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The Rise Of Bad Blood (Hybrid-Rebel role play)



  • In 2015, the government issued a world-wide device that monitored a persons mood, and distracted them from what could make them mad, or upset. It quickly began to control people's lives. 2020 was the date that the government used the device to their mercy. Killing thousands of people who began to resist their device, using it as a mind control, those people are now mindless 'zombies' that the government uses at their advantage. The Government began to upgrade itself over the years, and the only person who is actually human in the government is the dictator, Simon Aberdeen. The rest of the 'people' we see protecting him, and the ones running the entire United States is Artificial Intelligence.
    They are programmed to do background checks in under 2.5 seconds, to detect threats and mind patterns. They wear armor to protect them from bullets, knives, and other possible ways to take them down, Yet nothing is invincible, Even they have weaknesses.

    Simon didn't stop there, With the world in the palm of his hand, After nuking Most of Europe, Leaving those countries as "No man's-land." Due to its nuclear state. He destroyed any country that refused his device, and to bow to him. He was reviewing his cyborg's tapes after they began to die from mysterious ways, in doing so he noticed a group of what seemed to be humans, that took on forms of animals when they were threatened by the Cyborg's attempts to arrest them. So he decided to take the next step.


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