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The Sushi Bar


Infinite Sushi
Welcome to The Sushi Bar! My name is Lizzy and I will be your server for who knows how long. Down below you will see a menu of what I have to offer, and some information concerning what I do, and I would like you to do. I know it may seem simple, but I like to be straightforward.


➳ I will only play as female characters, don't even try to convince me to play a guy.

➳ My characters ages are typically eighteen through twenty-seven.

➳ The length of my replies depend on my mood and if I like the roleplay I'm participating in.

➳ I won't do a roleplay that doesn't have some sort of romance in it.

➳ I don't like zombies, furries (nekos are fine), gore or yaoi.

➳ My favorite roleplay genres are fantasy, mythology based, modern, historical and realistic. I've been wanting to try out science fiction for a while!

➳ I would appreciate it if you could use good grammar and spelling.

➳ Please try to post

at least

once a day, and more than a sentence.

➳ If you have any pairings you would like to try out with me, please just let me know! I'm open to different ideas.

Pairing Ideas:

➳ Vampire x Vampire

➳ Vampire x Human

➳ Werewolf x Human

➳ Omega Werewolf x Alpha's Daughter

➳ Deity x Human

➳ Royalty x Regular Person

➳ Brother x Sister (They can be step siblings too.)

➳ Hunter x Prey

➳ Enemy x Enemy
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Harbinger said:
I'll do the enemy x enemy pairing with you.

Great! We're going to have to discuss some things before we can begin. First of all, what setting should it be in? Modern, historical, natural enemies (ex: vampire vs werewolf), etc? And the age ranges too!
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vampire and werewolf enemies in futuristic new york. The ages will be in the early 20's. What do you think?
Harbinger said:
vampire and werewolf enemies in futuristic new york. The ages will be in the early 20's. What do you think?

(I'm going to stop with the tiny text soon, I bet your eyes are hurting.)

That's... certainly different! I like the idea. Which creature are going to play?
Harbinger said:
I don't know, should we make it in a thread or PM

I'd prefer it in thread. Could you please make the starting post? I'm a bit busy at the moment.

Also, I'm not going to make my character skeleton just yet because I'm busy, and I still need to search for pictures.
CrimsonEclipse said:
Alright, I'll be the werewolf. Can you pm me so we can talk about the details?

Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to PM anyone yet because I'm a new member. Do you want to wait until I'm allowed to send PMs or can we just discuss the details here?

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