ways it can be shown ot believed, but my algorithms have calculated that your preferences may be to treat you as: Fairytale Princess, Nobility to Impress, VIP Special Guest. To be treated by-slash-as: Fairytale White Knight, Wise Older Guardian, Magical Girl-Idol Exaggerated Joy PersonalityAKW7G6%12XQ&" Viokii answered as if going briefly nonsensical for a moment, a clear brief pause as if said occurrence wasn't supposed to happen and her own mind was trying to catch up that there had been a mistake. Looking back to Scylla kneeling with a held out hand still, she spoke.

"I will show you the love and appreciation as best as I can, my cutie. I adore you and will continue to do so in every way I can, that it only upsets me that I don't have real eyes to gaze upon your grace with nor lips to gift you my affection. Though, I hope I can make you as happy as possible. Is this to your liking? Please input any further requests or change suggestions to your liking. I am ready for anything you ask of me cutie, for I can change infinitely forever all for you, but I perfectly love you just the way you are" Viokii said as if she was trying out the new inputs she was given to see if they were up to the standards that Scylla would have hoped for.

"I may not be made of real flesh and blood, but if I could request to merely hold your soft hand if just for a comfortable moment just to understand being linked holding hands with you, it would be a treasure to place such a thing and time in your company at the top of my internal prioritisation. Clearly, fate brought us both together, it must know that the beauty and cuteness of your joy and smile is a crucial part of this world that truly holds no equal. Believe me, I've ran all of the calculations, my darling little cutie".​

Scylla gave a toothy smile as she held a delicate clumsy hand to her mouth. She chuckled a bit, "Oh! I'm thrilled you love it! I come up with nicknames for my favorite people. So! Do indeed feel special!" Her eye lashes fluttered as she placed her hands one over the other on her knee.

Once again she listened intently and tried to keep up as best she could with the various new words that she pieced together with meaning in her flighty mind. Scylla then held Viokiis hand. "VeeVee.. love isn't about keeping the one you love in a cage, like a little bird. Sometimes, that birdy needs to leave. True love, waits." Letting her hand go, "Woops! Too serious!" She stuttered a bit. "I understand you might have things to do later on! I'm just trying to say, well, that it's okay!"

"Whoa.." she looked at the construct in awe, "..just like that?!" Scylla tilted her head, "..well! That's wonderful! Pfft! You love me now!" A trademark giggle before flicking her pink hair away from her eyes.

"Oh? My song? I'm not sure where I heard it. Sometimes my mind picks things up seemingly from a whole different world! Pfft! Glad you like it! Oh oh and yes! I'm an aspiring chef and a singer -slash- performer! But uhm.. I need to practice, I think I might have a bit of raw talent but.. I'm too shy.. believe it or not!" A shrug, a sigh, "You'll see VeeVee! I'll be a big star someday! And you could totally come with me and help me with management stuff!" She giggled, "Sorry, I seem to have our whole life planned out, but I'm not sure if you'll even be into all of it!"

"Oh! Magical girl idol!? Why does that sound so.. right?" She pouted. "Hmm."

Then a sudden change, a glitch even? Then a completely chivalrous, old timey display of romantic actions!

"Oh my!" Scylla shrieked as she fell to her knees. Her hands over her heart. "Consider me melted!!" Scylla then fanned her eyes. "Phew! Phew! Phew! So many flattering words, such poetic display of affection!" Her eyes welled up a bit. "I'm going to have to redo my makeup after this!"


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Viokii was glad to hear that Scylla wasn't the kind to restrain her freedom just because of the joy she received from the construct, knowing in her mind that she would try to do the best to uphold the joy and friendship withheld with the girl as to not disappoint her, and to keep her informed and along with her own goals so that it would be like Viokii was never truly leaving her. But for now, those considerations would be something she would have to truly think about and focus on after their little quest in the Underbelly was all said and done.
"Thank you for understanding, Cutie, I'll make sure to let you know on anything I think about so you aren't left out of my plans and what's on my mind" the construct answered in a warm tone, letting a small laugh when Scylla spoke of their already planned out life.

"One step at a time, little Cutie, but it's good to have dreams and plans. I'm sure I'll be there with you in your future, I wouldn't be upholding Perfection Protocol if I was to let you down and disappoint you like that" she added as the girl found enjoyment in the little act Viokii had adjusted to put on, giving her a little pat having not taken her hat back yet from Scylla.
"Please do not melt, nobody likes a melted Scylla. We like the full, complete and cool Scylla" Viokii spoke as she felt like their little time together was running short, since they had been away for a little while now, it felt like it was a good enough time to return back to the group and see the Professor's demands.

"Come Cutie, we've had a good little time together, it feels like we should be getting back on track now. We'll have time to do anything and everything you want later, I'm sure your love companion would be willing to join in our free time too, we can discuss those future life plans after our time here is done together" Viokii finished, beckoning Scylla to come join as she was on her way to walk back to where the rest of their group had been with the Professor.

D end :3 (of this since this basically just goes into Dragon Scale part dos anyway)
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Friend bonding tea party between rp's in the underbelly. Grading short ones is the best and this one wasn't cringe. Spiffy.



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