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Realistic or Modern The Slayer - Character Sheets


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Welcome to the Character Creation of the roleplay. The info required for the Character Sheet is down below. Be as creative and detailed as you can be so we have a clear idea of what your character is bringing to the table. If you have any questions at all, just ask me or a z u l a a z u l a . Good Luck!

(anyone in highschool--the Slayer, optional for the outcast, and it'd be really cool if one of the annointed was that close to the slayer--aare 17-19. anyone else can be 19-35)

body mods:

(a description or a listing their traits)

skills & abilities:
(besides the Watcher, everyone should be from or associated with Sunnydale. This link should get you up to speed on the idea of the town)
(add this for atmosphere, if you want)​
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Full Name:
•Aya Kurosaki
Name Meaning:
•Aya - wonderful, amazing, miracle
•Kurosaki - dark destination
•N/A at this time
•623 (Appears 23)
•April 14th
•Japanese American
•The Lover

•Aya has a very slim body build with a fast metabolism she hardly ever gains any weight which leaves her a bit on the smaller side weight wise. She has long curtain straight black hair that makes her already pale milky skin seem even paler. Her eyes are a pretty light brown that are almond in shape and seem to fit well with her facial structure. She often wears black dressy clothing or is seen in work out gear though the outfits are always in pristine condition. When her hairs not down it can be braided or pulled up into different styles each style accented with ribbons. When allowed she can be seen wearing longer earrings though most days she has a pair of raven shaped earrings in.
•She has jet black pin straight hair. Her hair falls past her hips and is very thick in volume.
•Almond in shape and a lovely light brown color. They seem to turn red when extremely angry.
•A very slim and athletic build.
•Milk & Honey
Height & Weight:
•5’7 & 130lbs
Body Modifications:
•She currently has both ears pierced as well as her belly button. A few tattoos are hidden upon her person but she doesn’t show them to just anyone.
Physical Disabilities:
•She has no physical disabilities at this time.
•Wylona Hayashi

•A watchful and calculating young woman she’s always observing things going on around her. Now for the most part she’s pretty cold and short tempered not easily letting others in because for her trust is everything. Once you are in her inner circle she will protect you at all costs not afraid to harm for those she loves.
•Studious - She loves learning and works hard to learn new things everyday. She knows knowledge will help her get further in life. She also knows that knowledge is power and can get her very far in life. Power also comes with knowledge if you know how to wield your mind like a blade you are sure to win many battles.
•Organized - A very organized woman in both mind and body. She likes keeping things tidy and in the right places as it helps everyone. She also likes to help organize tasks and such since it’s just fun to her.
•Hardworking - A very hard working young woman though most don’t know. She’s always been this way since she wants to make a name for herself and just live comfortably one day. She tends to work hard towards anything and everything though that might be because her parents instilled that into her in the worst ways.
•Clean - Oh she’s a bit ocd very very clean and tidy in nature. She tries to stay as clean as possible and often washes when she can even if it sometimes hurts. She also likes to try and keep her work clean and tidy since it’s the only thing she truly enjoys other then drawing.
•Creative - She’s always coming up with new ways to go about tasks or designs for clothing she draws. She also when she has the supplies and time drawing people and things she finds lovely. She has a sharp eye for detail and enjoys drawing those details out when she can.
•Strong-willed - She has to have a strong will to get by in life. She knows if she was weak she would easily get stepped on or killed. There’s also the fact she has to deal with cruel parents who have never truly given her real praise a day in her life.
•Regretful - She can be very regretful of the things she’s done to survive sometimes not always. There’s been plenty of days that she’s done things to survive that most people would flinch away from while she barely batted an eye while doing it. She’s come to regret being like that at times.
•Envious - She can be very envious of those who are loved by their families. She wants to live a happy life like them and not worry about being punished constantly for not being good enough.

Positive Traits:
•Studious, Organized, Hardworking, Clean, Creative, Quick thinker, Loyal
Negative Traits:
•Strong-willed, Stubborn, Regretful, Envious, Callous, Crafty, Sly
•Diligence, Truthfulness, Wisdom
•Pride, Gluttony, Greed
•Currently does whatever she wants as long as it benefits her. She’s been alive so long she no longer cares about her morals. Though that’s starting to change now that the Slayer has brought some passion back into her life.
Hogwarts House:
•A mix of Ravenclaw and Slytherin
MBTI Type:
Moral Alignment:
•Lawful Neutral

•Drawing, observing others, cleaning, bright colorful things, books, jewelry, wearing black colored clothing, tattoos
•Getting dirty, boring things, being scolded, seeing children being yelled at, when the sun is super bright, staining any clothes, when her pencils or pens break while drawing, being bothered while working on something
•She taps her pen on her note book when deciding what to draw. She twirls her hair around her finger when thinking or his zoning out
•Her father(the memory of him now), deep bodies of water, becoming useless, fire, pitch black rooms
•Drawing, cleaning, reading
Mental Disorders:

•Cho Kurosaki - Mother
•Akihito Kurosaki - Father
•Mia Kurosaki - Older sister
•Aya was born into a prominent family that has proven to deliver some of the most brilliant minds around. Her parents expected perfection from her even at the beginning as her older sister excelled at everything. This lead to a miserable life for Aya one I’m which she wished every day would change. In the beginning she tried her best wanting to please her parents make them proud of her like they were of Mia. Mia was the golden child who could do no wrong in her parents eyes and unfortunately this lead to more abuse directed towards Aya. Mia was able to get away with whatever she wanted by pointing the finger at a young Aya saying her sister did it. Aya already having displeased her parents by not being as bright as they hoped; ended up taking all the punishments her parents believing Mia over her. The punishments were light at first just simple you can’t have this or go out standard punishments for children. When time went by with Aya growing bigger the punishments began to grow harsher if she didn’t do something correctly the first time her father would smack her hands, calf’s, or back with a bamboo rod. When he was really angry at something she did he would lock her within a small dark cupboard making her recite many types of medical knowledge or mathematics. This eventually lead to Aya often staying out late or studying so hard she’d pass out from exhaustion. She was tired of being the failure no matter how hard she tried nothing was ever good enough for her father. The only reason Aya kept her sanity was because her mother every now and then would get her new paper or pens for sketching. She began drawing as a way to escape the world she’d been born into. When she drew images she could make herself the hero through that or just enjoy the beauty of what she’d drawn. One night her father had discovered her art work and pulled her out to their yard where he made her burn all over her supplies one by one. This completely devastated her almost making her crack but then she realized there could be a way out of this place. She always hoped for some way to escape that’s when she was changed. A creature appeared before her and like a flash everything changed. All Aya remembered was a splash of blood then darkness when she awoke hunger burned at her. When she saw her family a rage filled her they hadn’t shown any concern for her being gone. That’s when she completely lost it destroying the people who had always hated on her. She left the blood coated home never to look back she spent years running and killing. Her care for human life leaving her soon. Aya continued on this path of carnage for a long time after hundreds of year everyone and everything was just boring. Now she’s been living in a small town for awhile enjoying what little peace it brings her. However something exciting has happened to her causing for the usual vampire to feel sometime.

•Speed, strength, flexible, she’s old so has a ton of knowledge
•Blood, Boredom, crosses, stake
Skills & Abilities:
•Skilled with blades and a sword. She’s also a skilled martial artist. Also has enhanced strength, speed, smell.

Relationship Status:
•The Slayer, Open to others
Past Partners:
•None worth mentioning
•Taller then her, protective, clean, playful, can handle her serious nature
•Unclean, disturbs her when working, can’t handle her, tries to change her, touches her without permission or warning (mainly doesn’t suddenly like being touched without knowing they are there)
Dominant or Submissive:
•A mix
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the anointed.

a demon with a hunger for independent will and a taste for ruthlessness.

  • requisite.

    full name

    eva cai (伊娃)


    nineteen years old


    female (she/her)






    the anointed dreamer






    she has naturally straight, dark brown hair that almost appears black under certain lighting. though she mostly keeps her hair at a longer length, she occasionally cuts it short when she is feeling a bit rebellious.


    eva has almond-shaped, brown eyes in her human form. however, she is described to have unusual golden eyes in her true form.


    she is quite slender and is softly toned. she has quite a small bone structure, so parts of her body like her hands, feet, rib cage, etc. are all effected by this.

    body mods

    her earlobes both have a singular piercing. in her true form, she has a small set of black horns, fae-like ears, and a pair of sharp fangs. she is also described to have black veins that are very prevalent against her pale skin.


    emily mei

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I'm not a dick, I'm just British...


The Watcher


full name

Anderson Bell


Anders, Bell




August 26th






twenty one pilots







hair c.


eye c.



Alex Roe



Rebellious by nature, Anders wasn’t always the dutiful son who hung on his father’s every word. Fun-loving, adventure-seeking and sometimes a pain in the arse, Anders had a zest for life and a desire to become his own man outside of his family’s shadow. His charm and wit played well with the masses, but his reckless nature always landed him in trouble.

For all intents and purposes, Anderson Bell is an upstanding, respectful individual. Disciplined. Focused. Determined. Goal-oriented. Everything a good watcher should be. His values are largely influenced by his father and the legacy that has haunted him since the day he was born.


Horror Movies, Weapons, Black Licorice, Sparring, Cigarettes


Heights, Spiders, Research, Avocado, Failure


Failure, Losing his charge, Disappointing his father, Clowns



The Bell family has a long, powerful history with the Watcher’s Council. One of the founding families, the Bells have made it their life’s mission to protect the world against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. Gerard Bell had wanted a son almost as much as he loved being a watcher. His beloved wife, Amelia, had already blessed him with two daughters by the time that Anderson was born. A rather stoic man, Gerard’s pride and out-dated traditional values, gave him hope that his legacy would carry on through Anders.

Growing up, they had a rather tumultuous relationship. Anders had a desire to be his own person. To explore. To avoid routine at all costs. While his mother praised his individuality and nurtured his dreams, his father had other plans. It was a constant balance between fun and doing whatever his father wanted him to do. As he grew up, his rebellious nature only grew and drove a wedge between him and his father. When Amelia became ill, Gerard softened a bit. Allowed Anders and his sisters to “do as they please”. It didn’t last long. Amelia passed away when Anders was only 17 years old. With her passing went any chance of Anders to escape his destiny.

His father, now more withdrawn than ever, began Anders’ watcher’s training immediately. He fought it as best as he could. Enrolled in university. Disobeyed any chance he got. Even found himself a secret lover. One he knew his father wouldn’t approve of. Another boy he met at a local pub. It was exciting and new. Anders was too busy focusing on how much it’d piss off his old man and didn’t see the warning signs until it was too late. Oliver, the boy he’d been seeing, had been a vampire and had used him to get revenge on his father by killing his sisters and leaving them on display for he and Gerard to find them.

Anders was devastated. Heartbroken. Gerard used his son’s guilt to finally get what he’d always wanted. Anders began his training without rebuttal. He excelled in most subjects. Kept his head down. He followed all the rules. Any spark of the old Anders and he shoved it deep down without a second thought. His recklessness had gotten his sisters killed and this was his penance. When the new slayer was called, Anders jumped at the chance to take on a charge. Despite his age, his status as one of founding families and the son of the latest Chairman of the Watcher’s Council made him the obvious choice.

Nepotism aside. Bell was eager to begin his term as watcher to an active slayer. Mostly, it was because of his need to be in the fight. To do good. To make up for everything he’d done wrong In the past, but there was also a part of him that needed distance. Distance from the memories. Distance from the council. Distance from his father.

There was no greater distance than Los Angeles, California. A cesspool of violence and chaos, most of which was not related to the supernatural, but that’s for another story. Implanted in the school as the librarian, Bell observed the slayer for a time. Ensured that they had in fact had the right person. When he approached her, she was dismissive as they all were until they realized what they could do and what really went bump in the night.

She was stubborn. Young. Naive. Part of her reminded him of his sister. The youngest. But he couldn’t let that cloud what was most important. He tried again for the second time on her way to her house, but the sight of several vampires surrounding her home left no time to talk. With a bag of supplies on him at all times, they were attacked as they approached. He staked one of the vampires in front of her and tossed her a stake as more of them ambushed them.

She was sloppy. Untrained, but instinct eventually took over and the two of them were able to take out a few of the vampires. The rest fled once they knew what they were up against. Then the screams came.

The slayer entered the home first with Bell right behind her and the scene he entered was…something like he’d never seen before. The body of her mother lay multalated on the floor. Reminding him of that fateful night. Fully intact bodies of vampires lay in pieces on the floor, not dust like the others. Finally settling on Nick. The slayer’s brother. Covered in blood. Screaming. Flames engulfed the room, but Nick was fine. Physically anyway.

Bell assisted the slayer in getting Nick out of the house. His mind raced over the scene. He knew very few things for sure: 1) This was a calculated attack. 2) This wasn’t about the slayer. 3) Nick shouldn’t have survived.

The authorities were called. Chalked it up to gang violence. Wasn’t hard given Los Angeles’ seedy reputation. Just another tragedy. Made things easy for Bell and for the council to keep questions from being asked. Nick conveniently didn’t remember anything. Bell wasn’t buying it. Bell didn’t trust it. Didn’t trust him. With Nick’s hysteria, it was easy for him to have him committed to “deal with his trauma” and allow him to focus on the slayer.

The council wanted nothing to do with Bell’s conspiracy theories. They wanted the facts. To them, the facts were that vampires had gotten wind of the slayer and attempted to take her out and the boy was lucky to have survived.

He was granted custody of the young girl and they were given a new assignment. Sunnydale, CA. Home to a hellmouth. Placed as the new school counselor at Sunnydale High, he’s forced to adapt to life as an active watcher, raising a teenage girl, a slayer and figure out exactly what happened that night. Should be easy right? Except Nick just got released from the hospital and is coming to stay with them.





character name

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character name

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character name

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character name

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A standard Watcher has at least some proficiency in the use of magic with certain individuals being more powerful than others. Numerous members of the board of directors are alchemists. They are students of demonology and as such have a wide knowledge of various incarnations of evil, but their expertise is usually the vampire. They are also highly educated and can speak a wide variety of languages, both human and demonic in nature.
Watchers are typically well versed in hand-to-hand combat techniques, though they generally confine themselves to training Slayers or supporting them in battle, as their relatively lower strength limits their effectiveness in directly engaging vampires.

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* Ae Ri

  • req.

    #the outcasts

    * n.name(s)
    Dam Ae Ri
    * d.o.b.
    April 26
    * p.o.b.
    South Korea
    * portrayed by
    Woo Sung Eun
    * question





    * height
    * weight
    * build
    * hair colour
    * eye colour





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Symbolic Animal of Gallifrey
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
placeholder for the outcast Wiccan

Astrid- Outcast1659600807785.png
"I prefer the term warlock actually"
  • Name: Astrid
    Nickname: doesn’t really have one, but likes the idea of being called A
    Pronouns: they/them
    Sexuality: asexual
    Place of birth: Sweden
    Role: Outcast
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(static noises)
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the lover.


Helena Boswell

n. name

Hel; The Hellion


cis-female (she/her)




24, deceased for 203 yrs



When you were here before. Couldn't look you in the eye. You're just like an angel. Your skin makes me cry. You float like a feather. In a beautiful world. I wish I was special. You're so fuckin' special

i want you to notice,

Looks Like: Heather Baron-Gracie

She reads like a book. Everything you need to know about Hel is written plainly over ashen skin. It's the blood under her nails, her wild and wide-eyed stares, faded ink made from split second decisions a half century back. It's the draw of her lips, sideways and up, and the flash of her tongue between her teeth. The fresh cuts on her knuckles spell disaster and smokey scent tells stories of late nights dancing, later nights hunting.

All 5' 6" made taller by beaten, platform boots. She looks heavy adorned in metal; chunky rings on every finger, chains and chokers and more delicate necklaces of crystal and charm. She is leather and fishnets and only wears the blackest of blacks, simple ts and ratty jeans cuffed at the bottoms. She cuts and dyes her own hair, a curled and choppy bob connected at the front with straight bangs. What was once a golden ray, now an oil slick.

Her lips are dark and she smudges her eye shadow. Hel pierces her ears and continues to ink her own skin using safety pins. She paints her nails black and waits for it to chip away, a little at a time.

She smiles through torture and grits her bloodied teeth against whatever tragedy lies ahead of her. And she waits eagerly for her time at the bat.


(a description or a listing their traits)
motivations: it's a want for something she's spent more years living without.


skills & abilities:
backstory: a rat born in the gutters, the squalor of a city that hates. the illegitimate yet well-loved daughter of a British aristocrat. a flower child, untamed, roaming the glen until supper time. her story is never told the same twice.

when i'm not around.

little dark age - MGMT

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the brawler

my september




  • requisites


    kaya damara

    birth date

    march 21


    female ( she / her )




    japanese american

    the bitch ; the slut. — KAYA DAMARA™. UC☼D's irredeemable delinquent. voiced by lexie liu. portrayed by 周仙仙耶.

    カヤ. (resting place) ダマラ. (little lamb)


    5'11 with a lean build sculpted by a background of jiu jitsu, others often find themselves intimidated when they first catch sight of damara ; an aloof particular whose presence is frequently punctuated by deep dark brown eyes that hold unwavering contact.

    noticeable bags encircle her long lashes ; a consequence of long, sleepless nights. pitch brunette strands crown her pale head, straightened by combs held by her practiced, slender fingers. she opts for reds in her make-up and fingernails.

    when damara ties her hair, one may see the piercings of her ears : two on each of her lobes, and an industrial on her right. a tasteful tattoo of a black branch holding red okinawa cherry blossoms can be found on her left shoulder blade.

    she also has a pair of reading glasses she never uses.

海 千 山 千 ・ 悪 因 悪 果 ・ 自 業 自 得 ・ 起 死 回 生 ・ 美 人 薄 命 ・ 自 業 自 得 ・ 蛙 の 子 は 蛙 ・ 七 転 び 八 起 き ・ 頭 に 来 る ・ 朝 飯 前

海 千 山 千 ・ 悪 因 悪 果 ・ 自 業 自 得 ・ 起 死 回 生 ・ 美 人 薄 命 ・ 自 業 自 得 ・ 蛙 の 子 は 蛙 ・ 七 転 び 八 起 き ・ 頭 に 来 る ・ 朝 飯 前

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role - The rival
name - Alice
nickname - ali
age - TBD
prnouns - she/her
sexuality - pansexual

.happy now.

.bored now.
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My Interest Check
Nicky Finnean
cursed with rage
  • i
    full name
    Nicholas A. Finnean
    Nicky(for Violet), Nick(for everyone else)
    date of birth
    January 15, 2000
    cisgender male
    The Blood
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a z u l a

violent delights (formerly killer.queen)
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the slayer

maggie lindemann

name: Violet Blackwell.
nickname: Vi.
age: seventeen
gender: female.
sexuality: pansexual.
ethnicity: caucasian.
role: the slayer.

hair: coffee brown.
eyes: sea green.
build: slim but toned.
body mods: pierced ears.
faceclaim: Sonia Ben Ammar.

vices: self-sacrificing, closed-off, cynical, insecure, emotional, impulsive.
virtues: brave, determined, selfless, thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent, driven.
moral alignment: lawful good
Violet quite literally bears the weight of the world on her shoulders. A once happy, care-free child who now wears her parent's death as her cross to bear. Though a kind and thoughtful soul, Vi doesn't let many people close to her because everyone she loves dies a horrible death. It's a lonely existence, but with Nicky and the Watcher at her side she's made the best of it and started to learn how to rely on others.
motivations: to protect her brother - to defeat the anointed and the first - to live a normal life - to save the world


agility, flexibility, combat training, great aim.


not immortal, refuses to rely on others, can be hot-headed.

skills & abilities: Slayer abilities - enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced reflexes, healing factor.
Born the second child of Sheila and her husband Derrick, Violet's life started out relatively normal. Even before her slayer powers manifested, Vi was always a fighter, beating up bullies on the playground and arguing with her parents over why her bed time should be 9:30, not 9pm sharp.

Besides two loving parents, Violet's biggest blessing was her older half-brother, Nicky. Despite her independent streak, Violet followed her brother everywhere, even following in his footsteps to become the captain of the gymnastics team. The two kids were inseparable, Vi doesn't have a single childhood memory that doesn't include her brother.

Unfortunately, this also includes the night their parents died. Violet had been at the homecoming game, carefree and having fun while her parents were being slaughtered. Something didn't feel right, a nagging feeling in her gut, anxiety itching under her skin as she walked home, unaware of the horror that awaited her.

Unbeknownst to her, the Watcher had followed her home, and Violet was thankful he had. While she had ignored his previous attempts to help her understand her powers, seeing the vampires outside of her house and the corpses of her parents was more than enough proof that he had been right all along.

After that night, Violet took her duties as the chosen slayer seriously. Though she trusts the Watcher with her life, she sometimes questions his judgement and lashes out at him for not saving her parents. Deep down, Violet blames herself for that night, if she had listened to the Watcher sooner she could've prevented it, but it's easier to blame him than herself.

Though still trying to live a normal life, Violet has dedicated most of her time outside of school to slayer training. Who cares about prom when the world is ending?


violet blackwell.

designed by bad ending. & coded by xayah.ღ
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